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  1. Poor Pant. His amazing knock totally eclipsed by madness from AB.
  2. Gambhir's team top the fairplay table? Something fishy lol
  3. It is not a coincidence Kohli's team just gives up when the opposition is going after his team. Be it is India or RCB. No intention to come back.
  4. Hats off Pant.. Amazing intention, attitude. LOved it.
  5. Outrageous improvisation. Pant should be used as a batsman if not keeper. Good candidate for T20. Rahul, Pant, Rana, KKD they can play all around the ground against any kind of bowling.
  6. Kohli is giving ideas to Siraj.. NOt good for RCB lol
  7. I just watch dance vides of Krishna, Nageswara rao
  8. I rarely watch Telugu movies. Once every 15 years may be lol
  9. Damn ..no Vijay shankar. May be Gaut is looking for two 25 run overs. Hence he is holding back VIjay

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