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  1. So that means riddance for Mumbai Indians from this trundler??
  2. speedheat

    Where do you think Will Cricket Stand in 2050?

    We will have Robots playing cricket instead of humans and this Bot @Rasgulla will be a commentator with his Abba dabba jabba gibberish
  3. speedheat

    How fast was David Johnson?

    Which current fast bowler gives you that nostalgic feeling which pk gave you? excited to know
  4. She means, pujara puts her to sleep when he is batting, now who on earth would want to watch puj batting at 40* from 1000000000566 balls
  5. speedheat

    Fakhar Zaman

    Opponents and bowling attack do matter bhai, you look at all those 200s in, only sachins 200 had quality bowling attack, hence respectable even though it came on one of the flattest tracks, don't be surprised if Rohit the mighty sharma score 300+ if we feed him zimbo attack on flat track with all those nagaravas, muzubuni and god knows whom.
  6. speedheat

    Fakhar Zaman 200 coming?

    So you keep your eyes close when bumrah bowls with pace??? Well for you answer, both of of these guys wll make sure Fz miss nagarava,muzubani and tripano and chisoro etc.
  7. speedheat

    Fakhar Zaman 200 coming?

    Not really, he was struggling against bumrah before he got him on no ball, got owned by pace, if only we had shami or umesh from other end things would have been different, you don't call few fluke edges going for boundrys as bitch slapping, however he thrashed ashwin and jadeja.
  8. Marathi bias nothing else also these chew**ys overrate batting technique some times they fail to understand that little unorthodoxy is needed in odi cricket, rahane no doubt has good technique but is big no in odi cricket, he gets stuck and struggles to rotate strike, weak against spin too, kl Rahul is the best option for num.4 as he can anchor as well as hit big when needed on that position other than Rahul I think krunal can do a good job for us at num.4 but no rahane please
  9. speedheat

    Fakhar Zaman 200 coming?

    Good knock but still an average batsman, dont think thrashing some nagarava, muzubni, chisoro will change that, walking wicket against genuine pace and seam.
  10. As usual poor umesh will be most affected, kohli will be the culprit.. This time Dhawan wll thigh five first and then hold a catch.
  11. speedheat

    Dhoni took to ball to show it to bowling coach - Shastri

    Dhoni took to ball to show it to bowling coach - Shastri Very sad to know our bowling coach doesn't even know how the cricket ball looks
  12. speedheat

    Dale Steyn, the greatest fast bowler of the century

    Styen, One of my favorite fast bowler of this century and 2000s decade, some of the others were Bond Lee Akhtar Jermaine Lawson Stew harmison Lasitha malibga and Andy blignaut
  13. For first two Odis kaul was preferred over thakur.and all of a sudden thakur is in the test squad now, umesh yadav was dropped from the wicket where he would have done well, bhuvi was rushed despite being unfit, all this shows how badly these dorks kohli n shastri have messed up our pace bowling.
  14. speedheat

    Speculation about Dhoni 's retirement

    Pie lagu baba.... Off topic but baba muni trundleresh(umesh yadav) is trundling way too often nowadays instead of focusing on pace... Baba will you suggest solution please??
  15. F this sh** if dhoni announced retirement I wll be nostalgic I was his huge batting fan from 2006-2010, taught us how to chase a score, fitness culture , swagg, electric wkeeping are all dhonis endowments, gave up on him after he became stubborn and dumb.
  16. Chill guys, the players which op mentioned will be sid kaul and jaid unadcut, both will announce their retirement from all forms of the game and offer a sorry for shamelessly trundling like sissys
  17. Selfish and cowardly trio of kohli,dhony and drunkard desvers a tight slap for forcing bhuvi to play 3rd odi despite being unfit and aggravating his injury, poor bhuvi feeling bad for him And shardul ?? Why??? No siraj? Did they even saw how well he bowled vs wiA ?? However its nice to see pant in the team, now darpook kohli should encounter some gutzz and play him ahead of kd.
  18. speedheat

    How fast was David Johnson?

    161.2 km/h his fastest ball, shaoib akhtar had to toil hard to break his record and finally he broke it in 2003wc with 161.3 km/h
  19. speedheat

    Whats your solution to improve our ODI team???

    Kick out dhoni from the squad 90% of the problem solves there.
  20. Bhuvi can still be our clutch new ball bowler,poor guy was clearly unfit today , selfish management unnecessarily rushed him in the playing 11, all he needs to do is do what he did in 2015/16, take some time off improve his fitness and pace, he is a different beast when he bowls in 140+kph, he still has a stellar eco. Rate even in the era of flat tracks. He has a role to play in 2019wc
  21. speedheat

    The logic behind dropping KL Rahul ..

    The guy you are quoting isn't a human, just a Bot design for dhoni parroting and he dosent understand cricket, Bot ko ek do biscuit daalneka aur bhool janke, jyada biscuits nai dalo bhai usko.
  22. Don't expect any remarkable changes with this thickhead management.

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