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  1. I was dropped despite performance: Suresh Raina

    If any senior I want to see back in the team is raina, despite all his weakness is still a match winner on his day, still a clutch player, better than hypocrite seniors like dhoni, way better hitting ability than iyer,jadhav, rahane and pandey, he can take that num. 6 position would love to see him bat with pandya in full flow, pant at 5 rainsla at 6 and pandya at 7 can be a perfect combo.
  2. Best Batting Strike Rates by position since last WC ended...

    Sun has set way back in 2015, its mid night now and his chamchas here are day dreaming.
  3. Mega trundler mustafissss got owned!!! Dumb Mumbaiiiyaas were throwing high fives on his selection wasted their money
  4. Srilanka won by 6 wickets, thrashed Bangladesh here
  5. F#@@ this means he will play all 5 test matches in England this year man this sucks when will this torture end??
  6. Isuru udana the srilankan unadkut went for 45 in 4 overs lol, got thrashed by thrash batter like afridi way back in 2009 ICC t20i final in england costing them a trophy, god knows what srilanka sees in him ??
  7. Changes for the sixth ODI

    Don't like rcb for diffrnt reason not coz of their pace attack.
  8. Who should open with SRT in All time Indian ODI XI?

    Well nothing can match "temujin khagan" of cricket SACHIN TENDULKAR, an absolute warrior who conquered each and every cricketing nation with his stylish batting. For left and right combination I'll go with gabbar dhawan
  9. Kuldeep and Chahal - Fan Club

    Anyone is better than axar
  10. Actually his strike rate is pretty consistent, he constantly strikes us every time we are on our way of victory with his momentum sucking tuk tuk batting and suffocating us out off runs,I say well maintained strike rate especially after he has been kicked out off the captaincy, don't know what shrikant is talking here
  11. Changes for the sixth ODI

    Was planning to go hard on csk in this years IPL but the entry of shardul and km asif has softened me up as I love watching pace bowlers bowl, I might support you guys now against queens 11 and bevdas and rr
  12. Changes for the sixth ODI

    Shami and shardul in for bhuvi and bumrah
  13. Bat- abdv Bowl- rabada/morris Field- rahane
  14. King Kohli = Afreeka ka baap

    2013-14 lost 2-0 in Odis in africa 2015 lost 3-2 in Odis at home Guess the genius captain who was also an African valet Hint: is the only captain in the history of the game who screech "ek chakkka khaaake dikha" to his bowlers behind the stump
  15. Who are the Potential fast/medium bowlers

    Well Navdeep saini is the guy who can bowl that full quick ball targeting off stump, he can control that full length ball with utmost precision, so he guarantees me success in Odis more than any other bowlers also khaleel is the one who has quick yorkers and can be handy in death overs, should be tried in Odis, besides this we have thakur thampi nathu and rajpoot, mavi and koti will be ready in two years
  16. Who are the Potential fast/medium bowlers

    No that was a fake video on utube
  17. Feeling so satisfied with Michael Holding crying

    Epic trolling of Pakistanis and their B grade trundlers here lol
  18. 4 trollvotes and counting....
  19. This Torture must end !!!

    Iyer poor guy was demoted to num.5/6 despite doing well at num.4 to accommodate mental midget rahane.
  20. This Torture must end !!!

    #4--- gill/Rahul/rana #5--- pant/ishan/sarfaraz #6--- hooda/pandya/krunal
  21. Congrats Team India !!!

    He is a very good actor must try Bollywood
  22. Congrats Team India !!!

    History has been made, improbable has happened, Congrats team India proud of you, proud of captain kohli, AWESOME CAPTAINCY
  23. Best odi captain since Dada, all hail king kohli, awesome captain, captain who we need a captain who lead
  24. Dhoni: when will the torture end???

    Torture continues.......

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