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  1. Match Thread

    India needs a lead for psychological reasons. But 52 runs seem a long way.
  2. Match Thread

    need lot of luck to survive this session.
  3. Match Thread

    What an unplayable ball..wow
  4. True. But Ashwin's injury probably played a role as well. He is not at top of his game. Between Jayant and Kuldeep, Jayant offers more stability to batting, Kuldeep offers more variety to bowling. Looking at the decision to include him makes me wonder if they contemplated on picking him even for the Third test.
  5. Move was forced. Mukund is an useless batsman. It is logical to go with Kuldeep to add more variety.
  6. Should have done lot earlier. 3 spinners would have been enough. Only Shami and Umesh are indispensable fast bowlers at this point. Everyone else is dispensable.
  7. Competition

    GUys any highlights of those 4 wickets?
  8. He is a talented batsman. But he never treated himself as a specialist batsman at the international level. He was always content with providing support role. He threw his wicket many times. Also, he is way too inconsistent. But you cannot deny he is in supreme touch. We don't have a settled one day side anyway. One last chance may be given.
  9. This guy keeps silently breaking records.
  10. Also you cannot expect two bowlers reap same rewards when their bowling style is completely different.
  11. I am not sure they will do that unless Ashwin himself wants to rest. I am okay with the idea of resting Nair and bring in Jayant who has solid defense.
  12. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C7SKFM6VsAE8I7f.jpg BCCI‏Verified account @BCCI 14m14 minutes ago More 199 runs & 317 minutes later. The partnership continues on and off the field @Wriddhipops & @cheteshwar1 #TeamIndia #INDvAUS pic.twitter.com/iyCFlnDAEG
  13. He is not a proper batsman. Start treating him like one will give us long term issues.
  14. IN real life there is no equality. Women have a long long way to achieve that equality. We only look at the success stories.
  15. Bangladesh is still a one innings side. That is how they started. Made 400 in the first innings and lost their way badly in the 2nd innings. They still continue that trend even after 18 years.