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  1. Even in the IPL he loses the marbles moment someone from the opposition takes control of the game. He never gives the impression that he believes his team can come back. Dhoni slightly has that edge. Dhoni keeps the intensity of all the players up. With Kohli, he will be the first to crack under pressure as a captain. So you can't expect your team members playing with no direction. He has to assert himself under the toughest situations. One thing I notice is despite all the aggression, he is a bit too soft on his players. I personally like Gauti better in shorter formats as a captain. He assesses, reassesses throughout the game regardless of how things go.
  2. You have to readjust your expectation bit like any other sports for men and women. Besides we had men bowling at those speeds in the 80s and before. Ramesh powar could bowl even at 60 kph. Same way Rajat Bhatia often clocked only 115 kph. Infact hitting slower balls out of the park is harder than faster balls you don't have pace to work with. Yes you don't see whole gamut of bowling skills in women's cricket. Ellise perry like bowlers are tough to face in women's cricket.
  3. I think he will be a better Test captain than limited over captain. His aggression kinda helps him there. But in shorter formats when things go wrong briefly he loses mentally faster than lot of other captains. As long as everything goes well he is okay. Dhoni by nature has this habit of staying in the fight as long as you could. Strategically Dhoni is okay when spinners come to the party. Once spinners are ineffective he will be like a deer caught in the headlights.
  4. I am not sure i can hit those full tosses that long like she did. She is female Pandya. One of her shots was very much like Pandya's shot in the CT final.
  5. On a side note she was connecting the ball cleanly every time she stepped out. Against spin attack she looks more solid than 'current' Yuvraj.
  6. Pujabi kudi power. It was like Kapi paaji's 175, Gilchrist's 149. Love such knocks. Crunch game . Against defending champions. You need to play near perfect game. It was surreal.
  7. Ravi shastri has solid reason why he wants Arun as the coach. lol. I am glad he didn't say Kohli's coach should be his mom since she knows him more than Ravi shastri does. 'Arun knows these boys better than I do' - Shastri.
  8. Go Girls. Ellise perry can singlehandedly win the match for OZ. She is not the only match winner. Best hope for India is to get a spinning track and Bisht doing lot of damage .
  9. I cannot believe Dravid was not part of the scheme. He is probably the best ever Indian batsman I have seen against swinging balls. He fixed issues for guys like Younis Khan. https://www.dawn.com/news/1198779
  10. Mukund *sigh* . I am pretty sure India has better openers than him. We can try smriti mandhana rather. Whatever happened to Priyank Panchal. He even made 103 against Bangladesh in the tour game. Also made close 1500 runs in the last season.
  11. They are not really subtle about it are they? 2 more years to go. So many youngsters are coming through. Zaheer, Sehwag may come back from retirement.
  12. I am incredibly astounded at obsession of Andhra guys with IT jobs in America. They have a dedicated group of people who takes your interview for 500$. In Indian companies if they have power to hire they hire only telugu guys not from other states. Their resume is full of fake jobs, fake degrees. They resort to gambling a lot to make money. Money , money, money. They go to any length. Recently one guy killed daughter of his friend in a botched ransom attempt. Sorry for stereotyping. IT job is not the only job in the world. Wake up. There are lot more satisfying job out there.
  13. He still has solid record as Test captain. After all he led his side to the final. He will get better once the "seniors" leave. Rightnow he feels he is obligated to them.
  14. Is that why they are ranked better than all the Asian teams in all formats? India not raising their game in crunch situations will certainly bother fans. Don't want our team to go South African way.