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  1. You can hit by going deep into the crease or move across like Richards. I remember in one of the match which i watched live, where Carl Hooper literally exposed all 3 stumps glided a pitch perfect yorker from Akram for 4. He just beautifully handled the yorkers from Waqar and Wasim. He helped WI win a :tie match" based on then rules. http://www.espncricinfo.com/series/16432/scorecard/64432/west-indies-vs-pakistan-5th-odi-pakistan-tour-of-west-indies-1992-93
  2. Mcgrath has been targeted before in the death overs. I remember Kapil scoring 22 runs of Allan Donald's last over in the 1992 world cup. Imran Khan smashed 3 sixes of Joel Garner in 50th over. Azharuddin hit 22 runs in the last over of Atah ur rahman. He was in dreadful form at that time. Kirti Azad scored 22 runs (3 sixes) of Carl Rackemann in the last 3 overs. Batsman in good touch can score big in the last over against anyone. Also it depends on the rythm of bowler.
  3. Bumrah is reaching legendary status. Hope he sustains it for atleast 5 years. He has to become a complete master of it.
  4. vvvslaxman

    Is Bhuvi Kumar India's Jade Dernbach in LoIs?

    Aggy was more famous for his length balls which would be cartered around. Bhuvi is also a length ball guy. He doesn't employ yorkers much like he does in the IPL. Yorkers take a lot out of you. Bhuvi's comfort zone is running and bowling around off and middle at a length. He rarely varies a lot upfront. Whatever he does is only in the death overs. But mostly in the IPL rather than at the international. This is why he is hittable, he can be targeted if the batsman has the positive mindset. Only variation he got is knuckle ball. He lacks that extra oomph. He has to start running through sides once in a while to earn respect. Otherwise he will play him off for a while and go after him.
  5. vvvslaxman

    Dhoni v Rahim - who has been better wk-batsman in tests?

    DHoni is a better wicket keeper. Rahim is closer to a specialist batsman. DHoni is all about determination, percentage cricket not technique.
  6. vvvslaxman

    Is Bhuvi Kumar India's Jade Dernbach in LoIs?

    This is why i want Nagarkoti to work really hard on his upper body strength. He is also like Sir Aggy.
  7. vvvslaxman

    Is Bhuvi Kumar India's Jade Dernbach in LoIs?

    I agree. But guys like Agarkar could be very aggressive even with the lesser frame. Actually, Sir Aggy used to have an average speed over 135k at times clocking 140k. Just that he lacked enough variation. Brathwhite, Holder are much more imposing figures but they clock only 125 kph or so. But in history fast bowlers with slight figures rarely get respect. i agree. Mohammad sami (pak), Aggy, Bhuvi.
  8. Rahane? lol replace him with Shaw.
  9. vvvslaxman

    Get Washington Sundar into Indian LOI team already

    Actually i think he is suitable for T20. His trajectory can be awkward for lefties. It sort dips rapidly. We have to keep him in the radar. Not totally discard him.
  10. vvvslaxman

    Is Bhuvi Kumar India's Jade Dernbach in LoIs?

    May be he lacks the fast bowler attitude which brings the best out of you. You have to constantly plot the dismissal of a batsman. You have to keep second guessing the batsman's movement. Fast bowling is not just coming in and bowling at 130k plus. It is much more than that.
  11. Pandya or KKD should have come in. This Pandya is another Rahane. Just get rid of these helpless hitters.
  12. That was thanks to Windies misfield lol what a moron. ALl the fielders in. He still couldn't hit a 4.
  13. Pandey managed to screw us over still in such a comfortable situation with 3 dot balls.
  14. I think we can easily replace Pandey with Harmanpreet Kaur

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