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  1. What happened to those quick Afghan bowlers? Injured?
  2. Mosaddek 5 (22). Rayudu will be like "This guy is playing really well"
  3. Isn't Ganguly hinting here that time is running out for Dhoni? "Asia Cup is a very important tournament for MS Dhoni. He is a great player and has scored a ton of runs but he won't keep getting games just due to this. There is a time limit for everyone. I'm surprised to see that Pant wasn't given a chance in this tournament," opined Sourav.
  4. Looks like another low score. This weak ass middle order will not be tested again today.
  5. Great that Ganguly and Agarkar are speaking out against the dumb **** that's happening in the Indian team right now. Hope more ex-players speak up now and stop this nonsense that's happening in the Indian team.
  6. Biryani will be given many chances to score selfish 50's and cement his place in the team.

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