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  1. Corrupt board what else
  2. World needs a strong Zimbabwe side !!
  3. Ishnt sharma [emoji35] [emoji35] [emoji35] [emoji35] [emoji35] [emoji35]
  4. Trying to hit??? [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23] lamo dude he was struggling to even time a ball to someone like Keswick Williams lol
  5. Oho oho ho, 3 ICC wins by hiding behind the azzez of some legends like tendu, sehwag Zak etc. Don't give credit to that selfish man from Ranchi for teams achievement !!
  6. Village boy from Ranchi!! With short hair and short brain!! Keeps wicket for india and plays politics, got it??
  7. The biggest culprit was kohli again!! Captain clueless played 3 spinners on an absolute flat track!!ashwin should have been sacked after the horror show in the Ct final.
  8. Big difference was that dhonis selfishness and inability was clearly visible in that knock where as pant was at least trying something!!
  9. An overrated selfish cricketer with mysterious mind, has been ruining us enough since 2007, should be sacked from the team as fast as possible, doesn't deserve second or third chance at all.
  10. Yes drop him now, enough is enough!!!
  11. Comical lol
  12. Pant should replace that "fati hui" dhoti from ranchi as fast as possible.
  13. Speed guns used in that 2004 Samsung series was flawed, I have seen balaji clocking 162kph in it , lol.
  14. Wow!!! Nice work express ji, srinath 157kph I have no doubt about it , even in 2003 WC he clocked 144kph. Except for shamis and srinaths fastest ball I have seen all of those fastest ball mentioned.[emoji106] [emoji106] [emoji106] [emoji106]