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  1. Amla bhai gone. That was a good ball from Shaheen but no feet movement from Amla.
  2. Salfalaz will play a captain's innings today.
  3. Good start from Pak. Amla bhai taking a leaf out of the Gandalf was like "it's a tough wicket to bat on, you've got to eat a lot of dot balls up. There's a bit of turn, and we didn't feel like we could accelerate until we had got used to the surface."
  4. Chucker bowling now. Hope he get's called again.
  5. Amla has only one gear and he will play in the same gear. Doesn't matter if he is on 10 or 100.
  6. What are SA doing? So many wickets in hand and still not looking to accelerate.
  7. You can't just come in and bowl your heart out every single time. Wickets in India are a lot different. Of course, the wickets we played on were helpful for the pacers so I realised I need to pick an area and stick to it. Even if I am bowling at around 130-135 instead of 140, and I am bowling a good line and length, then I know it's tough for the batsmen as well," he says. https://www.cricbuzz.com/cricket-news/106199/tanvir-ul-haq-and-aniket-choudhary-a-fast-bowling-duet-ranji-trophy-2018-19-karnataka-vs-rajasthan-cricket Fine if Aniket wants to concentrate on line and length when the pitch and conditions are helpful. But didn't see Aniket trying to bowl quick when the pitch was not helpful like in the QF vs Kar. Lazy attitude especially when he has the ability to bowl 140k.
  8. Mosher

    Line up for NZ series

    Bro how is Shankar's hitting ability? Can he score a quick 20-30?
  9. Mosher

    Ranji trophy 2018-19

    Even spinners bowled lesser overs than him.

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