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  1. Nope, the best ODI innings of all time belong so to Abdul Razzaq https://tune.pk/video/1335112/abdul-razzaq-109-vs-south-africa-full-inn
  2. Final - ICC Women's World Cup 2017 - India vs England

    Feel bad for the Indian women. They did really to well to end up in the final and can hold their heads high.
  3. Congratulations to Indian fans. I won't mind if India wins this WC, they've played out of their skins and really raised their game in this tournament. Would be a fairytale finish if they can win the thing.
  4. The Day of Golden (ODI) Bilateral's is Over?

    Interesting Thread. In recent times I can think of following as 'golden' bilateral series for Pakistan PAK v ENG 2010 PAK v IND 2012-13 PAK v SA 2013
  5. "We challenge India to come and play bilateral cricket with us. They don't play us, they are scared of our team. They say we'll play you in ICC matches but they won't play us otherwise.": Shahryar Khan in ceremony by PM for the CT winning team yesterday.
  6. "India are scared of our team": Shahryar Khan

    They won't play either way. Might as well rile them up
  7. "India are scared of our team": Shahryar Khan

    Funniest thing is Indians calling Pakistan a terrorist state also calling this an immature and classless statement by Shahryar. Just shows your own maturity and class. Oh well if resorting to doing that helps relieve the pain of defeat, then go on.
  8. "India are scared of our team": Shahryar Khan

    Lol at isolated. Only India & Afghans (who have become slaves of India) are not ready to play cricket with Pakistan. It's PCB who cancelled the Bangladesh series not the other way around. And anyway your 'isolation' clearly didn't prevent us from winning the CT. If anything it's an even bigger achievement for an 'isolated' team to win the CT
  9. Lord Holder gets a fifer

    No it isn't. Anything else ?
  10. "India are scared of our team": Shahryar Khan

    Celebrating an ICC tournament win is minnow mentality now. Okay then, what next ?Celebrating a WC win is minnow mentality ?
  11. "India are scared of our team": Shahryar Khan

    Still can't stop crying I see...
  12. Lord Holder gets a fifer

    Shouldn't you be asking that from Inzi or Moyo ?
  13. Lord Holder gets a fifer

    Um weren't you talking about India's loss to WI earlier ? Looks like apart from being thick, you have amnesia as well.
  14. "India are scared of our team": Shahryar Khan

    Lol its so obvious a lot of Indians are still in pain after the defeat even though they try their best to hide it. Hilarious. Too bad its gonna hurt for a long time since its gonna be a while since we meet again :)
  15. Lord Holder gets a fifer

    Why are you diverting ? Thought you said we have nothing else to celebrate. That is definitely not the case :)
  16. "India are scared of our team": Shahryar Khan

    Not really, Shahryar just can't keep his mouth shut lol. But I actually enjoyed this statement. India aren't going to play us for a year MINIMUM so we have the bragging rights and can say what we want till then. :)
  17. "India are scared of our team": Shahryar Khan

    Jali na, teri jali na
  18. Lord Holder gets a fifer

    Sure we don't... Oh wait
  19. Lol how many other teams have achieved this ? Dhoni was a freak, doesn't mean Pakistan's achievement should be belittled.
  20. I'd like to get a pick with Virat or MSD.
  21. Lol what did you expect them to do ? Azhar: "hey guys, I'd be obliged if you could take a pic with my kids, they're big fans of you guys and it would mean a lot to them" Indian Players: "No" *starts abusing all Pakistanis in general & beating up Azhar & kids*
  22. Really cute. Pakistan & Indian players get along quite well which is heartening to see. Fans & the higher-ups can learn something from this.
  23. I was very surprised to see Ashwin playing at the toss. It definitely helped us to do well. I'm sure Yadav would've troubled Fakhar with his short pitched deliveries.
  24. Very nice. Pakistan & India players usually get along very well. Wish some fans and the higher-ups could learn something from them.
  25. Facepalm. As a Pakistani, I can say that that was very poor of the fans. As someone here said, take it out on Sehwag and not on the Indian players.

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