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  1. chewy

    Indian batting has to step up big time.

    In this world cup 350 will be considered safe score. India don't have the batting line-up to score or chase 350 plus. India will rely heavily on bowling unit to win them matches. IF India wins this world cup then it will be their bowling unit that will.win it for them
  2. chewy

    India vs Boult

    Good swing bowlers will always make mince meat of Rohit, flat or green pitch.
  3. chewy

    World Cup? What World Cup?

    Majority Brits couldn't care less about the cricket WC in England, and sponsors couldn't care less about attracting British customers The cricket world cup is purely for India and Indian market. India matters for the cricket world cup. For England, the Rugby World Cup held latter in year in Japan is a bigger deal and will much more keenly followed then this Cricket world.cup.
  4. chewy

    Imran Khan's Naya Pakistan

    I guess for donkeys Afghans are not ugly Aghans unfortunately also have tag of being the dumbest, dumb and ugly, horrible combo
  5. chewy

    Imran Khan's Naya Pakistan

    'jealous', , Ranked 3rd sexiest, , hahaha this comes out of your Madarassa sallaybus? Pak men are so handsome they only get laid by donkeys , no wonder donkey rape in Pakistan is huge social issue
  6. Voters have given unprecedented mandate to Modi and NDA even after incumbency! 46%! Hope the government delivers some concrete development in next 5 year's. Nearly 1 in 2 voter voted for NDA and probably based on ensuring Modi remains PM. Just hope local NDA MPs are aware of these sacrifices and don't ignore local issues https://swarajyamag.com/politics/five-key-takeaways-from-verdict-2019 Forty-six per cent—that’s the vote share that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) has clocked in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. When the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) won in 2014 with 31 per centvote share for itself and about 8 per cent for its allies, it was subjected to incessant mocking about not having a majority. Never mind that no party had touched 40 per centvote share since the 1984 election. PM Modi and the BJP President Amit Shah seem to have remediated this complaint their detractors had. 46 per centis a historic number, doubly so in a re-election. The only leaders who have breached this figure in independent India were Jawahar Lal Nehru back in 1957 and Rajiv Gandhi in 1984. Nehru led Congress to a win with a 47.8 per centvote share. But there’s a key difference between then and now—Nehru faced virtually no opposition in 1957. Modi was up against the most vicious and personal hate-mongering campaign by the opposition, ably supported by those who are part of the Khan Market consensus. Rajiv’s historic election came up right after the assassination of Indira Gandhi—much of that vote share was due to the ‘sympathy vote’. This is what Indian election winners have clocked over the years.
  7. chewy

    What do you expect this govt to deliver in 5 years ?

    Substantial Increase in police numbers and police.pay
  8. chewy

    What do you expect this govt to deliver in 5 years ?

    Ramp up infrastructure, both urban and inter-city - roads, roads, roads - Improve railway, fund more metros, gas connections, pipe water connections, sewage expansion and upgrades, - accelerate power generation (renewables and nuclear) Continue increasing tax collection base Ruthlessness in dealing with zombie companies
  9. chewy

    Imran Khan's Naya Pakistan

    , here comes another by-product of Pakistan's world famous Madarassas, no wonder these morons elected Immy the Dim as PM. 'No good looks' , Paks are probably the most ugliest people.along with Afghans, how many Miss World titles has Pak won? You can't stop jerking off our low quality Bollywood films You are physically inferior to Indians...how many Olympic medals has Pak won? And let's not go near intelligence, or you may just commit suicide out of shame.
  10. chewy

    Imran Khan's Naya Pakistan

    One teeny weeny strike has fecked up your pak psyche, probably because you next generation of brainwashed peeps aren't aware of pakistan's humiliating defeat in 1971, then Kargil.
  11. chewy

    Imran Khan's Naya Pakistan

    Not happening hoping for more strikes on Pakistan terror hotspots in next five years
  12. chewy

    Post election meltdown thread

    I m loving 'Hindu terror' jibes, that's all the anti-BJP guys have, as someone mentioned earlier, Muslims have lost their veto power and are upset, and all keep shouting 'Hindu terror' The day actual 'Hindu terror' is unleashed, no mortal or god will save these monoethiest believers and tukde-tukde gang.
  13. chewy

    Who should replace Rahul Gandhi in Congress?

    Exactly, never felt sorry for this guy, he knows he hasn't got it in him to be a politician, but yet has no balls to quit, he is as greed as his corrupt mother and father, and grandmother. He has no blood in progressing India forward,.no work ethic, zero.intelligence. he is one greedy bas tard.
  14. chewy

    Foreign players in England squad

    I don't mind, allows opportunities for good players still be involved in the biggest international event which they would have been denied playing for their ex-countries...mainly players from SA and WI. For example I just couldn't see SA picking Jason Roy in their XI with him being white and his playing style.
  15. chewy

    How are you going to celebrate

    Can't wait for this kid dancing again on June 16

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