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  1. Great post as usual express bhai. Unfortunate that some 'fans' can't appreciate the nuanced discourse from fast bowling aficinafos like you, shame that they resort to juvenile mocking when they have nothing substantial to say
  2. Shami was brilliant today, real incisive stuff, hope he carries this form into the World cup
  3. His pathetic fielding alone should disqualify him, the less said about his batting the better, bowling peh bhi ban lagwa liya, kya kiya hai abhi tak?
  4. Has to show atleast glimpses of his potential, till now it's placing the ball and hope for the best, he seems to go into a shell when batsman attack him, currently for sure doesn't look like a limited overs bowler but hasn't consistently shown anything that qualifies him for the test team either
  5. speedster

    Khaleel Ahmed

    Also surprising is that he keeps getting picked, hasn't exactly set the world on fire with his performances till now, don't he'll improve until he is made to earn his place
  6. speedster

    Get Dhonified !!!

    Was about to say that, he is now a finisher for the opposition!
  7. speedster

    Umesh- what has gone wrong with Umesh?

    The lead pacers even in India are likely to be Bumrah and Shami unless there is an injury so not sure how many chances he'll get. His pace was an advantage no doubt but from the looks of it he's slowly loosing that as well. I would have understood if that brought more control but clearly that hasn't happened either
  8. speedster

    Umesh- what has gone wrong with Umesh?

    To be fair even at home his performances have been okay at best, granted that at home spinners win games but even then before the West Indies match can't remember when he put together something that makes him an automatic selection at home.
  9. True that, his pace was on the lower side even during his T20 debut, the assumption was that this was a confidence issue and would get addressed with more games, his pace has been higher during IPL but not sure he can sustain 145+ pace in the longer version of the game. Still feel he deserves a go because of his A team performances and the fact that he is an upgrade on the likes of Thakur and Kaul
  10. speedster

    he's back

    Opposition tail is scoring more than our openers, true that!
  11. speedster

    Is Ishant Sharma's recent success due to Jason Gillespie?

    Check Siraj's record for the 'A' team recently, if that's not standout performance I don't know what is
  12. speedster

    Bharat Arun

    You might be right about Umesh but Khaleel was okay in Asia Cup uske baad he transformed himself into the second coming of Unadkut (even one version is too much and now we have the luxury of a spare), since he changed his approach it's fair to assume he got this advice from somewhere, even if Arun was not that person he hasn't seen to have done anything to correct the course
  13. speedster

    Bharat Arun

    Khaleel has regressed under his watch so has Umesh (if we compare to the home Australia series). Not sure if he has helped others
  14. speedster

    Which cricketers hate each other?

    Kapil Dev and Manoj Prabhakar Azharuddin and Sidhu Holding and any Indian cricketer (mostly from Holding's side)
  15. speedster

    This series will mark the arrival of Shaw

    Hope they get Mayank as the replacement. Dot Baba why did you act like a maniac.. oh wait I get it now!

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