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  1. Is Indian Tennis Scene ever going to pick up?

    Sumit does not have a good height. His model is Ferrer type hustling. That means more limitations in tennis. Ramkumar with his serve and forehand is more promising in my eyes,. But his backhand is such a liability currently. Karman kaur has it all. but i am not happy with her progress.She should be doing more with her gifts. Again her backhand is the issue. Maybe her tennis iq and strategy has to improve. I hope she is not like rohit and ishant
  2. Is Indian Tennis Scene ever going to pick up?

    Strategically Incompetent administrators. First decent coaches have to be available in good numbers at grass roots level and matched by decent facilities.Decently coached candidates have to compete in strong leagues and tournaments.More people will take up this career if they are convinced their return on investment is reasonable. Without a proven track record of good coaching and previous champions, i doubt critical mass will be attained in terms of a tennis career. or the parents will support them in too risky and uncertain a path. Only when a choice of a tennis career becomes critical mass and people take it up in huge numbers, the probability of a few tennis champions becomes realistic . Right now its bits and pieces. No momnetum is there Its no rocket science focus on the big cities and the private schools first. when we have have only crorepatis and criminals ruling the roost, what do you expect. They have to be shunted out first,.
  3. Honestly i am not sure ...these pitches were sub par pitches where winning the toss made a big difference.. Batsmen had reasonable chance only in certain sessions ...mostly in the first innings of the first two tests...Not one 350 in the series The length and radar looked better than previous tours...But for confirmation on how effective they really are, one has to wait for truer wickets. My opinion was if the faster bowlers can bowl more consistently in the same channel as Bhuvi, there would be great rewards. In the third test, they did match up to expectations. Pandya can be a good bowler if he gets yard or two of pace with more strategy and deception. The fightback with bat and ball starting with Rahane's attack is certainly a huge positive and can be a huge inspiration for youngsters. There have been occasional heroics in the past like Gavaskar and Amarnath battles against fast bowlers, Sandeep's hundred in Adelaide, Vishwanath's 114 and Kapil's fifer in Melbourne, Tendulkar playing a lone hand with others falling over.. But this kind of victory is hard to recall. Often we have seen Mccullum or Kallis single handedly saving matches. Even Jack russell made only his second hundred in his entire career to save a test for England in 1996. Thats how bad our bowlers have been in the past. This is a certainly a more refreshing display which one hopes to see more often. Hopefully England will be better this time with good wickets. The Australian series at home and this series are entertainig to watch. But the careers and development of batsmen suffers.
  4. Syed Mushtaq ali trophy 2018

    Nair and Mandeep can be tried for shorter forms now. MA needs more consistency.
  5. What is your first recollection of Cricket?

    Fragile memories of the 1981 England tour. Uncle asked "is it over?".. Aunt replied "yes Gavaskar caught it"(meaning the england innings came to an end).Somehow this remains my first memory. I learnt the names of Gavaskar, kapil, Vishwanath,vengsarkar, Fletcher,Boycott,Gooch, Gower and botham. There was the match in Chennai. Again my relatives told me how the match went. Vengasarkar was hitting boundaries at will before he was felled by a bouncer. Vish and Yashpal put on a hge partnership. I remember one day when botham got dismissed at the end of the day. Srikanth got dismissed quickly in one of the tests. Then i remember a match vs Pakistan when Kirti Azad finished the match with bighitting. But it was the 1983 WI tour that really set the tone for regular watching. Watched the series from the second test in Delhi.
  6. My take on the issue...Harbhajan didnt understand the implications of the situation. In India, using monkey as racial abuse is alien to us...however i have seen immature young indians make fun of black faces as "looking like a monkey" more than a few times. So the crowds mocking symonds(for his provocative comments on the indian t20 celebrations) most likely went down this route - i.e suggest he looks like a monkey. Mean spirited and with an undertone of racism. However neither Harbhajan or the crowds are likely to have awareness of "monkey" as a racial term as known in the west Harbhajan was a ruthless stirrer and its quite likely he would have hit back with the term to rile up symonds. Not because he is a racist because he lacked enough awareness/intellect that such a term(harmless in our scoiety) can cause genuine offence in another society. some would point out the aussies told him so. but he is no intellectual and unruly guys are not easily enlightened For instances i had been embarassed by colleagues on visits abroad. There was one guy who said "detroit...so many blacks!" in a meeting with the client...i had to explicitly shush him. A client was talking about inefficient banking and an orthodox muslim guy managed to bring "jews and their control of banking" out of nowhere. On a day of bombing, preditcably one guy said "those muslims" Multicultural awareness is not mature in india. People much more educated than Harbhajan can be embarassing to business. The team management and top indian cricketers took the view that aussies were riling harbhajan intentionally for sometime and took a hardline stand vs the aussies. This hardline stand deserves support but Harbhajan needed a stern private word not to be reckless and stupid. That was given by Bindra. Overall the management cant be faulted for this approach.
  7. take the news with a pinch of salt. Thiem didnt want to be there. Ramkumar is far far from ready to defeat top 50 players. he has to demonstrate top 175 level first.his backhand returns are abysmal. yuki already is around 130 level due to superior experience, just unlucky with injuries.but ramkumar could scale higher eventually.
  8. A fast bowler India might have had

