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  1. It is not hard for Axar to get injured. Probably he was carrying a hot dog for Dhoni.
  2. Jaddu might even be suitable on these pitches. Fast darts will work.
  3. vvvslaxman

    Pathetic middle order is an understatement

    Despite being a busy batsman his strike rate generally hovers around 75. That is because of too many dot balls.
  4. vvvslaxman

    Congratulations Ind & fans

    We won the first match in the CT you won only the second match. So we were the best
  5. I doubt they will drop him. There is a reason the team wants him. He is doing proxy captaincy. So both Kohli and Rohit will want him around. http://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/24717556/run-bowl-worry-being-hit This is excerpts from Chahal's interview. What is MS Dhoni's role in plotting these dismissals? He's very vocal on the stump mic. When Kuldeep and I bowl, he tells us very early how the wicket is behaving. He also tells us what the batsman is trying to do. So that kind of gives you an idea even before you bowl, instead of me finding out after bowling two or three overs. He's been captain, he's played for so many years and has a wealth of experience. He watches the batsmen closely. He's a batsman too, and knows what it is to play on such surfaces. Sometimes when I have a plan that is different to what he thinks, we discuss it. It's not like he rejects our plan. Then we formulate a plan B.
  6. vvvslaxman

    Shocking: Rahul dropped again...Rayudu will bat at 3

    If i have to borrow the rant from that indian guy "It is like chucking chicken biriyani and having curd rice" ooops Biriyani is the one playing ironically
  7. vvvslaxman

    Pathetic middle order is an understatement

    Rohit owes it to KKD lol. He saved his ass for his stupid batting order in the final. So he will give him some more chances. But my problem is playing him and Dhoni together.
  8. vvvslaxman

    Pathetic middle order is an understatement

    I don't mind Rahul sitting out. Sadly we didn't see guys like Gill, Shaw, Agarwal, Pant.
  9. Kuldeep's novelty worn off? Even England started picking him easily. IT is hard to judge bowlers based on their performance against teams like England/SA these days
  10. Exactly he is another leech we are trying to get rid of lol He doesn't add any value besides fielding. Pant as a pure batsman will bring more than Pandey.

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