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  1. Absolutely disgusting team selection, Rohit is as worse as kohli in regard to team selection if not worse, just pathetic to see karthik over rahul And on top of it we are bowling first ROFL wonder how will bhuvi under 45°of heat .
  2. Wtf!! Is going on No khaleel?? Struggling and unfit bhuvi is preferred over khaleel?? Really??? No kl either. cringe.
  3. speedheat

    Happy Ganesh Chaturthi

    Happy ganesh chathurthi icfers
  4. speedheat

    Asia Cup: Playing 11 vs Pak

    Rohit Dhawan Rahul Raydu Dk Dhoni Pandya Bumrah Bhuvi Khaleel Cooldeep
  5. Wait he quit captaincy?? Was more like kicked from it, Was already a s##ty test captain and was hitting new lows in odis as a captain one after the other like only indian captain to concede 438 in an odi only captain to lose a series to bangloldesh etc. Pretty sure if he had stayed as a captain would have deteriorated into the worst ever captain in Odis too, was kicked at the correct time tbh.
  6. speedheat

    Asia Cup- Dhoni trigger movement watch

    Beetle informed us in grievance thread that there used to be icf awards in the past. Man!! If ever she or anyone starts it again then I would like to proffer you the most intelligent poster of the icf award for your understanding of bot @Rasgullas non stop gibberish in coded terms
  7. speedheat

    Asia Cup- Dhoni trigger movement watch

    : Savage!!
  8. speedheat

    Pant Overtakes Dhoni In Just Three Tests.

    Any 5th day pitch is not a flat track.
  9. speedheat

    Whom will you drop for home series of WI?

    Perfect!!! I second that... To Op, post above is your answer.
  10. At the moment I don't mind going into Australia tour and world cup without coach (although going with shastri as a coach Is same as going without one ) but fire that arrogant drunkard ffs.
  11. Pant has pulled ops pant with that Savage 100
  12. We were not outplayed in bowling and fielding though,however we were thoroughly outplayed in batting.
  13. speedheat

    Bhajji, Vikrant, Madan Lal want Pant in Asia Cup

    Strange, out of all Madanlal is talking sense They can add a player only in case of an injury now. wish kedar or karthich is niggled.
  14. speedheat

    Pant Overtakes Dhoni In Just Three Tests.

    So its Pant 1 dhoni 0. Pant scored his hundred with a six in a test match (virus esq) but the guy don't find place in Odis n t20is. Tbh most funny part of this is its embarrassing for dhoni fans ... Scoreline reads 1-0 and counting
  15. speedheat

    Commentary gems tracking thread

    Hello guys, I request posters here to track some of the gems and fun banters shared in the commentary box of international matches and share it here in this thread so that we wont miss out a chance to laugh on any of the humorous joke/banter/mistake in the commentary box lol. We can start with ongoing Eng vs Ind test series, I am sure when we have harbhajan and sanga in the box there will be some comedy. You can also share some from past international matches if you recall one.
  16. That was in reply to nkola or nikola saying dhoni would have won the series with his captaincy, read the quote. Just shooting down some delusions.
  17. Can't judge pant based on a series where barring kohli each and every batter struggled. Will see how he does against wi at home in conducive conditions, its not easy to give your best in the middle of the series with team struggling and moral down, all in a he has impressed with wkeeping alone.
  18. Dhoni went down as the worst ever testmatch captain for India
  19. Shami has bowled well tbh What's more pleasing was that he has sustained good pace in all the 5 test matches @express bowling is there any session where shami has just trundled ?
  20. speedheat

    England vs India, 5th Test, 7th-11th Sept - The Oval

    Not sure if he is brahmin or not but he isn't a Mongol I was sarcastic there
  21. speedheat

    England vs India, 5th Test, 7th-11th Sept - The Oval

    I was sarcastic yaar but doesn't he look like a Mongol??
  22. speedheat

    Hanuma Vihari

    Hardik should play, rahanes @ should be kicked.
  23. speedheat

    England vs India, 5th Test, 7th-11th Sept - The Oval

    We missed the trick by preferring ashwin over jadeja always rated jaddu as better than ash. Hope ashwin never play for India again
  24. speedheat

    England vs India, 5th Test, 7th-11th Sept - The Oval

    Bumrah is Punjabi, jadeja I think is rajput and pujara is converted mongol so only one gujju I guess
  25. speedheat

    Hanuma Vihari

    50 for hanma, Well done !! This shows we have enough talent in the bank. Now This duo of uncultivated koach and coward captain should develop some spine and unleash them inspite of going back to ttfs has beens.

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