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  1. We are winning this game and then series, captain kohli , damn sure some hidden dhoni chamchas pretending to be neutrals here would have had threads bashing kohli captaincy ready before this series, klpd for you losers, lol its stil winter here in India but you guys are feeling the heat already
  2. Dhoni: when will the torture end???

    Abeyy duffer you getting owned here left right and center still hanging and entertaining us like tomfool csk captain
  3. Somewhere in this world goose is silently calculating our predictions
  4. Wait till dhoni adjust his 50% work, wicket will fall
  5. Danger of heading back to 90s

    Fasttrack manjot kalra let him open with dhawan, move rohit to num. 4, bring in pant at num.5 kick rahane and dhoni out that's the only way we can compete in WC 2019, still has a time try.
  6. 10 of 22

    Equally worse, not a huge rohit fan lol try again
  7. 10 of 22

    troll bot
  8. 10 of 22

    At least he didn't waste balls like the great dhoni
  9. Kohli or Dhoni - who will reach 10000 ODI runs first?

    Dhoni it will be with all time great 88(188)
  10. Countdown to MSD’s 10000 Odi runs

    Today was the perfect chance to score those 90+ for 10k and announce retirement in bathroom which the great dhoni is famous for, but nooooooooooo he choked with epic 10(22) .....i gues its a process
  11. 10 of 22

    10(22) super fast
  12. 10 of 22

    Yes I will take pant 22 off 10 over selfish 10(22) by the great dhoni
  13. 10 of 22

    One more pathetic selfish inning , and hard hitting youngster like pant cant find a place in this team, Piece of crap this dhoni is
  14. Not watching the match but looks like dhoni the great has sucked up all momentum once again with mighty 10(22), pathetic cricketer dhoni is an absolute piece of crap
  15. At least they don't fix, bottle caps, chuckkk...to win
  16. Bhuvi in ODIs vs Ishant in Tests

    Shocking actually, he had good series against Australia though, not a huge fan of stats I will always keep at least one bhuvi type bowler in my team who can swing and seam that ball at brisk pace and fairly accurate, followed by two genuinely quick pacers like shami/bumrah/umesh/saini etc.in Odis and testmatches , t20is I don't really care unadkat type jokers can play that format, so yes i will back bhuvi irrespective of those numbers.
  17. Bhuvi in ODIs vs Ishant in Tests

    Average 37, that's 0 wickets per game lol, these stats are misguiding I guess, i think his average has improved post 2015 south Africa series, could well be under 30, just my guess, but any how I will keep him in loi squad coz of that economy rate and ability to hit yorkers, an accurate pacer is must in Lois to keep things tight.
  18. Ashwin to try legspin in upcoming IPL

    Damn high insecurity level, I don't see him go flat out leg spin I guess he will be mixing his offspin with carrom ball type legspin, but the way this mental midget performed in ct final I don't see him getting back in team India any time soon in lois
  19. Axar Patel for Pandya?3rd odi

    Wtf lol that axar can't even clear 30yard circle and he can do what pandya can do?? ROFL
  20. Yea.. Dhoni the great takes credit when a professional bowler like kuldeep who also is a quality in itself performs and when it comes to a part timer who actually needs some guidance he barks "bowl as ur bowling" nonsense, and he can't bowl accurate lol, all hail your "chamchagiri"
  21. @goose since dekock is injured please change my batsman to dhawan
  22. Batsman- dekock Bowler- chahal Fielder- markram
  23. Aaahaa... rasgulla and jalebi in same thread??? Both my favorite though, just love to have them after lunch and dinner

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