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  1. One thing is clear All of you watch Mahabharata regularly
  2. Happy Birthday Dharmasena 111
  3. We did use Yusuf Pathan right?
  4. I almost gave a pass to this match. I am glad I did watch the match. I am proud of myself
  5. Match Thread

    From their facebook page Vishnu S Nair Done supporting this team...waited for 10 long years....they just party hard....nothing else..... Like · Reply · 2 · 6 mins lol
  6. Match Thread

    42/7 at this point even i can take a wicket against RCB
  7. Match Thread

    RCB fans .. just start rooting for some other team lol
  8. Match Thread

    Pathetic week for the IPL. Too many collapses. This takes the cake. Chasing a paltry total they collapsed like a pack of cards.
  9. Match Thread

    This is like 4th top order collapse this week. Looks like IPL organizers wanted this lol
  10. Match Thread

    Pity RCB's fans
  11. Match Thread

    Gayle 2 not out in 5 overs
  12. Match Thread

    Such a smallish chase lol THey can even play like test match for 10 overs and go after the target. What a messed up team.
  13. Match Thread

    There is not much difference between hope and delusion when t comes to RCB while chasing.
  14. Match Thread

    Coulter Nle acts like he is disappointed after that gigantic no-ball. Suddenly coulter Nile will buy a Tesla.
  15. Match Thread

    IPL chief : What are we going to have this week Others: I think top order collapses will be a nice addition to IPL IPL chief: Done.