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  1. speedheat

    Ashwin you are a ficking disgrace

    Tino still bowling phaaast.
  2. speedheat

    Ashwin you are a ficking disgrace

    This game is already ridiculously bias in favour of batsman. I don't see similar furor on switch hits, legside wide and those ridiculous inside edge fours. What ashwin did was legit within the rules of the game irrespective of the manner with which he did.
  3. speedheat

    Ashwin you are a ficking disgrace

    Nothing wrong honestly coz its within rules and butler has history of getting mankand. I still remember sachitra senanayake mankanding Butler once but he warned butler before that, don't know if ashwin did the same or not.
  4. Can't believe this c**t unadcut represented India in test matches.
  5. Chuski fixer kings supporters don't deserve to call other cheaters. Blatant fixers. Oh...wait captain himself is the the biggest liar on earth https://www.indiatoday.in/cricket/story/bookie-names-dhoni-in-match-fixing-in-cid-report-to-justice-mudgal-180628-2014-02-11
  6. Non IPL fans I have a suggestion. You can watch highlights of Ravi pujara taking some 1000000000000000000000003563 balls to score 40 not out
  7. speedheat

    How do you picture your fellow ICFers?

    @Rasgulla the bot.
  8. Need expeditious change in the order. 1) Drop rasikh salam he is ordinary play sarn he 'll ad variation to the attack. 2) too many allrounders play only one among Pollard and cutting most probably pollard. 3) drop mcglen play Milne, need pace with new ball. 4) make sky open with dkock need full use of power plays. shift Rohit at 4. He has done well there.
  9. speedheat


    my second favorite team.
  10. Yes should do that on turning tracks.
  11. Yes and why didn't brainder sarn was played today?? Zak doesn't give me good vibes looks like he is all talk and nothing.
  12. Well done Mi need to improve their bowling ffs Two 82mph trundlers opening the bowling for us
  13. speedheat

    Official 2019 KKR Team thread

    Lynn bot lynn is horrible, a hack who on international level got owned evn by the likes of faheem ashraff. Beast .
  14. Bumrah injured !!! Gone are the WC chances.
  15. Pant is slaughtering rasikh salam.
  16. See we are improving in this department we never had rich history like wi, aus or pak so calling it just 2 bowlers isn't fair. Emphasis should be on genuinely quick pacers with reasonable accuracy and skills taking bumrah or shami as benchmark neither medium pacers nor inaccurate short pitch obsessed speedsters.
  17. Typical inferiority complex.. Who are shami and bumrah then?
  18. Haan bhai lekin ab tak to aisa kuch ex factor dikha nahi muzhe. Shayad action mein bhi kuch problem hai.
  19. Rasikh salam 138.4 kph But looks mediocre.
  20. Zhaeer the trundler lover bro.
  21. speedheat

    IPL Match 2 KKR vs SRH at Kolkata,25th March 2019

    Madam, IPL section mein to apke strict rules thode kam kardo please

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