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  1. Rahul should be given a consistent run at 3 or 4.He was playing for RCB at 4 & had done well.The problem is team management is hampering his confidence by picking Rayudu & Karthick ahead of him. Rayudu kept scoring heavily vs SL. Then he was utter trash in Aus.He is a typical FTB.
  2. diehardpacer

    Indian squad for WI test announced . Siraj n Mayank gets selected

    He needs to do well atleast in A tours in SENA countries or in domestics.I was supporting him after that 300,but he kept failing repeatedly in the remaining matches that too in India. He still has time to get back. Take the case of Vijay. He has been scoring heavily in Counties now.If Shaw & Mayank fail,then he will be back in contention for Aus series.Nair should consider playing for for a county side or any Aus domestic team.
  3. diehardpacer

    Indian squad for WI test announced . Siraj n Mayank gets selected

    Nair has done nothing apart from that 300 vs Eng.He played 6 more innings & scored 71 runs with scores of 4,13,26,0,23,5.He failed in India.His first class scores in 2018 were (20,93,42,55) vs Windies A side,(4,13) vs Eng Lions,4 vs Essex,4 vs Maharashtra,31 vs Mumbai,37 vs Baroda,29 vs Indian President XI.His avg in First Class this year is 30.18 in 11 innings .The selectors made the mistake by selecting him for Eng tour.Keeping him now would have been continuing that mistake.He needs to set the domestic scene on fire to deserve a comeback. Pujara averages 55.82 in 35 innings in India since 2015.His avg jumped to 63.9 in 2017 in 14 innings. Rahul averages 47 in the 19 innings since 2015 in India. Rahul has been a brilliant slip catcher.They are not proven failures. Even still,I would have preferred selectors to try 2 more youngsters in place of Pujara & Rahane since this is not an important series. . I never support Dhawan in test side.Mainly due to his careless attitude.
  4. diehardpacer

    Would India have won Asia cup with Kohli in team as captain?

    Kohli would have finished this chase himself.Right now he is batting at God Level.In champions trophy,SL chased around 320. That might have prompted him to chase.So,conclusion is Ashwin & Jadeja are not good enough bowlers to take wickets overseas.
  5. diehardpacer

    Indian squad for WI test announced . Siraj n Mayank gets selected

    Mayank,Rahul,Shaw,Pant,Kuldeep,Siraj should be selected for the playing XI.Obviously Kohli will play.The rest 4 spots can go to whomever they like. Shardul is there to serve water & drinks.I am not confident of players like Nair & Vihari. So,happy to see Nair not getting selected this time. Vihari was giving too many chances in that test & was lucky to get Root & Cook's wickets.
  6. Just play 2 overs of Fizz safely.
  7. I don't mind losing to Padosis occasionally but to Bong "Toygers" never.They are the worst. Dhoni can get out after doing tuk-tuk. Then it will be upto Jadhav,Jaddu & BK to prove their worth.
  8. If we can play Sehawag,Sachin,Gambhir & Sehwag,Sachin,Ganguly at top 3,I don't see the logic of not trying Rohit,Dhawan,Rahul on a consistent basis.
  9. Vaas & Murali-54 all out & so many failed chases under Great Dada. Jayasuriya was a nightmare. McGrath,Lee,Haydos,Gilly,Ponting,Symonds,Martyn,Bevan.Pretty much the entire Aussie team. Bracken had Sehwag's wickets so many times in 1st over itself . From Kiwis,Roger Twose scored heavily against Dada's team. Astle,Cairns,McMillan,McCullum,Bond,Styris were always in form. Inzi,Yousuf,Butt,Malik,Afridi,Akram,Mushtaq,Akhtar,Waqar . Kallis,Donald,Pollock,Gibbs.Can't believe SA lost 2002 Champions Trophy Semi after Gibbs smashed that century & got retired hurt. Trescothick,Freddie Flintoff,Nasseir Hussain were great. Flower bros,Campbell. Marillier won a match playing scoop shots to Prasad,Kumble & Zaheer for 10th wicket. Gayle,Hooper,Powell,Chanderpaul,Sarwan. in 2002 tour,Cameron Cuffy bowled 16 maidens in 26 overs for 24 runs.That guy was always economical. Lara was terrible against India.
  10. diehardpacer

    Asia cup will be like Euro of football in future

    Euraustralasia Cup would be interesting.Might as well call it a World Cup.
  11. My middle order looks like: KL,Kohli,Pant,Hardik Pandya,Dhoni. I don't think Krunal Pandya,Washington Sundar,Vijay Shankar,Kedar are good enough to play in Eng as all rounders. I want to see Ishan Kishan get chances,but that's too much to expect from the regressive selectors. The less balls Dhoni bats that much better it is for the team.I would prefer him to come at 8,but Kohli won't dare to do that.So,Dhoni stays at 7.I can definitely pray for him to get injured though. Biriyani Man should be thrown out of the squad.Can't believe he crawled back. But for any changes to happen,MSK Prasad must be sacked.
  12. diehardpacer

    Dropping Chahal would be idiocy.

    Good team except Jadhav.I am not sold on him.He will be smashed in England.Pant in place of Kedar should be tried in the remaining 15-20 games left before WC.
  13. diehardpacer

    Asia Cup: Playing 11 vs Pak

    Hitman Gabbar KL fuccboi Pandya Pandeyji Kedar Thalaivaa Bhuvi Kuldeep Malnourished leggie Bumrah
  14. My XI: Hitman Biriyani Man Manish DK Kedar Thalaivaa Axar Shardul Kuldeep Chahal Khaleel Rest KL,Dhawan,Pandya,Bumrah and Bhuvi for Pak match.
  15. diehardpacer

    Series positives?

    Bumrah ,Ishant ,Pujara ,Kohli & Pant did well. Lots of voices against Dhawan & Shastri & team selection.

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