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  1. diehardpacer

    Obscure and random cricket matches you remember.

    In 2002 Ind Zim series 1st ODI,Ind scored 274. Zim were 210-8 after 44 overs.Out of nowhere,Douglas Marilier scooped and ramped to 56(24) to win the game in last wicket. Zaheer had figures of 8-2-14-4.But finished with 10-2-47-4. Kumble got destroyed that day. http://www.espncricinfo.com/series/15394/scorecard/64753/india-vs-zimbabwe-1st-odi-zimbabwe-tour-of-india-2001-02
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=buU3VTSrIkA Harsha Bhogle's analysis of this incident is spot on.
  3. I disagree.I don't see a need to blame umpires here.Umpires will always get some decisions wrong.Even Mayank Agarwal was out & he was given not out.Why didn't he walk off?Infact I am happy he didn't walk off.Batsmen have every right to stay without feeling any guilt.Batsman have no clue if the bowler bowled a no ball.They won't be called back after walking off.Disobeying the umpires decisions in these cases will make the batsman look like a fool & his own team will question his ethics at that time.This has always been a bullying tactic by fielding teams.The Aussie team & crowd pulled the same non sense with the Stuart Broad is a cheater thing,which was laughable. The only reason you guys are complaining because you can't digest the fact that a northie team won on your soil. Rayudu didn't walk off in 2nd game vs NZ after getting caught by keeper.May be you guys should start questioning his ethics.That would do some good to team's chances in WC. My verdict: Pujara did nothing wrong.Umpires have a thankless job.Crowd is filled with regionalist whiners.
  4. diehardpacer

    The only way we can win WC2019

    Reduce the dots.Score faster in Powerplay.Look to score more in boundaries than trying to hit risky sixes. Dhoni should bat as less balls as possible.Must play Shami.
  5. diehardpacer

    What should be the XI for the 4th and 5th ODI

    Rohit,Dhawan,Gill,Pandya,Kedar,DK,Dhoni,Jadeja,Bhuvi,Siraj,Khaleel This bowling combo is weak enough for Kiwis to put more than 300.Team should be happy if they have to chase above 350 in both remaining matches.
  6. If umpires give wrong decision,batsmen gets out. Fielding teams even if they know batsmen is not out,usually over appeal to pressure umpires to give out.If fans want honesty only from batsmen,they should also want bowlers and fielders to be honest. Let's say batsmen does walk out.But in dressing room,it comes to notice that it was a no ball.What happens then?Will the fielding team call batsman back?The whole situation will be messy. In my opinion,batsman have every right to not walk .
  7. diehardpacer

    We should try to fit Shami in Worldcup XI

    Bhuvi is decent batsmen. Kuldeep can bat. Shami can slog.Playing 5 proper bowlers won't allow opposition any breathing space if they get going. Pandya/Kedar should be used as 6th option if needed.One extra bowler in place of Rayudu.
  8. Good analysis.I don't think we need backup keeper with DK in squad.But Pant should take no 6 spot purely on batting merit.Instead of additional fast bowler,pick one of Rahul/Shaw/Gill as backup opener. Shankar,Khaleel & Siraj have not impressed me.
  9. diehardpacer

    The Unpopular Cricket Opinions Thread

    ->The credit for 2007 WC T20 win should go to Chappell. Dhoni,Yuvi,Utthappa,Gambhir,Irfan,RP,Sreesanth got constant backing from Chappell over other seniors & they got the result. Major change was fitness and fielding standards.My gut feeling says we would have gone till the semis had the selectors supported Chappell's agenda of juniors over seniors. ->In that time,the team was divided in 2 camps,pro Ganguly camp & pro Chappell camp. Ganguly camp - Sehwag,Yuvi,Bhajji,Zaheer,Laxman,Kumble,Nehra Chappell camp - Most younger players,Irfan,Kaif,Dhoni,Raina ->Karun Nair is overrated.Yes he scored 300 vs Eng.But even Jayant Yadav scored 100 against them.Eng team was very weak by that time.After that 300,he got injured & since his return,he has only 2 50s in first class & India A matches.The selectors have rightfully not selected him again despite public pressure. ->Kohli has failed chasing in almost all the tests. ->Our team selections are terrible due to regional quota & advertiser lobby pushing their players.There is nothing wrong in having most players from one particular region if they are that good. ->India top 3 are too slow in ODI and T20s. Wasting Powerplays is recipe for disaster. ->Current Indian team barring Pujara is terrible against spin.They are decent against pace but are sitting ducks whenever there is swing. ->Dhoni's team neither had the process nor the results. Kohli's team lost by small margins in Eng & SA compared to the complete surrender what Dhoni's team did. ->Dhoni batted decently in Eng despite his terrible technique . He didn't fish outside offstump & hit everything hard whichever he tried to connect,which means the edges went to boundaries instead of slips. ->SA team despite all criticism against spinners were outstanding in attempting the blockathon. ->Warner & Smith got over punished.No other team would have banned their top players this long for ball tampering.Sachin,Dravid and lot of other greats were involved in ball tampering & none were punished. ->The Aus series result would have been different if Warner & Smith had played & Starc & Hazlewood were not returning from injuries.The Aussies made their issues worse by not picking their best team.
  10. diehardpacer

    What are ur replacement for middle order junk

    4)Gill 5)Pant 6)Pandya It's almost certain Shaw is not going to WC since they have not picked him for any ODIs. But they should keep Shaw in reserves atleast.
  11. diehardpacer

    Preferred ODI WC19 11 / Squad

    1)Hitman 2)Dhawan 3)Koach 4)Shaw/Mayank/Rahul/Gill 5)Pant 6)Pandya 7)Dhoni (No one in the world can remove him from getting on the WC flight.Just make sure he bats as less as possible) 8)Bhuvi 9)Shami 10)Kuldeep 11)Bumrah
  12. diehardpacer

    Funny selection policies

    Rayudu,Jadhav,DK and the great Thalaaivaaaa should be no where near any Indian team.
  13. diehardpacer

    Holes in world cup squad

    Rayudu is unreliable in SENA. He did the same thing before last WC.Scored runs in Asia & failed completely in Aus.Looks like history will repeat again. Jadhav's fitness is dodgy.The more he bowls,he will be easier to pick apart.His bowling will be unnecessary in England.If spinners are needed,Jadeja should take his place.He can bowl full quota as 6th bowler. No 4-7 are liabilities. Karthik did well in T20s. Khaleel is not good enough. Shami should take his place. I want Pant & Shaw in WC squad. Pandya,Bhuvi,Jadeja & Ashwin are the only all rounders we have.Rest all are unreliable.
  14. For KL Rahul-Mayank/Gill For Pandya-Pant.
  15. Need aggressive batsmen like Pant,Shaw,Gill,Rahul in place of Rayudu,Dhoni,Pandey,Kedar. Kedar will always remain unfit & his bowling will be trashed around in SENA pitches.So,it's a waste of spot to pick him. Rahul is out of form now.But he should not be dropped permanently.The problem is mainly batting.The constant failures in chases above 300 and in situations where Run rate above 10 is needed is big problem. I will pick Jadeja over Chahal anyday. Pick better bowlers than Khaleel. Bhuvi is unreliable.

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