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  1. Unadcutter is like a gift that keeps on giving. Deserves some kind of medal for his services.
  2. Binny, Unadkat and a few more spinners. Expect Dhoni to bat at 3 today
  3. Surprised to see Bravo here. He scored a 50 in just 3 overs. Highest rpo followed by Chawla and Umesh.
  4. Very good bowling from Sran.
  5. That was a good review. Saha was lucky there. That was very close.
  6. Good pace and movement from Sran. 143k's.
  7. Sran getting the ball to move back into the right hander at 139k. Now bowls one at 143k. Sran has improved his pace.
  8. He's a one trick pony. He has become predictable with his slower ones and has nothing else to fall back on. No yorkers or bouncers at pace. Neither have I seen him moving the ball around.

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