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  1. That was for one dayers. For tests. don't care about dot balls as long as he sticks around. Rotating the strike is something is not as easy as we think. Laxman, Rahane failed in one dayers precisely because of this inability. You can see defensive players playing aggressively. But it is rare a batsman suddenly becoming a great strie rotator. He has a place in the side. But not a no.4 batsman. Iyer illustrated how you should tap the ball straight down and keep taking singles.
  2. Dhoni style defense (in one dayers). He has superior ability to protect his wicket. Kohli can never be like him.
  3. 221 to chase :( we flunked. We could have played 10 maidens and still would have won that game.
  4. No balance boy made a meal of that shot. Iyer is sweetly timing the ball.
  5. Seriously guys. We were trying Rayudu, DK, Pant all those craps in the middle order not this guy.
  6. He is not a no.4. This was a time he had to get set and gradually push on the rate. Not throw the bat around willy nilly.
  7. undoubtedly, He is a true composer. ARR is a master of arrangement of music. Some of the technically unimaginable songs were composed by Ilayaraja.
  8. This song is one of the generic number from ARR. The beat sequences was very common among some of his hits. I don't hate the song. But i don't put this in repeat mode. Your mom seems to be an extreme fan of this song :) I also put some songs in repeat mode from time to time. Sometimes even very old songs. Recently i caught hold of remastered, high quality songs from Ilayaraja. It was like i was listening to some of the songs for the first time. One such example is
  9. Not many batsmen get so many gifts in their last international ODi match. Gayle was showered with gifts from Bhuvi, Shami, Khaleel
  10. Even after seeing Gayle (sometimes playing alongside) for more than a decade, Kaptaan cool is unable to figure out what his weakness is. Kohli is officially the stupidest captain we have ever had.
  11. Instead of Kedar Jadhav i would have rather played Washington Sundar or even Ravi Ashwin. They would have dismissed Gayle by now. Two off spinner to these guys would have sealed the deal. Kaptaan was feeding friendly pies
  12. I thoroughly appreciate this phainty. Only way India will wake up is by getting obliterated like this.
  13. I saw an article on cricinfo titled "Can West Indies avoid 0-5" (forgetting 1st match was washed out). That article is not there anymore. He probably is regretting why he wrote that article
  14. I still think SMith will face a low. His funky technique will hurt him during some part of his career. After 34 tests Mike Hussey was averaging 64. Infact in the first 20 tests Mike Hussey was averaging around 85. Jonathan Trott was averaging around 66 after 20 tests. Smith has managed to stretch that beyond the normal peak. I still think there will be some low in his career.
  15. In one dayers despite his knock out exploits, is inferior. He is only 6 points above Rahane lol That is not saying much.
  16. He scored 5 fifties in the world cup. He just fails against left arm pacer in ICC knock outs lol An unique kind of failure.
  17. Not the first time. It is not about giving chances. It is about ability. Giving more chances won't automatically increase the ability to rotate strike.
  18. Our problems will continue till 2023 world cup by the look of it. Anytime after a exit from world cup , you should try to shake things up. I don't see that happening. What is the point of Kedar Jadhav. Is he going to be part of 2023 world cup? Why not use Dubey in the absence of Pandya? Why can't they try Gill? Another wimpy finish.
  19. India has more holes than we think in our batting line up. Middle order, finishers, tailenders.
  20. Perished being unable to provide acceleration. This is where you need hitters. Dubey could have been in place of Jadhav.
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