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  1. speedheat

    At the end we got what we deserved

    That moronic decision to play chalal ahead of shami/kuldeep cost us this match.
  2. IPL has helped a lot, only tuk-tuk test fans won't agree.
  3. Yes that's it i agree with op. I am already losing interest from cricket and unless its indo-pak series or IPL I won't be active much.
  4. speedheat

    Feel so sorry for MSD...

    Great thread Just imagine if dhoni was still our captain we would have had mighty undatut and mohit sharma opening the bowling for us
  5. speedheat

    Ajinkya Rahane county Perfomance thread

    Door rakho issey.. Jitna ho sake utna door rakho loi team say.
  6. speedheat

    Happy Birthday to India's biggest legend - MS Dhoni

    Happy birthday msd
  7. Bangladesh need to improve their bowling. Can't win with these trundlers conceding 300+ in almost every match.
  8. Abbey kya bol raha hai Bot.. scripted what?
  9. Comprehension issues bot? please get an upgrade.
  10. Or more like your @s was on fire with my constant replies. Who reads all the parts of your shitty posts anyways. Mostly gibberish difficult to understand.
  11. Don't take stress Bot your already outdated system might get dangerously hot under scorching heat if you take stress.
  12. Icf won't solve your problem useless bot. A friend of mine is a very good software engineer please send me an address of your Bangladeshi hut I will help you out.
  13. Your entire system needs an upgrade not just feeds or file.. Bot

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