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  1. Ashwin why???? Ashwin is big No vs Pakistan considering the fact that they are very good players of off spin, we should go all out four pronged pace attack which they struggles.
  2. ROFL ye Pakistan kya hamse harne ko hi paid a huva hai kya??
  3. And what to do with Dinesh karthik? Such a garbage player, his technique was exposed today in a seaming condition.
  4. Its pretty much certain, Bhuvi Shami Bumrah Jadeja Pandya
  5. This time kohli will thrash this mediocre trundler
  6. We are true patriots and a true indian cricket fan, we want to destroy each and every traitor . Jai hind.
  7. Dhoni should be nowhere near our Loi sides, he is done and finished, selector should have gone for young blood instead of this 35 year old grey beard, i am genuinely afraid he may cost us this CT.
  8. No, we should complete our CT that will be the best answer for this cowardly act by some coward Buffon's.
  9. No matter how big they become, they gonna choke for sure.
  10. Apart from that saha also can dive and jump keeping for pacers, he also never runs his partners out,he can score runs in the finals and never chokes, he never back stabs his captain and team, he also is never jealous of other players success and ohh yea he also never runs out of the hotel in search of biryani [emoji51][emoji23]
  11. Dhoni should actually show some mercy on himself and should retire with immediate effect, with that shoddy technique and lack of brain he was always going to be a laughing stock, its actually sad really watching a 70 year old lunging again an again just to score a single.
  12. Umesh yadav is the best thing to happen to our fast bowling from ages, he single handedly broke the norms like " Indians can't bowl fast" etc, you have to be a complete fast bowler with pace height bounce swing accuracy out of which pace is the most crucial criteria and shod be the first one to be looked in a rookie and selectors have realised that and that is the reason why Basil thampi is our emerging player and not any one like unadkaut sandip etc. this unadkat sandips bhatias Vinay Kumar's mithuns etc are bound to fail in international with such a low level skill sets.
  13. Only for the crowds of Pakistan and TN rest of the India/world is well known with his selfishness.[emoji56]
  14. What if dhoni goes unsold in the auctions?? That will give him some time to dye his grey beard [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23]