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  1. WC Qualifiers

    Really hoping for Scotland win, hopefully can it pull it off from six remaining WI and UAE are least deservingly a WC place
  2. Why does beating Bangladesh feel so good ?

    building up the reserve, because the day Bangla beat India in crucial World Cup/series knockout, final...Bangla fans will be letting off a lot of built up steam, and Indian fans will need all that reserve to keep calm
  3. in DK I still dont trust !

    In T20s, his 30 odd stints at strike of 200 plus are gold, need players like him in the team
  4. Manish Pandey's game is not suited for T20s, when Kohli returns, Pandey he needs to go. 1. Rohit 2. Dhawan 3. Kohli 4. Lokesh 5. DK Raina been good since his return, but this needs to stop being paranoid regarding the short ball
  5. I don't think selectors and management are going to drop Unadakt in T20s, despite playing a game less he ended up joint 2nd highest wicket with 7 wkts, and series wise, all pacers took a beating
  6. Vijay, not seen much of him in domestics or IPL, but with his build he can surely work on his bowling to add a few more km and batting to able smash it from ball 1, will give him benefit of doubt for batting due to debut jitters in a final
  7. Today that man was Dinesh Kartik,
  8. Great Game Bangladesh

    saw poster on ICF post the below video Basically this is Dinesh Kartik vs Bangla today
  9. Sundar, MoS, can't ask for more, would have love to see him bat too.
  10. Great Game Bangladesh

    Perfect win vs Bangla for the lols, would have been even better if it were in Dhaka But Bangla are right up there in limited overs, especially in Asian conditions
  11. DK>Dhoni

    Game over for Dhoni
  12. Raina always camped on backfoot
  13. Can’t believe Mustafiser is not bowling vs Rohit

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