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  1. Even our experienced bowlers do the same mistake. Change what is working.
  2. If only shakib had batted at 3, Rubel had bowled the 5th over, Mahamdulla opened the innings we would have won - Typical BD fan reaction today. They will boil down even epic phainty to simple strategy failures.
  3. Wonder if it is fear of keeping his place safe for the world cup or whatever it is. We don't want such attitude
  4. What is more annoying is Rayudu pretends like he is going to a six and ends up defending to the ground
  5. All the commies should have some basic English KNowledge.
  6. Biriyani what a boring batsman in the one dayers.
  7. He should do it here more often. ATleast practice when there is not much at stake.
  8. Will Bhuvi atleast get rid of lulloo batsman like Mustafizur with an yorker?
  9. If Bhuvi wants to become a gun ODI bowler he should master how to bowl yorkers. You cannot purely rely on Knuckle balls.
  10. I rarely see Bhuvaneswar bowling a yorker
  11. I know Jaddu is not always going to be good. But he is definitely a better overall package than the malnourished Axar.
  12. Jadeja on slow low pitches is a real force

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