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  1. No. Age is not on his side. Besides Prithvi shaw has announced himself. Unless they want to replace KL Rahul ,Vijay has not place at this point. Even if we discard Rahul, Dhawan we have Mayank Agarwal waiting.
  2. vvvslaxman

    Watched any new movies? *Please use spoiler tags*

    Hostel boys do this all the time
  3. vvvslaxman

    Watched any new movies? *Please use spoiler tags*

    old man at the end has some cool moves lol
  4. vvvslaxman

    Mohammad Abbas...

    He wobbles the ball. Not like Asif from what i see.
  5. vvvslaxman

    Mohammad Abbas...

    Impressive stats.
  6. vvvslaxman

    Mohammad Abbas...

    Is he like Asif?
  7. vvvslaxman

    #MeToo India 2.0

    Imagine them coming out at the time the incidents happened. The victim would have been crucified by these goons. Even now they are trying it into Bramhin vs non Brahmin.
  8. It allows us to create a pool of players from which we can pick. There are some suited for all formats. Gill will fall under the category. He can replace that god forsaken Pandey.
  9. vvvslaxman

    Shades of Sachin in Shaw

    Hope he doesn't copy this
  10. vvvslaxman

    #MeToo India 2.0

    He must. But he has been an integral part of ARRahman's music since Roja. This guy was able to maintain the association with ARR through sycophancy. There are so many new lyricists that will totally replace obliterate him. Most recently 96' movie has a first timer having mind blowing lyrics.
  11. vvvslaxman

    #MeToo India 2.0

    Lol First person that should be outed is MKs varisu
  12. vvvslaxman

    #MeToo India 2.0

    https://www.thenewsminute.com/article/vairamuthu-came-after-me-too-musician-sindhuja-and-another-survivor-speak-poet-89954 Another singer Sindhuja Rajaram corroborates the story about Vairamuthu. What a perv. I wonder if this is the reason why Ilayaraja cut him out. This moron has tried to act like a go-between the artist and AR Rahman. Basically he was abusing his closeness with Rahman. Trying to exploit the budding artists with this. I wish ARR discontinue working with him.
  13. Shastri is mixture of Arvind Kejriwal and Rahul Gandhi
  14. Don't forget India has just one seamer.

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