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  1. Lol at Saffers Have to say India the best Test team by far, hopefully a positive result in England will make India an outlier
  2. chewy

    Monkeys drop crude bombs in UP, 3 injured

    So it begins...planet of the Apes who knew epic centre will Kanpur
  3. Showed enough vs England A team Should play him before DK I have feeling Pant will play, I don’t think management have confidence in DK with red ball or else they would have played him in SA tests
  4. Pappu proclaims himself a “Pappu” and then the mofo proceeds to lie about Rafael fighter jet deal saying no secrecy clause so Modi should reveal all details Straight away French Gov releases statement saying there is a secrecy clause which was signed by Manmahon Singh this demented retard, propped up by Congo gang, never ceases to provide laughter His mother can’t speak Hindi but at least she had some IQ
  5. chewy


    Just by saying “Hi, alrite”, 99% you get a Hi back with a smile But be careful there are no Communists or NDTV newstraders lurking around, or else you will get accused of inciting hatred or some communal BS it’s simple, but one has to be wary same time
  6. Likes of Bumrah, Kaul and Ishant ain’t got muscle power to tonk...they puny Umesh, Shami, Shardul are well built where mishits can go for fours and sixes and besides many named in OP are considered all rounders..Russel, Holder, Johnson, Broad (was, now rubbish)
  7. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/religion-economic-development-wealth-gdp-bristol-university-a8453386.html A link between religion and wealth has been known about for decades, as researchers have observed that the poorest nations tend to be highly religious. While the new research does not demonstrate a causal link between lack of godliness and economic development, it suggests that wealth is not in itself the cause of secularisation. "Our findings show that secularisation precedes economic development and not the other way around,” said Damian Ruck, the study's lead researcher at the University of Bristol. “However, we suspect the relationship is not directly causal. We noticed that secularisation only leads to economic development when it is accompanied by a greater respect for individual rights.”
  8. chewy


    anyways done cant be hard with nearly 2 billion muslims in the world, now #talktoascientologist, now that’s challenge
  9. I think title is misleading, and it’s not about being non-religious but just respectful of others and non-interference of religion in National governance (incl law & justice) Being non-religious, one can point to the total failure of Soviet Union and Mao’s China “Proper” secularism probably has some credence, but as overall package not just wealth, I.e sociological issues - gender equality, low crime, freedom of speech, violence against children and women, corruption etc.
  10. Good thread more than bowling and batting concerns, catches have hurt India bad and this continues to be a worry Especially concern with slips, too many catches dropped with new ball in play, it’s double wammy; you give batsman a life, and don’t expose other batsmen to new ball!
  11. Next Pappu should crowd fund his Swiss bank accounts
  12. chewy

    Patanjali sells Cow Urine for drinking !!!

    Does it come in vanilla flavour?
  13. With UP size and population, it should be dominating domestic cricket
  14. So much for Indian cricket being strong Even if this is a strong England A team, India have been outplayed in all departments...despite all the investment seems players struggling in alien conditions Not enough quality batsmen coming through
  15. chewy

    Pakistan Elections - July 25, 2018

    More like engineered elections, terrorist army holding a walking parade to pick their next stooge
  16. chewy

    Strike rates of batsmen at 5&6 since 2015

    Lol @ Dhoni, the old man near the bottom of list in SR, not sure what selectors and Kohli are observing when they see Dhoni fail one series after another Better to send Pandya ahead of Dhoni and equally Raina sucking balls in SR department what a mess in middle order
  17. chewy

    Is Dhoni done?

    The booing will effect him, no matter how thick skin or cool headed a’player, but when your own boo, you know your time is up or play on to massage your ego to show displeasure to the fans...either way legacy is being reduced just like Tendu chasing 100th 100 or Yuvi thinking he got one more shot at big time
  18. I just don’t think Rohit is good enough for international cricket, especially now with age catching up It was laughable when some commies were touting this flat track bully an all time great ODI opener
  19. chewy

    MSD will score a ton today

    Dhoni the phoney
  20. chewy

    The logic behind dropping KL Rahul ..

    Apparently on Cricbuzz, they quoted Bangar, saying decision to keep Raina was to maintain a left hand batsman these overpaid morons coaches with cliche thinking won’t win India anything, bunch a dimwits
  21. Poke and dab, lol that’s all Dhoni being doing in international cricket last 3 years
  22. Rather watch a youngster struggle then a someone decorated like Dhoni prodding around with dot balls and singles
  23. Dhoni hogged strike vs spinners whilst Pandya stood other hand talk about f ecking up tactics
  24. Pandya gone, this guy really struggles against pace

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