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  1. 58 balls 71 runs - Kohli, Dhoni, Pandey

  2. 58 balls 71 runs - Kohli, Dhoni, Pandey

    Dhoni the great 16(11)
  3. Raina is here .

    Op is the clear definition of KLPD
  4. Same thing puzzling me, I thought those 130k to 136k balls were slower balls, or is it?? Was trying to find out but this sh**ty stream and network isant allowing me to
  5. 1st T20 : SA v IND | Wanderers, Jo'berg 6:30 PM IST

    We have quick afridi type spinner, his name is jaidev unadcut
  6. @goose please change my batsman to smuts and bowler to junior dala
  7. Bat-abd Bowl- kuldeep Field- south African wicket keeper
  8. Shed some more light on ashish zaidi please, anyone?? So far I have only heard about him, have heard that he was genuinely fast and toured with u19 team in pak 1989, according to some he bowled as quick as waquar, but never played for India, how quick he was??
  9. Kuldeep and Chahal - Fan Club

    Ohh hooo looks like Indian team visit icf 1. Hello bumrah, great job man, outstanding bowling 2. Hello bhuvi, have some time off man get fresh and get back in team we need you 3. Hello umesh quickly find ur rhythm and pace back man we need you too 4. Hello shami, keep the good work going man stay fit, enjoyed your bowling in test matches hope you will be back in Odis 5.Hello pant, your the future man, can see you becoming next star 6. Hello captain kohli you are the real captain cool, but mc bc throw out all those has been and try some youngsters 7. Hello drunkard yes you Mr.bevede concentrate on your work 8. Hell dhoni Gtfo team we don't need your brainless suggestions
  10. The great Nidahas Trophy 2018-Pre Tournament Discussion

    Exactly!! Fully agree with you, Pakistan u19 against whom gill scored 100 haf better bowling attack than bangLOLdesh, worth a try.
  11. The great Nidahas Trophy 2018-Pre Tournament Discussion

    Whatever this f**ing trophy is with s** minnows like Bangladesh in it we should try all our bench strength, whoever clicks work with him, create like to like players.... But NOOOOOOOOOOO.. It won't happen with gutless selectors around
  12. Surprised to see Thakur playing for india

    Half volley is the ball which falls just short of blockhole, 1m distance from the batting crease is half volley.
  13. Surprised to see Thakur playing for india

    Thakur Saab is good but we deserve better, we need a genuine pacer who consistently bowls 140k+ in an about 2 to 6m length of the pitch with intact lines and punctuate it with good lengths, yorkers and surprised short quick ball targeting the head of the batter depending upon the match situation, at the moment we have bumrah doing the above with utmost precision, need another but thakur, saini can do it, but we are wasting him already 25 years of age
  14. Valid criticisms of Virat Kohli

    Valid ??
  15. We have huge huge middle order problem, hope this series victory doesn't blank out it, with dhoni, iyaar,kartik,rahane, jafhav in it, as good as punctured wheel, nice to see this bevda knows, now ffs rectify it and kick out all those hasbeens Mr.bevde
  16. No those are fictive storys
  17. An unbelievably special series win

    Yes truely an unbelievable victory, excellent captaincy by kohli, lead from the front when needed, arguably the best odi series victory of recent times, along with pak and holding add some slty dhoni chamchas/bots and dhoni bhakts desguised as neutrals to haters list
  18. 3-2 loss vs sa at home 2-0 against the same team in sa Dumbest ever captain to represent team India
  19. Yes!! an absolute 5-1 drubbing handed to south Africa on their soil, arguably the best Odis bilateral series victory since 2004 pak tour, all hail king kohlis captaincy, love the passion agression, never to die attitude and pro-activeness he brings in which was missing since Dada captaincy days, eqully inept and reluctant in trying youngsters though, hope he improves that
  20. What an absolute legend a modern day great kohli is, a correct successor of master blasters throne , if any one deserve to be compared with king tendu its the king kohli, both masters of eye pleasing stroke play, dominated and humiliated bowlers of their era's, all hail king kohli hope you continue for many many years and brke tendulkar records and take India to new heights with ur batting and DADA esq captaincy..
  21. Mahendra Singh zondo has more humor than mahendr Singh pehlukyo though
  22. Not watching the match, What pace and length thakur is bowling???
  23. Ohh ohhhoo looks like this troll bot has installed new language, software updated ?? Lol
  24. India's over reliance on top 3

    Dhoni the great dot % is 34.57 lol, his appetite for dot ball is unconquerable no wonder has 80 sr batting at num.6 , one more reason to kick him out of the squad for good.

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