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  1. Not sure if he is the greatest. But i appreciate him for giving a lot of importance to this format. It is very very vital India recognizes the importance of Tests.
  2. He is not a natural reflex catcher. I think Mayank looks promising.
  3. Problem with World XI is lack of gelling. As a team you have to gel for a while before becoming a strong unit.
  4. Having seen the entire career of all 4 i can confidently say Ashwin is way way ahead of everyone else at home. Including Kumble. I still remember how he struggled to get Kamran Akmal and Razzaq out in the mohali test. They achieved an improbable draw. Same way in the same series on day 4 at Bangaluru they beat the crap out of Kumble and Bhajji and posted 261 in 50 overs. Kumble is effective when there is uneven bounce. Otherwise rule for most batsmen was, just treat him as a seam bowler. Also Kumble had the huge benefit of very poor pitch in the 90s. They were called designer pitches. Azhar/Wadekar went to the extreme.
  5. I think Ashwin is by far the best new ball spinner INdia has produced. He takes out gun wickets.
  6. Kohli has improved his catching overall. But he has to stand infront of the wickets not behind.
  7. ANy time i watched India picked up wickets. Jadeja failed to utilize the pitch. He gets purchase. But he has to land on a specific length.
  8. Never in my life i imagined we would see bowlers averaging the mid 20s. Now we have Bumrah, Ashwin, Jadeja. Amazing. I understand why Kapil couldn't do that. Because he was overbowled. But many have come and gone. Kumble had even more spin-friendly home conditions in the 90s. Ashwin despite being one of the most overly exposed bowler (through IPL, ODI, Tests) still manages to bewilder batsmen. He deserved more wickets in the match with the way he bowled.
  9. Shami is in rhythm now. IT makes a lot of difference.
  10. Flat wicket. India should take their time and see off Rabada and go after spin options. Not recklessly. Carefully. 71 lead is nothing. SO India needs atleast 280 more from here on to attack all the time.
  11. Deserved to take more wickets a lot earlier. Beat them in the air beautifully so many times.
  12. Saha has been ordinary with keeping today. This was a bad call from him. Worst case would have been umpire's call
  13. DUmbass Kohli cost 30 runs because of switching Ashwin's end. Moment he was back to this end again he got him.
  14. He lacked the accuracy. Also pitch is not overly conducive to spin where his natural variation can be lethal.
  15. ANother day Another tailender frustrating us.
  16. Why? It is no.11. Ashwin could have done the same job.
  17. Stupid captiancy. Ashwin was bowling beautifully from that end.
  18. It helps the main spinners as well. Ashwin looked tired after bowling 10 on the trot
  19. No seamer. Kuldeep would have been a better bet. Darting doesn't work here. Slower balls turn better. Jadeja was averaging 94 kph. Ashwin 87 kph. Kuldeep would have averaged around 80 kph. Perfect speed.
  20. Looking at the woeful load sharing by Indian seamers, it was all up to Ashwin and Jadeja to get the 10 wickets with no break. Some of these guys know Indian conditions inside out. This is a flat wicket. They made the most of it. I can't help wondering what a 5th bowilng option could have done here.
  21. Look at his experience as a ODI opener. He is not going to be bothered much in Indian conditions.
  22. On a flat pitch Rohti is found wanting against new ball movement. He is adopting a low percentage approach. His experiment as an opener might work on these roads. He will be brutally exposed outside.
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