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  1. haha btw we dont find any rural area in our country.
  2. Good bowling by Shami. 280 is icing on the cake target for India. 2-0 is up
  3. Good parterneship. Well played India
  4. They are anyway fools, no need to fool them deliberately #foolsinlifetime
  5. Come on Aussies Get 300 and Its all over for our friendly neighbors when playing in Day 5 #neighborslove
  6. The 12th IPL season is gonna commenced in 2019 and Auction is almost there. So name Local and International Players that you think who's time is already up and should be picked by non of the teams. Example - Gayle, Yuvi, Dhoni, Mccullam, AB, Pollard, Malinga, Bajji, Vinay, etc.
  7. Whatever happens these mindless owners will pay millions for bench warmers like vinay, yuvi, unadkat, pollard,short, etc
  8. Lol Viv Richard's got 2, but sachin...
  9. Lala

    Viv Richards: I'd pick Sachin over Lara

    Lol such a begger this Richard is. I think this moron is aiming to get selected as at least assistant coach, mentor, whoever begger for $ in Mumbai Indian squad. What a loser to disregard the all the achievements of fellow countryman.
  10. By the way, what was the results?
  11. Lala

    Seeking For Fairness

    Why ICC treat other countries like this except India? Where is the fairness?? Come On ICC Indian Cricket Council
  12. Lala

    The little Manjrekar in me

    This is not a comprehensive win. I can see your pathetic mind set on just one win over a depleted club level aussie side. They are even worse than WI or SL
  13. Lala

    Most wickets in 2018

    Lol anderson played most of the matches and yet to be first. May be not cloudy as expected when he played few matches
  14. Shasthri is the man. Without his drunken face India would not be able to beat Aussie. So respect bottles

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