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  1. Just want watto to put this sandeep in his place today again !! That joker!! Even his effort balls are 123ks now..
  2. Why they keep calling tripathi as 'chapati'
  3. Saw two balls at 132.8kph from arshdip.. Got a beautiful smooth bowling action. Slightly roundarm. Nice shape as well.
  4. Watching dhawal and undut bowling alongside jofra archer is like having daal-rice with butter chicken.
  5. We have done injustice on talent called aggrawal he is better than kl Rahul.
  6. speedheat

    Tips and suggestions to stop the CSK juggernaut

    + create a track which doesn't assist any sort of spin bowling.
  7. speedheat

    WC 15 - IPL 2019 - Performance Tracker.

    Bumrah- Great

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