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  1. Yup, rohit was quick to response while dhoni as you said was wissy wassy, only blind bhakts couldn't see it.
  2. That was pure rohits review, he immediately went for it while dhoni was guessing, gawaskar has lost his mind
  3. Bumrah has bowled so well today so far, no words to praise him, just not having bloody f@king luck
  4. The way he dropped kl in favor of kathik in England Odis, sad but true!!! That moron should be kicked out of the captaincy if his obsession with seniors doesn't stop.
  5. No match against pak is dead rubber, whenever wherever we meet,they should crushed.
  6. I guess the team management will pee in their pants at the last moment and wll select chahal over khaleel going with 3 specialist spinners and if wicket is flat n imam n fakhar the hack survive new ball spell of double Bs, see us loosing.
  7. speedheat

    WC2019 don't be surprised 11

    By the time worldcup comes they ll sideline all youngsters and fill the squad with hasbeens and dustbins, bhuvi and bumrah will get injured by playing all those meaningless bilaterals n IPL (my god forbid) and we will be left with something like this to cheer. Rohit Dhawan Kohli Raydu Rains Youraj Dhoni Bhajji Jaddu Ishant Mohit dekh Lena..
  8. speedheat

    Dropping Chahal would be idiocy.

    have already prepared myself for such kind of idiocy from team management ROFL.
  9. Dhawan Shikhar Kohli 4. Rahul 5. Pant 6. Pandu 7. K. Gowtham 8.Khaleel 9.Boomrah 10.Bhuvi 11. Cooldeep
  10. speedheat

    Modern fast bowlers- afraid to bowl yorkers?

    They don't practice it enough

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