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  1. speedheat

    Remember the date 2018-June-18?

    Defeating them is something normal for us while defeating us is a big thing for them. That explains everything
  2. speedheat

    Does India Need a Caste-based Quota in Cricket?

    First of all i am against racism, caste etc. So my answer for the op is no But just curious here, judging by his deep knowledge of astrology I think @velu is a 'pandit' and judging by his sudden glitches, malfunctioning,inability to understand human things and gibberish i think this bot @Rasgulla is just an electronic device, a faulty electronic gadget
  3. speedheat

    Dinesh Karthik as backup keeper in tests

    I wish saha was fit, we will miss his agile wkeeping skills.
  4. speedheat

    Dinesh Karthik as backup keeper in tests

  5. speedheat

    Wasim Akram, a cuckold?

    I don't believe in these storys, wasim is a legend of the game and deserves respect!! Damn!!
  6. speedheat

    Arjun Tendulkar breaks into India Under-19 squad

    Arjun tendulkar
  7. Kohli is the worst tbh and Dada was the best and that another one was dumb wanted to have readymade players lol.
  8. https://m.hindustantimes.com/cricket/dilip-vengsarkar-s-bouncer-was-axed-as-chief-selector-for-picking-virat-kohli-in-2008/story-e9n0hz6EGdwxAmkIkUi3LI.htmlhtml https://m.timesofindia.com/sports/cricket/news/backing-of-virat-kohli-in-2008-led-to-my-removal-as-chief-selector-dilip-vengsarkar/amp_articleshow/63213191.cms Read it !!!! Will dissolve your delusions!!! #Csk quota Gambhir and raina??
  9. speedheat

    Congratulations to Afghanistan !!!

    congratulation afghan
  10. speedheat

    [ IPL ] Girls Talk | #OrangeArmy Ladies

    Me with arbazz khan...
  11. speedheat

    [ IPL ] Girls Talk | #OrangeArmy Ladies

    my female friends say i looks like a dhoni and then they avoid me
  12. speedheat

    Grievances thread

    My request to icf mods and admins, you people are doing great job despite your busy schedule, just keep it as it is and simple, you don't need to do any extraordinary things,i respect your hardwork, I have been to many wwe forums and was well active on parosi forum tbh I didn't saw any significant difference in moderation, in fact you people are the best out of all. 1) Just ban harsh words like sex,rape and some other abusive words 2) instruct your mods to be more active during match days, that's when this forum gets heated, they can relax a bit during off days That's it thanq
  13. speedheat

    Grievances thread

    No not at all, restlessness can be seen in his posts, he gets hyper and ends up writing gibberish!! And that's where I score my victory!
  14. speedheat

    KL Rahul should be given a long rope !!!

    Read my posts, i said sr 80 is useful if you are batting at 3 and situation is 30-3 something, read that post! So that akila example was cringe!!!
  15. speedheat

    Grievances thread

    Agree boss!! Reason why I just give 1 or 2 replays to this undisputed troll @Rasgulla and then steps aside and laughs at his response.
  16. speedheat

    KL Rahul should be given a long rope !!!

    Bad example....Akila??? What connection he has?? With dhoni retirement from captaincy??. Cring!!
  17. speedheat

    KL Rahul should be given a long rope !!!

    Its you who was shamelessly defending that 9(18) knock in IPL sec. Until I stepped in and proved you wrong!!
  18. speedheat

    Grievances thread

    God, things got serious on this thread and they have revised the rules, fair enough I will respect it, but by looking up things here I remembered one famous song "Give Me Some Sunshine, Give Me Some Rain Give Me Another Chance I Wanna Grow Up Once Again"
  19. speedheat

    KL Rahul should be given a long rope !!!

    Actually m not trolling him. Just cutting down his delusion abt dhoni
  20. speedheat

    KL Rahul should be given a long rope !!!

    He left coz he was one trick pony and clueless captain, kohli still goes for his help nothing wrong in it but he ends up getting suggestions like bowling kd in death overs, lol Bhai at least I won't defend a fultos in death overs off faulkner and hide behind kuldeep n bhuvi to score some useless n.o. You accept that sr of 80 is bad but doesn't accept the fact that runs scored with that sr is of no use to team unless you are in a situation like 30/3 or something, that's your clueless ness. Carry in with your dhoni chamchagiei
  21. speedheat

    KL Rahul should be given a long rope !!!

    Sorry velu, I actually avoide babaji ankit but when I see his unlimited chamchagiri and gems like avg 33 is OK for a batsman coming at num 6 with sr 97 I just can't stop laughing
  22. speedheat

    Grievances thread

    Already trollvoted you just check

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