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  1. Parthiv was poor in the initial matches scoring his usual 20's but now he has been great for RCB.
  2. Stanlake should have played today. Would have been fun to watch him against Raina.
  3. Khaleel is the new Unadkat.
  4. Pant is a special talent. He can play these kind of innings when he uses his brain and not try cheeky shots early on in his innings. This WC snub has a lit a fire in him and hopefully we will see more such innings from him now.
  5. I think it was the Rabada's 1st or 2nd match and Iyer was wearing a mike and speaking to the commentators. He mentioned that Rabada has said to him that he will go all out and bowl quick maybe that is the reason he is clocking higher speeds.
  6. Kohli is an idiot for bowling Umesh at the death. Umesh is horrible at the death and proved that many times, yet it's baffling that he keeps bowling Umesh. Stoinis would have been a better option than Umesh.
  7. Did they show the ball tracking for that delivery?
  8. That Saini delivery to Dhoni looked close. Idiot Parthiv wasted a review.
  9. Even though he is not that great in this format, he is a joy to watch. Champion bowler!

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