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  1. I hope he doesn't teach sarfaraz how to announce retirement in the middle of the series in bathroom.
  2. ROFL.. even if sarfu gets 1% of advice from dhoni your cricket wll be permanently punctured.
  3. Hurt triggered trying hard any way only dhoni knows the secret of 8.7% I hope he don't teach it to sarfu it will be nightmare for pak fans like rasgulla
  4. Just wondering what may be the next admonition by the great preceptor dhoni to sarfu shout loud and clear 'ek chakka kha ke dikha' may be..
  5. 5-0 for sarfu on right path as his preceptor 8-0 coming soon feeling bad for pak fans hard days ahead
  6. and here it starts Abba jabba dabba
  7. The great sarfaraz opened the bowling with 82mph trundlers in 5th odi vs nz, gymnastic stunt right in the middle of the pitch, enough evidence that he is already taking dhonis advice, mediocrity seeks mediocrity
  8. Dhoni the great will teach him to play a lunge, how fingers hurt while keeping genuine pace and its better to go with spinners, how to suck up the momentum and choke in the end, how to make someone your boot licker, quota system etc etc etc..
  9. Process > Results Thread

    "Process is more important than result " what a gem by bugs bunny of a captain
  10. These are same people who ride their bike at 20km/h, uses 2g in place of 4g, prefers bus to railway for long journey , lol almost 10years of mediocrity and trundlers like unadkat thrills these guys
  11. 3rd Test : Pitch

    If grass stays as it is we should play bhuvi here, go with four pronged pace attack of bhuvi,umesh,shami,bumrah may be drop ashwin.
  12. He can play as a specialist spinner, guise as pacer to fool the opposition
  13. Let us all thank Goose

    thanks @goose
  14. Jos Butler vs MS Dhoni

    Op meant the current form and modern cricket, dhoni haven't retired yet so nothing stupid about it
  15. Jos Butler vs MS Dhoni

    This is irrelevant to topic as Anna said current dhoni or butler??? word CURRENT is important here as current dhoni is as good as first half of your username
  16. The Nasir Jamshed Tweets Thread

    "In 50 year there will be documentary on Discovery Channel called "How Pakistan win 2017 Champions Trophy with this batting line up". Hopefully by then science have made new advancement to answer this puzzle." Guys check out some of his gems
  17. Jos Butler vs MS Dhoni

    I I'll pick a keeper whose finger don't hurt while keeping pace, so I'll go with butler.
  18. Somebody should tel this loudspeaker Harsha its not all about speaking and clamoring in commentary box every second or two, he should shut his mouth and let other speak too, dhoni actually did good job by kicking this clown out of the box, hope kohli does the same.
  19. What's the problem with this dork?? he seems to have issue with India and bcci, ffs go and watch what wi players and crooked board doing to their cricket , butthurt crooked man.
  20. Somebody please make this thread sticky lol @beetle shy9 ka thread sticky karna "mushkil to nahi kahoonga, haan par difficult jaroor hoga tereliye"
  21. Aussies wll win, pace bowling alone is appropriate to win it just need smith and some other to click like in ashes job will be done
  22. Oops I forgot, am changing it to parthiv(alternative dk)
  23. Bat- pandya- alternative(rahane) Bowl- shami- alternative( umesh) Field- parthiv- alternative (dk)
  24. No we can't, fresh bowlers new ball, wll be reduced to 10/5, you just can't expose the tail against pacers like Johnson,starc,akhtar etc.even if its on green top, what if some of them get injured?? wll result in heavy workload in bowling.

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