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  1. he has shown an encouraging ability to learn quickly so far. but he lacks the mature approach to make a difference. The other day he was taking all mighty haves like in the 49 or 50th over. These things won't work. can't the seniors guide him? will certainly be better than Dhoni overseas. but he is a no 7 for the foreseeable future and will most likely take 4-5 years to be a reliable player. The positive factor in his favor is players ,who show a ability to learn and adapt quickly, are worth their weight in gold. look at the other younger players who are struggling even in Ranji. but he is not going to be a big factor in the near future except weaker sides at home.
  2. Players have either not risen to greater heights(Vijay or Rahane) . Or developed as expected(Rahul). Struggled with tests(Rohit.) Only Pujara has a positive graph and that too after years of overseas failure. Successful team building depends on batsmen fulfilling expectations. Surprised to see so many struggle in a batting country. but strong younger players will come up. Vihari looks good. Even rohit should have gained confidence. Pant at no 6 and Pandya at no 7 just won't work. That's a match losing combination for the next 4 years, They are no 7 at the moment and both of them should not be playing. Bowling friendly conditions (where toss is important) worsens the picture.
  3. The spinners have to make a difference in bowling and that is a big if. Its up to the team management to monitor the local ground for the past one year. In the most recent shield match, lyon was very effective. So that's poor homework if they go by the old WACA. but the chances of more success are still on the lesser side Bhuvi could have been a factor if bowls like he did in SA. With the bat he can only hang around a bit and this pitch maybe too much for him. They can pick a spinner by theory. but our finger spinners don't do well in Australia as a rule. only one who can make a real difference with the bat is Jadeja. for a real difference, Bhuvi should have much better than umesh with the ball or jadeja with the bat. .Ashwin's track record is just not reliable. The selection of Rahul was a much bigger blunder. what was it supposed to prove. he has not figured out things and he is low on confidence. It was a huge gamble with extremely low chance of success. but the alternatives are either unproven or unreliable.
  4. The frequency of lower order scoring is often overated. The lower order batsmen who can bat are not going to score at a frequency we can call reliable. Even the very best batsmen pass 30 only around 40-55% of the time. A genuine allrounder like kapil or jadeja would be around 35-38% Even if we had Jadeja, it could one of those 60% cases where he fails under 30. Someone like Cummins can help on the odd match where there is a close matchup. Its a lower percentage game to rely on a lower order bat especially overseas. In a close series like this one and England, their role becomes visible. But not all series are hard fought and close. The real problem is a unsettled lineup because of players who struggled(Rahul, Rahane and Vijay) and new players. Vihari got an excellent delivery unfortunately and Kohli got a dubious decision. Luck has not been on our side. The series depends on the top order. The lower order can help here and there but it won't increase win percentage more than 1-3% generally. As an approach, i would have reasonable bats at 8 and 9. but be aware success in the lower percentile. we cannot say for sure they would have helped on particular day and more often than not they don't.
  5. youngindia

    Take a bow Shami and Bumrah

    I am mainly sceptical about the cognitive ability of indian and srilankan pacers...fast bowling intellect and the ability to adapt natural talent to conditions,batsmen and rise to higher levels. can't judge someone's learning ability immediately with no personal insight. Long ago, there was Ishant who looked like a millionaire in 2007 but he has not been different from the pack. As far as indian and SL pacers are concerned,we are unproven in producing great bowlers, period...Its not done until its done. I start with our bowlers with a suspicion flag and in any case there is no prodigy or anything. The quality of bowling talent just does not match the batting as far as world class quality is concerned. I am interested in Siraj ,Avesh, Mavi and Nagarkotti ...i recall the same interest level as i had for Shami (than Bumrah) But then he has not developed as much as i expected...Hoping these guys can do better and destined for a higher ceiling. Not the same help for turn in the second dig and he was bowling more to the left handers. Lyon was using the roughs into the RHB with deadly effect. This kind of good fortune is rare in away tours. Won't get too often. He doesn't have to be a 50 average batsman. He is what he is. This is the best i have seen him play in away condition. To look solid in a low scoring pitch is creditable. I think he is getting there.
  6. youngindia

    Ranji trophy 2018-19

    The bad news is Armaan Jaffer is struggling to make a proper score. really absurd. Sarfaraz won't play this year. The list of struggling prospects include Armaan, sarfaraz, Unmukt, sanju samson. Too many for comfort.
  7. youngindia

