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  1. chewy

    My goals for India

    Need quality education (especially in primary and secondary schools) and quality police force Everything else where sort itself supported by strong cultural and religious boundaries
  2. chewy

    How BJP/Modi/GoI is handling China !!!

    So many BJP voters have business interests with China, importing tonnes of good from China
  3. SL cricketers were specifically targeted Anyways moot point, perceptions and credibility play bigger roles Everyone (incl Pakistanis) will visit NZ after this, in Pakistanis case they will bite your hand off if offered the chance to escape their miserable sh!tehole lives
  4. True, but also incomptency from government inspection bodies and third party inspectors/surveyors (who are corrupt and easily bribed). You've have thousands of small contractors and manufacturers claiming to.be ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems and everybody knows in India these are easily.obtainable by paying small bribes to so called certification bodies and their agents in India Big Foreign companies/buyers don't trust certification of Indian manufacturing companies unless certified by credible agencies (mainly based in developed countries) That's why the Made In India campaign is so hollow, no one is held accountable for adhering to quality standards. And majority of Indian consumers are too stupid to realise the rubbish quality they are buying as long as it's cheap
  5. Shitty Indian engineering quality and standards Lack of quality control is pathetic in every walk of Indian life
  6. chewy

    Terror attack in New Zealand

    Looks like one of the four terrorist arrested and is an Australian and known white supremacist On side note, recently read in the UK last year out of nearly 400 arrests under terror laws 60% were white suspects linked to white extreme far right
  7. Out of curiusity, what changes happens if Massood is on official UN terror list? Will it invite sanctions if he is not arrested?
  8. chewy

    Positives of the series loss

    what if hardik is injured through WC Don't feel these team.has plan B and even C
  9. chewy

    Positives of the series loss

    Jadeja doesn't belong in ODIs. His batting not suited for ODI game at lower position
  10. chewy

    Future course of action by Pakistan

    Cross border terrorism.will.continue and even an occasional deadly attack in a major Indian city But need to continue striking in Pak terroritory for very terror attack, no need for full scale war Let them spend all their money on arms, fecking bleed their nation and let their people eat grass No country can survive or develop on a generation of borrowed money, make them divert their resources into guns, India can absorb the blows as long economy continues growing 6% plus, and military is upgraded and more UAVs are inducted into air force.
  11. chewy

    SA ‘don’t view Morris as number seven’

    He is still good in T20s and plays T20I for SA But hasn't got the game or hunger for longer formats (both ODIs and Tests).
  12. chewy

    SA ‘don’t view Morris as number seven’

    Morris has flopped in ODIs and Tests when given chances, his bowling has got progressively worse and gets taken to cleaners in ODIs Justifiable call by SA selectors Even SA commies were commenting in recent Pak and SL series how he has underwhelmed and not cemented his position as genuine all rounder
  13. chewy

    PCB takes 'strong notice' of India's army caps

    Way to miss trick from.Pakistani Moeen has no connection with Palestine, it's usual.ummah nonsense Here Indian cricket players were showing respect to their own country men who died in tragic cowardly attack by a Pak terrorist No different SA wearing pink to raise cancer awareness in SA, England wearing those red flowers to remember World War 1 British soldiers who died,.or any sports team wearing black arm bands to remember a tragic event Big f e.c k you to PCB and all of Pakistan, bunch of pitiful morons
  14. It's probably too late to try out new players, but for late order power India will have to go with Jadhav, Shankar and Pandya. Dhoni has got the power game these days (from ball 1). As long 2 out of these 3 fire (quick 30-40s at 150 plus SR) India should be set 300 plus score with ease. If India is to win world cup this time, it will be the bowlers

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