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  1. speedheat

    Pant dropped for England lions unofficial test

    Bot trolled old news hahahahahhahah
  2. speedheat

    Pant dropped for England lions unofficial test

    Who the F is this now??? Dhoni has PhD in politics don't think its just a coincidence.
  3. speedheat

    Time for Dhoni to go?

    87.18 % almost 90% of icf voted him to go so pleasing to see that, Bot @Rasgulla time to generate few more fake ids for the sake of that 'No' button
  4. Dhoni is a dumb guy, he wll never believe that hovering around with strike rate 50 just to take the game at the end while chasing big totals against quality attack is horrendous approach, no point in sticking around with this has been should be kicked out permanently, we can still groom dk or pant to 2019wc
  5. Now you people should get an idea why I call the "ghonchu" op above as an electronic Bot.
  6. Even the English crowd was booing it was that pathetic, also looked suspicious too me, dhoni should be thoroughly investigated for this.
  7. 4 by pandya at least this guy is trying something but the selflezz stantaclaus on the other end trying hard to stay not out
  8. Hi rasgulla the Bot welcome backv, Bot shades of sachin tendulkar today in Joe roots hundred don't you think so Bot? We should keep dhoni as away as possible in this chase, don't you think so Bot?
  9. Is thakur injured?? Why f this kaul playing??
  10. Hopeless this kaul is, trundling around 130kph now

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