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  1. diehardpacer

    Mitchell Starc- still the best ODI bowler in the world

    Had said before the WC,Starc will win them lots of matches,once he gets to full fitness.It kind of surprised me,how easily everyone was writing him off. How the heck did Tony almost managed to smack him outta the ground is even more baffling . Starc is having more success compared to Bumrah this WC. But Bumrah can get more wickets against easier teams in the remaining matches.
  2. diehardpacer

    Can't have jadav,dhoni and shankar together

    Shankar & Jadhav are such great all rounders,whom the team is scared to bowl even 1 over in a tight game .They know there is a high chance they will go for 15-20 runs in that 1 over itself. Have a feeling the team will remain unchanged after this win.
  3. If they lose today,Bumrah should york the toes of Shankar,Rahul,Kedar,Dhoni & send them home.
  4. 4 overs from Nabi,Mujeeb. Then 5 overs each from Rashid & Rehmat. Don't see Dhoni & Kedar attacking Rashid either.Unless Pandya does something magical,they are not going above 220.Bowlers will have to bowl out of their skins today.
  5. Will they even manage 200 today?
  6. So many dots.All they have to is give Kohli most of the strike.
  7. Seems like KLR is better of in the death overs like against Aussies than doing all this tuk-tuk .Will he be better off as a finisher instead of an opener?
  8. Rashid is yet to bowl.They will have to attack him to improve the RR.He will like bowling against all these right handed batsmen.
  9. Pathetic decision to not play Pant.
  10. I am treating this as practice game,giving everyone 1 chance.They may not play Shankar today due to Bumrah injuring his toe. If Rohit & Kohli both score big,others will hardly get any chance to bat.Both are experienced enough to not get ruffled by break of momentum. Jads in place of Kedar & Pant in place of Shankar. Kohli seems to have lost faith in Kedar's bowling. Jads & Pandya can easily share 10 overs.
  11. I want 3 changes Pant,Shami,Jadeja in place of Jadhav,Bhuvi & Shankar. If they are brave,they can rest one out of Kohli/Rohit/Dhoni & play DK. If chasing Kohli should give others a chance to bat ahead of him.
  12. diehardpacer

    Shikhar Dhawan Ruled out of the World Cup

    Bad luck for Dhawan. It's good they made the replacement call early. Pant should be in at 4/5 straightaway.Finally he got in.
  13. diehardpacer

    40/0 after ten should be the target in all games.

    The approach is fine in overcast conditions with some help for bowlers in the pitch. If it's a flat road with sun shining,play 4 overs safely.Then look for 1/2 boundaries every over.That will get above 60 without risk.
  14. I don't mind Jadeja as 6th bowling option. Pandya & Jadeja sharing 10 overs is more assuring.If he fields full 50 overs & gets couple of run-outs of set batsmen ,that would be great. Jaddu is a known selfish batsman.But he fits this team combo much better.

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