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  1. Axar Patel for Pandya?3rd odi

    Wtf lol that axar can't even clear 30yard circle and he can do what pandya can do?? ROFL
  2. Yea.. Dhoni the great takes credit when a professional bowler like kuldeep who also is a quality in itself performs and when it comes to a part timer who actually needs some guidance he barks "bowl as ur bowling" nonsense, and he can't bowl accurate lol, all hail your "chamchagiri"
  3. @goose since dekock is injured please change my batsman to dhawan
  4. Batsman- dekock Bowler- chahal Fielder- markram
  5. Aaahaa... rasgulla and jalebi in same thread??? Both my favorite though, just love to have them after lunch and dinner
  6. Velu is triggered personal abuse coming on your way
  7. Bcci.tv domain expired

    Yess !!! Lol, Was trying for virat kohli message to u19 team video but instead they asked to renew and bid the domain to me
  8. " Bowl as you are bowling" what a genius
  9. What a chamchagiri lol, so he gives free advice to professional bowlers but when it comes to part timer he is untoward and inept?? Lol, give credit to great dhoni when someone does well and when don't its dhonis faith
  10. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=h7ucv9k8Qz4 Watch the clip.
  11. So why didn't he worked out kedar jadhav who went for 19 in 3 overs???? Looks like this great spinners captain only advice good bowlers and chickens it out when needed for part timers like jadhav, nonsense, he knows how to steal the spotlight, captain dhongi
  12. Speed guns were not working properly today, they were on and off but few delivery's of nagkoti when it was working shown at 138k to 141k, but again naag was looking sharp today must have touched 145kph.
  13. Thanks brother, but boss what's up between hassan Ali and sarfarazz?? I have never ever seen such behaviour from a bowler in a live international match, thank god dhoni wasn't his captain otherwise hassan would have slapped dhoni live on TV for his clueless suggestions, but I thought it was sarfarzs fault, what do you think??
  14. How many International Teams can this Under 19 Team Beat?

    Mavi can swing it with pace, watch his first 4 overs vs paku19 that was some genuine swing without any assistance from conditions around, commentators were shouting" class bowling from this lad, that bowling would have troubled any international batsman" etc so that is mavi very similar to boult pace and swing wise, then we have naag who can spit fire with deadly accuracy and then porel who can trouble them with bounce, I guess that's enough trouble technically inept batters of pak and windies
  15. How many International Teams can this Under 19 Team Beat?

    In Odis and t20s, both of this team don't like pace, Pakistan got owned with pace by lockie, henry and boult in recent 5-0 drubbing.
  16. Stanlake should bowl full at that pace, short of a good length won't work
  17. 150k with that height, Australia should bring this stanlake in their test side, international sides won't like him.
  18. How many International Teams can this Under 19 Team Beat?

    Well!!!!! Pace bowling will surely destroy Pakistan and west indies!!!!
  19. India world champions U19 2018

    Ok, Cheers!!! Will be having jalebi after lunch
  20. Guns are running around the ground filled with energy and joy, poor cameraman is forced to run with them
  21. Kudos to selectors aswell for selecting these guns
  22. India world champions U19 2018

    Congrats to young team, we have so many youngsta beauties kalra,gill, prithvi, mavi, koti, ishan, ankul, Abhishek dharma, harvik Desai.... Just another reason to kick out oldies, has beens like DHONI, karthik, jadhav etc. Hopefully brainless kohli and bevda shastri is looking at this.
  23. Dhoni doesn't deserve a rest he deserve a permanent drop

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