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  1. They don't have to rotate anything. They just have to kick out few things
  2. Pandey learned 50% of cricket from Dhoni Pandya learned 50% of cricket from Yusuf
  3. @maniac will love this team. 2 Rohits.
  4. I am not sure KL Rahul should be typecast. Give him a run in the middle order. May be he clicks. Unless they try something we will never know.
  5. I seriously think Kohli probably over heard Rahul badmouthing Kohli in the change room . Not joking. Captain has the power, authority to do that.
  6. Raina is here .

    This guy is a gun fielder though. Brings lot of energy to the side.
  7. Anything less than 2019 World cup is not acceptable

    We don't want him now. I am talking about someone else doing the same job
  8. Anything less than 2019 World cup is not acceptable

    Yes. What is wrong with him? He was one of the biggest match winner for us. Let us not filter him with venues. He usually comes late in the order. He made 82 in Nairobi against mighty Aussies with crisp shots. Our current crop is not even 50% as good as him.
  9. Anything less than 2019 World cup is not acceptable

    How does it matter. You need a hitter who can score quick runs.
  10. Anything less than 2019 World cup is not acceptable

    We don't have hitters who smashes fours, sixes effortlessly or without losing the shape. Yuvraj , Dhoni used to do that job. Raina could purely muscle the ball over even when he doesn't time. We miss all 3 for different reasons. None of the available players can match that combo. Yuvraj and Dhoni could buckle down and build if necessary. We don't even have players to do one job let alone two jobs. We have to go through trial and error as much as possible before world cup. Persisting with Kahane, Jadhav is a recipe for disaster.
  11. Anything less than 2019 World cup is not acceptable

    Didn't he smash 6 sixes in an over?or made 70 in 30 balls in the semi?
  12. Anything less than 2019 World cup is not acceptable

    He did in SA, did in England. did in NZ. Nobody can do what he can do. He can build plus explode.
  13. Anything less than 2019 World cup is not acceptable

    Yes he was dropped twice. But anytime he clicked he was super effortless with his shots. Often he would touch ball would just fly of his bat. Once he is in no matter where you bowl he will murder you. You can contain someone like Dhoni by bowling wide outside off stump. Yuvraj is uncontainable. Raina brilliantly complemented him. We miss guys like him there.
  14. Anything less than 2019 World cup is not acceptable

    Can you find someone remotely like him? Otherwise forget about it.
  15. Virat Kohli In last two years of ODI stats

    GOD in caps lol What an innocent thread hehe
  16. King Kohli vs Sir Viv in ODIs

    Actually scoring in world cup will increase his reputation big time. But with the kind of technique, fitness, percentage game it is only a matter of time before he scores big in the world cup. Tendulkar always upped his game big time in the world cups. Prior to 2003 series India toured NZ. Everyone looked hopelessly out of touch thanks to those dreadful pitches. Not sure what to expect. He just turned up played like a wizard until the final. Even in final if only Ganguly had opted to bat first he would have done better.
  17. Twitter messages

    No this was retweeted by Firdoose Moonda who is cricinfo journalist. It is to share the perspective of South African. Not get validation from a "white" . We all heard so many white showering praises about Kohli. You really think someone has to tell us Kohli is a freaking legend ? lol are we that cricket illiterate.
  18. Twitter messages

    Scott styris - Since we beat Pakistan does this mean Nz finish 3rd? about 3 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®
  19. Anything less than 2019 World cup is not acceptable

    India has so much back ups that India can form a solid second side that can beat Bangladesh, West Indies. So selection should raise the bar and pick the best of the best.
  20. Surprised to see Thakur playing for india

    He reminds me of Chetan Sharma.
  21. I was dropped despite performance: Suresh Raina

    http://www.bcci.tv/videos/id/6151/it-feels-like-i-am-wearing-india-jersey-for-first-time-raina Poor guy :) I like him as a cricketer. Wish him well. He looks fit.
  22. Got confused with Manan vohra and Manprett gony
  23. Whatever happened to this M&M&M Mayank, Mandeep, Manpreet
  24. King Kohli vs Sir Viv in ODIs

    Richards was good at punishing bad balls. There were lot of them. But majority of the players didn't care if it is good or bad they would just play conservatively. Srikkanth was the first one who started this aggressive opening in the 80s. Actually it worked. Ravi bot would test our patience with his slow batting. Azharuddin came. He introduced the concept of twos. He could score so quick just with singles and twos with deft placements.
  25. King Kohli vs Sir Viv in ODIs

    Not sure how many actually watched that innings. Actually watching started for many from 1983 world cup. Zaheer Abbas averaged like 47 during that period. Those days they had like 60 overs. You could bat slowly and bash the tired bowlers later on. Standard of bowling, batting both improved over the years along with equipment, pitches. Those had the attitude in the 80s could score quickly. Remember Sunny made 36 runs in 60 overs? Same Sunny made 100 in 94 balls against Marshall, Holding, Roberts, Davis at Ferosha Kotla. that too in a test match Which Holding is still bitching about. It is the mindset that wa sdifferent almost everyone except a handful of players like Richards, Kapil Dev, Sandip Patil.

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