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  1. vvvslaxman

    England are an extremely scary ODI side.

    Cometh the hour they will collapse
  2. http://www.bcci.tv/videos/id/7340/cheteshwar-pujaras-maiden-t20-century
  3. China got their back.
  4. vvvslaxman

    Try Pant as an opener

    There is a reason why India reaches the finals more than other teams in all these tournaments. As a unit when India clicks they are pretty much unstoppable. Many teams are not able to do that. You have only looked at the batting part. If you look at the bowling part Pakistan and India have the best economic rates 4.76, 5.03 respectively in recent times. England/Australia/West Indies are horrible. As a bowling and batting combo India is significantly better than every other team in terms of runs scored/run conceded ratio. India's major tournament wins were a result of outstanding bowling performances. Binny (WC1983), Zaheer (WC2011), RP Singh (WT2007), L Siva (Benson * Hedges 1985), Jadeja (2013 CT). This time we have more than a couple of trump cards. They just have to be at their best. Things will fall in place.
  5. You missed one order. Alphabetical order.
  6. vvvslaxman

    Try Pant as an opener

    Pant is a reserve keeper and a possible replacement of Rayudu or even Jadhav who is an injury prone guy. My worry is what will India do after top 3 get out. Be it is 10 runs or 100 runs or 200 runs we will end up with well below par score in such scenarios. I am hoping India plays 5 solid bowling options. India's only hope is restricting opposition to lower total and expecting tuk tuk masters in the middle to chase at their own pace.
  7. vvvslaxman

    Try Pant as an opener

    https://www.hindustantimes.com/cricket/sachin-tendulkar-blasts-greg-chappell-s-tactics-at-2007-icc-world-cup/story-fvJjNF5JrI5qgTtkVAr1DI.html "A number of senior players disagreed with the manner in which Chappel was handling our side. Just before a month from the World Cup, he made drastic changes in the batting order that affected everyone in the side. And, they were not needed. Other teams had been practicing according to their plans and strategies for the past one year then. But we were still experimenting with our side,” Tendulkar is seen narrating in the movie.
  8. vvvslaxman

    Try Pant as an opener

    In T20 era you could split 50 over game into 20+10+20. Conservative estimate. 20=100, 10=60 20=150 That will give you 310 easily. Going after bowling in mad panic in the first 10 overs was the style of 90s game as they never believed they could go after bowling in the middle overs. They relied on field restrictions. England does this because they CAN. That is it. If they have a weak middle and lower order they would also play conservatively.
  9. vvvslaxman

    Try Pant as an opener

    India rarely lose matches these days. If at all they lose it is because of top order failure or our bowling is crappy. This has been the case for the last couple of years. Even in England with a substandard front line bowlers we still managed to win a game. If you ask me to rank India's problems , scoring in the PP would not even make my top 10 list. 1) middle order 2) middle order 3) middle order ... then few others before even we talk about powerplay. India lacks power hitting down the order. Pandya or bust situation now. An injury prone Jadhav, old man Dhoni who can't rotate strike to save his life, Raydu who is sh*t scared of any ball that is more than 140k. Also Indians don't dominate spinners as well as they used to. This is the same thought process went in 2007 world cup. They sent Uthappam and Sehwag. We all know what happened. Just leave your best batsmen in their usual position. Tinkering will impact both batting positions also Dhawan as well. They know how to win matches. Rohit tried with Mumbai Indians. Didn't exactly work out well.
  10. vvvslaxman

    Try Pant as an opener

    SO there is a bilateral starc ICC starc, bilateral cummins ICC cummins. i get it lol It is not fanboys. I am not even his fan. I am just saying your suggestion has no merit or sound basis. It is just a random wild suggestion based on nothing. You use some weird filters to justify your suggestion. I get it . I would keep doing the same too if i come up with a suggestion. When you think he doesn't bat well in the "ICC tournaments against big teams", shouldn't your suggestion be "Let us drop Rohit against those teams' instead of "pushing him down the order"? Why do you think Rohit will do well against the same set of teams when he bats in the middle overs?
  11. vvvslaxman

    Try Pant as an opener

    Against Honkong India added 48 runs in the last 10 overs, which almost cost the match for us. We have to worry about finishing an innings with bat. India can be 240 for 1 after 40 overs. If both the players get out we migth struggle to get to 290. India is missing finishers. Pandya is the only hope. He is inconsistent. Now injury ridden.
  12. vvvslaxman

    Try Pant as an opener

    By the way i have immense respect for any Indian that bashes Bangladesh lol
  13. vvvslaxman

    Try Pant as an opener

    No basically you are using some filters to come up with a solution to a problem that never exists in the first place. India is ranked no.2. Rohit is world no.2. You don't become world no.2 just by bashing minnows. In the last 2 years performance of Indian batsmen in matches won by India. A genuine match winner at the top with 11 centuries. Only guy who can produce those big overs. Dhawan after 40th over vs Rohit after 40th over not even a comparison. Look at the number of sixes he can hit. You just randomly come up with a suggestion to replace this guy based on "ICC filter".

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