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  1. Dhoni is a dumb guy, he wll never believe that hovering around with strike rate 50 just to take the game at the end while chasing big totals against quality attack is horrendous approach, no point in sticking around with this has been should be kicked out permanently, we can still groom dk or pant to 2019wc
  2. Now you people should get an idea why I call the "ghonchu" op above as an electronic Bot.
  3. Even the English crowd was booing it was that pathetic, also looked suspicious too me, dhoni should be thoroughly investigated for this.
  4. 4 by pandya at least this guy is trying something but the selflezz stantaclaus on the other end trying hard to stay not out
  5. Horrendous approach by selfless dhoni
  6. Hi rasgulla the Bot welcome backv, Bot shades of sachin tendulkar today in Joe roots hundred don't you think so Bot? We should keep dhoni as away as possible in this chase, don't you think so Bot?
  7. Is thakur injured?? Why f this kaul playing??
  8. Shuuuu.. No need to comment on his beard
  9. Hopeless this kaul is, trundling around 130kph now
  10. Nice bowling by umesh he created a chance, edge fell short
  11. speedheat

    Shreyas Iyer...why is he over looked????

    Not really, nothing can match a peak dhoni or a dhoni with long hair who started as WK batsman, he used to smack 150 kph bouncers of shoiab akhtar, talent wise dhoni was ahead than dk.
  12. Sorry I got confused between chahar and chahal, its chahal I meant to say.
  13. speedheat

    Our seam bowling reserves

    Selectors or kohli or whoever it is, they have made mockery of our pace bowling, now if bumrah and bhuvi gets injured right before the WC then who have we left with?? Kaul, chahar, thakur?? Really ??...... Pathetic
  14. Please no chahal for test matches please, but this is good thinkig cooldip is must for testmatche, kohli deservingly threw csk chamchas like jaddu and ashwin out from our loi team time has come to do the same for overseas test matches, they can still play at home though.
  15. Gadha kaptaan retired way back in 2014
  16. 6 wickets for kully, amazing bowling amazing captaincy.
  17. Cool-deep strikes, amazing catch by dhoni
  18. Absolutely, those num. doesn't show how well umesh yadav has bowled at the start
  19. This team needs a 6th bowler as pandya I don't think so is a 10 over bowler, krunal in place of raina wud have done a descent job, also pant in place of dhoni wud have been awesome...
  20. Rest him if not fit dont want to see him trundling and sucking air faster than his bowling speeds, kaul should play.
  21. speedheat

    D Chahar- quick rise to first team

    bhai dhoni chamche hai WO log, IQ band karke post karte hai.
  22. speedheat

    With Saha in doubt, Pant must play England

    No dk no pant I say bring back that guy who recently played his best test match knock post retirement 54 off 114 something

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