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  1. vvvslaxman

    Best batting performances in PP (WC19)

    Difference. No ability to score at that pace outside power play. We have that advantage. If Rohit, Kohli are still around 30th over chasing 300 i back them to chase it down. All 350 plus chases were done with the help of Kohli. He didn't exactly go boom boom at the start. He always picked up the pace only later in the innings. Even the recent Australia's successful 350 chase against India was achieved by death over hitting. Keeping the wickets and going after lesser bowlers in the middle is a smart strategy for teams like us. Bottomline is you should never concede 350 in the first place. No team has chased 300 plus successfully in this world cup England failed, Windies failed, Pakistan failed, Australia failed, SA failed (Twice) Chasing is very hard in world cup.
  2. Proper hiding lol 87 in 10 overs. 150 runs in the next 35 overs for 10 wickets.
  3. Dickwella should have been selected.
  4. wickets and runs. i think 3 fifties in a row.
  5. If India loses 2 wickets in the first 10. Game is over then and there. Dhoni is certainly not going to accelerate in the middle overs. But Dhawan/Rohit are very good in the middle period. They gunned down 268 in 40 overs against England last year. Rohit made 137. They started slowly.
  6. This is why starting slow approach works for us. They play responsibly. build the innings and finish better than them. Most of the teams that has depth lose the plot throwing their bat around. Just take out Butler, England will also struggle to finish well.
  7. India smashed both cummins and starc. They infact had zampa as well in that line up. Trust me ENgland could very well lose to Australia. Aussies top order is looking really good
  8. Once Marsh replaces Kane, Lyon will come in. Their bowling will be better.
  9. WI, Pak, SL are lower ranked sides for a reason lol These three losses illustrate that.
  10. They are just slogging. No team knows how to build an innings the middle overs. England can do as they have batsmen till 11. But India is the best in the middle overs.
  11. Not game sense. They are not good enough. Period. Lack of game sense is not the fault of Australia. This is world cup.
  12. Pathetic 217/6 lol 87 in the first 10.. 130 runs in 27 overs hahaha.
  13. Kedhar Maxwell. Last 2 balls staright from Kedar's book. Side spin.
  14. vvvslaxman

    Best batting performances in PP (WC19)

    Srilanka 87, 48, 41 in three blocks India 41, 70, 59 in three blocks
  15. vvvslaxman

    Best batting performances in PP (WC19)

    yup Reverse sweep against Rashid. That set them back. Even with strong batting line up they couldn't gun down the chase.

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