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  1. Balaji and Pathan were never quick to begin with. They were swing 130-135 bowlers. Ishant too was not quick to begin but then he got some rhythm and bowled quick after his debut and lost it when he changed his action and now still bowls quick. Only bowler who was quick and lost pace was Munaf but he did that intentionally.


    Regarding Sudeep Tyagi, he was an exciting prospect. In those days, around 2010-11, we did not have too many 140s bowlers like we have now.  We only had Ishant who was on a decline after the tweak in his action. Sudeep Tyagi came as a great news to many. After decline of Munaf, a tall bowler bowling quick was emerging.  I had followed his career since his ranji debut where he picked up a 10-fer on debut.  Remember PK and BK were also a part of the UP team at that time and he made waves leaving them behind.  He won games for UP when they had no hope using reverse swing with old ball. That year 2012 was going like a dram for him.  UP was doing badly and then came back  from an injury and won them 2 out the 3 games he played taking 19 wickes and then in his 3rd game, he broke his shoulder while fielding and that proved only and last nail in his career.  He was never the same bowler after that. Then came Umesh, Aaron. Umesh made his IPL debut in 2010.  Aaron 2011. and then Shami emerged  through his first Duleep trophy game.

    Balaji and pathan both in the initial years of their careers were sharp on that 2004 Pakistan tour, have seen them bowling around 136 kph with the fastest of 143kph so as Munaf Patel vs england in 2005, but all of them lost pace and effectiveness hence starting a trend of Indian pacers loosing a pace after their debut, regarding tyagi I agree with you as you have followed him much better than me, no doubt he had a stellar domestic record it's really really sad what happened with him, maybe i was too harsh to call him a mediocre but for a person who haven't followed him much he will always be a failure who played for csk ,he too might or might not have gone in the way of Munaf, pathan balaji etc. we can never say that as he hardly played for india.



  2. please dont argue with me. I dont say anything without facts. Dont think you even saw him much. He was a 140 bowler and that was the reason he was picked for India and was touted to be the next best thing for Indian fast bowling.  A 6 feet 3 inch fast bowler bowling 140 plus was not a common site in Indian cricket.  He also had picked up a 5-fer against a touring Aussie side using reverse swing, now dont tell he could reverse the ball at Vinay Kumar's speed. Regarding skill set, he was 22 and not many fast bowlers at that age will have a whole lot of skills. Also, he was a late bloomer. He did not come up through age cricket. 
    He was picked by Mohd Kaif out of the blue who saw him bowl in the nets, in U22 trial and picked him straight away for Ranji trophy due to the pace he bowled at.  He was doing well till 2012 but after that shoulder injury during fielding which led to a surgery, he could never recover back, lost pace, struggled in domestic cricket too, and the reason he never played for India again.  Now tell me they guy who picking wickets for fun in domestic cricket suddenly could not do jack **** why? because he lost pace and with that his effectiveness. I remember he got ABDV bowled the first delivery he bowled to him in his first IPL game and that delivery was 141KPH. He bowled up to 144KPH and would have only got quicker but unfortunately that injury finished everything for him.  We actually lost a great prospect in him.  he was a loss of Indian cricket, tbh.  We do not get such fast bowling prospects so often who have all the attributes, tall and fast which he was.  
    here is an old article.

    He was a 140+ bowler,you call that now???, it was a huge trend back than about how Indian pacer used to loose their pace once debut courtesy balaji,pathan, ishant. I have not seen him bowl much in domestics and ipl but whatever I have seen of him he looked average to me, just a few 140kph ones but mostly in 130s, he used to bowl either too short or too full that's what I remember, you might be right he is the potential we lost but unfortunately we can never come to conclusion as he hardly played for india that's why let's just end it here.

  3. How was Vijay mediocre?  he made his debut for India in 2008 based on his FC exploits and not based on IPL. Sudeep Tyagi was the top wicket taker in 2008, his debut Ranji trophy season and was supposed to be the next best thing in Indian fast bowling with ability to bowl in 140s but his career got cut short due to several injuries and then he lost his pace after he broke his shoulder in 2012 during a Ranji game and underwent surgery. He could never bowl the same way he did.  He was solely responsible for UPs rise in 2012 ranji trophy when he single-handedly won them them taking 18 wickets in 3 matches before he broke his shoulder. Before that, he picked up a 5-fer for India A against a strong Australia A side consisting of likes of Simon Katich at home. Can you recall how many Indian domestic pacers have picked up 5-fers against a strong touring A side in a 4-day game?  

    Note: I never called him mediocre in test matches
    We were having debate on Vijay and his abilitys in Odis not in test matches that too in some other thread not here, admin just dragged that debate here, since csk is limited over team I was calling him him mediocre based on those 17 played Odis, I never called him mediocre in test matches, well I never rates bowlers based on domestic stats, I have seen tyagi bowl even before his injury, he was never a 140+ bowler, and yes he was average in terms of skill sets, he might have good domestic record but so is Vinay kumar.

  4. Lol :phehe:
    Negi played 1 t20 for India that's it and which tyagi are you even on about ? Vijay had great IPLs back in 2010 2011. Try harder next time. He still is part of Test squad from Dhoni ERA 

    Babu saheb lol , sudeep tyagi a former mediocre trundler from csk, and I was debating about how csk quota used to strike us one after the other with all those mediocre selections after that they perform or not is their hard work, also the debate was long closed in other thread not this, so babu saheb better focus on other things then quoting me.

  5. People invent lot of things. Creativity is all over ICF. But let's pretend that Jadeja picking wickets at avg of 20 for Saurastra was not a deserving player or there were 100 better options than Ashwin, and he was pushed by CSK quota when in fact he wasn't even 2nd best, rather he was best bowler we had knocking at internation cricket door.


    Of course selecting best players is nepotism for some.



    No I agree with jaddus selection he was deserving, if you go back to my debate with ankit there too I agreed with both jaddu and ashwins selection, its also correct that we were not having better spinner then jaddu( although there is still scope for debate of ashwins selections over mishrsaji )my problem was all those mediocre negis, mohit, tyagis,Vijay etc.


  6. SRT has been our best opener. Should we recall him now? Thing is his days were over. No matter what someone does in past, averaging in 20s is clear indication of that. Apart from that it's just your Dhoni hate, which makes you think that Dhawan and Rohit are poorer than Gambhir and Sehwag in that kind of poor run.
    IPL performance has nothing to do with ODI performances when ODI performances are going down drain for years.

    SRT?? Why?? His career is long gone over and so as gambhirs, I don't want gambir back now I was speaking about 2012/2013 with gambir still having fuel left in him, I am OK with Rohit and dhawan my debate was gambir against murli Vijay and csk quota, if IPL performance has nothing to do with Odis than why your captain cool filled Indian team with cskians vijay, ashwin,mohit,jaddu based on IPL performance???

  7. Gambhir was struggling in both formats for quite some time. 
    Didn't score a test 100 for almost 3 yers and was averaging in 20s in ODIs against all countries except Lanka.

    See gambhir was a big match player always delivered when it mattered, he was doing well in IPL to show he is still a clutch player we should have persisted with the player of that caliber.

  8. Good thread, I would say yes, he was unfortunate not only him but gambhir too, today with inconsistent dhawan, maharaj Rohit taking his own time and tuk tuk rahane its sehwag esque opening batsman we are missing the most, he was an unfortunate coz dhonis favoritism for csk players/boot lickers was at its peak back then hence both gambo and sehwagh missed ou. Raina is going through same treatment at the moment, these kohlis fitness madness should be stopped and raina should be given the chance over failures like jadhav.

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