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  1. diehardpacer

    Rayudu 2.0 should get a chance back in Indian team

    There is only 1/2 place left for a batsman in the ODI team.Those places should go to Rahul & DK/any other youngster. Rayudu,Kedar Jadhav should not be considered for those places.Manish Pandey,Iyer & Karun Nair need to prove they can hit at a SR of 200.Only then these 3 should be taken into consideration.
  2. diehardpacer

    3 wicketkeepers for 3 formats

    Yes DK seems ideal balanced option for all formats.But team management won't drop Dhoni till WC.So not much can be done about it unless he plays as batsman.
  3. diehardpacer

    3 wicketkeepers for 3 formats

    I want to give DK first two tests and see how he performs.If he bats and keeps well,he will have the edge over Saha. MS for ODIs till WC. DK can replace Kedar. DK for T20s. I don't want Dhoni anywhere near T20 squad.But I think selectors will keep playing him in T20s unless he retires himself.
  4. diehardpacer

    Who deserves the benefit of doubt of all the rookies

    Only Thakur & Sundar deserve more chances.Rest all should be shown the door. Shankar is not international material.
  5. diehardpacer

    Karthik vs Saha

    In batting,DK >>> Saha ,In keeping Saha >> DK.
  6. diehardpacer

    Vijay Shankar performance watch

    Overhyped ICF trash.Should never play again.He is weak in all departments.
  7. Can someone give me a link to the match?
  8. diehardpacer

    2nd T20I : SA v IND | SSP, Centurion | Wed 9:30 PM IST

    You might be talking about the All time Indian great Jayadev Shah,son of Niranjan Shah.He has the infamous record of captaining 100 first class matches and got into Gujju Lions team too.It's pure nepotism.
  9. diehardpacer

    2nd T20I : SA v IND | SSP, Centurion | Wed 9:30 PM IST

    Rahul should play in place of Manish Pandey. Kuldeep in place of Unadkat.
  10. Bat-ABDV Bowl-Bumrah Field-Rahane
  11. I said Rohit should not open if the pitch is not flat.I have no issue with him opening in Asian pitches.All his 200s are in good batting tracks.
  12. I still feel Rohit should be asked to bat at 3 or 4 if the pitch is not flat.He can bat till the end after the new ball is gone.I don't understand why he is so obsessed with opening when he clearly lacks he technique in tough conditions.If he is fine with batting at 4 in IPL,he should be okay with doing the same in ODI.
  13. Bat-Rahane Bowl-Bhuvi Field-Pandya
  14. diehardpacer

    Pandya's bowling in the 1st 2 ODIs

    Pandya's batting won the ODI series against Aussies.He is the only batsman who can score a 50 ball 100 if he gets going.Probably the only Indian batsman who can hit 6s as soon as he arrives.Even Kohli does not bat like that.Shankar has low strike rate and has not taken much wickets either.Pandya is a top class fielder and is good enough for 6-7 overs.He bowls much better in 2nd spells.He needs to find better ways of scoring the first 20 runs. Kedar Jadhav should be dropped in favour of an all rounder who can hit from the start and take wickets.May be reconsider Jadeja/Ashwin for that slot or find someone else.This might not solve batting issue,but bowling will be covered.

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