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  1. Hope he doesn't take this advice in tests and try bowl as quick as he can in tests.
  2. Beautiful shot from Dhawan
  3. Lot depends on Rohit's start. Hope he starts well and not suck up the momentum and put pressure on his partners.
  4. Today he was a bit inconsistent with his yorkers but he nailed those yorkers in previous 2 matches. There is clear improvement in his yorkers but obviously needs to work some more on it. This skill will also help him when the ball starts reversing in test matches.
  5. Selectors don't understand that the team should have tall bouncy bowlers too. Like you said there is a sameness in this attack. All are short skiddy bowlers. Pandya is the only hit the deck bowler but he is not a frontline pacer.
  6. Very good over from Kaul.
  7. 4th wicket from Pandya!
  8. Excellent bowling from Pandya.
  9. Good bouncer from Pandya.
  10. 1st wicket for Chahar.
  11. Where is Dhoni's advice when you need it
  12. Nasser rightly pointed out that India misread the pitch and opted for a extra pacer and said against England always go with 2 wrist spinners.
  13. Just plant the foot down and hit through the line. Not going to blame the bowlers on this pitch. But I will be pissed if our batsman do tuk tuk.
  14. Super flat pitch. India got fooled by the grass on the pitch.
  15. Their batsmen going for it and our Rohit will take his sweet time to get set.
  16. Poor fielding from Pandya
  17. Much better over from Chahar.
  18. Hardly any bounce on this pitch.
  19. Not a bad ball. Its not like the legside deliveries he used to ball. He is bowling full and looking to swing the ball. But its not working. Needs to pull back his length a bit.
  20. Mosher

    Pak-AUS-ZIM, T20 Tri Series (1-8 July 2018)

    Short doing a Rohit.

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