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  1. Yes, always high on trying new pacers especially genuinely fast pacers, bring in fresh blood let him inject some energy on the ground , you never know he may perform and lift the moral of the team which will help in odis having said that please for God's sake drop ishant sharma he has fooled us enough that's it now let siani play in place of him, rest fragile shami bring in bhuvi. Bhuvi Bumrah Siani Pandya Ashwin Should be the attack
  2. First of all its rkt video and I trust his cricketing sense to judge a pace bowler secondly even if it was speeded up just look at that late in swing ball tailed in late and that don't happen at 130k that's defiantly 140+
  3. Abba jabba dabba since June 23 2017
  4. Who created this thread???? You dumb a@@@@ f@#%&&rs kohli don't have 1/4th of cricketing sense that kumble had, he is getting exposed ever since kumble was sacked!! Kumble was the REAl reason of success , his sacking was the darkest phase of our cricket surpassing even fixing saga of 2000 for me and this dumb beef-witted duffers have created a thread on it?? I never knew lol.
  5. Whatever!!!!!!!dropping bhuvanesh for TTF like ishant was pure injustice on him.
  6. Haaris sohail should be your permanent num. 3 and ffs drop highly overrarted Bradman azham
  7. What??? Nonsense, he got 3 wic vs Australia lol and yes umesh is the wicket taker still has better avg. In Odis than some of other strike bowlers
  8. Dravid, he loves shuffling the order, messed up Delhi last year in ipl lol, its nice as its only against zim hope he doesn't repeat it when we reach the final, B.d.w. Desai looking solid, solid defence.
  9. Bhuvi Siani Bumrah Pandya Ashwin This should be the attack
  10. This arshdep is trundling around 128kph where is that poster who claimed he is 150k ffs stop creating hype
  11. Pakistan fast bowling factory

    Mohammed irfan type action what's the pace??
  12. Matt Henry Chew's Pakistan every time he play against them

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