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  1. speedheat

    Dhoni's post match interviews are gold, shows how far he thinks

    Yes ther was a place when chahar was getting thrashed in some initial games coz of lack of swing, asif could have easily been accommodated and backed, hahaha I knew you will come up with Trent boult lol since when was a boult a good t20 bowler, even hack like that pak opener has thrashed boult in t20is, whatever, huge respect for boult n chahar and their performance don't want to criticize them, even I can show you videos of him struggling against rabada, wahab etc. You simply can't deny the fact that he struggles against leggies and genuine quality pace. Again my argument was you defending that pathetic knock 9(18) lol, clueless as it gets, a batter who starts with 0(8) and strikes it 50, is simply cringe, you can't maintain strike rate 75 means you are struggling its better to get out, dhoni should learn from Sunil narine tbh.
  2. speedheat

    Dhoni's post match interviews are gold, shows how far he thinks

    How many chances did asif got?? Go ask your favorite dhoni, what backin he got?? Easily cover up lol, most of the time he will get out after sucking up the momentum if opposition doesn't serve him bowlers like negi and Anderson, bhai not only leggies he has been struggling against genuine pacers since 2015 now, he cant play anything above 137+kph its sorry state tbh, again a cringworthy start of 0(8) in excuse to take the game till end is pathetic, if You can't maintain the strike rate of 75 in t20 just getf## out of there, get out and let others do the job.
  3. speedheat

    Dhoni's post match interviews are gold, shows how far he thinks

    Taking the game till end doesn't mean you should go out there and suck the momentum out with cringe 0(8) start, whatever the conditions or target you should or a good batter should always maintain strike rate around 70 to 80 ( faf did it and exploded in the end) if he can't touch 90 or 100,it shouldn't fall below 50 or 50 that's just pathetic in t20, basic understanding of cricket which dhoni lacks.
  4. speedheat

    Dhoni's post match interviews are gold, shows how far he thinks

    What?? How clueless and misinformed are you?? Getting stuck at 0(8) is not choke for you lol?? Epic its esy to say all that you have mentioned but a guy starting his innings at 0(8) adds pressure on others in t20, they were 67-6 as result of epic 9(18) this almost cost them a match but thanks to faf, bhai you may or may not like it but dhoniis approach is horrendous in t20.
  5. speedheat

    Dhoni's post match interviews are gold, shows how far he thinks

    9(18) was 0(8) at one stage, epic choke, and he thought bhajji n chahar need batting practice, wow what a thinker
  6. Well played csk, well done faf, this is how you finish an innings, dhoni apart this team is very much likable team with faf,lungi,raina,bravo thakur in it, on the other hand srh lol a team which has pandye and midget choker trundler sandeep sharma in it dosent deserve a trophy sorry lol.
  7. speedheat

    Vintage Thala on display

    Extremely overrated and mediocre cricketer, pressure is on conditions are tough and he goes missing.
  8. A grade choker dhoni choked 9(18) hahahahahahhahahahah
  9. Hiding behind tailenders like bhajji on a pacy track was not so surprising though
  10. speedheat

    CSK played a cruel prank on bambis !!!

    You absolutely destroyed this thread
  11. speedheat

    DHONI '9(18)' the phinisher!!!

    [emoji23] Sent from my Micromax A311 using Tapatalk
  12. speedheat

    DHONI '9(18)' the phinisher!!!

    [emoji12] Sent from my Micromax A311 using Tapatalk
  13. Rahul Watson Kohli Pant Karthik (c) Gowtham Krunal Hardik umesh bumrah kaul 12th man : Dhoni (message, massag, towel, drinks etc)
  14. Ankit does has skills of starck n jofra,, he can move that ball from fuller side of good length he can tuck the batter, he has accurate yorker which dips in late with late swing on it, he bowls around 138kph to 147kph which is good enough pace to be successful, but the point is any young pacer should be encouraged to bowl with his full pace without sacrificing accuracy even if the conditions are against you that only help him, he shouldn't use the excuse of conditions, dead wicket flat pattas to reduce his pace.
  15. Reverse swing in t20s is rare, pace on the ball will always help you, it depends on where you land that ball, an accurate pace will always cause problems and can get you wickets on flattest of Pattas and dead wickets, look what jofra doing in this season its just accurate pace with some variations and nothing, starc in 2014.
  16. speedheat

    Most Worthless Player of IPL 2018

  17. speedheat

    DHONI '9(18)' the phinisher!!!

    and this fool was our test captain..
  18. Bro, he did bowl with the same pace as of today in this tournament, he bowled quick in all those matches he played, trust me its just that inconsistent speedometer showing fluctuation in his speed.
  19. He does get some swing brother whenever he pitches it up, mostly outswing, reason why he is using that new ball, but its his pace and bounce and seam is what does more damage, the guy is a complete bowler.
  20. speedheat

    Match 56 : CSK vs KXIP

    Coward dhoni thank god only ankit rajpoot in kings attack all others are trundlers not so goodenough on this pitch, otherwise dhoni would have announced retirement
  21. speedheat

    Match 56 : CSK vs KXIP

    Bit of pace off the wicket and dhoni is hiding behind harbhajan, typical dhon
  22. That's it end of pathetic season for mi, just kick that hack ishan kishan out of the team, the guy is useless a proper hack nowhere near to pant, another useless zharkhandi
  23. speedheat

    Kohli is getting Bowled way too often

    Play Bold
  24. Pandey, will this idiot evr learn?? 25(22) lol.
  25. speedheat

    6cr for Gowtham Krishnappa is a good investment

    This guy impressive again,14(4) including 2 massive sixes off southi, tall and powerful, strong hitter of the ball,should be must in our loi side.

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