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  1. Sending Shankar over DK

    My only issue with this move is his lame reasons Rohit Sharma came up with, in the post-match conference. Clearly, Karthik was not happy with this move. Rohit said in the post-match interview. Rohit said "I thought Fiz would bowl 18th and 20th over. Karthik would be the best to handle his variations". Here is a food for thought. What if Karthik never had a chance to bat at all. 12 balls 34 runs needed. If it were 11 balls 34 runs needed India might not have even won the match. It was that tight. Hope better sense prevails in the next match.
  2. Rohit Sharma is the Best Captain India will never have.

    http://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/22828963/situation-comes-karthik-ready-rohit-sharma But don't like this lame reason for keeping Karthik down. Comments section is just slamming Rohit for his reasons.
  3. Twitter messages

    We appreciated his captaincy. But this is downright insult to karthik. Just to support Rohit's decision to promote Shankar don't come up with lame justifications. KKD is not a slogger. He is a proper batsman. He sounds like as if KKD is like Yusuf pathan, Afridi.
  4. Yea. i had a doubt if it was finished in the last over. SO i didn't include. But that was a spectacular match. Because entire stadium was deafening prior to that ball. Setji Chauhan slog swept him for 6. Pin drop silence. You could literally drop a pin and you would hear that sound of pin touching the ground. Amazing moment for Indian fans because that was the first win for India in Pakistan ever in any format.
  5. Some Dhoni matches i didn't include. Because we had opportunity to finish before 50th over but we dragged to 50th over. Yuvraj said he always tried to finish in 49th over or before. Why take chance. But Tony the superman always tried to take it to 50th over even when it was not needed. He did win some close matches. I will appreciate that. He inspired lot of batsmen to finish that way. I will hand it to him for that. But he always wanted to be have this "mass look" haha. So the last over finishes.
  6. Shardul Thakur..ur thoughts?

    My problem is in a big one day game he could bowl 9 overs for 25 runs and get a thorough pasting and give away 25 runs in the one over. if that one were to be a crucial over we are screwed.
  7. The famous 326/8 at Lords was also a last over finish. But damaged was already done
  8. I have seen quiet a lot of last over heroics by Indian batsmen in the limited overs over the years. ODI/T20. Where would you place it. My most memorables are 1) Kanitkar hitting winning runs against Saqlain at Dhaka. He only made 12 runs. But he was toast of our nation. That was one of the best ODI i had ever seen. 2) This is another match 49.4 6 Eranga to Dhoni, SIX, five needed! Dhoni does it again! Is there anything he can't do! He slaps the length delivery over extra cover for another six! India take the title with one wicket 49.3 4 Eranga to Dhoni, FOUR, and now he finds a boundary over point! Dhoni is awake, he was not sleeping, he was waiting for his moment. Length delivery, he opens the face of the bat as he goes after it, slices it over point... 49.2 6 Eranga to Dhoni, SIX, that has gone out of the ground! It was wide and full and in Dhoni's arc! He has sent this straight over the bowler's head and it hits the top of the roof... What a hit! Another couple and it's game over.. A wicket, and it's game over too 49.1 0 Eranga to Dhoni, no run, fuller delivery wide outside off, Dhoni swings his bat but he is nowhere near the ball.. 15 to get off the last over, Dhoni orders a new bat now. Rayudu and Vijay have brought a whole stack.. 3) Bhajjis six that sealed the final for us. 49.5 6 Mohammad Amir to Harbhajan Singh, SIX, Bhajjiiiiiiiii! He has absolutely smoked this one. Gets a length he can get under, and hits it with the sweetest part of the bat, over midwicket. HUGE. And he roars, removes the helmet and roars. As soon as he sees he has hit it clean, he looks towards third man, where Shoaib is, and roars. It is a primal roar, what a blinder from Bhajji, Akhtar makes a V sign, and looks away. The whole team runs out to congratulate Bhaj, Raina is the first to hug him. Spare a thought for Aamer, he bowled really well until now 49.4 1 Mohammad Amir to Kumar, 1 run, short ball, PK makes room, cuts in front of point, takes a single 49.3 2 Mohammad Amir to Kumar, 2 runs, Shaoib, what have you done? Is slow to come around from third man, fumbles also, gives them two when all they should have got is one What. A. Finish. Has Bhajji been unsettled by that altercation with Shoaib? What a time for PK to come out 49.2 W Mohammad Amir to Harbhajan Singh, OUT, desperation! desperation! Short ball, beats Harbhajan's swing, Raina wants a desperate bye, Akmal with the underarm throw gets him! Under pressure, Akmal has redeemed himself. Raina gave it his all, diving, nay flying full length, but was caught short by a frame SK Raina run out 34 (47m 27b 2x4 2x6) SR: 125.92
  9. I think Bangladesh and Srilanka series should be hosted in India to bring peace between them :)
  10. Shardul Thakur..ur thoughts?

    Once again he got his ass whopped in the final over that too by a tailender.
  11. Vijay Shankar performance watch

    He is not Rishi Dhawan type of cricketer. He is more a specialist batsman as you can see from his shots. He is just not a slogger.
  12. Washington Sunder - Real surprise this IPL

    Many called it a year back. He has proved it in T20. I know it is very very hard to replace wristies who are doing a phenomenal job. But he should be a back up along with Ashwin, Jadeja, Axar. That is total of 6 decent international bowlers. That is awesome bench strength for us.
  13. The great game of cricket

    Actually, bowling was not that bad, to be honest in the death overs. All 3 occasions. Batting was just too good. DK was against a bowler who had 3 overs 13 runs. He just shuffled his batting stance around throughout the over to manufacture shots.
  14. I won't take my words back . my words still stand true.
  15. The great game of cricket

    Nidhahas trophy was supposed to be an alternative medicine for those having insomnia. An average tournament with average teams has done this. Not many paid attention to this tournament at the start. First Mushfiqur Rahim woke up the contest with a scintillating chase followed by Mahamdulla's epic. This final was icing on the cake. Looking at the videos of Indian fans reacting after the last ball all over India (watching on big screen, small TV, iphone..) I feel we have to appreciate the great sport that has been providing joy to everyone including the poor and the rich. Anytime I see memes that say "we only care about cricketers we don't care about XXXX", I always say one sport doesn't have to die to grow another sport. Cricket is part of our life. No other sport can bring so much more joy than Cricket. Of course, there is a caveat. Your team has to be on the winning side to enjoy cricket to the fullest :)

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