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  1. chewy

    What next for Vijay Shankar?

    With his size, height and strength,.needs to get his speeds up to 135-140 kph, Needs to work with the right bowling coach at MRF up his speed
  2. Well onus on likes of Pant and other young batsmen to make it count with big performances They did it in Tests, Vihari, Pant and Agarwal ODIs is a different beasts, but these guys need to stand-up with 100s, not 40s and the odd 50. Dhoni fanbase are a different breed never seen in Indian cricket, it will need something special to break them off their MSD magic spell
  3. Definetly, best standards were in 1992 Until the cornered tigers win a WC then standards of the winners will always be poor
  4. No Hawkeye and no ultraedge Just wait for more lol and controversial umpiring decisions
  5. Can mode delete duplicate topics Loaded on red bull, too many clicks
  6. What lol, generous and gracious poking the English https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/cricket/49042726
  7. Its wait and see, but Kohli needs to be sacked, the dumb a$$ needs to go back to school to.up his IQ
  8. chewy

    Importance of all rounders

    India had enough all rounders But retards captaincy and this current generation of Indian batsmen unable to negotiate slight amount swing was their downfall
  9. Better stfu then make it worse, lol bunch of English c u nts
  10. I don't think they will dominate, to the contrary the wheels will fall off. Morgan will likely retire, Roy gets injured too often, Moen Ali is finished, Rashid lost his fizz, Wood leaks too many runs, Plunket will retire. They only big batsmen coming through for them is Sam Billings and Alex Hales. When Jason Roy got injured, they were on the brink of exit in group phase. And lets not forget, they only scraped through the group phase, and only scrapped to a tie in the finals, and when thanks to add rule on highest boundaries. They won't dominate, but will be competitive with Butler, Stokes and Archer in the XI.
  11. chewy

    Congratulations England

    Good to see England players being honoured for the win, getting full attention from UK media and being greeted and congrulayed by the PM Hopefully will raise profile of cricket
  12. Of course, this was same impact Kevin Pietersen had when England won World T20 WI.
  13. It's not just cricket, and nothing to do with colonial past, even in football so many nations hate/dislike England, last WC in WC SF everybody was supporting Croatia Now this cricket World Cup, SM already churning with people (many Indians and Pakistanis) call England cheats, arrogant, undeserved champions When Aus win CWC or Germany win footy WC, you don't see much begrudging or displeasure, but with England, no-one has them as their second team and always want to them loose. I still remember how p!ssed Marlon Samuels was when WI beat in England in World T20 final and so happy they beat England.
  14. for all crap English media gives to IPL, I believe the years many of the English players have spent in IPL has helped them deal with pressure situations much better than 4-5 years ago. Butler has even credited Rajasthan Royals for making him a better player. Playing infront of big crowd, TV audience, pressure games, big money at stake etc. Look at Morgan, after being discarded by IPL teams, he has become mental midget, cracking under any pressure situations. I strongly believe it was England's 4 year plan to get as many English players into IPL as possible to improve their ODI squad.
  15. D/L rewards/penalises based on wickets lost, not boundaries scored so stupidity tie is based on boundaries

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