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  1. IF you look at it, DHoni is the one who finished the innings. Dhoni v2.0.
  2. Pandey has won the match for India singlehandedly.
  3. WTF 3 dot balls lol He should have finished it here
  4. He was hoping for a glory shot. Its okay. Makes you feel good. But as he grows older he will calculate better.
  5. What a shot against Cummins by Pandya. If you bowl full be it is seamer or spinner he can hand out similar treatment.
  6. It is a conscious decision. I have seen him Smashing sixes of seamers as well if it is full.
  7. India has lot of potential replacements in the wings. Jadhav/Pandey have to be careful.
  8. jadhav perished. When there is a collapse, don't be part of a collapse far too often. That is when your value will be questioned.
  9. Rohit threw his wicket away. Missed an easy 100 there
  10. It is true many would switch off TV after Sachin gets out. Fans didn't trust others consistently. Not anymore. The reason was he was the only capable of playing long and scoring at a decent clip consistently.
  11. Rohit is in his elements. Timing it exquisitely. From here on only way he gets out is through run out or him throwing it away.
  12. Rahane rarely pierces that ball through the field.
  13. He is playing him ahead of his two ace Test spinners. Very narrow minded comment.

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