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  1. vvvslaxman

    Ball of the tournament ?

    IN the context of the "Tournament" (Not just match) Starc's delivery to Stokes is ball of the tournament. It changed so many dynamics in the tournament.
  2. vvvslaxman

    Bhuvi fit for West Indies match.

    <fearless mode> They should open the batting with Bhuvi. Give full license to go after bowling </fearless mode>
  3. After someone wrote an ICF article about their "fearless approach" they have been sucking balls @maniac
  4. Pakistan fans are cheering Australia. Nasser Hussain was cheering Pakistan. Lol. Karma is a biatch
  5. Where is the "England you can't do that" from Nasser Hussain hahaha. I am super happy they are on their last life line now.
  6. Atmosphere is similar to Ranjit Trophy plate division match.
  7. Don’t think any other team has 3 good spinners to exploit it
  8. vvvslaxman

    Concern about Pandya

    I don’t mind him replacing Shankar orDhoni
  9. vvvslaxman

    Irony is....

    He wrote an article that he wanted pal to win saying it is good for cricket lol
  10. vvvslaxman

    Irony is....

    No according to him this England team can move mountains, walk on the ocean
  11. vvvslaxman

    Irony is....

    He always wants India to lose to Pakistan and believes India are weaker against short balls compared to other countries
  12. vvvslaxman

    Irony is....

    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/cricket/article-7168279/Mooen-Ali-just-gifted-making-mistakes-stop.html lol watch out for his hyperbolic articles on dailymail.
  13. vvvslaxman

    Irony is....

    When you want some other top team (India) losing to a lower ranked side (Pakistan) to spice the World Cup up and believe this upset is good for cricket, it gets to happen to your own team not once but twice. Nasser Husain the pak agent.
  14. So far whatever we hold against Shankar is based on his T20 performances. Shankar has no godfather to keep getting selected. He is not even playing or CSK to have that privilege. They definitely see people in the nets. Rohit sharma being a shrewd captain who doesn’t back people without a reason. They back him because they like what they see in the nets. Rohit was the one who promoted him to no 3. We all know everybody respects KKD finishing ability. Still they backed Shankar.
  15. BRian Lara is so humble. Love him !!

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