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  1. After England fiasco these bozos bring back Parthiv and Rohit once again couldn’t make it up and no like for like replacement for Hardik
  2. chewy

    And the loser is India.

    What a horse sh!t€ of India XI if it couldn’t get any worse after horror England tour, well it just got worse Rayudu, guy made to look like some super utility player but got a SR of 70 in 21st century Karthik - moron just can’t get past 50, epic choker Dhoni - deja vu Tendulkar, can’t believe it’s MSD denying more deserving players, Pant, Lokesh, Samson, Kishan, Mayank, Pandey, Iyer, Jadhav - this guy is like Pujara got picked 5 years too late, his fitness is just not good enough 6 games and Lokesh rahul played just one freaking game and Pant not even in squad And just to for lols, BCCI sticks a right thick greasy middle finger up ICF ar$e to pick Jadeja as late replacement, overlooking Krunal Pandya, Shankar, Washington also does anyone feel there is anti-Karnataka bias by selectors, so many top Karnataka players being overlooked ?
  3. chewy

    ICF leaving/taking break thread

    Same here, was good fun last two years, gonna take break from India cricket matches, right now too many primma donna’s in the team and unable to compete with even a mediocre England team, on now on the cusp of an embarrassing 4-1 series defeat Dhawan, Rahane, Pujara, Vijay, Shami - failing when team and fans really needed them to put up their hand to score that century or take 4fer/5fer and then Ashwin, fourth Test, was final nail, what an embarrassment for a spin legend, no foresight, had to keep it simple, should have been 2-2, just a let down really currently these six are a bunch of jokers. had enough of this sh!te under Dhoni, feels same old under these dumb and dumber duo of Kohli and Shastri, if one of these two isn’t sacked expect 3-0 or 4-0 defeat in Australia, who are currently an equally mediocre team. will definetly back for WC 2019 and elections 2019 too!
  4. Yep. Also on Pakistan, Pakistan played three warm-up games before their two test series vs England. Two of the warm-up games were proper 4 day First Class games. On English/Aussie guys laughing like the English broadcasters, these whiteys are letting out steam for the uber bashing they get in India, SL, UAE(Pak) and nowadays Bangladesh too. For f eck sakes, England lost a Test vs Bangladesh
  5. didn't read most the paragraphs, just the bullet points, am not sure who was dejected poster, probably @Gollum (but fortunately he follows other sports too!) Your points are valid to an extent, but the way the tour schedule works, every series defeat in SENA only prolongs India's horrible record in these countries. Continuing since 2011! Yes, I am aware the white teams are even more pathetic when touring Asia, but seeing all the prep in the background A tours, pace academy, a competitive Ranji, decent group of pace bowlers, all the talk about winning overseas...then we get some mind boggling selection of starting XI (drop Bhuvi, drop Pujara, play Rohit, pick two spinners at Lords etc.), equally moronic captaincy, and then final nail in the coffin moments average players like Curran, Butler, Moeen winning games against India.
  6. Yep, it has been a good just short of 4 years under Kohli captaincy tenure, solidyfing India No.1 rank based on home performances. But time to re-build. Need two openers, Pujara and Rahane need to be phased out. And Pandya and Ashwin needs to go back to domestics. That's 5-6 new players needed to brought in
  7. Anyways from the 4 overseas tour (SA, Eng, Aus, NZ), the England one was the one I felt most winnable and also a headline series considering five Tests, England gives full attention to Tests, lot build up to this series. What damper, series over before last match just like the SA series. Ranked number 1 give me a break. Anyways, I am out following these bunch of prima donnas, inflated self-worth half celebs, and pig sh!te of a coach and selection committee. Will be back during World Cup 2019, unless captain is sacked and new coach brought in.
  8. Probably need to ponder, change in captaincy, need to rebuild again, time to discard many of these successor to Tendu and co, time to kick out Dhawan, Vijay, Pujara, Rahane, DK, Rohit. There is still a severe lack of skills and temperament. It's also probably time for likes of LK Rahul, Pandya, Ashwin to go back to domestics and perform to get back in. Batting performance since SA tour this year: Player Mat Inns NO Runs HS Ave BF SR V Kohli 7 14 0 830 153 59.28 1429 58.08 CA Pujara 6 12 1 341 132* 31 964 35.37 HH Pandya 7 14 1 283 93 21.76 461 61.38 AM Rahane 5 10 0 277 81 27.7 620 44.67 R Ashwin 6 12 2 216 38 21.6 321 67.28 S Dhawan 4 8 0 190 44 23.75 313 60.7 KL Rahul 6 12 0 143 36 11.91 274 52.18 M Vijay 5 10 0 128 46 12.8 434 29.49 B Kumar 2 4 1 101 33 33.66 252 40.07 Mohammed Shami 7 14 2 98 28 8.16 130 75.38 RG Sharma 2 4 0 78 47 19.5 190 41.05 PA Patel 2 4 0 56 19 14 118 47.45 I Sharma 6 11 3 47 14 5.87 137 34.3 RR Pant 2 4 0 43 24 10.75 98 43.87 KD Karthik 2 4 0 21 20 5.25 58 36.2
  9. chewy

    Congrats to Sam Curran (England)

    Well done, but this England side is not that good Just shows how pathetic the Indian side is, bunch of primma donnas, unable to string together decent runs. Severely lacking in skills after playing 60 years of Test cricket
  10. With every ball by Moeen feels like a nail in Ashwin’s career...Moeen did everything opposite to what Ashwin did on day 3. And results are clear across two innings. Along with the openers, he has been a massive dissapointment on this overseas leg, seven Test matches.
  11. Likes of Dhawan and Rahul just need to look at Stokes and Butler Stokes innings was invaluable, let Butler settle in. And then got bonus runs from Curran. Just grind it out, there is so much time in the match. Both openers are so attracted to shot making and have flash one or two an over. Just grind out, even if it’s 40-50 after 20 overs with no loss of wickets, runs will flow thereafter
  12. Damning and sensible article, You have to grab these opportunities Ashwin just didn’t do the conventional stuff, be accurate and bowl right length, one can have a bad day, but at a such crucial moment in this 5 match series is most fustrating, and this is Test cricket. plenty of time to rethink and come back stronger instantly unlike ODIs and T20s.
  13. but that’s the thing, now 60 years of playing Tests, many fans (well on ICF) want the next step up, not content dominating just at home but win those first series in Aus and SA there were valid reasons for lack of success before but now India has the plenty of resources and vast player pool but continue to falter, and failings are coming from India’s supposedly stronger discipline, batting.
  14. chewy

    Asian Games 2018

    Good showing by India, improved number of gold than last Olympics Also considering Japan sent a very strong contingent to prepare for their home olympics, Tokyo 2020

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