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  1. Hope in the 2nd innings English fielders will be singing Aerosmith's "I Don't want to miss a catch(thing)"
  2. Mosher

    Indian spinners 2018 IPL

    Just saw Unadkat
  3. Rashid uncle has one more over left. Russell should play him out safely and target other bowlers.
  4. Should have held back Kumar. SRH will need him later on.
  5. Mosher

    Khaleel Ahmed is impressive

    Khaleel has got the pace. He has good a yorker and bouncer. But needs to move the ball if he wants to play tests.
  6. Needs to cut down on his pace . Needs a coaching stint with Venky Prasad.
  7. Khaleel bowled a good over but still went for 12 runs. Top edges going for a 6.
  8. Good over from Khaleel but still went for a lot of runs.
  9. Looks like he could hit 150k's today if he gets a bit of confidence. A wicket here and he will crank up the pace.
  10. Good pace from Khaleel in the 1st over.
  11. If Khaleel can get the ball to swing in at that pace, he will be lethal.
  12. Khaleel 143.6k 1st ball but down the leg side.
  13. Mosher

    Varun Aaron county perfomance thread

    Good performance from Aaron. 7-0-31-4 against Derbyshire.
  14. What a finish for SRH. Rashid uncle

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