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  1. I would defiantly replace that floater, he is just not an odi batter
  2. God knows what stops trying pant as an opener and wk?? don't know who is insecure ??
  3. Our wrist spinners has done well on this patta pitch, ashwin should learn from them, how to bowl on such pattas.
  4. Hope Tuk tuk master Ajinkya rahane learns something from our gods advice
  5. 10 Years of India's WT20 Triumph

  6. Missiles hote to bhi nahi udte bhai, aisi chickni [emoji12] pitch pe..
  7. Downvoting/Negative Reputation has been disabled

  8. Gutsy knock from bhuvi well done to him.... Better strike rate then so called the hard hitter and the best finisher in the world.
  9. Patt Cummins is sending them at an around 150kph but pandya is playing him like a spinner lol is that a pitch or a desi kabbadi ground??
  10. MS Dhoni mega discussion thread

    5 off 10 today... technique tweak...lol
  11. Dhoni: when will the torture end???

    Somebody should tell him that Its not as easy to change ur technique as your pads, his woeful tuk tuking is hurting our cricket!!
  12. Seen pandya bowling couple of bouncers at 145kph today !! Kya baat hai yaaaro!!!
  13. Damn!!! 148kph!!! [emoji7] [emoji7] [emoji7] [emoji7] Did it looked that fast??? What was the length of the ball??
  14. India A team's tour of South Africa

    Someone Please update me on that siani guy!! About his bowling action, seam position and speed please!!
  15. Thanks brother, always nice to be back here, loves this place [emoji106]
  16. Hey!! Where is that Jamie overton guy?? you have news on him?? he was genuinely fast bowling around 150kph at the age of 17!!!! Its incredible how he disappeared.
  17. What's killing Windies cricket

    Corrupt board what else
  18. World cricket needs a strong Zimbabwe side !!
  19. Rohit returns for Sri Lanka Tests; Nair dropped

    Ishnt sharma [emoji35] [emoji35] [emoji35] [emoji35] [emoji35] [emoji35] And then talk about backing youngsters you clown selector!!
  20. Trying to hit??? [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23] lamo dude he was struggling to even time a ball to some lalluu like Keswick Williams lol

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