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  1. That is backward thinking guys. We should let Bumrah, Shami, Ishant improve their batting instead of sitting them out. UNless you find something wrong with their bowling you should not consider those options. Once Pandya is back our balance will be somewhat restored. You can have Bumrah, Ishant, Shami/Jadeja/Ashwin , Pandya depending on the conditions. But our problem is not their batting. Our problem is opening. We ha 3 fifty parntership in a row. 4th 50 partnership was on the cards before Nigel long did us in. If only openers had stitched another 50 partnership we would have even taken a lead.
  2. India should open batting with Ishant and shami lol So that our tailenders Rahul and Vijay can bat down the order
  3. Definitely if they want someone to defend Ishant is the answer. We even use him as night watchman. Shami is no.10 at best
  4. Pant has to farm the strike
  5. Why the heck they sent Shami here out.
  6. Why is Pant turning the strike over
  7. F*** with soft signal. How can you give soft signal when you need a video evidence to check
  8. Can't believe they gave him out. It touched the ground.
  9. That was a fraud catch.
  10. They keep telling bottom 4 will fall quickly lol For fun i want umesh and Shami throw their bat around and muster a50 partnership just to rub it in the face of Mark waugh. Biased punk.
  11. Hope starc continues his erratic bowling.
  12. Thanks Starc for reducing the deficit under 100
  13. Kohli had 3 or 4 similar deliveries got beaten as well. That is the thing about Hazlewood and new ball. Ball just does enough from a good length. He edged the ball within the stumps. So that was an unleavbale delivery
  14. Chances of getting a lead has slimmed significantly
  15. Pant just has to block unless it is half volley. Kohli needs a support
  16. THat ball just left him by an inch.
  17. I was worried about Hazlewood peaches always. You need to luck against his new ball on a pitch like this
  18. Can't do much there. That was an absolute peach. Amazing ball.
  19. Vihari's technique is far better than Rahul, Rohit and current Vijay. And he bowls. Yet these dumbasses left him out.
  20. If India has to make it a one innings Test these two have to take the score to atleast 275.. I am okay with conceding 20 run lead.
  21. there is day and light between him and Rohit. Vihari looks like a proper test batsman. Just get Gill and Shaw in as well.
  22. Every now and then Hazlewood will bowl a peach. Need a bit of luck there. India must see off his bowling to have a chance of getting closer to their target.
  23. What a player Kohli !! wow 100
  24. Rahane could have cashed in against new ball with attacking field set.
  25. He was desperate to face the new ball not the old ball lol That is why

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