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  1. diehardpacer

    Pick your 11 for test 3(No explanation/Discussion)

    1.Pujara 2.Ashwin 3.Rahane 4.Kohli 5.Rahul/Dhawan 6.Pandya 7.Pant 8.Shardul 9.Umesh 10.Shami 11.Bumrah
  2. diehardpacer

    Pujara needs to be dropped just for those runouts

    Our current openers & middle order batsmen are unable to do even the nightwatchmen's job.I don't like to see Pujara doing tuk tuk in decent flat pitches.But the team needs to understand,if you can't win you look for a draw.And in this match,rain would have helped their cause.Even in the 2007 series,we somehow drew the 1st test due to rain spoiling the last day & managed to win 1,which helped to win the series.In 2014,we win 1,draw 1 & lose the remaining 3 by surrendering in 3 days in each of those matches.Winning more than 2 tests in these conditions is very tough.So,need to be wise in being defensive when conditions don't suit you at all. If each of Vijay,Rahul,Rahane & DK managed to bat extra 60-70 balls in each innings,they would have batted atleast 60-70 overs after which rain would have saved the match.We need 1 alternative to Pujara who can bat for time & score runs when needed.We can select players from the A team after 3rd test & test a replacement for Pujara. Right now the remaining 4-5 batsmen are much bigger problems than Pujara. They are neither scoring nor killing time.
  3. diehardpacer

    Pujara needs to be dropped just for those runouts

    Vijay & Rahul are bigger problems than Pujara.Pujara should be opening & not at no.3 .He has opened before.His job is to play the new ball & tire out their bowlers,which is what he was doing.If other batsman had shown that much grit & lasted a session more in each innings,rain could have helped them draw this match.It's frustrating to see them always lose matches & not think about a draw at all.
  4. diehardpacer

    Lords Test - Day 3 predictions...

    Eng 325/5 if it does not rain.
  5. Vijay,Rahul,Pujara/Dhawan,Kohli,Rahane,Pant(WK),Pandya,Ashwin,Ishant,Umesh,Shami. Umesh should be given this series fully.If he fails,then look beyond him. Due to Rain,no point in playing Kuldeep. Pandya might use these conditions well. Dropping DK means Vijay can stand at 1st slip without hassle. Vijay,Rahul,Rahane,Kohli/Ashwin should form the slip cordon. If they are obsessed with playing Dhawan,play him at middle order & keep him out of the slips. Batting first after rains will be a terrible decision.Bowlers are in form.Hope they stick to good length areas.
  6. diehardpacer

    Can Pandya average >37 with bat and <32 with ball?

    He was the 2nd best batsman in the 1st test.Bowlers did their job of taking 20 wickets despite legends like shameless Dhawan & DK dropping catches.He is good enough batsman to bat at no.5 & is better than Ashwin & Jadeja.If he bats at 5,he will easily avg above 35 overseas and above 45 at home.He is a batsman who can bowl.
  7. diehardpacer

    Team for test 2

    I doubt either of Bhuvi & Bumrah will be fit.Rushing them will be bad idea.In that case,Kuldeep in place of Shami.Ishant bowled well.Till Bhuvi & Bumrah are fit, he can play. Umesh should be given this series.He seems like the best tail ender batsman.Bowled much better in 2nd innings.Pant in place of DK. Nothing to lose. Pandya must play.He batted well in 2nd innings.He might as well play as batsman at 5 or 6. Jadeja's bowling is useless in England. Vijay,Dhawan,Pujara,Rahane are all terrible.All of them are unreliable. Rahul also has technical flaws.But age is in his favour. Must select: Kohli,Pant,Pandya,Ashwin,Kuldeep,Ishant,Umesh 50-50 selections: Rahul,Vijay,Rahane,Pujara,Shami I really hate Dhawan. He has learnt nothing & has a misplaced over confidence.
  8. This way both of them have keeping practice.Whenever one gets injured they don't have to worry much.
  9. Dhawan Rahul Kohli Rohit Pant(WK) Hardik Pandya Bhuvi Kuldeep Umesh Chahal Bumrah Extras: Ishan Kishan,Karthik,Shami,Krunal Raina,Dhoni,Jadhav,Rayudu,Manish Pandey & Iyer should be kept far from the team.
  10. diehardpacer

    Where do you think Will Cricket Stand in 2050?

    By 2025-2030,Cricket will get an olympics spot for 20 overs format.It will get reduced to 10 overs format by 2040. T20s will become T10s.ODIs will become Half-Day Internationals with 25/20 overs each.Test cricket will have the most reform. By 2025,tests will be 100 overs innings each played over 4-5 days.This will eliminate snoozefest boring draws.By 2035,it will be 50 overs per innings with matches being over within 2 days .By 2050,25/20 overs per innings.And test matches will be over within 1 day. World Test Championships will happen after 2020. 3-4 substitutions will be allowed like football.That way the players on bench won't be drink servers. Coaches & tech analysts will take over the captains in being the MVPs. They will be busy shouting at boundary lines like their football counterparts. Virtual reality will make the game more interesting.Not sure how though.Teams will be selected based on analysis by tech experts who use AI & Machine learning.It will be like the baseball movie Moneyball with Brad Pitt. Bats,balls and cricket equipments might be made without animal products due to animal rights movement being strong in UK & Aus. Murricaaaa,The Land of the Free will storm into Cricket by winning a WC in T20/T10. No. of teams will increase a lot in WCs with each group having 4 teams & only 1 team going to next round.So 8 groups with 4 teams each & total of 32 teams will be possible.Knock out between 8 teams. Champions Trophy will be gone.Meaningless Bilateral series will be gone.Ashes will be in shorter formats only. Women's cricket will improve a lot.There might be a few friendly Intergender games with both men & women players playing in same XI. Reserve teams of all top countries will be playing with minnows to help them improve their game. Michael Holding will be rolling & crying in his grave. Overall interesting times ahead.ICC & other team boards will have to be on their toes to keep introducing new changes all the time to keep fans interested & money flowing into the game.
  11. diehardpacer

