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  1. It allows us to create a pool of players from which we can pick. There are some suited for all formats. Gill will fall under the category. He can replace that god forsaken Pandey.
  2. vvvslaxman

    Shades of Sachin in Shaw

    Hope he doesn't copy this
  3. vvvslaxman

    #MeToo India 2.0

    He must. But he has been an integral part of ARRahman's music since Roja. This guy was able to maintain the association with ARR through sycophancy. There are so many new lyricists that will totally replace obliterate him. Most recently 96' movie has a first timer having mind blowing lyrics.
  4. vvvslaxman

    #MeToo India 2.0

    Lol First person that should be outed is MKs varisu
  5. vvvslaxman

    #MeToo India 2.0

    https://www.thenewsminute.com/article/vairamuthu-came-after-me-too-musician-sindhuja-and-another-survivor-speak-poet-89954 Another singer Sindhuja Rajaram corroborates the story about Vairamuthu. What a perv. I wonder if this is the reason why Ilayaraja cut him out. This moron has tried to act like a go-between the artist and AR Rahman. Basically he was abusing his closeness with Rahman. Trying to exploit the budding artists with this. I wish ARR discontinue working with him.
  6. Shastri is mixture of Arvind Kejriwal and Rahul Gandhi
  7. Don't forget India has just one seamer.
  8. He is good when he bats with a top order batsman as he can play his own natural game. This time they treated him like Virat kohli and spread field lol. He cannot manufacture shots. He is just a good timer.
  9. My only question to Ashwin is what is the purpose of talking to Thakur every ball i mean either he has to run all the way and talk to him or not at all. Every time Thakur had to walk down just to talk to Ashwin.
  10. Great bowling by Holder. Gabriel but for some runs bowled well. India squandered the opportunity big time. Given the way Holder and Gabriel bowl wicket to wicket you can assume KL Rahul won't survive long. Thakur can hardly run. S0 9 batsmen including tail. This is not good unless India rolls out them out quickly.
  11. vvvslaxman

    Sanjay Manjrekar is an irritating soul

    You have to protect this kid Prithvi Shaw from Manjrekar even Sunny Bhai sometimes. His phrases like "mumbai style of batting" "mumbai style of thinking" is annoying . He is a good batsman representing India. Possibly will become a great batsman. Instead of putting him in a group these bozos have to look at the larger picture.
  12. vvvslaxman

    #MeToo India 2.0

    I already had this belief every one in the movie industry resorted to some level of harassment. There may be few exceptions. But given the things they show in movies is conceptualized in their brain. Glamour song, glamour scene that are not needed are 100% the idea of men. Either the producer who is a male or the director himself. RGV's oogling at Melania or Rishi kapoor's tasteless retweet of Hillary clinton's meme. It all shows the inner side. Whatever you see in their interviews or in movies are not real. Real side is unknown. This is true across the world. Long time back there was one associate director revealed it is such a normalized act that if Big B walked into (he was obviously referring to him) a room with a woman in the eyes of so many people, they act like it is perfectly normal. Consequences of coming out and accusing someone is very serious. They will obliterate you. Thousands and thousands of women had to sleep with agent, assistant director, producer, actors, directors and many of them never had a chance. Now it is their turn to pay back. Having brushed with few movie industry people i already knew about lot of ugly things. In TN in the 90s there was a true story about an anonymous actress (Actress Rambha) who spilled the beans about actors with clues. One was Karthik, One was Sarathkumar. Actors started worrying. They managed to convince the magazine to discontinue the story using political clout.
  13. After Rahul , now Pujara is boring us to death. lol Many show some intent against ordinary balls atleast.
  14. I back some of our youngsters to do well.
  15. One difference though was Sehwag could be himself because India had a strong middle order. At this rate India will reach a point where India will start relying on him in addition to Kohli as well. INdia needs to find top players soon instead of wasting time on some of these inconsistent batsmen.
  16. Aussie bowlers without sandpaper struggle even against Pakistan batsmen.
  17. His reaction after that bowled tells everything. It was as if he was mainly doing the job of "Not trying to get out to straight ball" rather than playing the ball on merit.
  18. Yup no matter how talented you are, if you don't have the balls and if you are a nervous wreck you are going to screw the team at a critical time. We need mentally strong guys.
  19. He batted like he was batting at Edgbaston on a cloudy morning against James Anderson lol. IT was just an angled ball.
  20. 11 out 13 dismissals of Rahul were either lbw or bowled. He just doesn't seem to have the technique to overcome this deficiency.
  21. What a shock lol KL Rahul nervously dragged one on to the stumps
  22. He is making KL Rahul look like a tailender lol
  23. P Shaw, Agarwal, Pujara, Kohli, Gill - this should be the line up.
  24. Get Gill in. We can kick one more guy out. Get Agarwal in we can kick one more out as well.

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