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  1. That was not a wide delivery, kudos to umpire there, don't know for what he was arguing.
  2. No batsmen likes facing pace and if the tell you they do then they wont. Siraj and rajpoot are the two guys I am so impressed by,they both looked ready for internationals, thampi still needs to work on his new ball skills and thakur looks like he has stamina issues,his pace drops in second spell that too in a t20.
  3. Rahane Tare Nair D. Christian Bunny Dhoni (captain) Axar W. sundar Pravin Kumar Vinny Kumar Sandip sharma
  4. His Chanakya nitis screwd us, ab zakham pe namak mat laga [emoji22]
  5. Results are showing, don't know?? [emoji4]
  6. No he is a SHAKUNI MAMA
  7. Brilliant decision by goenkas to appoint smith as a captain, this is how it should be done.
  8. No I am not calling him a genuine pacer, I am just happy that trundlers like him have realised that in order to survive you have to increase the pace and are cranking it with brisk pace
  9. Very limited player over hyped by some tuk tuk bhktas like gawaskar and snaju manju should be no where near our loi side, he can go do his tuk tuk in test matches
  10. Jaidev unadkat, looks like he has improved his pace, hit 142 k nice to see former trundler cracking it up
  11. Kudos to Steven Smiths captaincy, this is how you defend a low score score with an average bowling attack. Concerts RPS
  12. But the greatest of the great Gewasker thinks he plays with straight bat and should open for India in t20s too
  13. I thought he will score the fastest IPL hundred today [emoji20]
  14. I was serious, you ruined my hope [emoji22] [emoji22] [emoji22] [emoji22]