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  1. Mosher

    India retains Border/Gavaskar Trophy 2018-19

    Well done boys. Win the last one too
  2. Bumrah is a huge reason for this. The x-factor that India didn't have before He has the potential to be an ATG in all 3 formats. TM should handle his workload with utmost care. Shami the strike bowler and 2nd innings beast and Ishant the steady workhorse have been very good too.
  3. Aniket is also in great form if India is looking for a left arm pacer. Siraj like EB said has looked wayward in his recent matches.
  4. Shami is probably tired or waiting for 2nd innings
  5. Top class bowling from Bumrah. Good that he used the yorker today. That yorker to Head was
  6. Shami should have bowled atleast an over today. With the variable bounce and Shami attacking the stumps, he can wreck the Aussies here.
  7. Don't know bro. Maybe his next match is in Bangalore.
  8. Nagarkoti undergoing rehab at NCA?
  9. Thought Mayank would struggle a bit against pace but he has looked solid today. Well played Mayank.
  10. That bouncer to Afridi was and look at that crowd. Miss this kind of atmosphere in tests at home these days.
  11. Mosher

    Ranji trophy 2018-19

    Rajpoot's 6-25 against Tripura https://www.hotstar.com/sports/cricket/ranji-trophy-201819/rajpoots-625-ruins-tripura/2001623870
  12. Varun Aaron - Hidden in pain sight https://www.cricbuzz.com/cricket-news/105668/varun-aaron-hidden-in-pain-sight-india-cricket-team-fast-bowler-ipl-2019-auctio

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