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  1. Inability to pay bribe in time cost MI today. time to celebrate!
  2. Stage set for captain dhoni to teach these pathological cheaters a lesson they will never forget!
  3. A highly prominent mistake of google is this image of tv actress rachel leigh cook as jennifer gates . It was a popular fake forward 10 years ago. I remember correcting my entire office on this as i knew, jennifer was born in 1996 only. Googled results r not necssarily peer reviewed scholarship. fact checking is still imperative.
  4. disgusting.disgraceful A mediocre side like MI can only fluke so many matches. i have no doubt now matchfixing n unethical practices r rife in the IPL. no other explanation explains the totally unjustified bans on champions teams which won multiple fairplay awards
  5. samson was the most impressive, finding boundaries n gaps with spectacular timing for the ages but his last shot was a disappointment n illconceived risks can ruin his good form...he has to make it count by scoring consistent 50's. hardik has dome phenomenal hitting in the late overs. mayank, mandeep,vohra have not progressed one inch n are looking at another disappointing season.
  6. The 2 wronged men of indian cricket tiwary n uthappa playing a major role even after all hope is nearly gone...wud have been easy to fade away
  7. i was thinking the exact same thing! 3-4 local players should play all matches.. but the sides has to be from strong ranji sides... with maharashtra players being considered local to mumbai n saurashtra considered local for for gujarat
  8. an individual has to stick to his strengths. he can be an improviser,hustle around, hit good balls for fours and the odd big hits. that shud suit his style. he has to show better intelligence n seal an ODI place this year. its easy to forget it was mandeep who carried the 2010 u19 team which included rahul n mayank. but rahul has progressed much faster so far.
  9. very unfair to the bowlers again bowling against russell and pandya in the dew is a thankless task an early start or 4 match is what can be done.
  10. shami shud be moved to A. Rahul maybe next year. nehra,shardul- cant see the point..dhawal only for backup tours like zim. varun and raina shud not be out of the picture.
  11. Very realistic actually..but its dependent on how the fast bowling talent stay injury free. if pattinson and cummins can establish themselves and stay injury free, its going to happen. but we have seen fast bowlers burning out before- bruce reid, ngam,bond and simon jones Not sure about SA young pace talent but their batting is usually a notch or two below australia's ..their future increasingly depends on the black majority taking up cricket
  12. A true pitch is where pitch starts deteriorating from day 4 afternoon. In the first day of the Bangalore match, one area of the pitch gave enough for lyon to get 8/50. something he will struggle likely to ever accomplish on a good pitch on day 1. Also these surfaces give chances for average spinners and mediocre spinners to bowl us out.Makes it a lottery. Unlike 2012 when swann and monty beat an unsettled indian side fair and square. There was no need at all for bcci idiots to poke their nose in at pune. This indian side has genuine quality with powerful batsmen and spinners. At Bangalore, it could be incompetence or a unforeseen problem the curator could not handle.The experienced retired cricketers who played over 70+ tests got it wrong as well. In 2013, they prepared atleast two bad surfaces for the aussies and made it impossible for them to compete. The problem is not with hayden . The scheduling has been very unsatisfactory as well. The main test centres should conduct ind aus test series.period
  13. THE Saboteurs(title in uk)- The same story about Operation gunnerside- the destruction of the heavy water plant in norway..Heisenberg's role also portrayed... Kampen om tungtvannet(1948) , heroes of telemark (1965) were movies on the same subject. Germany is not known for great tv..but deutschland 83 is a global hit and entertaining spy story.
  14. Fauda-gripping Israeli series with Palestinian viewpoint shown as well. False flag- another hit series in Israel (no Palestine here..only mossad) Unforgotten-british...two excellent series so far...cases start after dead bodies r found decades later ... 6 episodes per season I think Wallander- Swedish- an entertaining crime series. Homeland season 6 running currently(original is Israeli series hatufim)
  15. it does not matter its 9 or 30 or 50 years....your past will always haunt you you are so screwed!