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  1. speedster

    RCB vs SRH - Match 51

    What a shocker by the 3rd umpire.
  2. Unadkat was giving the ball plenty of air to get some purchase out of the wicket. Champion Spinner!
  3. Wouldn't enjoy anyone's failure but I sincerely hope that the outstanding spin quartet of Unadkat, Kulkarni, Vinay Kumar and Sandeep Sharma gets some well-deserved rest and they enjoy the rest of the IPL from the comforts of the dugout
  4. True, hope Avesh gets an opportunity soon. Still can't believe that Mavi was being kept on the sidelines for Vinay spinner Kumar
  5. Umesh was brilliant, want him to keep this up, feel he still has it in him to up his pace by a few notches
  6. It was joke decision but what's worse is the decision to keep playing spinner Vinay kumar ahead of nagarkotti
  7. Umesh bowled well, bowled fast after a long time, hope he keeps this up, what's up with these speedguns, are they using the domestic ones for IPL as well
  8. True. Also, Agarkar won the biggest trophy of them all, Ranji trophy, multiple times. Wasim never managed even one, that tells you all you need to know really.
  9. We have unadkat for some quality left arm spin
  10. Most probably, hasn't played for a year, hopefully comes back stronger, rate him as best of emerging lot
  11. speedster

    Disappointed with these IPL owners

    Aaron is still the fastest Indian bowler even with all these emerging pacers. Would love for him to be a part of our test setup but don't see it happening, kohli doesn't rate him or else rcb would have gone for him
  12. speedster

    IPL Auction Live thread

    No bids for bhatia.. Thought csk would roundoff their spin attack with him
  13. speedster

    IPL Auction Live thread

    Could have got porel as well
  14. speedster

    Vinay Kumar stakes his claim for south Africa.

    Express bowler from Mumbai Balwinder sandhu should also be considered.
  15. Looks like an exciting prospect, wish we would have speed guns in all our domestic games. Right now this assessment of pace is often reduced to an individual's assessment, while experienced viewers may be able to this it still leaves room for debate. Can't our board afford it?

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