    Take a bow Shami and Bumrah

    Yeah the free runs have stopped considerably...but I don't think there is enough penetration to win series consistently...They may struggle to win a series here and there...If smith was there, victory was unlikely...Bumrah is the only one who inspires confidence in me...If we get two more bowlers in his class, there would be better chances to win...This win was largely due to the turn Ashwin got in the first innings... That made two class bowlers for us in the conditions..From now on, Ashwin may not get help...Our pacers labour to dismiss the lower order once the conditions eases for the tail. The key issue is you have to defeat the opposition's best batsmen to win series...Smith and Warner may have been a bridge too far...This is the best chance for a start in overseas wins....but I suspect they will labor to dismiss this unsettled Aussie lineup ,which has a strong lower order to take advantage of easier conditions. The batsmen did a good job in the second innings...there is nothing like taming the Australian bowlers in their own den. it has been demonstrated their best cannot dominate us at all times...Only if Rohit or Vihari evolve into a reliable no 6 , we will present a stronger challenge.
  8. I had always expected Jadeja to be better than Ashwin in batting. After a long overdue wait, he looks like he has reached his final level and ready to play a role as a good batsman down the order in tests. If he can play like this, he can play anywhere. Certainly a plus for the future. He played well vs Australia as well but the batting i saw yesterday was in a different league from the past. And its equally disappointing that Pujara and Rahane are a bit stagnant and going though the motions. However allrounders should not be misused. An allrounder cannot be played even at 7 as the wicket keeper is too raw. You need six specialists. Only when you have a solid contributor for a keeper, it is possible. But having an allrounder is far from a necessity. I have been saying from 2013 that the no 6 batsman has to be developed. The 5th bowler and allrounder are no game changers. It was always a going to be a waste of time. Infact a pool of 7-8 batsmen has to be maintained. I would look at Shubnam Gill next year. IF Baba Aparajith has a good season, he can be looked at too. Good that Vihari was brought in despite a low profile and he was always marked as a test batsman. It was great to see him adapting the challenge quickly. Very impressive start.
  9. youngindia

    Agarwal Vs Shaw

    All other things being equal..Its not equal in this case... Exceptional talents are fore most priority...only then exposure for more mortal players. Exceptional players are much greater in value addition and are what one would call "force multiplier".... there is no equality here. Only for other players, its equal. Anyone who has followed my views would know I do not recommend any u24 batsman for tests...only the odd special talent who can be one in a generation.
  10. youngindia

    Agarwal Vs Shaw

    Its a wrong comparison for the simple reason that Shaw will get a special treatment that 99.8% of others don't. Exceptional talents will leapfrog everyone. Only when was the question. Shaw is undoubtedly the better prospect . Mayank has worked and refined his game better through several seasons of trial and error. Mayank and Vihari have to perform consistently to get their chance. Players of Exceptional promise will be fast tracked and can bull doze their way to a slot. For others, getting that slot in the indian team may require several years of consistency and a chance of luck with a vacancy.
  11. This is an exaggerration. India barely won any series against strong teams even at home during those days. During the 1987 series, Pakistan was beating us from nowhere time and again. The Australian side was still finding its feet but it would not have been easy in the final The decision to drop Amarnath came to bite the team in the semis. Vengsarkar was down and Pandit, a young keeper cannot fill in a huge vacuum. I remember the match.Gatting and Foster had dominated India in the 1984 series and they returned as tormentors again. Gooch and Gatting put on a huge partnership .Gooch was very annoying ,sweeping left and right. The spinners were totally clueless.Lamb came up with some useful slog in the end. 250 was like 320 in the last WC semis. It was really tricky. The chase never took off with Gavaskar dismissed in his last match very early . Foster ripped out Sidhu ,Srikanth and Pandit in a crucial spell. I never got the impression we were close to a win, We were always behind. It was down to Kapil. he tried to lift up the tempo. But he was hit and miss. once he was out, i had a feeling it was gone. Azhar was playing a dogged knock but in those days he was known to crawl during ODI's....Shastri was a reasonable finisher but he was not a great player...52 from 10 was very challenging those days and with the last recognised pair, we were up against the wall. If More had done well, we would have a chance. but he played poorly. A second world cup win would be overestimating what was really a mid tier side.too good to happen.
  12. youngindia

    We are the champions [ 2018 ] !!!

    Winning 2 qualifiers was possible...with this bowling attack, winning three would have been extremely tough But SRH messed up at the end. Ngidi was certainly a welcome change. That's what is needed. Also the opposition didnt have Malinga or Johnson to damage us.That also helped.
  13. youngindia

    To all the bambis !!!

    surprised that such a poor team took us to the last over....we will get better
  14. youngindia

    Is Indian Tennis Scene ever going to pick up?

    Sumit does not have a good height. His model is Ferrer type hustling. That means more limitations in tennis. Ramkumar with his serve and forehand is more promising in my eyes,. But his backhand is such a liability currently. Karman kaur has it all. but i am not happy with her progress.She should be doing more with her gifts. Again her backhand is the issue. Maybe her tennis iq and strategy has to improve. I hope she is not like rohit and ishant
  15. youngindia

    Is Indian Tennis Scene ever going to pick up?

    Strategically Incompetent administrators. First decent coaches have to be available in good numbers at grass roots level and matched by decent facilities.Decently coached candidates have to compete in strong leagues and tournaments.More people will take up this career if they are convinced their return on investment is reasonable. Without a proven track record of good coaching and previous champions, i doubt critical mass will be attained in terms of a tennis career. or the parents will support them in too risky and uncertain a path. Only when a choice of a tennis career becomes critical mass and people take it up in huge numbers, the probability of a few tennis champions becomes realistic . Right now its bits and pieces. No momnetum is there Its no rocket science focus on the big cities and the private schools first. when we have have only crorepatis and criminals ruling the roost, what do you expect. They have to be shunted out first,.

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