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  1. Definetly back Nasser, Pak is favourite for WC 2019, the stronger the favourite Pak is at anything the harder they fall flat on their face so toast to WC 2019 favourites...Pakistan
  2. I think there is now slow change in perception amongst mainstream fans regarding 37 year old MSD’s abilities, before many fans were oblivious to Dhoni’s poor form in last 3-4 years still thinking he was that magical finisher but that booing was a turning point
  3. chewy

    Selection committee

    Hopefully some of these guys perform for India A vs a strong England A, and make it difficult for selectors to ignore them especially Pant and Siraj
  4. chewy

    Saha likely to miss England Test series

    Pappu is probably packing his kit and booking his tickets to London Heathrow just about now The super sub legend lives on, will now return to the land where it all started for him
  5. Not just fans in stadium but millions paying money to watch India game and hoping to see Dhoni attempt to play the way he did for CSK in recent IPL It was just sad what he was doing out there which ever way you look it, either not good enough to play on turning wickets or having a net practice
  6. chewy

    Chahal raises his Bat after hitting a 4

    Chahal is Kohli’s Jaddu,
  7. Moron Chahal celebrating a boundary, just get on with game.
  8. Agree, top 3 batsmen will make sure they don’t leave anything to MS, after seeing his painful net session today
  9. Small turning point in arm chair Indian fans’ perception of Dhoni many probably are watching this game on TV and will change their belief in Dhoni’s ability to take India home from tough situations
  10. Watching Dhoni, Pujara now probably actually thinks he still has a shot at ODIs
  11. Indian selectors never learning first Tendu, then Yuvi and now Dhoni overstaying
  12. That 200 must have boring as hell like his innings here , putting everyone to snooze
  13. Selfish, can’t believe India’s two biggest “team” players, Raina and Dhoni, have come down to this level self preservation

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