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  1. SA is making these T20's boring too.
  2. Dhoni getting out early with a smile as Pandey is carrying on his work.
  3. KLR is not getting a chance. Forget about Mayank.
  4. Pandey consolidating
  5. With Dhoni going "aage nahi peeche"
  6. Rare off day for Kohli.
  7. Lol Dhawan was out. SA didn't appeal.
  8. As expected short ball barrage at Raina and he's hacking away. Not in complete control.
  9. 18 runs off the 1st over. lol.
  10. AB is injured. @goose please change my batsman to Dhawan.
  11. Yeah Ankola was quite quick in his early days. This game was later on in his international career but he was still hurrying on to the batsman.
  12. Good that the middle order batting issues are not being brushed under the carpet after this series win. Hopefully we will see some much needed changes in the middle order soon. In fact Shastri highlighted on the misfiring middle-order, and is not convinced with the way they performed throughout the ODI series. “It’s an area that requires work to be done. The top-order has batted beautifully and our bowlers were phenomenal but the fifth, sixth and the seventh slot in the batting order needs to be worked upon. Once we’re done with this series, we’ll have to sit down and weigh all options once again very carefully,” he said.“I’ll be the first to admit our middle-order batting has looked ordinary. We failed to convert good starts into big totals. So, there are factors we’re looking at. At the same time, there are players back in India who’ve been doing well in domestic cricket. Over the last six months, we had conveyed (to those who are potential India caps) what the team will be looking at, in terms of skills, fitness, challenges etc. Once this tour concludes, it’ll be time to revisit those conversations,” Shastri added. The head coach was also quick to point-out at the good work done by the bowlers in the series. He said, “(Yuzvendra) Chahal and (Kuldeep) Yadav have been brilliant and Boom (Jasprit Bumrah), what can I say about him. It’s been a fantastic effort. As I said, we’ll sit and go through all of this once we’re done here.“The most important bit? Look at the middle-order. If we can work on that and improve, there’s no stopping this Indian team.” http://www.news18.com/cricketnext/news/we-are-far-from-ready-for-the-world-cup-says-ravi-shastri-1663721.html

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