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  1. http://www.espncricinfo.com/county-cricket-2017/content/story/1099875.html Hope he recovers. Another bouncer incident. I think he played for Mumbai Indians.
  2. KKD just go away man. You are a mental midget. Ashwin despite being a lower order batsman has contributed. More to the Indian side with his bat than KKD.
  3. Dhoni has delivered under pressure once again hehe
  4. All the usual links are blocked for US viewers. :(
  5. "Rising" south africa.
  6. I am not sure if Bhajji is even third choice spinner for the Indian side. We have many like Chahal, Kuldeep. I would gamble with Washington sundar as well.
  7. http://www.ragalahari.com/news/114161/cricketer-bhuvaneshwar-kumar-denies-rumours-of-dating-tollywood-actress-anusmriti-sarkar.aspx Beetle can heave a sigh of relief :)
  8. Yes. DK's problem is not the ability. But he makes a lot of simple errors. Often misses simple balls and takes blinders. You know what to expect from Dhoni. But you never know what you will get from DK.
  9. Looks like that one thread is still haunting you lol Take it easy.
  10. 7 runs in 5 balls should have been a piece of cake. Tiwary should have tried placing instead of lofting. 1 ball wasted 1 run wasted there. They could have even tied it.
  11. Yup Rahane is the only guy who was scoring runs on this surface just with cricketing shots. Unnecessary shot.
  12. RPS is one batsman short. There is absolutely no middle order i mean reliable one.
  13. Smithy was also preserving wicket for some weird reasons.
  14. It wasn't actually captaincy. lol For each bowling 7 or 8 guys were discussing. It was like it was collective decision based on the comfort level of bowlers.
  15. They should have known bumrah will bowl 2 of the last 4 overs and one by Malinga.. So they should have done hard yards long before that.