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  1. absolutely ,agreed http://indianexpress.com/article/sports/cricket/india-vs-zimbabwe-1st-t20i-stats-sandeep-sharma-becomes-10th-bowler-to-concede-a-six-off-his-first-ball-in-t20is/ This proves you're post what a beast lol
  2. """Umesh's Test bowling average under Dhoni is 31, while under Kohli the same is 40."" This has to be the worst excuse ever given, damn seriously man what's the logic behind it??? For how long kohli has been captaining us??? as if he will retire tomorrow lol [emoji13] , arrey bhai kohli kya ghode bealch ke sone wala hai kya??? That's the reason why I used the words WAIT and WATCH. Please don't be too obsessed with stats, be practical, an average of 40 means 1.5 wickets per match since you can't have a wicket in fraction make it 2 wickets per match and that's not bad to be called as worst. Within that 7 years whatever little chances he got he has done a descent job I wouldn't say extraordinary but a decent,but the haters preferred to be blind.
  3. RAINA still got it. Should be back for CT 2017 at #6.

    We need raina against Pakistan in CT he is beast against them
  4. Bcoz we all love yommie [emoji5]
  5. Let's wait and watch, umesh was highest wicket taker in WC 2015 and was instrumental in winning us ct 2013 Only pure haters and trolls prefers to denied that, he is beast under kohli has already proven that in test matches and odis are not far away, he can stay away from that tamasha cricket.
  6. umesh haven't learn a skill?? I thought reverse swing is a skill, god help me, poor umesh and aeron were always in and out of the team because of either injuries or because of that stubborn mule playing internal politics.( and that's why its not so many years) Both of them were never backed until kohli stepped forward, umesh was our highest wicket taker in WC 2015 he always delivers when it counts and Arron is not far away too I am damn sure if ever he get rid of injury he will come good too. Fully fit Arron and umesh are 100 times better then those dibbly dobblys in any format
  7. Ok me is fool gautham is fool wasim is fool kohli is fool who ever backed umesh is fool, dude your trolling no one then yourself by calling sandip better then ummi, let him first prove himself in tests(lol), http://indianexpress.com/article/sports/cricket/india-vs-zimbabwe-1st-t20i-stats-sandeep-sharma-becomes-10th-bowler-to-concede-a-six-off-his-first-ball-in-t20is/ Read it what an beast lol
  8. Dude you're wasting your mbs, sandip is good only when their is swing in offer for first 1.5 overs. He is shyte in death
  9. Hmm got it first line was for pacers who had natural pace, other line is for pacers like bhuvi, any way, my problem is not bhuvi i always liked him, but those medium pacers like sandip mithun yo Mahesh arvind unadkat Vinny Kumar type bowlers. You do seems to agree that sandip is not eligible for internationals,then please explain that to your buddy. Kind regards
  10. That's not my line that's the line of greats like wasim waquar thommo McGrath etc. Lol
  11. Thanq for this, Omg Chamatkar [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23]
  12. I have no problem with bhuvi tbh, pace is an tool and should be first thing to look out for any rookie pacer hence speed guns are important, see you can always teach other aspect but you cannot teach a PACE , bhuvi always had all those aspect but now with increased pace he is on different level. You agrees that sandip is not eligible for international, then please explain that it too your buddy ultimate game.
  13. When is the last time sandip delivered a ball and received by wicket keeper in the same night??? [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji28] Yes sandip does shows us where it counts you know where it is?? out of the stadium lol [emoji13]
  14. You need pace with accuracy to neutralize the modern rampaging batsmen just look at bhuvi,increased his pace and almost unplayable now. we are not demanding a pace demon but pace bowler should be quick enough to succeed not like trundler sandip with almost zero ingredients.
  15. Basil Thampi

    He got well set Gayle with pacy Yorker yesterday, not many can do that,he is a serious talent needs to be taken care of and should be nurtured properly.
  16. When your sandip bowls even speed gun goes to sleep lmao [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji51] [emoji51]
  17. Atleast aeron didn't got hit for a six by a tailender like rashid khan, lol. Can't even get Sunil narine out that night Sandip beastly sharma
  18. Rehne De bhai, even half fit aeron will out bowl sandip in his speciality that is death bowling lol, its fast bowling not gilli danda to play a trundler like sandip [emoji16] [emoji28] [emoji28] [emoji28] [emoji28] [emoji28] [emoji28] [emoji28]
  19. No pace no accuracy no bounce no yorker how can you even call him a fast bowler ?? Lol even rashid khan smacked him for six [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23]
  20. A fully fit aeron is 10 times better then sandeep lol You have already ate a egg on your face when you called umesh a brainless now its time for one more... [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23]
  21. ROFL you're too stats obsessed, you asked me ingredients so I presented. Good night will meet tomorrow.
  22. Good for you have some lough, bcoz you have been exposed with your 5fit sandeep in this thread.
  23. Pace Swing Accuracy Quick yorkers Quick bouncers Height Deceiving slower one Except for swing sandip has nothing of above, facts presented. Sandip is big Ño Now tell.
  24. Sandeep don't have ingredients to succeed that's harsh but true, I will play a half fit aeron over sandeep any day even in t20s.

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