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  1. Aniket Chaudhary ,Left arm fast bowler

    Lol this one takes a cake
  2. Wow!!! Hope we will be finally getting a freedom from TRUNDLER love mentality from 80s 90s and Dhonis ; gangully was the first freedom fighter hope kohli liberate us !! Fingers crossed!!
  3. We will end up making our main team extremely strong and the other one a laughing stock
  4. PSL- Season 2 (UAE, Lahore) - 2017

    Asimji what about Atif jabbar??? Heard he can bowl quick 145+ kph
  5. PSL- Season 2 (UAE, Lahore) - 2017

    Areyy yaar Pakistani brothers find one right arm express pacer in psl!!!! Some how!!!!!!!We have seen wasim waquar shoaib sami and now wat hassan Ali?? Lol
  6. Guys guys guys guys why are we even discussing this thread??? Selectors will troll us by picking dindu, vinnu, arvind, mithun, lol
  7. Express ji I had seen ankit rajput bowling in IPL for KKR he was quick 140+ with fastest of 147kph
  8. Please someone tell that idiot to stop investing money in america for cricket Americans will never ever will be interested in cricket hell they are not even that much interested in football too... Instead he should try investing teams like Afghanistan and ireland
  9. B Thampi - Kerala Fast Bowler

    Well done cheers
  10. B Thampi - Kerala Fast Bowler

    Areyyyy what was his reaction???
  11. "I definitely want to make a mark in T20 format"

    Hahah tuk tuk in t20 will not work pujari ji
  12. "I definitely want to make a mark in T20 format"

    Hahah tuk tuk in t20 will not work pujari ji
  13. "I definitely want to make a mark in T20 format"

    Hahah tuk tuk in t20 will not work pujari ji
  14. B Thampi - Kerala Fast Bowler

    I want thampi to play against Pakistan and hit Babar bradman azam on head [emoji48]
  15. Areyy that's what I have been shouting !! Sangwan is useless; ohh and I think your talking about brainder sarn???
  16. B Thampi - Kerala Fast Bowler

    That shitty bowler arvind pisses me off 😤 his name srinath is shame to our legendary fast bowler jevaggal srinath
  17. Ohhh good thanks [emoji2] but I haven't seen him bat if he can bat well maintaining that pace then good but should never be selected for bowling alone
  18. If Mr ganguly is rating him then he should be up their filled with potential
  19. OK did he increased his pace?? Can he bowl yorkers?? Can he outswing to lefthander?? I have seen him bowl in that pink ball test match didn't looked as impressive as you're suggesting he was a 130k trundler when he debuted he might have improved to be 135k trundler yes he might be bowling in good channels but he's never international material its not 90s we are now blessed with far many batter bowlers then sangwan
  20. Are this idiotic selectors even watching this matches?? Or sleeping??
  21. That Rajput guy is really fast and please sangwan is washed out waste I don't want to see him, what happened to Rahul shukla?? Bk bumrah thampi shami should be our LOi attack outside india
  22. What is the problem with Sanjay Manjrekar?

    Please someone get the hell out of this irritating idiotic commie, I sometimes wonders how many galis would have given to him by the goras in their mind? Sanju Manju has lost it completely
  23. B Thampi - Kerala Fast Bowler

    Totally owned us with pace today it was the first time I wanted him to fail 😝 Our team hopeless against pace
  24. B Thampi - Kerala Fast Bowler

    To be honest sandeep warrior looked quick to me then what that speedgun was showing 135kph!! Today its clear that thampi is ready for international with that dilhara Fernando type action , showed controlled pace swing and slower balls with accuracy [emoji106]
  25. B Thampi - Kerala Fast Bowler

    Yes that was my dream from childhood to see India's genuinely fast and skilled pace battery of India

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