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  1. True. Catches win matches. We should have restricted India around 225.
  2. Despite Yuvraj struggled, Kohl's strike rate was not impressive in that match. It was great bowling by SL. All the bowlers have conceded less than 30 runs for their quotas. Usually India struggles against better bowling attacks in finals.
  3. There is a clear formula linked with Indian bowlers vs Jayasuriya. How many balls Jayasuiya faced = How many years particular Indian bowler will continue
  4. As a fan below are the most disappointing ending from India's point of view; 1. 1996 WC Semi - However I remember SL beat IND in group matches so they got upper hand to beat India in Semis too. 3. 2003 WC Final - Assuies were dominating in that era hence I assume no chance for India. It was an emotional hype. 4. 2007 WC exit - Shocker. Nobody expected that India exit WC so early 5. 2014 WC Final - India never expected that type of death bowling. It was first time people saw wide line yokers. Master piece strategy by SL. 6. 2017 CT Final - India took Pakistan lightly after group match win. Pakistan knew anything over 280+ in a final is a match winning target. When the first innings done Pakistan taken the 65% of chance of winning the match.
  5. Lala

    Remember the date 2018-June-18?

    Haan Bhaisaab,Try to understand the title. Every other poster could understand and reply better meaningful posts except you. 2018 June 18th means exactly one year of winning CT. It was held in 2017 June 18th. Kiska bachcha hai?
  6. Lala

    Remember the date 2018-June-18?

    You statement is totally wrong. Haven't India won finals chasing? what about 2011 WC? Then why in 2014 T20 WC final even after batting first, failed to win the match? It is all about pressure. India failed to absorb pressure in finals against better bowing attacks and they underestimate oppositions.
  7. Lala

    Remember the date 2018-June-18?

    Pitch was good to chase any target. There were initially some seam movements. But the way hardick played there is nothing on the pitch. It's just pressure and underestimating Pakistan
  8. Lala

    Remember the date 2018-June-18?

    Naaa. Read the title again. Don't you remember a year ago on this day cried like a ....? If not you are not a true indian cricket fan
  9. Lala

    Remember the date 2018-June-18?

    Who cares group matches? Winning in a final matters. It's absolutely hurt India. You can win Asia cup all group matches and being complesent. We will win final
  10. Lala

    Remember the date 2018-June-18?

    I can some what agree and disagree for above your comments 1) Disagree. India's strength is chasing. Kohli & Dhonli Love chasing. 2) Agree - Kedar Jadhav missed an easy run out of Fakhar Zaman. 3) Agree - Bumrah's No ball is the turning point for me 4) Disagree - Catches falling in between fielders is the not always luck. Pushing runs through no mans lands. 5) Agree - Jadeja had an off day 6) Disagree - We had enough firepower to hit sixers 7) Disagree - Kedar Jadhav is a part timer and it is a risky to bring him when batsmen are on fire. Kohli made the right decision. 8) Disagree - Can't call Jadhav is unlucky because we had better spinners like Shadab who can spin the ball sharply. 9) Agree - If Pandya was there till the end, it would have been something to happen.
  11. Lala

    Remember the date 2018-June-18?

    Visualize in your dreams We are pumped up after CT victory. We feel like early 2000 that how strong we beat you guys continuously . Thanks for giving us the energy and confidence back No fear
  12. On This Day a year ago... Pakistan won #CT17! #cricket #pakistan #champions#championstrophy #2017 #lovecricket Can we share ideas about what do you think from where India went wrong on that day?
  13. 96 semi final was the most closed one to the victory. Good opening stands of Tendulkar and Manjrekar was ruined by middle order. With the dew factor it was an icing on the cake conditions for home side against an underdog side.

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