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  1. You will probably get perverts watching, this bad idea
  2. Yep, despite all the politics, dropped catches, selection cock-ups etc, India were never good enough to face three 140kph fast bowlers on these type of wickets or snuff out De Villiers cheaply (despite coming back from long absence), more of mental problem than ability. This time India had decent bowling unit but still lacked that Morkel or Rabada type bowler
  3. Team for 3rd test

    Same team Except Ishant out / Bhuvi in Murli - Pujara to open but never going to happen under Kohli’s “aggressive” Test style
  4. That’s the worry!!! Some times our batsmen get done by newbies too easily, and this is one off match
  5. He was most comfortable in both Tests against the SA attack than any of Indian batsmen, but his lack of strokeplay and running ability leads to him getting bogged down and eventually every ball becomes magic ball and one gets through Maybe he should just open and see off new ball. No need to make runs or rotate strike.
  6. Rashid Khan is going to cause havoc, this is a slippery game
  7. Back to square 1, I.e July 2011 start of England tour Ishant, Parthiv and Rohit still in the playing XI
  8. India A team's tour of South Africa

    So not single guy from recent India A tour to SA in current Test squad And in current Test squad no-one has played in SA or Australia for over two years I see Pant, Samson and Ishan Kishen were on this A tour, but BCCI select Pappu some decent perofrmances by the quicks on the A tour, but BCCI and Kohli opt for Ishant Sharma plenty runs scored by next in line batsmen (with SA conditions under their belt) but BCCI and Kohli go ahead with Rohit Sharma I see Makram playing in that tour look where he is now! And that’s why India will Never dominate cricket, despite doing a lot of good work in background (U19, Emerging players tournament, A tours) when it comes to the final decision for the first team...there is no rational or logical approach
  9. It’s a valid excuse, and Indian pundits on TV were too coward to mention “winning toss was crucial” Both Tests wickets were poor quality, and batting 1st was big advantage But neverthless India batting unit could have shown better technical ability during tough phases on plus side India’s home domination makes it all more sweeter considering Kohli has horrible toss record
  10. Serves that arrogant Shastri and Kohli right

    It just fe cking annoying...Deja vu headlines...India bounced and bamboozled by pace everyone knew it was coming but no one was remotely prepared I mean opening with Dhawan against a trio of 140kph bowlers
  11. Yes true, but at the same time need a collective effort and too many times it’s line individual performances like Pandya in Test 1, or Kohli in Test 2 but my overall point is, India has such a big pool of batsmen and these are guys are the best but they are falling woefully short, irrespective of one or two selection blunders, as batting unit India should be posting 1st innings 300 plus regularly (like in Home Tests) irrespective of pitch conditions example we always laugh at England, but England batting unit more often then not post 300 plus playing whether playing in India or South Africa or Australia
  12. Rahane and Jadeja for third test match

    It’s last Test, better to keep batting lineup same bringing Bhuvi And Saha in only another chop-change will create confusion and anyways this Test 2 batting lineup is what most wanted
  13. I don’t buy this theory. I just think these Indian batsmen barring Kohli are just not good enough to play quick, bouncy or swinging bowling on helpful pitches. These guys are pros and with all the politicos, their basic skill set should not abandon them lets not foget many of these guys struggle on rank turners too. The successor to fab 4 was a false dawn. If something drastic is not done before England tour then expect more bloodshed I think one thing BCCI could have done is play ODIs before Test matches (besides obviously arrange warm ups)
  14. Bowlers did excellent despite being handicapped with Ishant but what a let down from batsmen...out of their depth Granted SA had luck with the won two tosses on two poor quality pitches and got first use of it, but batting seemed lacking intent and determination barring Kohli

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