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  1. Honestly, M least bothered about this pseudo spinning trundler. Now this joker is looking forword to working with Rajasthan's new bowling coach and jofra archer All this joker will do is learn a slower ball or two from jofra archer and will end up bowling even slower.
  2. Article is more like Ab ghodon ki daud mein gadha b daudega.
  3. speedheat

    Manohar Parrikar Succumbs to cancer.

    He used to connect with people like no other. A loyal and hardworking man with never give up attitude. Also a huge cricket fan. RIP sir.
  4. speedheat

    How do you picture your fellow ICFers?

    @velu and Bot @Rasgulla whenever thala hit six.
  5. speedheat

    Terror attack in New Zealand

    He did it to revenge 11 year old deaf girl who was killed by Uzbek isis terrorist.
  6. speedheat

    Terror attack in New Zealand

    He did it to revenge 11 year old deaf girl who was killed by Uzbek isis terrorist.
  7. speedheat

    Terror attack in New Zealand

    Any news on who took the responsibility?
  8. speedheat

    KKR sign Warrier for injured Nagarkoti

    Nazar lag gayi is ladke ko.
  9. speedheat

    SA ‘don’t view Morris as number seven’

    White problem.
  10. Agree with what you have said but question in mind is will it continue post elections in Kashmir? Or government of Kashmir will be hurdle once again? I want GOI to be more hostile and brutal towards these sickos. These jihidis and stone peltars are rabid dogs and there are no other alternatives to deal with such people other that being brutal. shoot those who are pelting stones. Kill each and every of those terrorist caught with fake encounters once the investigation is done so that there will be no question of sophisticated lawyers freeing these morons. Do what Punjab police did to khalistanis.
  11. Another pig dispatched to hell. Till now 18 dogs have been killed post pulwama according to general dhillo.
  12. speedheat

    Classification of Congress Voters

    5. Fools
  13. speedheat

    Surf Excel Holi ad

    You crazy? Can't you differentiate?? There is difference between a daag and holy colors Holi colors are sacred for millions of Hindus if not for you. " daag" is what they showed in some previous ads. There was no need to describe it as daag. And yes we don't call it a daag at least not my family and there are no other alternate terms for it.
  14. speedheat

    Surf Excel Holi ad

    Look carefully, ad calls holy colours a "daag" in a subtle way. Pathetic.
  15. Better than some of the past hacks like chris Lynn.
  16. speedheat

    Time to drop payload on Rayudu !!!

    Raydu is dud against quality pace
  17. speedheat

    Phoney Jadeja 13 of 14 balls in the death overs

    Both krunal and gowtham are better than jadeja. Kohli either don't care or has zero credentials in identifying quality potentials and this scum jadeja with the influence of shakuni mama (you know who) keeps on getting selected.
  18. speedheat

    The new craze for evidences

    These congressi buffoons are getting desperate and in a heat of things ends up giving silly statements. Yesterday one Congressi was saying pulwama attack was match fixing between imran and modi. how ridiculous can any one be?? I urge posters here please try to vote modi in upcoming election and if you are still not happy with modi please go for AAP but avoid the biggest leech on earth khangress.
  19. Adequate evidence. Pakistanis will now say its not jaish camp its nawaz sharifs birthday cake. Lmao.
  20. speedheat

    Vijay Shankar at 4 can be a good option

    Khud ke hee id ko quote kar rahe ho maniac bhai?
  21. speedheat

    Vijay Shankar at 4 can be a good option

    Dhawan Rohit Kohli (c) Vijay Kedar Pandya Dhoni (WK) Bhuvi Shami Bumrah Cooldeep
  22. That Journalist just smoked him not a single convincing answer. He is saying there was madarassa over there and not terrorist camp. Mr. Qureshi whether it is madarssa or camp it doesn't matter they are one and the same. A swinefarm. And they have been destroyed your minister mr. Rashid has confirmed it in his speech.

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