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  1. Why does beating Bangladesh feel so good ?

    I thought he was an Indian who uses Sharukh Khan's profile pic and name is Calcuttta Night or some thing
  2. Finally he deserved the justice.
  3. whatever the trophy Pakistan should be invited we have our own dances to show to fans. Asia Cup is in September IND vs PAK - the taste of CT final BD vs SL - revenge of cobra dance
  4. Dhoni is an inspirational player as a captain no doubt. He had his golden era of 2007-2014. After T20 WC lost 2014 he proved his era is over and immediately should have handed over captaincy to Virat. If so I believe India would have lifted WC 2015 and T20 WC 2016. Good side is India is producing good captains. Delaying hand over the captaincy by Dhoni will shorten the leading time of Rohit in the future. As example if Virat led the team till 2023WC if so I believe it will shorten the chances of Rohit with age limit. My idea is captains of any country should lead maximum of 5 years and should give opportunity to youngsters who were under them. Dhoni and Ponting are exceptional no doubt. but Ranatunga, Azarudin & Fleming are average though they led more than 8 years.
  5. Why does beating Bangladesh feel so good ?

    So whats yo guys business with PSL? India players didn't participate so why you guys are so animated? That is called the love and interest in cricket....Posters here are posting and showing threads which make related to cricket. We discuss facts about whatever series, leagues here. You are just new to here. You will embrace the ICF culture soon. BTW welcome to ICF club.
  6. After 4 years time..... “I guess it comes from experience. That can’t be bought. You learn it over the years – it’s important to stay calm. Karthik is a great example of that. You can see how calm he is, and you learn a lot of things from a lot of people, and one thing I’ve learned from Karthik is how he finishes.” - Rishab Pant
  7. Why does beating Bangladesh feel so good ?

    Lets not talk about beggars anymore. no use of discussing about their defeat. They received what they deserved.
  8. What are the so called products IPL has produced ?

    Chahal. Ashwin, Goni, Unadkat, Dinda, Binny, Jadeja, Munaf, Jadav & Badrinath come to my mind. I saw them initially in IPL later on they played for national side.
  9. Dhoni>Rohit>Virat Reason for rating Dhoni greater than others is..................................................haha you anyway know that
  10. Karthik vs Saha

    Saha for Test Karthik for T20 Dhoni for ODIs
  11. Welcome to the club

    Meanwhile India finally found true love ......the old boy friend SL
  12. Welcome to the club

    1. ENG vs AUS 2. IND vs PAK 3. IND vs AUS Latest Rivalry 4. SL VS BD
  13. B*Desh Fan lost his mind

    Hahaha Its Drama Yaar. BTW no use of old TV with having enhanced technology yaar. Better to thrash it and just replace with LED Curved one
  14. Why does beating Bangladesh feel so good ?

    In your dreams yaar. This tri series win does not make any sense. Still need to work hard. Lets not talk about SL & BD. Pakistan is the dark horse. Anyway its good people are not thinking about us like 2017 hindsight ant-jinxing. Anyway CT 2017 is down. More to come. WC 2019 & T20WC 2020Hahaha will see.
  15. B*Desh Fan lost his mind

    BD Fan thrashing his own TV after losing . Destroying assets is their common behavior after win or lose.

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