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  1. Again excellent Job by you, if we meet Pakistan again in the finals no matter how busy you are please make sure you get some time to open match thread, and mods here should make sure no other posters especially manhoos posters open that thread.
  2. speedheat


  3. Just 20+ overs two new balls and ball is reversing??? expected that though from A grade cheaters
  4. Exactly!! Would have been fun to watch jamai raja and sarfaraz hopping against pace.
  5. That thing called rasgulla is no human, I suspect its either an alien or a Bot operating from that side.
  6. Saini,khaleel should play wi series, rest bumrah ffs, bhuvi should be asked to polish his death bowling and up his pace once again until n unless big no to him, bhuvi was trying easy wayout today with too many lollipop slower balls got tonked by some mediocre asf Ali lol.

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