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  1. This is the kind of pitch that would help guys like Sandeep Sharma not out and out quick bowlers. Remember how Stuart Binny outbowled Umesh against BD in the one dayer. These guys are not like Irfan who swings from the hand. They are good bowlers. But not good enough to exploit the conditions offered here. You don't need pace here. Accurate swing bowling will get the batsman eventually.
  2. Should have played M Vijay if they knew they were going to get this pitch. I understand you cannot drop Dhawan after his century in SL. He might score again in this series. But you have to weigh the odds.
  3. Sehwag end of the thread lol He scored 280 odd in less than a day
  4. Look at your career before commenting on Dhoni: Shastri

    I am a software engineer. Can Dhoni code? hehe
  5. Your favorite SRT's innings

    So many. His 82 runs in 49 balls. His first innings as an opener is still fresh in my memory. Those days such strike rates were unheard of. If he had failed there he probably may not have opened in the future.
  6. Who AKhtar, AKram, Waqar? lol recent years?
  7. Did you even read the OP before commenting about OP. He clearly mentioned "recently in the last few years"
  8. One or two effort ball. Right now he is no more than a medium pacer. At times he clocks only 130k
  9. Wahab is the only bowler who can clock 150kp. Aamir phuleez?
  10. That trend will continue. Indian fast bowling culture is growing rapidly. Even though Pak players love to bowl fast there are not genuine out and out quick bowlers there. They are all medium pacers with a bit of skill. Riaz is the only one left. But he is otherwise garbage.
  11. Dhoni's ultimate 10 skills

    First "skill"
  12. Lack of big hitters exposed today

    Raina looks like he is very serious about comeback. atleast working out.
  13. Indian fielding

    It is silently regressing. Jaddu for all his average form is always a solid fielder. Raina is also a solid fielder. With guys like Chahal, Bumra, Jadhav Indian fielding looks so weak. There is no energy on the ground with these guys. What the hell is coach doing?
  14. Lack of big hitters exposed today

    Raina looks like he has lost some weight.

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