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  1. Eid Mubarak ICF members

    Thanks bhai
  2. Who told u champions trophy is useless tourney neither really big huh?? Champions trophy is the mini-world cup. We got the revenge for what u guys did in T20 WC 2007 Final. So we are really really satisfy with the effort as underdogs where even nobody thought we would make it to SF at least. So beating a higher ranked team in a final is always proud to achieve even after we lost in the first match. I can see the pain you are still having. Time will heal everything. Just keep calm. Let us enjoy our moment.
  3. Poor Bumrah

    This no ball problem is common issue for all pace bowlers. Thats why 'free hit' concept was brought in to stop repeating this mistake. This happens when bowlers try to bowl fast and they try to utilise even last edge of popping crease inorder to generate more pace. I have seen Akthar, Wahab, Shaun Tait, Dilhara Fernando had this issue quite a lot. I feel for Bumrah.
  4. Well, Indians are still in pain.... hope u guys recover soon. Now Dhoni's era gone. I guess you guys have to wait another 65 years to reach this feat courtesy like us. mark my words. "what goes around, comes around"
  5. Yeah at least you guys can hide behind shame by telling past 10 years head to head record.You guys always talk about the performance of last 10 years where the Dhoni's era. Similarly we had a great era when Imran khan was captaining. Now its gone. Past is the past. So Pls yaar stop blabbing about the past like you won this amount, that amount or whatever. If so, can u tell me ODI & TEST head to head records as well? still we are way ahead and we slapped u in front of home crowd during last bilateral series in 2012. Remember?
  6. Virat Kohli Vs. Anil Kumble

    Kumble is mediocre, where couldn't get wickets on bouncy pitches. Vice versa Kohli is much better player where he is close to break all the records in such a small age and scored ton of runs in overseas. He is a very talented guy. I'm sure he will break most of the ODI records soon. I don't asses his captaincy ability from one match. Let him learn himself through own mistakes and will be a good captain in the future.Wish him good luck!!!
  7. he will win the WI series for sure.
  8. He got India to have the biggest humiliation of all time.
  9. a student has more power than a teacher
  10. Worst team to win Champions Trophy

    Do u think if SL came to final will it be an easy win for IND?
  11. How do Indian's rank this defeat?

    Oh come on yaar. SL have lost 4 finals in row since 2007 to 2012 including 2 WC Finals and 2 T20 Finals. Did u feel for them? Some how they came over jinx. U guys just lost 2 finals. Even we lost in T20 WC final due to poor shot of Misbah. But we bore it. This happens in cricket. This is not the worlds end. Just need to bear.
  12. How do Indian's rank this defeat?

    Ro mat yaar we had lots of painful days as such. So be positive yaar.
  13. Cant u see guys his laugh is not genuine. He was burning inside. His eyes were red. He was really sad and upset about this lost. I feel for him. A Whole hearted cricketer.

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