    1st Test vs ENG-Choose your Batting Order

    Rahul Vijay/Dhawan( Both are unreliable) Kohli/Rahane Rahane/Kohli R Pant (Pant has done well vs Eng Lions.Nothing to be lose by giving him a chance here) D Karthik(WK) Pandya Ashwin/Shami (Shami has no match practice & was bowling without intensity vs SA.He was lucky to get so many wickets.) Kuldeep Ishant Umesh If both Vijay & Dhawan play,then only one out of Karthik & Pant can play.If pitch has anything for seamers, Shami plays ahead of Ashwin. Pujara is out of form.Nair can come in if Pant/Karthik bat horribly.
  12. Chappell helped Ganguly with his batting technique before Aussie tour in 2003-04 which gave him success and they were good friends at that time.After that series,Ganguly was horribly out of form and his poor technique to both spinners and pacers got exposed badly in the 2 years after WC 2003.India lost to Pak in ODIs in India and was losing lots of matches in both Asia and abroad at that time.Now,John Wright understood Indian politics much better.The team under Ganguly rarely changed for 4-5 years since 2002.He knew it was impossible to ask Ganguly to step down or to get new players in place of seniors & decided to part ways before he was blamed for all the losses. Since Ganguly's captaincy was also in question in 2005,he decided to bring his friend Chappell who he thought would be a loyal Chamcha just like Kohli did by kicking Kumble to get Shastri back. Chappell saw the problems with the team after losing Sl tri series & to Nz in Zimbabwe tri series.The problem was Ganguly being a non performer was letting the team down.India's ODI ranking was 7 at that time.So,he suggested him to consider stepping down & play as a batsman & recover his form. Ganguly took offense to that & after scoring a slow 100 of 260 balls,went public & started accusing Chappell of wanting to kick him out.Well after that series,the board supported Chappell over Ganguly & decided to drop Ganguly in the pretense of fitness issues & made Dravid part time captain for SL series.India kept winning series after series in Asia at that time & selectors got decent excuses to keep Ganguly out. The only issue I have with Chappel is 2007 WC.After the re entry of all the seniors back into the team before 2007 WC due to politics,he became petty & did not collaborate in team discussions,which created a bad team environment. If Eng can sack Peterson & favour Andy Flower,if Aus can ban Steve Smith for 1 year for ball tampering & if we can demand Kohli & Dhoni should step down for losing matches,why are Dravid-Chappell being blamed for keeping Ganguly out despite his & team's poor performance at that time.Had Ganguly stepped down from captaincy on his own,none of the mess would have happened. Dravid himself offered to resign after WC.But board asked him to continue.Sachin resigned & Kumble retired from captaincy after failures.But Ganguly had to be kicked because of his own flaws.
  13. Ganguly had terrible ODI & test avg & SR in 2005 was mediocre in 2004. Dravid had avg of 30 & 35 in 2007,2008 & in 3 matches in 2012.Most likely the effect of WC humiliation & not having any coach till Kirsten was selected put too much pressure on him.He also opened the batting & changed his batting position as per need in that time.He was back to usual best in 2009 & 2011 with avg of 83 & 57 & 43 in 2009.Ind won test series v Eng under Dravid,which we have not managed to do so far. Ganguly had to be kicked out because he was obsessed with captaincy despite terrible performance.We also lost 11 finals under him. In that 3rd test vs Eng,Dravid made the mistake of chasing to use the 3 pacers & 5th day was a raging turner with uneven bounce.So,they crumbled.
  14. diehardpacer

    Ajinkya rahane is not a number 6 in tests!

    Rahul Vijay Rahane/Dhawan Kohli Dhawan/Rahane Pant/Karthik Pandya Ashwin Kuldeep Ishant Umesh Shami is unreliable.He does not bowl with intensity & has zero match practice.Bring him only if Ashwin bowls terribly.Pujara is woefully out of form. Dhawan should not open.Give Pant & Pandya regular chance in this series.Ashwin,Kuldeep,Ishant & Umesh can all bat.So tail is not weak.Vijay is no longer reliable either.If he fails,give Prithvi Shaw a chance after 3rd match.
  15. Irfan was a bowler who can bat under Ganguly but became a proper all rounder under Dravid due to regular batting promotions.The reasons for his promotions were the new Powerplay rules where they wanted a hitter whose wicket would not cost the team.Irfan became ineffective because he never had the pace and lost the swing which keeps happening with all Indian bowlers.I blame it mostly due to lack of decent bowling coaches.Even Dhoni promoted him to no3 in Australia tri series,so why blame Dravid alone. Barring Irfan's failure, Yuvi,Raina,Dhoni,Gambhir,Uthappa,Karthik,Munaf,RP Singh,Sreesanth had decent success in that time.The team's fielding was world class for the first time and that culture carried ahead.The team had a longest chasing streak.And most importantly the immediate success was world T20. That didn't happen out of nowhere. It's too easy to blame Dravid-Chappell.Over experimentation was their only fault.But not giving youngsters chances is horrible. At that time Ganguly was playing politics due to Dalmiya's power & influence just like Dhoni is doing today due to CSK lobby. The likes of Pant,Nair,Iyer,Hardik,Rahul,Kuldeep would not have got sufficient chances without Dravid's constant backing either in IPL or India A & under 19.

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