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  1. Mvp stuff this 50+ average, opposition fans and players always cheer for him!
  2. Dhawal Kulkarni with a 50 when the opposition needs it the most, always mvp for the opposition!
  3. Not enough pace for Sunny G and Hayden. Harsha Bhogle and Danny Morrison will probably question the speed gun. They will probably collectively miss a heart beat seeing Unadkut and Kulkarni giving the ball plenty of air hoping for chakra like spin.
  4. Not totally unexpected express bhai, Avesh needs his captain's support and encouragement , iyer doesn't come across as someone who would offer either.
  5. speedster

    Which IPL franchise is the worst for youngsters?

    DC are good. Worst has to be CSK though in recent times
  6. Another trundle fest is coming up, doesn't Rajasthan have any exciting Indian pace bowlers?
  7. Bowled surprisingly well in the initial few overs, what's not surprising at all is the disappearance of the trundler loving 'fan' ever since the smashing began at the trundler fest yesterday. Aso on the subject of Avesh and Nathu getting chances, not sure if Iyer is the best for giving them a run, he preferred patel even last year over Avesh
  8. yes it did! And on just the third bounce!
  9. Thanks express bhai. I also see that our posts have riled up one phaast bowling lover, so well done to you too! Odd part is, I only mentioned trundler lover in my post and no names, perfect example of chor ki dadhi mein tinka
  10. Epic battle. Trundler lovers will rejoice. They will burn everyone with their raw phaast bowling skills!
  11. Brilliant performance, hope Harsha Bhogle and Hayden were watching, if this pace isn't enough to be classified as 'fast' then don't know what is
  12. Epic performance! Dazzling with his lack of pace!
  13. Agree but doesn't mean we give up. Bumrah is good and we have promising pacers like Saini, Avesh and so on emerging, also the medium pace alternatives like Kaul, Thakur, Unadkut are hardly world beaters
  14. We just saw a match where the medium pace bowlers were taken to the cleaners. Also why assume that genuine pace bowlers are run machines?

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