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  1. Nearly 6cr for Gowtham Krishnappa???

    I agree, but I think this guy is better hitter than sundar, has to be more consistent yes,
  2. Nearly 6cr for Gowtham Krishnappa???

    Hello mr. Chat bot Gowtham is a better hitter than dhoni lol, dhoni should learn how to finish an inning form gowtham
  3. Nearly 6cr for Gowtham Krishnappa???

    This guy looks mentally strong, taking the attack on fizz and bum on his first encounter against them itself is no joke, can hit that ball with shear power, can bowl some handy offspin too,I would keep him our t20i side, what's his age ??
  4. Krishnappa can hit that ball, one more power hitter? Or just a fluke??
  5. Disgusting!!!! This will hurt mi, chance of coming out of is is damn low now, that mustafizz needs a hard kick straight to Bangladesh..
  6. Yes , saw few at 141kph which looked legit, but I think that 147 was a glitch, his fuller balls are quick.
  7. Top 3 Likeable IPL Teams

    Kings Kkr Csk(xcept that frawd n dumb fake cool)
  8. 149.8kph serious heat..... seedheat by jofra
  9. 149.2 kph archer bowls mclneghan....quality bowling
  10. Getting confused btween samber boys Gopal n gowtham
  11. 139.2 by phaaaaaaaaaaaastt spinner unadcut
  12. We let go quality batter like butler
  13. Why not man!?? I personly think asif is a better option than chahar, dhoni even kept thakur out, look how well he is bowling now, so you want me to praise dhoni for persisting with chahar ??? Not happening, I would rather praise the hard work of chahar.

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