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  1. chewy

    IPL Vs Tests; Festival Vs Funeral

    Test cricket is not sustainable for example with Ireland and Afghan joining, who is gonna invite them? The best batsmen probably won’t ever face Rashid Khan or Mujeeb in a 3-4 Test match series. Irelandcan sustain themselves and grow their domestic structure on diet of T20s and One days Heck England only invited Pakistan for 2 Test match series, Aus cancelled Bangladesh tour of Aus
  2. chewy

    Is Rahane ....

    His weakness vs spin is shocking for an Indian batsmen
  3. So now reports coming through, you couldn’t make it up... the leader of this Rohingya Rebel Group is a Pakistani called Ata Ullah and was educated in Saudi Arabia As ever the filth and stench of Pakistan is never far from terrorist activities
  4. chewy

    Halla Bol Thread 2018!! - RR Fans, Idhar Aavjo

    Done and dusted, oh well good finish to the IPL after a disastrous start but gotta hand it to the stupidity of management picking likes of Butler and Stokes and knowing they won’t be available in playoffs, and then making Rahane captain effectively he is undroppable, Gowtham ends up remaining not out most matches having faced 5-6 balls, Unadakt playing every game, Gowtham some reason ends up having 1 or 2 overs left to bowl shane warne and co got lucky with Butler’s great run of 50s or else would have been wooden spoon
  5. chewy

    Costly mistakes of IPL 2018 !!!

    Making Rahane captain of Royals, therefore making him undroppable
  6. chewy

    Rahane has learnt nothing from 2016 t20WC SF?

    That WC semi-final was heart wrenching, he seemed oblivious the need to accelerate when India had so many batsmen to come in
  7. chewy

    Rahane has learnt nothing from 2016 t20WC SF?

    Rahane opening did his job in PP, but got selfish, didn’t sacrifice his wicket, ended slowing down and then gets out consuming 41 balls its sad really. Sad to see in such a big game, big hitters Gowtham and Archer hardly get to face any balls anyways it’s probably curtains for Rahane’s IPL career, or at least he is unlikely to be regular XI from next season
  8. chewy

    Bhajji and Jadeja

    Jadeja has been one of stars for CSK this season, especially ever since Tahir was dropped Bhajji has been a passenger, likely to be dropped in Finals
  9. chewy

    Match 56 : CSK vs KXIP

    Royals through
  10. chewy

    Match 56 : CSK vs KXIP

    If there is a callapse in next 20 runs this match is fixed
  11. chewy

    Match 56 : CSK vs KXIP

    Kings XI could have given themselves a better chance after looking at pitch surely Ashwin should have played Sran instead of Patel
  12. chewy

    Most Worthless Player of IPL 2018

    Jofra has been amazing him and Butler are reason RR sneaked into playoffs
  13. chewy

    Most Worthless Player of IPL 2018

    I would have voted Yuvraj Singh but he not there But went for Stokes, got endless opportunities but was absolute flop with bat and hardly had any memorable impact with ball
  14. chewy

    Match 56 : CSK vs KXIP

    Rajpoot still pi$$ed off at umpire righlty so
  15. chewy

    Match 56 : CSK vs KXIP

    Shocking umpiring though

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