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  1. Yeah we take t20 seriously. We are the best and most consistent t20 side in the world. We don't have to waste valuable time on TV for 8 hours or 5 days like jobless people in other countries. We concentrate entertaining cricket that is obviously t20 
  2. Small ground. 200 is par. Easily Chasable. NZ are 30 runs short
  3. So far India is doing good. Full control.
  4. Lala

    South Africa vs Pakistan 3rd T20

    Thanks Velu bhai, boys played well in the end. That what matters
  5. Lala

    South Africa vs Pakistan 3rd T20

    Finally we won. Two close games, but we were unlucky to lose narrowly. Anyway boys played well. Good day for Pakistan, on the same day we won t20 while our close friend lost t20
  6. Without Kohli, India is such an average side. All the shortcomings will be revealed now. Now some of the blind posters would say that they have beaten Bangladesh in Niadhas Trophy final without Kohli. Clapping for such logics

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