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    Too much hate for few bowlers?

    Not hate but anger/disappointment. Most of us who have followed cricket for long have been pissed off with the endless trundlers that India has produced over the years. Now our fast bowling stocks are better than ever. But the selectors have gone back to that era of trundlers by selecting these 2 bowlers. These bowlers are a poor pick for these conditions. Not saying these bowlers are totally useless. Chahar would still be a decent pick under swinging conditions and Kaul in T20's because he can bowl good yorkers and knuckle balls.
  2. Lol @ Nawazuddin pic. Where is @LORD_analyst?
  3. Another very good performance from Khaleel.
  4. Yorker is still a very good option at the death.
  5. 3 good yorkers from Kaul. Much better than those knuckle balls.
  6. Khaleel gets Nabi with a slower one. Brilliant innings from Nabi.
  7. Decent backup for T20's but not for ODI's.
  8. Bret Lee hyping up Kaul again saying Kaul's action is like young Waqar lol.
  9. Those are slower balls. Quickest he has bowled today is 143k.
  10. Khaleel has bowled the best among pacers. Trundlers have gone for 12 and 7 rpo

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