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  1. Headingley is one place where occasionally you would have such difficult. Most of the other pitches like Lords, Oval are high scoring grounds.
  2. Not true. Ganguly , Azharuddin all scored runs there. Agarkar, Kumble, Mishra all of their highest scores were registered there. Even on the same tour where Kohli failed, Bhuvi got 3 fifties in a row.
  3. Lot of useless batsmen have great stats in England. I under top batsmen should score everywhere. But holding sounds like England is one of the most difficult to score runs.
  4. This guy played international cricket from 1980 to 1992. Then he started commentating in the mid 90s and talked about all these things for 20 years. Played first class, county cricket. Manager, Coach other credentials. Only now he realizes "we didn't have enough practice"?
  5. I was merely using your dumb logic to show how dumb that logic is. He scored 10 runs more so he is better. Who would argue like that? Someone who has no knowledge of nuances in cricket, someone who lacks observation skills to understand the difference between a good batsman and a hack against a given set of conditions. We can be ignorant of all those things. But atleast you should look at history before opening your mouth. There is no history that suggest Dhawan would do well in Tests in these parts. He confirmed that with his two streaky innings in the first Test. And rightfully kicked out by his own buddy. As a testimony M Vijay made 46 runs in the first innings in the 2nd test. I am still amazed that you are still sticking to your retarded logic.
  6. What edge. Except his bat edge he has nothing. He is a great hack in one dayer. But in Tests with slip worse than a tailender. We all saw how he played Morkels bounce. Embarrassing .
  7. No. What i am saying his gigantic surplus runs of 15 runs was basically useless. All of them were streaky. Basically that guy survived by luck. If you can't objectively see that you are helpless. There are millions of instances some random tailender outscores a middle order batsman. You cannot justify his place over the specialist because of that. You are completely ignoring the point.
  8. He should work on his fitness, athleticism, stamina a lot. India doesn't have the complete fast bowler we are looking for in the mould of Alan Donald, Steyn. Closest we have is Umesh. But he is a spray gun. If only Umesh has skills, thinking of Shami and accuracy of Bhuvi he would have been our go to bowler. Alas all our bowlers lack one thing or the other. Hence they blow hot and cold.
  9. He scored 36 runs and faced 25 less number of balls than M Vijay. Vijay made 15 runs. Your main job in these parts is seeing off new ball. He couldn't even face that many balls. Scoring 15 runs more and facing 25 balls less is pretty much useless for team. Even the runs he scored was streaky. How the heck you justify this crap with crap argument
  10. AB de Villiers impressed by Indian pacers' skills and pace

    My gripe with our bowling they are unable to sustain the pressure. They build pressure by picking a couple of wickets only to squander it by allowing some late order batsman putting up a partnership. India needed near perfect show in SA. SA didn't need near perfect show. So we were supposed to be twice as good as they are at the least.
  11. Because your argument of he scored 10 runs more so he is better is absolutely ridiculous. There were several occasions some random tailender outscoring an ace middle order batsman. You cannot use that to say "tailender is better'. When you come up with such a ludicrous argument we have to drill into your head why Dhawan is such colossal failure. "outscore" "outscore" lol This retarded argument even Dhawan will laugh at. Even Kohli knows M Vijay is million times more useful overseas than Dhawan. Dhawan is a lottery player who would do well in one dayers with field restrictions, bowling restrictions. But in Tests with crowded slips and a short square leg is a sitting duck. That is why his total average is only 22 overseas. Vijay's average is 40. Not only that . He saw off new ball efficiently numerous times. Dhawan after edging his way to 12 or 14 would get out. Ball would still be new. Middle order gets exposed. So he is a totally useless batsman in these conditions. Suitable only for Asian conditions
  12. Players are treated as a sum lol Dhawan dropped Maharaja very early which allowed SA to pile up 100 runs more. As a sum Vijay outscored him by more than 50 runs . Your boy scored -70 odd in the last test. Given the way he got out in both the innings Kohli dropped his own buddy. On a seaming track if you get out to seaming balls i would agree. He got out to bouncing ball lol. That is ptahetic. He couldn't play swing, seam, bounce anything.
  13. Vijay Rahul Pujara Kohli Rahane Karthik Pandya Jadeja Bhuvi Ishant Bumrah Most unpredictable captain going around. I would be surprised if i get atleast 9 right.
  14. Looking at how they handled bouncers, Shami looked better lol Dhawan got out to regulation bouncers. Lungi would have owned him left right center. I am still waiting for proof that he would have done well. There is zero evidence. No past records that we can speak of. Even his short stay was painful to watch.
  15. Can India win the 3rd match? (carryover effects)

    A thoroughly unprepared tour. No recovery time. They are still experimenting with right XI. Even after 3rd test they may not have identified the right XI. That underlines the importance of practice matches.

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