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  1. This is sad! he should retire now. I think he mustered the energy and fortitude to continue pushing for a thing which he loved so much. Fast bowling. Legend of the game.
  2. speedheat

    Can anyone answer this seriously?

    He sometimes overdo it, that reaction to ashwins dismissal was pathetic! Exhibit clear sign of immaturity. I can understand his passion but should stop overdoing it.
  3. speedheat

    IPL tweet/meme/video thread [ 2019 ] !!!

    Umesh yadav have been suspended with immediate effect from dinda academy of fast bowling owing to yesterdays poor performance with ball against kings11 Punjab and will remain suspended until authorities headed by President Mr. Chakravartain samrat Ashok Dinda, sir aggy , sir undutut sir dhawal and sir sandip sharma examine the process at all levels.
  4. speedheat

    Sandeep Sharma’s horror over !!!

    Crappy bowler!! looks like they haven't learned their lessons.
  5. speedheat


    Poor soul has fu#k@d up his life. Nevertheless, his tollvotes I take it as a proof that I have hit where it hurts the most. @Cricket_Nostradamus go suck it.
  6. speedheat


    Has been trollvoting me since morning lol.
  7. Stanlake will make this attack complete.
  8. Just love watching that Mickey mouse getting thrashed Also one of the fine reason why I hate srh!!!
  9. Ohhh... That idot... He was so restless about sandeep that he even pm me 5 am in the morning asking me to stop criticizing sandeep
  10. So you agree that you are frustrated!! Nice ..... Still doesn't change the fact that chennai produce gutter level pitch. @Zelig
  11. Never thought I would say this.. Well played pandey!!!
  12. Golti??? Wtf that even means??? Full marks for pretending though !!! Your soul is frustrated
  13. Pitch is a carbon copy of the first match of IPL where rcb got walloped. Look at the turn which bhajji was getting. Warner and pandya have counterd it well
  14. frustrated chuski?? Still won't change the fact that pitch is a gutter!! Lmao even wronguns are turning now...
  15. Warner Stumped dhoni bowled gutter level pitch!!

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