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  1. Just for lols, it would be great to watch if mahagathbadhan wins and have to decide on PM and other key cabinet positions
  2. Why does this guy get so much attention, there is like a PR article on Iyer every other week. It's tough to get into India XI, you want get in, do something extraordinary in IPL and other domestic games and A tours
  3. Just like Aussies, SA XI in WC will be different and stronger De Kock, Amla, Makram, Faf, Duminy, Miller, Klassen, Tahir, Steyn, Rabada, Lungi
  4. It's heartening to see alot of black South Africans in the stadium, hopefully ODIs continue to gain popularity with them
  5. Anyways never rated Amla's batting, this is epitome of South African chock syndrome,
  6. Lol innings from Amla, 266-2, Should have got going around 40th over Faf, Klassen, didn't bar, and Miller played only 11 balls
  7. Commie discussing Pak coach mindset, "bat first, bat first" That's bad mindset,
  8. SA should get 280-300 From here 30th over If Miller and Klassen clicks, then more
  9. Everyone knew it was a fluke back then It was repeat of their fluke 1992 world cup win
  10. chewy

    Did Aus serve revenge as a cold dish?

    Warner, Carey, Finch, Smith, Marsh, Maxwell, Stoinis, Cummins, Starc, Zampa, Stanlake And suddenly Australia scoring 300 plus and defending these scores becomes slightly easier for them What's worrying, how easily the Indian batsmen were bogged down by Zampa's leg spin NZ series will a better litmus test

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