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  1. The return of the Bhuvi

    No but if sonu not drops one yesterday 4/2/8/3 he could get
  2. Well India recorded their biggest win yesterday with 59 balls spare by 9 wickets 40th win in T20i format cong. 555555555555555555555555555555555555555588888888888888888888888 Ireland beat Hongkong at Dharmashala by 10 wickets with 54 ball spare.Poterfield,their captain hits 36 ball 75* Mark Chapman of Hongkong scored 64 n.o. After his team slide into 6 for 3, with Hayat out for 0 666666666666666666666666666666666666666699999999999999999999999 other warm up Zimbabwe beaten by 7 wkts by Himachal xl. With 36 ball spare over all teams bats 2 nd, win all games on March 3 rd, 2016
  3. Uthappa & Dhawal marry on the same day

    Marriage season restart
  4. Pakistan Sit On Fault Line

  5. Pakistani Fan frustated after loss!!!

    i think defeat at the hands of india hurts them sooooooo deeeply in their.......
  6. Pakistani Fan frustated after loss!!!

    captain should plays like a captain, i do not know why they played first 10 over just like saving test match after tea on day 5, 34 for 4 off 60 balls.
  7. tomorrow at 9.30 pm. finally we can see [ only march 6 th second game at 6 pm. IST] aus vs southafrica t20i in southafrica on tensports, both on- line and tv
  8. i think i should check on net first because if on starsports 3 THAN in SS3 HD on too.[ tv] at night ireland vs Hongkong should be good match
  9. Bangers Will ' CUT' Further Today

    Resources cricbuzz full credit to them for latest news. Javed Miandad, the Pakistan batting legend, has questioned Shahid Afridi's place in the Pakistan Twenty20 International (T20I) team and has blamed the domestic system for failing to produce quality players, mentioning that favouritism is hurting Pakistan cricket. "How can you have a player when no one knows how he will perform? Miandad told Aaj channel, according to PTI. "Afridi's time in the team was over a few years back. How can you expect to win or improve your cricket when a player who stopped being a reliable performer some years ago is still playing in the national team? He is (also the) captain." Afridi, as captain, has tasted success in 17 out of 38 games. In 2016, Pakistan have won only two of six T20Is, with their latest loss coming against Bangladesh which knocked them out of Asia Cup, 2016 on Wednesday (March 2). "The fact is many of our players lack cricket sense and aptitude," Miandad said. "They are over-protected. They are saying the Pakistan Super League (PSL) will produce talent. I didn't see any player in the PSL who is so good that he can get a contract in the Big Bash or IPL." Miandad blamed the domestic setup and the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) for the poor state of affairs as far as cricket is concerned in the country."You still have the parchi (slip-based) system in domestic cricket even at district level. It only looks good on surface but in reality, it is not producing quality players," he said. Coming down hard on the national cricket board, Miandad said: "Don't they know what is happening? Don't they see what is happening to our cricket? I say sack this selection committee and players who don't perform. Nowadays, we have a trend where players play because of the media. resources cricbuzz, full credit to them
  10. Bangers Will ' CUT' Further Today

    even Aamir was hits 2 fours by other captain . pak. missed Riaz , Anwar 2/0/25/0 malik 1/0/3/1 = lucky for wicket koz umpire Anil closed his both eyes on LBW. ya but sami mess up with 2 no ball and 2 free hit.= 13 runs. aAfridi miss guide of pakistan 4 win off 6 game vs BD , pak bats first all 6 times but Afridi forget that , he not have imad wasim or saeed Ajmal.or nawaz no way you win if scored 34 for 4 in first 10 over with power play good luck in india.
  11. In other match kinchit shah,Babar hayat,Paul Sterling and o' Brien brothers plays at dharmashala today March 3 rd Thursday. http://www.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/match/971681.html
  12. http://www.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/match/971679.html
  13. New Zealand cricket legend Martin Crowe has died

    Hippo sucks, i think you sound familiar to me, cricforum may be.anyway I read above about Crowe. A to Z .
  14. New Zealand cricket legend Martin Crowe has died

    Sorry to hear bad news so early .i witness his 299 finest test innings.amazing player 5444 test runs With 46 average and 4500 runs in ODI .i think he was finest fielder. http://www.espncricinfo.com/newzealand/content/player/36622.html
  15. pakistan's Opening Woes


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