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  1. Yes, can't believe I forgot him.. Never could figure out what went higher, Dinda during his run-up or the sixes he would every other ball
  2. Shardul Thakur/Unadkut/Kaul..if you are the batting team..
  3. Probably in response to any query relating to inclusion of new fast bowlers to the mix!
  4. Pandeyji could have been man of the match for West Indies !
  5. Been reading the last few pages , didn't see anything about what Kohli did, is what Sachin did or did not do really relevant to this case?
  6. It is also as important that fast (?) bowlers like Unadkut, Kulkarni and Thakur be encouraged /compensated to skip the World Cup.
  7. Iyer is an epic chump-ian, not sure what his credentials are that qualifies him for captaincy of this side
  8. speedster

    The Indian pace bowling depth.

    One or two of Aaron, Mavi, Avesh, Rajpoot, Warrier should be tried. Sick and tired of tried and tested failures like Thakur, Kaul and Unadkut, Kulkarni getting chances
  9. From the performance today it looks like we have one wicket-taking pacer, everyone else is just there to fill spots. Worst part is we are running that guy into the ground by playing him in meaningless series like this one. Unadkut and Kulkarni should not lose hope, their top notch slow bowling skills and high economy rate may yet get them into the team with the current management.
  10. Looks like Unadkat has competition..Khaleel has realised that the only way to get into the playing XI is bowling slow and getting smacked!
  11. speedster

    Deodhar Trophy 2018

    He doesn't seem to have a high regard for pace, straight away dropped Avesh after he went for a few in one of the IPL matches. He'd probably rather have his teammate Sadhu who is a like a spinner with a run-up.
  12. Hope these high fitness standards are applied to the likes of 'express thunderbolt spinner' thakur as well
  13. speedster

    Umesh Yadav - As brainless as ever

    I can't remember the last LOI (if any) that he has won for India. Surely we can give others a try they can't be worse right?
  14. speedster

    Umesh Yadav - As brainless as ever

    The worst bit is that with Yadav one can almost predict that there will be one bad ball an over, he is not a inexperienced tearaway anymore, if he has to defend a total in the worldcup then god help us!
  15. Yadav cannot be counted on to defend anything, what is he doing in the LOI team?

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