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  1. excessive handshaking

    So what you want? to punch each others face?? Lol
  2. Why is Dhoni still playing T20s for India?

    Utter selfishness, money hungry what else?? He knows if he retires from t20 his market value will go down, will be loosing a big chunk of money in ipl
  3. Perfect time for dhoni to do some tuk tuk and steal credit.
  4. Where was this guy behndroff for odi series?? Looks quality, should have played before that lallo zampa odi series should have been bit more competitive.
  5. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Let's all laugh at the padosis :)

    Hahahahahahaha srilnaka won by 68 runs and some random perera was a destroyer today!!!
  6. Arjun Tendulkar selected in Mumbai U-19 squad

    Isn't tendulkar wants his son to be a footballer?? , but Arjun chose to become a fast bowler, hahahahaha typical indian unhappy father.
  7. But don't you think pandya is more reliable and all condition type bowler then pathan??? pathan was a trundler, below average and almost useless on flat pattas where as pandya can crank it up to 145k when needed and has done well on pattas too (ct 2017 final vs pak).They both are gujjus but i dont think they are veggies,especially pathan.
  8. I will go with hardick, peak or not peak he is much better bowler then irfan, irfan used to relied on swing, grass etc. i mean he was thrashed by "lallus" like afridi and hafeez.
  9. Behrendorff - left arm talent

    [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji106] that's also correct , but Aussie hype machine bro they were hyping Boland to be McGrath 2.0 and Paris as starc 2.0 in that 2016 Odi series before Rohit sharma pooped all over their hype.
  10. Behrendorff - left arm talent

    Nice action, long runup, tall and bouncy, pace is also ok around 135kph way better then overrated Boland , paris etc.
  11. Dhoni is finished and should be out of the team asap and fresh talent be welcomed.
  12. Warner over Smith as captain.

    Brother!! You are quoting a guy who once accepted me that he has low IQ [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23] so brother kindly save your time
  13. INDIA vs AUSTRALIA | 1st T20I | RANCHI | 19:00 IST | 7-10-2017 |

    Dhoni and Dinesh karthic both will compete with each others mediocrity to produce worst out put in this series!!
  14. INDIA vs AUSTRALIA | 1st T20I | RANCHI | 19:00 IST | 7-10-2017 |

    @OpeningBatsman nice thread bro!!
  15. Pakistan fast bowling factory

    Lol factorys Mohammad Abbas trundling around 125k [emoji16] [emoji3][emoji3][emoji16] dodda ganesh ki yaad dila di
  16. Hopefully dhoni learns something from the dog.. ex. Loyalty towards captain/team
  17. Thommo - how quick was he?'

    Nice videos and some really interesting and valuable debate is going on here, i think its difficult to judge the pace of the ball from videos with no speed gun as any batsmen with zero technique will make even binny look like Brett Lee , we can only guess it, holding, garner,Thompson are looking quick around 140kph to 145+kph but certainly not 150+kph or 160kph which was hyped.
  18. Umpire Claire Polosak set for historic debut

    that's nice congratulation to her in advance!!
  19. Umpire Claire Polosak set for historic debut

    [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23] don't blush
  20. Meanwhile in Sri Lanka

    Good decision, and here we are busy picking 36 and 38 year olds..
  21. Don't worry you can still use pins, blades, shoe spikes,bottle caps turfs etc. for reverse swing [emoji23] [emoji5]
  22. Bhuvneshwar Kumar Fan Club

    @velu ji I was a huge fan of old dhoni, his 148 vs pak and 183 vs SL are still my favorite knocks and I can never forgot that humongous straight six which he hit off mohmd. Sami in pak 2006 in that 5th and final odi, but it all went wrong when he became captain,Sadly he turned out to be more of a politician then a captain[emoji22] [emoji22] he started tuk tuking and old dhoni was lost!!
  23. Bhuvneshwar Kumar Fan Club

    Nice couple, girl is beautiful [emoji106] [emoji106] [emoji106] [emoji7] [emoji7] [emoji7] [emoji7]
  24. Bhuvneshwar Kumar Fan Club

    Heyy!! I am now a huge fan of this NEW bhuvi, especially after that added pace (145kph just wow) and beautiful knuckle ball, used to hate him in his initial trundling days though!!

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