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  1. speedster

    Bharat Arun

    You might be right about Umesh but Khaleel was okay in Asia Cup uske baad he transformed himself into the second coming of Unadkut (even one version is too much and now we have the luxury of a spare), since he changed his approach it's fair to assume he got this advice from somewhere, even if Arun was not that person he hasn't seen to have done anything to correct the course
  2. speedster

    Bharat Arun

    Khaleel has regressed under his watch so has Umesh (if we compare to the home Australia series). Not sure if he has helped others
  3. speedster

    Which cricketers hate each other?

    Kapil Dev and Manoj Prabhakar Azharuddin and Sidhu Holding and any Indian cricketer (mostly from Holding's side)
  4. speedster

    This series will mark the arrival of Shaw

    Hope they get Mayank as the replacement. Dot Baba why did you act like a maniac.. oh wait I get it now!
  5. Is he the left arm 'pace' bowler we have currently? What happened to Suyal and other contenders?
  6. speedster

    Khaleel Ahmed progression watch.

    One thing for sure, Khaleel gives the ball plenty of air trying to get any purchase of the wicket... He's getting to the ideal pace for a spinner
  7. Khaleel might as well be called Unadkat 2...lack of pace is a criteria for staying in the team these days even if you go for runs. I see some posters opposing the entry of pacy bowlers as they consider them to be sprayguns, as if lack of pace is a guarantee of accuracy
  8. speedster

    We need Aaron and Bumrah together in all formats

    Aaron has done well this year but Siraj is ahead on account of A team performances. God only knows what he'll have to do to get ahead of the likes of Thakur
  9. I agree Vishal bhai, can't believe he is not being considered for tests despite such brilliant performances on the A tour.
  10. Not sure if this hype is necessary, if anything Warner and Smith's absence makes the teams more even, our batting is too heavily dependent on Kohli
  11. Yes, can't believe I forgot him.. Never could figure out what went higher, Dinda during his run-up or the sixes he would every other ball
  12. Shardul Thakur/Unadkut/Kaul..if you are the batting team..
  13. Probably in response to any query relating to inclusion of new fast bowlers to the mix!
  14. Pandeyji could have been man of the match for West Indies !
  15. Been reading the last few pages , didn't see anything about what Kohli did, is what Sachin did or did not do really relevant to this case?

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