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  1. Umesh Yadav - As brainless as ever

    Did you even watched the match??? Could have easily got 4 wickets here , first that idiot dhawan dropped a sitter and one inside edge narrowly missing the stumps, he struggled with his rhythm but came back well to get those 2 wickets.
  2. Going wayward has no connection with green tracks, thats just one more stupidity by idiot manju, like sir aggy umeshs bowling depends on rhythm it has no connection with him going wayward on green tracks, looks like you have been following Manju too much.
  3. In ashes i dont support perticular teams as such, i root for my favorite cricketers and wants to see some real contest, i will be rooting for starc cummins and broad to pick some 5fers wants to see 100 from smith and cook at the same time I want FTB warner and overrated trundler Anderson to fail.
  4. Don't forget a sitter was dropped off umesh, seen that happening so many times shami is struggling you can easily make out from his runup
  5. Useless fielder ashwin
  6. Gone shami gets him.. Drs in action
  7. Tummy is inversely proportional to bowling speed
  8. In u19 boss, no he was not as fast as avesh, avesh was consistently around 133kph mark where as khalleel was around 125k, but I trust you about 144k in Australia might have increased his pace drastically.
  9. Bhai ye khaleel trundlur hai, 120s kph main bowling karta hai
  10. Lakmals tummy is going Ranatungas way, speed is going Sturt binnys way, still produces 11-9-5-3.. Shows you how spicy the pitch is..
  11. Caption - For Ashwin's reaction

    ball phaaaaast aya, thoda slow kar
  12. Kohli pick KL Rahul - so much for ICF conspiracies

    This I fully agree with, dhawan scored hundred in last series vs SL so may be kohli is banking on that but still no excuse vj is much better technique wise than dhawan, good thing is its green mamba in first test and dhawn was exposed in his first inning same might be the case in second as well, sooner or later kohli will realized it, vj is must in SA.

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