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  1. Dhoni: when will the torture end???

    Torture 12 of 11 tonight
  2. Yea he looks better than the most in team India must try bolly as a........ Villain
  3. No lollipops for dhoni today
  4. R.I.P. all those theories/stories claiming Rohit can play pace, lol got owned by rabada and dala here with pure pace.
  5. Nice to see that joker unadcut dropped
  6. This Fool should be the last one speak on all rounders
  7. Magnificient Mahendra!!!

    Who won the match??? Did you watched klassan bat?? And where was you sleeping when he was sucking at 16(11) and sucking it up during Lanka t20?? Or typical dhoni chamcha giri?? Yes 4th best knock of the match that's it a useless knock
  8. @velu you are a nice mode but you should keep your hilarious pet-bot @Rasgulla under surveillance,
  9. Why was Dhoni so Angry??

    Yes, agree about bhuvi, dhoni has also humiliated bhuvi in Bangladesh 2015 PC by calling him he is bowling to survive in other word selfish ( for his lack of death bowling skills ) he has taunted bhuvi so many times ask @New guy
  10. Why was Dhoni so Angry??

    I knew you knew 1) remember him shouting to jaddu" udhar taali bajane ko nahi raka hai pujara ko" 2) scolding sree for showing aggression in south africa 3) face he made when umesh yadav hit a six and won a game for KKR in 2016 IPL 4)in one match vs SL bhuvi was trying to swing it away from Lefty but was not getting it right and was bowling it wide dhoni the great lost his cool and immediately shouted "abey swing wing chhod surf sidhe daal" Actually there are so many instance when this fake cool lost his cool, only which I remember has been mentioned above, he never abused anyone though.
  11. Why was Dhoni so Angry??

    Dhonis career end is near bot, good good situation for you, once he retires he wll be free to operate you fully, your CPU will finally be free of glitches, congratulations in advance
  12. Why was Dhoni so Angry??

    Thanks, she is kajol
  13. Why was Dhoni so Angry??

    No seen him loose his cool so many times minus the abuse in past,.
  14. Why was Dhoni so Angry??

  15. Magnificient Mahendra!!!

    Eod , another useless knock by useless t20 player
  16. Why was Dhoni so Angry??

    Proof of his fake coolness, any way his send off is near pandey should return the favour with interest during farewell.
  17. Rasgulka the bot is Just a software operated from bcc HQ , software thinks he is a human but gets confused an glitches badly, don't count his posts as opinions, some random words fitted in is displayed, ignorance is bliss.
  18. Bat- Dhawan, bowl-Dane Paterson, field pandya
  19. Yuzvendra Chahal is an idiot !!!

    So dhoni is 50% idiot
  20. Bumrah no. 1 in odi ranking

    All hail king bumrah the kohli of bowling is the best way to describe him, we should quickly find another bumrah just to ease the pressure on him rather then wasting time on craps like jaidev untct
  21. Bat-kohli Bowl- bhuvi Field- dhoni
  22. Rohit and Dhawan ....test career future??

    His career was long over after Faulkner's massacre, but first 24th floor then Delhi friendship kept him alive

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