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  1. speedheat

    sack kohli the captain

    You still need captain to utilize it, and kohli is doing it in a better way at least better way than the clown captain we had last time on aussie tour. Nair has only scored peanuts after that and wasn't impressive in A games either, vihari did well in whatever chances he got. Wrong, he does know how to use his fast bowlers, 1 st test match vs England where he had to dealt with struggling umesh yadav and how he used him that day proves it. 3rd Test match in south Africa he went with 5 fast bowlers don't think a captain who don't know how to usebfast bowlers would do that. Thakur was selected coz he was ahead in queue system that tm follows, and there was massive furor regarding how nair was dropped without even getting a chance, moreover siraj plays for rcb and kohli knows what he can do. Can only laugh on this. Lol what?? They get distracted coz their captain shows intent ?? Vijay,ashwin, these guys have only themselves to blame. Unfortunately kohli can't bat for them.
  2. Vishal bhai, I am a fan of your posting since 2014 now but never have asked anything to you regarding pace bowling. What do you think vishal bhai, who is the best among some of the names mentioned in this thread like saini,siraj,tusha,khejroliya,avesh etc?? Who do you think have the potential to spearhead an indian attack in the future and who is the best to extract bounce n pace off the good n full length?
  3. Once again you are proving why you are a thala fan, glad to explain the arrogance in other part?? ofckurce not as arrogant as thala skipping Vijay hazare trophy just before an odi series and giving silly excuses like he don't wanna disturb the balance. Lmao.
  4. Damn lot of hate for perhaps the only genuine six hitter in our cappy middle order @sscomp32 this place is so negative
  5. speedheat

    sack kohli the captain

    Just expressing my doubt towards legitimacy of the league courtesy all those scandals in the past, I have seen lot of people calling kohli a clueless captain based on his peformance in the league. By contributing I mean his infield contributions as a captain,his batting etc. he is clueless in other regards I have accepted that. If that's the case then kohli is lucky to have all those practiced fast bowlers, proven fact that our bowling both in tests and Odis have improved under him and he backs the bowlers with good healthy pace.
  6. speedheat

    sack kohli the captain

    That's an issue, bcci should intervene here and cut down some of is powers, in team selections especially, but sacking him is not the answer.
  7. Let them be, you have a speedy recovery just can't wait to see pandya back in odi colors.
  8. speedheat

    sack kohli the captain

    He has revolutionized our bowling, whiffed a life inside dead fast bowling, he lifts up the team moral onfield in times of low which is is vital in cricket, test cricket especially and no matter what you guys think he is damn good onfield captain. Seeing this pathetic Aussie team struggling against even more pathetic Pakistan this Australia tour he will be the first Indian captain to win a test series in Australia (if only he gets his team combination right) and haters gonna dig it suckkaaaaa... Agree he is clueless spotting talent and selecting a team conducive to conditions and his cowardice makes him to prefer seniors over rookies but don't judge his captaincy based on some stupid leagues where you never know who is fixed and what is fixed.
  9. Link The All-India Senior Selection Committee has named Umesh Yadav as Shardul Thakur’s replacement in India’s squad for the first two ODIs against Windies. Mr Thakur suffered a right adductor tendon injury and has been ruled out of the Paytm ODI series.
  10. Sehwagh Sachin Gambo (vc) Kohli Yuvi Dhoni (WK) Kapil (c) Zak Bumrah Srinath Cooldeep
  11. Bro, Did he sustained his pace or lost it in second spell?? can't be sure yet on him he is a vadapav eater.
  12. Tushar deshpande is quick, he has lateral flexion in his bowling action but is incredibly accurate despite that, now some coach will try to correct it and will loose pace as a result of that.
  13. speedheat

    The Dhoni Haye Haye Thread

    And rest 20% of the cheethas can bat faster than dhoni, and their fingers don't hurt.
  14. Personally I would have liked to see a youngster like prasidh or saini but still would take yadav over mediocre thakur any day, thakur is not even half the bowler that umesh is.
  15. speedheat

    Mohammad Abbas...

    So.... When are we seeing him in Odis??, when is our next engagement with pak in odis?? Please get him in Odis Against red hot rohit-dhawan Six sixes on the cards lmao..
  16. speedheat

    The Dhoni Haye Haye Thread

    No he can't, 'hurrrr' is a machine code specifically used to stop AI bots like @Rasgulla in times of glitch. Not every dhoni fan is Bot
  17. speedheat

    The Dhoni Haye Haye Thread

  18. Lmao, lots of lol in the thread!! A thread on Ravi shastris statements on icf will always be a reservoir of entertainment , especially how people mix his drinking habits and relates it to the topic moreover the guy himself is one hell of entertainer. Sashtri is correct though, show does give an impression of all 3 of them in his batting, plus the way he gets on to a front foot and pull shot is imitation of pointing. But people here will never waste a chance to crack joke on him
  19. Wow, looks genuinely fast, a vadapav eater bowling fast, looks like this one eats his vada along spicy green pepper, lot of fire and energy in his bowling.
  20. speedheat

    What an impressive performance from Umesh Yadav

    A CHAMPION bowler. A bowler who single-handedly broke the norms like 'Indians can't bowl fast' he has been bowling fast for morethan 7 years now, although has lost pace a bit recently but nevertheless is our best reverse swing bowler at the moment even better than shami. Have always liked and supported his bowling since the day he started his career, would still say he is an underachiever with the talent he had.
  21. speedheat

    Home/away kits in cricket

    Xactly, you got my point!

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