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  1. David Lloyd, Bumble in commie !
  2. Sran getting some tap from Lynn
  3. Robin looking good this guy shud be in India t20 team
  4. yep another flop from Narine he only gets away against mediocre bowling where bowlers mess up the lengths by going too full or too short
  5. Fielding standard

    Watson big beneficiary of lousy fielding Tripathi dropped sitter when Watto under 10 and went on get a 100
  6. Halla Bol Thread 2018!! - RR Fans, Idhar Aavjo

    And playing 4 quicks! Not sure what Shane Warne and Paddy Upton are getting at
  7. Halla Bol Thread 2018!! - RR Fans, Idhar Aavjo

    Batting line-up is screwed up rahane can only score if he finds gaps in PP which is hit and miss, today found fielders only Tripathi and Butler being wasted Open with: Tripathi, Butler, 2. Samson, 3. Stokes, 4. Rahane 5. Klassen Rahane should play as floater if two quick wickets fall in PP then he should come in
  8. Tbh Binny coming in makes sense can do any worse then Kulkarni, but his batting will provide options
  9. Bangla Killer Binny brought in Champion bowling attack Unadakt and Binny , This is good time as any for Dhoni to promote himself and come in at no.3 or 4

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