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  1. Talent watch

    Nice post, hope Sandeep Warrier is also in the reckoning, while his statemate thampi has stolen a march on him I feel Warrier is also a strong prospect. Sanghwan is another one, the pacy Pawan Suyal's chance seems remote I am afraid.
  2. Pakistan fast bowling factory

    This is an exaggeration as rkt has mentioned chahar has tried to improve, not everyone is cutout for international cricket. His efforts to add pace must be recognized
  3. Cheteswar Pujara's overseas form

    Why is SA doubtful, he did well there last time and SA team was better then. Agree about England and maybe NZ. I believe he will be fine in Australia because even if he has some weakness against Lyon (not sure if what you are alluding to is technical or some other aspect that you may have noticed) he is capable of getting through a bad spell and then capitalise.
  4. BP 11 squad for warm up game against NZ

    Dhawal kulkarni again?.. Someone sure is desperate to resurrect his India career, another baffling aspect is how Sandeep warrier has been ignored again.. He could have been tried instead of kulkarni who is unlikely to get better and at his current level is not good enough
  5. Azhar & Eden Gardens

    There was a series in South Africa after this one where he made 130 odd in Capetown, his partnership in that match with Tendulkar was awesome to watch
  6. Its funny how often that happens, Avesh Khan finds it hard to get into his Ranji side and got few games in IPL, Khejoriya who performed brilliantly in the local t20 competition couldn't get one game for MI, nathu singh also has been overlooked, there are other cases that I may be missing, I am guessing the criteria for most domestic teams rarely zeroes in on raw pace and potential
  7. Shastri wants Tendulkar as batting consultant

    Dude as much as I hate what has happened to Kumble, I find it hard to believe that any of our current cricketers would deliberately play bad to settle scores. Kumble anyway wasn't removed, he resigned, which he may have done eitherway. We lost, they played better, time to move on
  8. A fast bowler India might have had

    Yes he was supposed to be quick, another one spoken about highly was Abey kuruvilla who was called rapid in the earlier part of his career, many say that by the time he made his debut he was on the decline. Contrast Mumbai bowling scene then with today when we have the likes of ultra slow sandhu opening the attack

    Bowlers with genuine pace have been rare in India (atleast till recently) so it is natural that when one emerges, they become the favourites of fast bowling enthusiasts. I don't think anyone is claiming that they are world beaters and I agree that there is more patience shown towards these bowlers than with trundlers but that is because they have the potential to perform for India in internationals. Unadkat or Kulkarni or Aravind don't seem like bowlers who will win matches for India at that level, this is borne out by their performances or the lack of it , in the opportunities that they have got, so I guess that is why there is less excitement when they deliver ( not including bhuvi here as I feel that he now has the right ingredients to be quite good)

    Bowled well, thought he was supposed to be faster than that, maybe because it is his first match he didn't want to go all out
  11. It's Dhonis Time

    It's painful to see him struggle, Pune fans will be hoping for a Yuvraj like renaissance but because he's no longer the captain, he can't push himself up the order so how will he bat himself into form

    The pre-tournament hype sorrounding some serious pace prospects has not panned out, its amazing to see this trundler-loving mentality persist despite the faith shown in raw pace by the national team management and when we have seen its benefits in recent series. The newcomers rarely get a consistent run
  13. Best Subcontinent team to win World Cup

    Windies were a part of the tournament, they lost in the semi-finals. The other success for the Indian team during that time was the Asia Cup in 84
  14. True he really was a torchbearer among our pacers, though it can be argued that he sometimes had this tendency to bowl short, he has to be recognized for maintaining his pace despite shouldering the responsibility of being the only strike bowler on overseas tours (Kumble was more effective at home)
  15. This. He seemed to pick his game against Pakistan, also did decently in England in 96 and West Indies in 97, he was the only support that Srinath had . The third seamer was an ever changing cast of Doda Ganesh, David Johnson, Abey Kuruvilla, Mohanty etc hardly a set that inspired any fear among the opposition

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