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  1. Said it, jaddu is a good selection conditions are conducive for his type skiddy spin bowling, just need to drop useless chahal and play khaleel.
  2. Indian batting is not a 90mph bouncer gangu l
  3. Why is the kedar jadhav my fav off spinner after gream swan isn't bowling?
  4. Mossadek Singh dhoni batting at 6(27) lmao
  5. speedheat

    Probable world cup squad !!!

    I would also like to have dk or pant instead dhoni as we need a genuine six hitter on position where they bat, but unfortunately there is no stopping dhoni playing this WC even if dollar drops below rupee. Well prasidh is good but we can't directly risk him in a tournament like WC, need bhuvis experience here.
  6. speedheat

    Probable world cup squad !!!

    Rohit Dhawan Virat (c) Kl Rahul Kedar (genuine golden arm no fluke) Hardik Dhoni (wk)/pant Bhuvi Bumrah Khaleel Cooldeep This team looks balanced
  7. Achha?? I thought chitti Bot is your modern day idol Bot rasgulle
  8. Not a single boundary was conceded in 14 overs Some tight bowling, go afghans win it.
  9. speedheat

    Chennai Super Kings influencing national selections?

    Is there a doubt?? Csk quota has been striking us ever since the biggest fraud the most corrupt politician guise as cricketer, the phoney cool have entered our cricket.(you know who) With clueless selectors and coach around the stinging monster known as csk quota has only grown in size and I bet you this won't stop unless and until we get rid of the master mind of the quota (you know who).
  10. speedheat

    Mohammad Amir avg 80 in last 8 games with jst 3 wkts

    Bowling too short not enough in good length and full length areas, he looked threatening yesterday whenever he pitched it up.
  11. speedheat

    Please respect our team!!!

    8 trolvotes
  12. Personally I would have preferred krunal and gowtham over jaddu, but now that he has been selected we have no choice than sticking with that winning mentality also not a bad selection considering a fact that its axars replacement, jaddus agile fielding and energy under these hostile hot blood sucking conditions can be handy also he can do the job with ball, pitches are conducive for jaddu type skiddy quick spin bowling saw that yesterday with kedar and rashid khan vs SL.
  13. Kaul hell No..another pathetic selection.. Can only laugh on this However jaddu is a good selection we can play jaddu in place of useless chahal and play khaleel in place of injured pandya, team looks more balanced in that way with 3 variety spinners two of which are all rounders(jaddu and kedar) and 3 quality pace bowlers. Rohit Shikhar Kl Raydu Kedar Dhoni Jaddu Khaleel Bhuvi Bumrah Kuldeep
  14. Then some dhoni chamchas here argue that there is no csk quota. From whatever little we have seen of this asia cup conditions are conducive for spinners hence they should have sent a spin bowling ar preferably krunal or gowtham but this moronic selectors never fails to piss us. Pathetic decision to send a meek trundler with unknown batting ability guise as an allrounder.
  15. speedheat

    Send Bumrah Home

    1. Asia cup is not meaningless especially when you have teams like pak and SL in it. I can take a defeat from hong - Kong but no Pakistan. 2. He can skip those bilateral Odis vs wi and t20is
  16. Yes but this is something serious and bcci has confirmed an injury. You mock his hairstyle his look his bowling his batting but please don't mock an injury.
  17. Velu!! Stop creating mock threads on serious issues like injury to a player Guy was carried on stretcher ffs unlike that fraud nyemar.

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