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  1. Should give rest to this winning mentality nonsense now, raydu was struggling to hit a part timer like zaman and couldn't put bat on ball against mashrafes 122kph pies in Asia cup. Raydu at number 4 will be disaster.
  2. khaleel has the best attitude for a fast bowler, he is hostile and doesn't like to get hit, in fact he has matured a bit now during his u19 days he used to throw mc BC directly on face of a batsman.
  3. He looked 32 to me when he had his debut.
  4. So exactly why do you feel pant is obnoxious dude? Is that coz he colours his hair red has faux hawk cut hairatyl and grows beard?? is that the reason? what's your opinion on prithvj then?? He has 90s esq mustache b.d.w.
  5. Pant to me looks like a simple gullible in approach, relaxed dude with OK attitude towards life and cricket, down to earth type guy and this girl is calling him obnoxious One thing for sure though that he won't be reaching the star status of sachin/dhoni/kohli no matter how hard you try as cricket is simply not emotions any longer.
  6. His idol is gilchrist .... Link
  7. Jadhav is yet to recover from his injury, they haven't overlooked jadhav.
  8. speedheat

    sack kohli the captain

    Yes he is good don't think he hasbeen sacked for life, he can always make a comeback in the team, if rahane fails in Australia most likely he 'll replace rahane.
  9. No, pandya when he is fit gonna replace jaddu.
  10. I just hope khaleel plays and pant score some runs thats it, this is going to be another boring series otherwise.
  11. Ball to dismiss rahane was a beauty, perfact line and length. second over he rattled iyer with a quick bouncer.
  12. speedheat

    sack kohli the captain

    You mean to say kohli is asking Rahul, Vijay rahane to bat like him?? Sorry boss these guys have regressed and they themselves should be blamed. I have explained it in first post don't wanna repeat the same Whatever, lol.
  13. speedheat

    sack kohli the captain

    As if nair is second coming of Don Bradman.
  14. I have never said he has improved his stats post 2015 however he is much improved bowler skill wise, he has bowled well in Australia and newzeald series and even in the champions trophy also don't forget he was man of the match vs Pakistan in the first match of asia cup, Bhai cricket is a field game don't be obsessed with stats numbers etc. Moreover he is handy with the bat too. Those stats don't narrate a complete story.
  15. You are too harsh on buvi, all that criticism is fair on pre 2015 bhuvi, post 2015 he has really improved, he has developed good death bowling skills yorker n a slower ball, pace too has increased drastically, not a trundler my any means just recently he was clocked 146kph in IPL, he is someone who attributes control to the attack, he has good ER in Odis, in Odis you can also win by containing the opposition too.
  16. speedheat

    RCB sell de Kock to Mumbai in IPL 2019's first trade

    one more reason to troll rcb fans in my whatsapp, hopeless team, confirmed num 6-8 team in IPL, why the hell they are trying??
  17. Thank god!!! Hope by all forms also means IPL, mediocre bowler one of dhonis fantasy, glad he retired.
  18. speedheat

    Rishabh Pant performance watch thread

    Yeah it looks like it, pretty much clear with that tweet.
  19. Another stereotypical threadbare deluded bloke have already cost us ct, hope he never ever plays for India in Odis again.
  20. speedheat

    sack kohli the captain

    You still need captain to utilize it, and kohli is doing it in a better way at least better way than the clown captain we had last time on aussie tour. Nair has only scored peanuts after that and wasn't impressive in A games either, vihari did well in whatever chances he got. Wrong, he does know how to use his fast bowlers, 1 st test match vs England where he had to dealt with struggling umesh yadav and how he used him that day proves it. 3rd Test match in south Africa he went with 5 fast bowlers don't think a captain who don't know how to usebfast bowlers would do that. Thakur was selected coz he was ahead in queue system that tm follows, and there was massive furor regarding how nair was dropped without even getting a chance, moreover siraj plays for rcb and kohli knows what he can do. Can only laugh on this. Lol what?? They get distracted coz their captain shows intent ?? Vijay,ashwin, these guys have only themselves to blame. Unfortunately kohli can't bat for them.
  21. Vishal bhai, I am a fan of your posting since 2014 now but never have asked anything to you regarding pace bowling. What do you think vishal bhai, who is the best among some of the names mentioned in this thread like saini,siraj,tusha,khejroliya,avesh etc?? Who do you think have the potential to spearhead an indian attack in the future and who is the best to extract bounce n pace off the good n full length?
  22. Once again you are proving why you are a thala fan, glad to explain the arrogance in other part?? ofckurce not as arrogant as thala skipping Vijay hazare trophy just before an odi series and giving silly excuses like he don't wanna disturb the balance. Lmao.

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