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  1. This statement is equivalent to dhoni adjusting spinners 50% job
  2. speedheat

    Commentary gems tracking thread

    Hello guys, I request posters here to track some of the gems and fun banters shared in the commentary box of international matches and share it here in this thread so that we wont miss out a chance to laugh on any of the humorous joke/banter/mistake in the commentary box lol. We can start with ongoing Eng vs Ind test series, I am sure when we have harbhajan and sanga in the box there will be some comedy. You can also share some from past international matches if you recall one.
  3. speedheat

    Rishabh Pant performance watch thread

    Rkt is just kidding there...
  4. speedheat

    Rishabh Pant performance watch thread

    Impressed by his fearlessness today!!!! No signs of nerves!!
  5. Ajinkya rahane has everything which dhawan don't, when hack like dhawan can open the batting for us why can't rahane?? a rock solid defense shot, can judge the length of the ball with utmost precision, insightful talent when it boils down to discipline and professionalism, calm,focused,introvert,gentleman and steady like an impregnable fortress, rahane is an ideal for opening slot in test matches that's what I feel, he do open the batting in Odis but struggles to maintain his strike rate but that's not the issue in testmatches, he also struggles against spinners in middle order but is quite comfortable against pacers, so guys whay can't he be the option?
  6. Pant wll kick daduzzz @* .... Credits where due... Bot
  7. Ohh hoo what a defence shot... N now a leave..
  8. speedheat

    I love Kohli , the batsmen !!!

    Kohli is a good loi captain too, just that he have to avoid crappy suggestions from some of the seniors (you know who) like bowling kedar jadhav in death overs...
  9. You expect that sort of techniq from a wicket keeper batsman?? Even the specialist batters like puj,dhawan etc. Don't have tight techniq in these type of conditions, I would say he has a sound hitting technique he can be that ' up the ante' WK batter for us and there is no reason why he can't improve his defense technique.
  10. Good batting pitch so far, no real pace or seam movement, you have to hit good length intact line with good pace (140+kph) on ths type of pitch, let's see how these English trundlers deals with it, might get exposed.
  11. Karthick is 'Niggled' Best of luck to pantos
  12. speedheat

    why can't rahane open the batting in test matches?

    Time has come to send him as an opner
  13. speedheat

    Pick your 11 for test 3(No explanation/Discussion)

    Rahul Rahane Pujara Kohli (c) Dhawan Pant (WK) Pandya Ashwin Umesh Shammi Shardul
  14. In dharmashala it was seam movement not swing, and by the time dhoni came to bat conditions eased out, kuldeep shielded him, he hid himself from suranga n pradeep n scored against perrera Mathews etc. he wud have struggled the same way as karthick if was promoted at num3 or 4 that day.
  15. speedheat

    Grievances thread

  16. speedheat

    Grievances thread

    Tohh madamji please name them, aapke hissab se.. best poster--------? Most humourous------------? More knowledgeble----------? gossip king / queen ----------? Meme king / queen-----------? Most short fused-------------?? Most emotional---------------? Most devoted fan -------------? Best troll posts-------------?
  17. See the question here is not about Anderson, since pitches here in India and sg ball are conducive to seam more than swing,Anderson tries to bowl quick with straight seam, he doesn't hold it with an angle to make it swing mostly in India, however question remains the same does conditions matter?? Coz I have seen sandip dharma, pk and David Willey etc. bowilg banana swing under hot conditions with only(or mostly) wind assisting it.
  18. Kookaburra balls, kookaburra balls offers low seam which only lasts for 20-25 over Anderson also tries to bowl quick there and use seam to its effect.
  19. I have seen David Willey swinging the ball miles in hot conditions when england last toured here, so I guess swing has more to do with wind and skills of the bowler, clouds might have very little to 0 effect on it.
  20. speedheat

    Grievances thread

    Name your top 5 favorite posters from this site
  21. No point in posting here... Thread wll be shifted to chit chat anyway
  22. Bumrah Siraj Shami If we get these 3 in playing 11 then Damn!! Our pace attack will be back on track.

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