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  1. Why kedar jadhav in test matches ???
  2. Match Thread

    Why can't we play kedar jadhav in test matches ?? Can anyone explain??
  3. Match Thread

    Ajinkya gone !! Saha me sahare hai ab hum
  4. Match Thread

    But his intents were terrible today, there we're no demons in the pitch not much turn as well normally in India day 2 pitch is considered the best to bat, how hard it was to rotate the strike???? we are here to win dude !
  5. Match Thread

    My hopes are on rahane !! Common champ
  6. Match Thread

    May be he wanted to face 500 balls, just piss poor approached by him,
  7. Match Thread

    FYI we are playing in our own backyard. They were choking the runs needed someone to release the pressure, I would say 57 from 151 is poor inning considering 2nd day pitch and batsman's form, expected batter from him then this shyte , we are missing fully fit, in form kohl
  8. Match Thread

    Still 57 from 151 balls??? When pitch was doing nothing??
  9. Match Thread

    From where does pacers came all of a sudden ???
  10. Match Thread

    What an selfish innings this from pujara did nothing then a tuk tuk tuk tuk built pressure on Rahul too
  11. Match Thread

    Baffling to see ashwin ahead of saha
  12. Match Thread

    Damn that is selfish from pujara missing kohlis batting [emoji45]
  13. Match Thread

    Pujara is creating pressure on Rahul
  14. Match Thread

    Yes agree! Hazlewood is overrated
  15. Match Thread

    Phir bhi yaar itna slow?? Mujhe lagta hai ye draw karwake hi chhodega