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  1. Australia vs Pakistan series lol
  2. vvvslaxman

    Lonely at the bottom

    Manju is like the Leonardo di caprio character from the shutter island. lol He often thinks of himself as a doctor forgetting he is actually a patient lol
  3. vvvslaxman

    Lonely at the bottom

    Damn they could form a cricketing team with this. They should add a psychological counsellor to this team lol
  4. I am not sure Pant is happy with talking to Manjrekar lol
  5. Congrats @beetle @Cricketics @adi B Delhi at the top of the table. They have the ingredients to get to the semi final.
  6. vvvslaxman

    IPL 2019- potential no.4 for the WC tracker

    KKD well and truly out of the race. I still hope they somehow pick Subhman Gill. He is a match winner.
  7. Ishant silently said "I had a good county season last year" Did he? @rkt.india
  8. @velu locked and loaded to bounce the lonely (at the bottom) thread @Zelig
  9. MI screwed themselves and also India.
  10. This is such a belter of a pitch. Behaves even better while chasing. MI absolutely botched it.
  11. The way Yuchup dropped a sitter on the fence was cringeworthy to see. This guy Tewatia make all deep catches look ridiculously easy.
  12. Can we send Tewatia as a substitute fielder lol
  13. Boult is a new ball bowler. Never known for middle or end overs.
  14. yes. We can kick out Chahal lol England can never win anything without these kolpak players and players from other countries.
  15. If you look at it Rusell/Gill partnership was 54 runs in 2.4 overs today. This is less
  16. Yuvi is playing for 50 lol
  17. Why can't India make Lamichane Indian citizen lol
  18. DD should play Laimchane in place of Paul or Boult in spinning conditions.
  19. you mean with Delhi? 99% Delhi should win from here
  20. not enough time to manipulate the drs lol
  21. South African choking gene activated? lol wide ball
  22. They bat "deep" lol it doesn't matter if you have a longer sized D ... when the sperm count is low

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