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  1. speedheat

    Should this be legal?

    Not needed, just stick to basic
  2. speedheat

    Dhoni v Rahim - who has been better wk-batsman in tests?

    Mushy is better, technically sound compact on tough tracks. Dhoni was great odi bat but overrated ftb in tests and sucked in t20is can't be labeled as Atg.
  3. Give him one more series, series in Australia , check if he has improved on pace or not, kick his @ straight to domestic otherwise.
  4. speedheat

    Is Bhuvi Kumar India's Jade Dernbach in LoIs?

    Jade dernbackh was underachiever! Had really good short ball and yorker which used to dip in late at good pace. But got obsessed with slower balls. Often he used to try variety of slower balls making a mess of his action and rhythm eventually spraying the ball on both side of the wicket. But no doubt he had traits to succeed in Lois.
  5. Won the series 3-0 did anybody missed dhoni?? Although his disciple pandey tried hard to make us miss him
  6. speedheat

    NZ pick rookie Lockie Ferguson capable of bowling at 150ks

    5 wickets for lockie Ferguson.. Finishes with 10-0-45-5, brilliant bowling just rattled and owned Pakistanis with pace.. Fastest of 151kph.. This is what we are missing in our loi attack especially with khaleel going trundling way..
  7. speedheat

    Aus vs SA - 3rd ODI

    Hack Chris Lynn was sent in to open this time as if he is Gilchrist incarnate.. Scored a zero
  8. And he fulfill his fantasy by playing test cricket in Odis & t20is
  9. Lol there are so many intact.. Roy, morgon,finch,hales, Munro,guptil,Gayle,lewis, kushal perera etc
  10. speedheat

    Brainfade from Cummins

    He was just shocked!! and couldn't believe that Australia won with that pessimistic batting line up filled with hacks like AT carey, Chris Lynn etc.
  11. speedheat

    Pak vs NZ 2nd ODI

    Matt henry is known Pakistan basher, a genuine wicket taker who seams the new ball at around 137- 145kph and he is warming the bench for this average trundler southee
  12. speedheat

    Sid kaul selected for third t20 against WI

    Horrendous decision, kaul pathetic hapless trundler with no future in international cricket only good at bowling those knuckle ball, other than is a mediocre bowler. Poor selection, why not rajpoot or thakur instead ??
  13. speedheat


    Hilarious @velu @Mosher @beetle @UrmiSinhaRay @Laaloo
  14. Chalo.. At least talking some sense now after 'quit India movement'
  15. Nothing would have happened if he had whispered about it to umpires, both of these umpires are Pakistanis. I say well done to ross Taylor that at least kept him honest.
  16. Hope match referee takes note of this sagacious act by Taylor and ban that blatant chucker.
  17. Pakistanis no doubt are proven cheaters and unconcealed blatant chuckers. When pressure is on they chuck. Not only hafeez look out for Junaid too Self -evident clean cut chucker!!! Ridiculous.
  18. Want to see similar kind of peformace against tougher teams without kohli though. But at the moment team Is gelling well without them.
  19. That phaaaaaaaaastt!! Bouncer of krunall.. .. Unadcut should die of shame
  20. Not deliberate bro.
  21. Much much better pace today by Khalil, as I said he was intentionally bowling within himself, tinker in his action wasn't drastic to make him lose good 5-7kph. Saw exactly two 141kph balls and both the balls on which he got wickets were 137kph. Pheww.. Bit relaxed now, don't have problem if he displays his skill sets In an around 137kph.
  22. speedheat

    7 Reasons Why India Will Need DHONI In 2019 World Cup

    Agree... The guy is chicanery!!
  23. speedheat

    7 Reasons Why India Will Need DHONI In 2019 World Cup

    Dhoni fanbase no doubt Is the worst fanbase I have ever seen, and equally dumb. Some reasons they bring to defend thala are lolworthy and pathetic. Hate which dhoni receive is often the result of stupidity of these clowns.

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