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  1. speedheat

    WC2019 don't be surprised 11

    By the time worldcup comes they ll sideline all youngsters and fill the squad with hasbeens and dustbins, bhuvi and bumrah will get injured by playing all those meaningless bilaterals n IPL (my god forbid) and we will be left with something like this to cheer. Rohit Dhawan Kohli Raydu Rains Youraj Dhoni Bhajji Jaddu Ishant Mohit dekh Lena..
  2. speedheat

    Dropping Chahal would be idiocy.

    have already prepared myself for such kind of idiocy from team management ROFL.
  3. Dhawan Shikhar Kohli 4. Rahul 5. Pant 6. Pandu 7. K. Gowtham 8.Khaleel 9.Boomrah 10.Bhuvi 11. Cooldeep
  4. speedheat

    Modern fast bowlers- afraid to bowl yorkers?

    They don't practice it enough
  5. unleash it, ban those retards.
  6. Clueless selectors and captain, bevda coach and dumb insecure dhoni mixing Csk retards in Indian cricket. Irony of Indian cricket, god save us.
  7. Khaleel should play in place of chahal Pakistani are chickens against pace.
  8. speedheat

    msk prasad

    Do you really believe that gutless msk is a selector?? its clueless kohli first who is tempting all these selections of pension holders and then when he is absent its the biggest leech of indian cricket dhoni mixing csk retards in Indian team takesover. However, I agree submissive msk should be kicked out asap.
  9. speedheat

    Dropping Chahal would be idiocy.

    Playing 3 spinners in England is suicide. Drop chahal and play jaddu as a bowling ar stick with pandya n jadhav and play khaleel as 3rd specialist pacer along bhuvi and bumrah.
  10. Virudilsekhelos thread on dhoni deleted?? Can't find it lol
  11. They should bring rashid now into the attack
  12. Few more TV sets will be destroyed
  13. Hamid hassan is injured, dawlat zadran another genuinely fast guy should have played this match much much better bowler than aftab alam i think he is in the squad but they are not playing him, preferring trundlers I guess.
  14. Afghani fast bowling is pathetic, that aftab alam guy was bowling 125kph short pies, you just can't always win matches with spinners need to have good mix of both spinners n pacers, still lot of work to do in pace bowling department.
  15. Said it, jaddu is a good selection conditions are conducive for his type skiddy spin bowling, just need to drop useless chahal and play khaleel.
  16. Indian batting is not a 90mph bouncer gangu l
  17. Why is the kedar jadhav my fav off spinner after gream swan isn't bowling?
  18. Mossadek Singh dhoni batting at 6(27) lmao
  19. speedheat

    Probable world cup squad !!!

    I would also like to have dk or pant instead dhoni as we need a genuine six hitter on position where they bat, but unfortunately there is no stopping dhoni playing this WC even if dollar drops below rupee. Well prasidh is good but we can't directly risk him in a tournament like WC, need bhuvis experience here.
  20. speedheat

    Probable world cup squad !!!

    Rohit Dhawan Virat (c) Kl Rahul Kedar (genuine golden arm no fluke) Hardik Dhoni (wk)/pant Bhuvi Bumrah Khaleel Cooldeep This team looks balanced
  21. Achha?? I thought chitti Bot is your modern day idol Bot rasgulle

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