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  1. speedheat

    Squads announced for Aus series

  2. Sharmnaak baat to ye hai ki koi action nahi hoga... Sirf kadi ninda hogi BC..
  3. speedheat

    Rajasthan Royals to have Pink Jersey now

    Jersey which deccan chargers wore in first season was awesome, is still my favorite and perhaps the best among all till date.
  4. speedheat

    Rajasthan Royals to have Pink Jersey now

    Mi should also change their kit, current one is boring.
  5. speedheat

    Rajasthan Royals to have Pink Jersey now

    DC should go for reddish orange.
  6. speedheat

    WC slots - DK vs Pant (2nd keeper slot)

    I 'll go for pant. Fearless hitter, today he showed what he is capable of was 23 off jus 6 at one stage.
  7. They now have 3-4 of them who can clock 150k and this new guy tickner isn't slow either, strong hit the deck bowler.
  8. This team sill needs dhoni to guide and calm these youngsters. Look what one word of advice in last game did to pants confidence today. Before that pant was struggling in t20is. Let these youngsters groom around dhoni. Kick midgets like dk out instead.
  9. speedheat

    Fastest T20 50s !!!

    Ban this op jinx
  10. 43 off 28 not bad honestly, Shankar can be a really good backup of kedar or evn pandya. In case pandya give another interview before WC (karke aaake) lmao
  11. Genuine Pace dose not trouble hitman much. Swing does.
  12. Blair tickner 138kph to strat with
  13. 150kph by Scott kugglin.. Another 150k bowler from newzealnd.
  14. 144kph,146kph , 147kph, 148kph 150kph by Scott kuggljn
  15. Bhuvi bowled some 4-5 fulltoss in that over
  16. Once again Dhoni needlessly changing fields to keep himself relevant @Laaloo

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