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  1. speedheat

    Hang your heads in shame

    All those dhoni chamchas who criticized UV should hang themselves.
  2. speedheat

    The moment you will remember from this game

    6-6-6, and pace like fire from umesh, bhuvi, bumrah and pandya...
  3. Absolutely, you need a captain who backs a pacer and give him a confidence to extract the best out of him, Our attack used to be a laughing stock just few years ago coz we had that phoney captain who use to back jokers in the name of pace bowling to hide his own limitations.
  4. You believe it or not, PACE IS PACE, umesh was the best bowler of yesterdays match , could have easily got 5fer if wahab had came out to bat and jadhav haven't dropped that sitter. Umesh yesterday clearly owned Pakistan with pace, Pakistani were helpless against his pace on a patta, can't think of any trundler doing the same as few here wants sandip n unadkat over him
  5. speedheat

    Lineup for rest of CT

    Yea, second one 👍 opening my 7 the beer now!!!
  6. Yea was busy in work bro
  7. speedheat

    Lineup for rest of CT

    No.......same team please
  8. Bumrahs 147kph and pandyas 3 sixes opened my beers today
  9. speedheat

    Bhuvi not playing tomorrow :(

    Chamchas just watch umesh yadav under kohli...NO NO NO NO NO NO don't cry please
  10. Coward sarfaraz was put in to his place
  11. speedheat

    India v Pakistan - Updates from UK

    Update please
  12. speedheat

    Bhuvi not playing tomorrow :(

    Nice to see both bhuvi and umesh playing today
  13. speedheat

    Bhuvi not playing tomorrow :(

    What??? No way that can be true!!!
  14. speedheat


    Big blow for England, their number one strike bowler is ruled out.
  15. speedheat

    Practice Match -2, India vs Bangladesh | 30-05-2017

    This should cut some feathers of bangdudesh
  16. speedheat

    Practice Match -2, India vs Bangladesh | 30-05-2017

    Beauty from umesh yadav, showing his class
  17. speedheat

    Dhoni's Batting Position

    Carrying drinks,towels,messages etc.
  18. Ashwin why???? Ashwin is big No vs Pakistan considering the fact that they are very good players of off spin, we should go all out four pronged pace attack which they struggles.
  19. speedheat

    India fans beat Pakistan fans in England warm up

    ROFL ye Pakistan kya hamse harne ko hi paid a huva hai kya??
  20. And what to do with Dinesh karthik? Such a garbage player, his technique was exposed today in a seaming condition.
  21. Its pretty much certain, Bhuvi Shami Bumrah Jadeja Pandya
  22. This time kohli will thrash that mediocre trundler
  23. We are true patriots and a true indian cricket fan, we want to destroy each and every traitor . Jai hind.
  24. Dhoni should be nowhere near our Loi sides, he is done and finished, selector should have gone for young blood instead of this 35 year old grey beard, i am genuinely afraid he may cost us this CT.
  25. speedheat

    Should India pull out of CT after terror attack in UK?

    No, we should complete our CT that will be the best answer for this cowardly act by some coward Buffon's.

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