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  1. Greatest ODI Player of all time

    1. Vivian Richards 2. Sachin Tendulkar 3. Wasim Akram
  2. This is for people who compares Sachin with Virat in ODIs : BETWEEN 1990 TO 2012 (SINCE SACHIN STARTED TO PLAY IN TOP ORDER TO HIS RETIREMENT) : Sachin scored 15310 at average of 48.30 with 45 centuries and 75 half centuries ( 120 fifty plus scores) IN MOST RUNS : Jayasuriya with 12740 Runs at 34.31 average. Sachin has almost 2800 Runs more. IN HIGHEST AVERAGE : Mathew Hayden with 44.30 average (Min 4000 runs cut-off). Sachin averages more by 4. MOST HUNDREDS : Sanath Jayasuriya with 28 Hundreds. Sachin has 17 more. MOST FIFTIES : Sanath Jayasuriya with 66 fifties . Sachin has 5 more. MOST 50+ SCORES : Sanath Jayasuriya with 94 while sachin has 120. In short : Sachin was NUMBERONE in Highest runs, Highest averages , Most 100s, Most 50s in his generation. SINCE VIRAT'S DEBUT TO TILL DATE ( JUN 2008 TO MARCH 2016) in MIDDLE ORDER: Virat scored 7212 at average of 51.51 with 22 centuries and 36 half centuries ( 61 fifty plus scores) IN MOST RUNS : Sangakara is at top with 7891 runs at 48.41 average. Virat is at number 2. IN HIGHEST AVERAGE : AB devillers is at top ( 64.09) followed by MS Dhoni (55.12) and Hashim Amla (52.36) Virat Kohli is at No.4 MOST HUNDREDS : Hashim Amla is at No.2 with 22. Virat is has 3 more. MOST FIFTIES : Sangakarra has 51 fifties. Virat is at No.2 with 36 fifties. MOST 50+ SCORES : Sangakarra has 69. Virat is at No.2 with 61. In short : Virat is NUMBER_ONE in centuries, NUMBERTWO in most runs, most half centuries and most 50= scores and NUMBERFOUR in Batting average in his generation. Summary : Sachin dominated almost all aspects of Batting for 20 Years of Career ( with injuries and 4 major surgeries, change of playing style, best bowling attack, bigger grounds, no power plays of most of career , and old age after crossing 30 yrs after 2004) more than Virat has done in his peak form or sporting age. Viv Richards was better batsman in ODI than sachin ever was but he was considered a monster and no body could imagine to bat like him so nody followed his ruthless way of batting. But Sachin made his batting which was not less destructive than Viv's look like achievable by Humans. He almost changed the ODI batting philosophy with beauty & grace. Its early to compare Sachin who had a 24 Year long career with Virat whose cricketing career started just 8 years before. With age performance is bound to go down due to injuries, sport fatigue and slowing of reflexes. Sachin of 2000s was best in world but never good than Sachin of 1990s. Same will happen with Virat. He is right now as good as Sachin of 2000s and by no way he can better Sachin of 1990s after 10 years. Sachin was opener, he had to adjust to pitches and face most deadly bowlers in opposition first hand. Wasim or Mcgrath with new bowl on unmanipulated wicket is 100 times difficult than facing the best bowler of today's generation after getting clear idea of wicket ( Since Virat comes at No.3 or No.4). Also its funny Sachin was a opener and his job was to give good start and momentum , build innings in most cases but he is blamed that he didnt finished the game like Virat did who is a mid order batsman and his job is to build inning and finish the game. Sachin was better batsman , better timer and better placer of Ball than Virat. Only thing where Virat excels is his capability to withstand pressure but who knows with more match winners in team, weaker bowling attacks, power plays , less incorrect dismissal decisions due to technology and batting favouring conditions like today Sachin could have been better player in pressure too. Conclusion : Virat is better player in pressure matches that too marginally, Sachin is better player in all other aspects of batting miles ahead of Virat.
  3. No words for this Man - VIRAT KOHLI. We are just lucky , may be we doesnt deserve him , but we have some like him in our team. Huge respects from once Proud Proud Proud fan of Sachin to another Master Blaster of T20Is
  4. WT20 : INDIA v AUSTRALIA : 27-03-2016 @ Mohali

