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  1. Aussies picked Shaun Tait for 2007 WC having played only 3-4 ODIs. He ended up as 2nd leading wicket taker with 23 wickets at avg of 20.And India picked all experienced oldies and the result was utter humiliation.
  2. diehardpacer

    Is Kaptan Kohli India's biggest weakness?

    No the biggest weakness is the proxy Kaptaan Dhoni. Kohli should be the least of anyone's worry.
  3. diehardpacer

    Who will bat at #4 for Team India at the World Cup?

    Rahul should be tried first either at 3 or 4.If he fails,go with Shankar.
  4. diehardpacer

    WC squad selected, DK n Jaddu selected.....no rayudu, pant

    DK was not needed as reserve. KLR is good enough for reserve keeper. Pant should have been in place of DK as pure batsman. Pant & Pandya on flat tracks at 5 & 6 could have been a great finishing combo. Shankar's batting is not really needed in this team.He is not a hitter & does not have any 50 so far.He will be 1 more accumulator in a team full of accumulators.His bowling is not impressive by any standards. KLR at 3,Kohli at 4 solves batting order problem.If Kohli is adamant to bat at 3,then play KLR at 4.He has hardly got a decent run at 4.The amount of chances they gave Rayudu,they should have given KLR a consistent run at 4. KLR is definitely more aggressive & has 3rd or 4th gears compared to Shankar. Saini ahead of Jadeja is a no brainer. They might not play even 2 spinners,so 3rd spinner is unwanted. Shaw should have been picked in place of Shankar. If any of Rohit/Dhawan bat terribly in initial matches,he could be perfect in that scenario. Pant,Shaw,Saini should still keep knocking the doors.A few injuries can still open their ways.
  5. diehardpacer

    India World Cup squad to be announced on April 15

    Shaw,Pant and KLR must be in the squad.They can pick & drop any one else they want.
  6. diehardpacer

    Players that do not inspire confidence atm

  7. Right now guarantees in WC Squad are: Rohit,Dhawan,Kohli,Dhoni,Pandya,Jadhav,Bhuvi,Kuldeep,Shami,Bumrah,Chahal. With 4 more spots Pant,KLR,Shankar,Rayudu(unwanted but will sneak in) are more likely to get in. I am hoping that Kohli having watched Saini's bowling demands his inclusion in place of Rayudu. Even Deepak Chahar has a chance(CSK backing). If it comes to either Rayudu/Ashwin,I will take Ashwin.
  8. diehardpacer

    Likely World Cup 11

    Rayudud will sneak in due to MSK & CSK lobby.
  9. diehardpacer

    Who is the favorite for the WC?

    Eng & Aus are clear favourites. Eng batting is top class.They have the ability to put above 400 on a decent batting track.Inconsistent in difficullt pitches but all teams are like that.They can have pitches suited to them this time.Bowling is decent but not great. Aus bowling is much better than Eng.If Starc & Hazlewood are fit which is highly likely,they will be the best bowling lineup.Warner,Smith,Starc & Hazlewood's absence allowed them to test their reserves well.Decent spinners in Zampa,Lyon & Maxwell.They are an all-round attack.
  10. He is decent in India but not so good overseas.Just pick an extra swing bowler who can bowl better yorkers as 15th man.No need to carry 3 spinners to England. He has not set the scene on fire this ipl. 7 wickets in 6 matches on tracks that are decent for spinners. With Rayudud,Dhoni,Kedar,Dhawan,Rohit we don't really need any more experienced oldies.The fielding unit is already bad.
  11. diehardpacer

    Shubman Gill - Being Wasted by KKR?

    Gill's T20 SR is 141 & avg 31.If he is handled properly,he can get better. Uthappa's overall T20 SR is 134 & avg 29.This season in 4 games he has 48 avg(1 not out) at 135 SR. If both newbie & established player have similar stats,pick the newbie.He is likely to get better once he reaches the peak.
  12. diehardpacer

    Shubman Gill - Being Wasted by KKR?

    Higher avg at low SR will more often lose them matches.If they did not have Russell,they could have lost all the 4 matches.It took Russell to hit above 250 SR to win all their games.His avg is high now due to a not out innings.Eventually that will come down.Basically,he is KKR's Rahane.
  13. diehardpacer

    Shubman Gill - Being Wasted by KKR?

    Uthappa averages 48 at SR of 135 in 4 games this season.Gill can do better than that.
  14. diehardpacer

    Shubman Gill - Being Wasted by KKR?

    DK is giving himself & his friend Uthappa more chances ahead of Gill.Gill should be batting ahead of both of them.

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