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  1. What is a "Fatwa"? Is it for real?

    Haha "fatwa factory" wtf
  2. Hafeez gets caught chucking again

    Pakistan must have highest number of chuckers in the history of the game, surprising so many make it to international cricket It's becoming a joke how many get cleared and get called again for chucking, so what of all the games these players were cheating in?
  3. Everybody knows Pakistan aren't going to pull out, just purely on financial basis, the PCB is a loss making board, and the Pakistan is economy is a basket case based on foreign doles where big TV rights will be difficult to achieve The talk of Pak's 200m people is laughable because there is no value in these people, Bangladesh is a far more lucrative TV market with a well endowed middle class population who got disposable income to spend, no wonder BCB is making profits and building world class stadiums
  4. It's not double standards, it's perception, England and India are deemed much safer, whilst in Pakistan the next murderous attack especially against minorities is around the corner, and of course the Pak security forces (aka Army) can't be trusted since they are in cahoot with globally recognised terrorists and not to mention Bin Laden
  5. Shaw more likely because powerful Mumbai lobby, especially in media, will help his cause seems to help Rahane and Rohit
  6. these terrorists are never far away from from the next self-embarrassment, their obsession of playing with India is becoming sad Everybody knows pak doesn't have the balls to boycott ICC, why....because no-one could care less and where is all the money going to come from? The loss making PSL
  7. Biggest Cricket Chokes

    Definitely CT final 2017, biggest choke in recent ICC competition, still pundits unsure how this mediocre Pakistan team scraped through group stages, that SL v Pak game was fishy choke and luck got Pak an unexpected win, Bangla must be cursing their luck, lol
  8. Biggest Shocks of 2017 in Cricket

    Biggest shock was India beaten by a mediocre Pakistan in CT final, probably shock of the decade so far...that Bumrah no-ball was very costly
  9. Find great Babar Young boy, for Pakistan, runs churning like century every match
  10. Toying saffers bangla bubble bursting, rethink need bangla for
  11. Combined Indo Pak All Time ODI Team

    Tendulkar Sehwag Kohli Yuvraj Kapil Dhoni (c) Afridi Akram Akthar Saqlain Zaheer
  12. Good score put up by Bangla, considering they are playing away in SA, but SA should chase this with ease. can't believe Bangla touring SA after 10 year gap!
  13. ao fustrating to see Rahane squeeze into the squad on the basis of his 80 ball 50s this is going to cost India another ICC tournament
  14. Sri Lanka's cricketers refuse to tour Pakistan

    If true then defo good stuff from BCCI
  15. Sri Lanka's cricketers refuse to tour Pakistan

    Has to be BCCI conspiracy! and abit shortsighted for the boards to agree without consulting the players
  16. What's killing Windies cricket

    West Indies should be disbanded, let them compete as individual nations, T&T, Guyana and Jamaica would be more competitive without politics of selection intefering but of course then their first class will be screwed, impacting their Test competitiveness
  17. Missing The Road Runner !!!

    beep beep! I could still watch smurfs...la la la-la-la la la lah!
  18. Finally, hahhahaha One can conclude Pak are lucky they are not facing India in recents years in Tests zimbabwe or Ireland deserve a series in UAE vs Pak
  19. Test 2 : South Africa vs Toygers

    what a copout from Shakib, sometimes you have to questions players ability when pulling out of tough tours for lame excuses like overplaying, tiredness
  20. Rabada vs Amir

    Amir is definetely good, but rather have Rabada, it's pretty clear by now Amir is selfish person, plays for the limelight and only capable of short bursts of world class bowling, then goes awol, then comes a nice juicy track and people go gaga, hype machine repeats.
  21. Lol, always luv it deluded Pakistanis justifying Aamir's hype hype machine never stops
  22. look who is talking, Pakistan holds the embarrassing world record of highest runs conceded 443/3 vs Eng...From all the teams against England
  23. Maybe Sunny shouldn't do commie in T20s and ODIs, not sure if he understands the pace of the game
  24. Looks like Teesta still minting it, what a life of fine wine and cheese

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