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  1. 5 minutes ago, Singh bling said:

    Mujeeb is still youngster , Even Ajmal was unable to defend 18 in T20 SF 2010 .against good teams these moves can proove to be costly

    If  two set batsman's were batting, then yes this would have been a bad move, but since it was mishra on the other end  ashwin took this risk, and it Worked as iyr denied mishra a strike wasting some crucial balls.

  2. 39 minutes ago, Rightarmfast said:

    Bro, tell me how the duck are the selectors choosing Unad* over this bowler? @express bowling @rkt.india @Mosher  @speedheat, Shubham Mavi, Nagarkotti, Khaleel, Avesh.. Bad omen for aaron, umesh and shami? they need to keep their chaddi's up, or these young kids pull theirs down in no time. what say?

    Bro, add  nathu Singh and lalit yadav to it, phooooooooooo... We have problem of plenty, but good thing here is that joker unadkut is only playing in t20 format for us, was average in nidhaas tropy in srilanka , will be kicked out by kohli sooner or later.

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