    No words for Kohli's brilliant inning yesternight. The way he played and took India to win I dont remember any other inning for win close to this except Sachin 98* against Pak. Kohli batted like a machine , calculating the RRR, manipulating the bowlers upcoming delivery , placing it in right areas, accelerating to boundaries when RR was going up and then playing his classical cricket shots taking 1s and 2s and finally exploding when the opposition team tragedy was in reach without any risk. He didnt celebrated his fifty , his face has no mark of any pressure or hurry or any kind of emotion to let bowlers know what he is thinking. Only when Dhoni hit the winning runs, Virat showed how much pressure he had by dropping the bat and helmet before sitting on the crease. Felt sorry for him , such a gem such a class cricketer doesnt deserve to be in line with Rohit-Raina-Dhawan. How much should we depend on a single cricketer. He too delivers and gives us reason to hold our head high. But its a shame for our Top order to put Virat in such situation again and again. But This Man VIRAT KOHLI again no words for him. Is he Human? I seriously doubt that. He is just like a superman who landed with bat on ground to save India !!!! He was nothing like human in Brilliance, consistency , class and temperament yesternight.
  5. Never ever believe Indian or Pakistani media saying " according to sources .....blah blah" unless authentic names of spokesman or officials giving statements is stated in news. Our media agencies are worst in the world in journalism standards and ethics. Lets wait till cricket expert before match gives Pitch report.
  6. WT20 : INDIA v AUSTRALIA : 27-03-2016 @ Mohali

    Today's match against Aussies will test India's worth to be contender of WC Title. India has not played a single game in tournment to its full potential. Big defeat against NZ, A manageable win against PAK and a 1-run last ball win over Bangladesh. This is not Team India's best and we are almost at KO stage. Big players like Yuvi, Raina, Rohit are due to make their mark. Stage is all set , India needs to play its GAME-A now. There will be No better opportunity than this.
  7. My Gut feeling says Pakistan will comprehensively win this match reinforcing their NRR. Result will be Australia will come hard against India in next and get defeated by India with a very small margin. India enters the semis after back to back tough group matches.
  8. Tired of the Tendulkar shadow

    Such things in cricket are unavoidable when you have legacy of greats players. Every aggressive batsman born on Indian soil will ought be compared with Virender Sehwag or every captain who will lead our team in future will be surely compared with Ganguly or Dhoni. Virat in last few matches carried the entire team consistenty like Sachin did in his peak. Its deep written in pscyhe of Indian cricket fan's subconcious mind that BEST AND MOST DEPENDABLE BATSMAN EQUALS TO SACHIN in team. So such comparisons are going to be there till large part of Virat's career. Even Virat will love getting compared with the Master who inspired him to pick the bat. Why only Virat ?? Almost all batting talent born between in last three decades and upcoming decades are and will be inspired by Sachin and will love to get compared with him. Sachin is not a only a person any more, He has become a Scale of Batsmanship and consistency in Indian minds. Like it or not , Its gonna not change atleast for 2-3 decades.
  9. Everyone loves Afridi...

    I am not a Afridi fan. But this is not the way, a national cricketer should be made fun of. Afridi on his day is destructive with bat as well as bowl.He has proved it many times, though once in 20-30 matches. But you cant expect him win matches alone. During Misbah times, Misbah was blamed for doing tuk tuk when every one else in team failed. Same about Afridi now, he is blamed just because its easy to blame him than admitting " We are crap batting side " or " Pakistan cricket is gone low due to lack good batsmen coming up from domestic circuits". Blaming Afridi is just a face saving move by Pakistanis. Its jus a futile attempt to show that " We are all good , only Afridi is reason for all mess going in our cricket" If Afridi retires today, its foolish to think Pakistan team will start beating all oppositions from tomorrow. Of course Afridi has share in the losses team had but he is not the only one to be blamed. Its selection committee , its the coach , its the team mates who failed to deliver in Top order or bowlers like Mohd. Sami who bowled NO BALLS in crucial point of match like stupid amateur cricketers. Pakistan fan has tendency to close eyes and blame the one who is easiest to blame for any blunder going with team. It was Younis , Misbah in the past and now its Afridi, may be Hafeez or wahab will be next.
  10. Pakistan players Daily Drama - New ICF show

  11. Anti Virat Kohli Club

    Kohli's performances are better than Dettol which claims to kill 99% germs, Kohli's performances kill even last 0.1 germs ( anti-kohli feelings ) and make 100% of cricket lovers his fans
  12. A Must win match !! Against the arch rivals !! At Eden Garden - Lords circket ground of India !!! A humbling defeat in last match played !!! Hours left before match starts. And I am already feeling the pressure, Pata nahi yaar how our team members will control their nerves when the game will be actually ON.
  13. Lala Gone after much damage to opposition !!! Warning bells for Team India.

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