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  1. Stop the bromance guys :) Mcgrath/Tendulkar never had any such bromance. Donald never stopped glaring even when Sachin was smashing him for 4. This is no fun.
  2. Dravid v Sanga - who was better test batsman?

    Nasser Hussain who generally puts down Indian players had this to say "England players should learn from Dravid" when he was talking about how to play swing bowling. He is probably the best i have seen in swinging conditions. He plays besides the ball instead of prodding at it.
  3. Dravid v Sanga - who was better test batsman?

    For more than 4 years he was averaging around 57 quiet a few times touching 58. Especially mid 2000s
  4. Hafeez gets caught chucking again

    lol Called for chucking on the same day he became no.1 all rounder. Once a chucker always a chucker.
  5. Amazon Original series INSIDE EDGE - (IPL related)

    Finished watching season 1. Laloo and Velu must watch this lol Mumbai Mavericks vs Chennai Legends
  6. Happy B’day to the World Cup 2011 Hero Gambhir

    Was always a fan of him. Later his childish off field acts kinda put me off. Yes amazingly clutch player. One of the best batsman under pressure.
  7. No one killed Aarushi Talwar!

    Way i see it there is a good chance parents might have committed the crime. Defense just has to introduce an element of doubt that it may not necessarily be them. It is a bit like casey anthony case in US.
  8. Is Murali Vijay's form a matter of concern?

    Nobody plays better around the off stump like Vijay does. Probably one of the best opener ever to play for India. His problem is conversion. He does the hard yards and fizzle out when things start to look easier.
  9. Yes. I am not sure what he did with action. Suddenly he is picking up boat load of wickets. HE even opens the bowling.
  10. Indias struggle with unknown bowlers !!!

    He was albeit the pitch was a quick pitch. I was comparing the open chest action. I think this guy can be groomed into a fine bowler as he has all the ingredients. He brings the ball back in.
  11. Indias struggle with unknown bowlers !!!

    Only thing i remember about Brendon Julian is he broke the wrist of Jayasuriya with a steep rising ball.
  12. Amazon Original series INSIDE EDGE - (IPL related)

    Didn’t preethi complain about wadis abusing her? Laloo and Velu should watch together lol chennai legends vs Mumbai Mavericks bar brawl lol
  13. Amazon Original series INSIDE EDGE - (IPL related)

    There is a scene where Mumbai Mavericks play chennai kings. Star player of Mumbai is from chennai . Vayu Raghavan. He gets booed called traitor when he walks into stadium. The characters in the series resemble lot of real life characters. They also have a character for guys like Kamran khan, Basil Tampi, Sreesanth/ Also someone looking like ian harvey banging girls. Then there is gay foreign cricketer lol wonder who that would be.
  14. I thought Manoj Tiwary would come of age. But he was hopeless against Zimbabwe. Dinesh Karthik is a very capable batsman against international bowlers. But probably the most unreliable at the international level. Krunal Pandya is one guy they can try as he seems to be level headed. Pant is way too adventurous. He can replace Dhoni. Nobody else. But power hitting against pace bowling. You cannot match Dhoni/Yuvi ( in their peak). We don't have any batsmen to match them in that area. Guys like Surya kumar yadav tries to scoop using the pace. But not exactly power hitters. India has to keep searching.
  15. Indias struggle with unknown bowlers !!!

    When Mitch Johnson took 4 for 15 in the rained out match against us we thought he was unknown :) He went on to have more than a decent career. I think this guy is not like Brendon Julian or Boland or Tony Dodemide. I think this guy will have a decent career.

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