    The game evolves. Its not static and neither is Indian cricket. The scene in the 80's and 90's were not the same as in 2000's and not by a long way. In the 80's and 90's, we struggled to find a second fast medium bowler. Kulkarni was faster but it was binny or prabhakar who were the second bowlers. similarly it was srinath in the 90's. the second bowler was prasad. kuruvilla was close to fast medium at least before he got chances.but he was such a horrible fielder he didnt get chances earlier. none of the others were fast medium. when i saw srinath, i knew he will be there for the next decade as he was genuine fast medium, a rarity in indian cricket at that time. No other bowler inspired such confidence. i saw Ankola in 1989 in pakistan. he was no fast medium. All others were medium pacers or maybe medium fast occasionally. Harvinder bowled only 10 overs in the 3rd test as aussies got to him in bangalore. mark waugh was treating him like a club bowler. Reports from the match indicated he didnt look like he belonged there. He was banished and got a few chances in 2001 with a remodelled action but zaheer and nehra were there by that time. Only from the 2000's, the the rate of fast medium prospects was faster and better. The 2005 scene is not comparable at all to the earlier eras. Munaf and ishant were genuinely impressive when they first arrived. but better sportsmen also have good cognitive ability and they can scale up higher. that's where we struggle. The number of prospects of 2017 is higher than 2005. it will keep evolving. You cant compare eras.
  9. What happened to Hemang Badani?

    He had everything going for him right from u14 times. Got selected to city schools s first step along with his u14 captain, ravindran john who was more impressive at the time. My bet at that time would have been for ravindran to be more successful later. But badani was a very hard man to dismiss as well as i found in the nets. They also got the selected for the tn u14 team and i used to follow the scores. they made some impact there as well with partnerships. when i saw them again, they have transformed completely in their skillset. were charging more senior fast men like nothing. Generally my memories of him as a cricketer are positive and initiative oriented. At the international stage, i didnt see the same person. The biggest stage showed a lot of conservatism. he was solid but he was not taking bull by the horns. Kaif took the edge because of his fielding and also that innings at natwest. Mongia also got some chances as he impressed the batting big guns with an innings in domestics.maybe mongia was the worst thing for him. took some chances that he could have used. His exit was a bit harsh. In the few chances he got, he gave solid performances like a partnership at perth, when everyone failed. Maybe they wanted someone who can make a difference rather than merely solid performances. Kaif also found himself out in a few years. but it can be said badani didnt get the second chances that kaif and mongia did.
  10. A fast bowler India might have had

    The batsmen r lot more genuine. sandeep was an exciting strokemaker for his era. some of the sixes hit by yashpal in those days on huge grounds like australia would make for spectacular viewing. The material about bowlers r largely nonsense. Articles championing journeyman players are a problem till today because of journalist blissfully ignorant about first rate ability.
  11. A fast bowler India might have had

    another myth making thread :) Rajindher ghai was the only one who had some speed at the beginning of his career(based on sidhu's words) and a change in action proved unproductive. Kulkarni was sort of fast medium as i remember him. rest were medium to medium fast mostly and hardly inspired confidence with their control..that's the bloody truth we didnt lose any big giants....sorry The ones with brains will evolve themselves as shown by a somewhat limited prabhakar who was insulted by everyone but somehow managed to pull out a average career with pure effort
  12. What went wrong?

    Basically our strengths in bowling(not topnotch anyway) was nullified by the conditions. we depend on swing and spin. pakistan and sl can punish our spinners easily in these totally unhelpful conditions. 2 spinners rendered null and void. 2 pacers only known for death bowling(not wickets). A young bowling allrounder who has limitations at the moment in range of skills. where r the wickets goin to come from? despite the fact pakistan is not the grestest of batting lineups.we didnt have one hostile top notch bowler More hostile 6 ft 3 and above bowlers are needed. Also the batting has been top heavy with yuvraj's decline and raina's failure to be better. There has been some unsettled middle order with oldies with shaky techniques on their last legs and jadhav a rubbish fielder and unproven. They didnt respond well to the fall of wickets There has to be some firepower to the 4-6 positions and thats where rahul and pandey are important in the near future.
  13. Restructuring Team India

    i have seen players grow up in 80's, 90's and i have a clear pattern what to expect.I also have patterns from other sports like tennis. i know what to expect. Thats all i can say. Age is a factor. not the same for everyone. For an average sample and also late developers, it holds good. Not for each and everyone. only if the guy is faster learner and superior to all his peers.its a subjective call. if you give chances to more mortal players or even late developers like hayden and martyn(who failed early), you have to expect inconsistency or failure. Even kohli played only cameo roles in the 2011 world cup. for guys like dhawan ,vijay,rohit and raina its reasonable to give them test chances at 25-27 years . for guys like sachin and kohli it may be productive to give it early. 99.5% of the players are not sachin or kohli. So the argument ends there. Again for pant, its justified only if he is superior to all his peers in mental growth,progress,learning. I cant say at the moment. Also it depends on team and talent situation. When mongia and sriram were the backup players , it was justified in my eyes to take a look at gambhir, uthappa and raina now i see better quality in the backup players like pandey, i am not interested in rushing youngsters early. The previous generation of players got chances more early. but it will be more difficult now with better depth in batting talent. Giving chances to ishant young maybe of little use in the long run.but it may turn out better with avesh khan if he proves a much better learner. With the bowlers its different. bowlers have always been rushed in due to our lack of world class quality.
  14. Restructuring Team India

    I am looking for players around 25-27 who are ready to take on more seasoned roles in internationals.(they have several years of FC, A tours and some international experience)) Among those players i can only pick these 3. i dont expect under 25 players to play like established players and hence not interested in them ATM without a reason. By force multiplier, i mean a player who is better than 99% of the others on a cricket field due to superior talent, cricketing intellect and problem solving abilities.Apart from the crucial belief, they are better than most.
  15. Restructuring Team India

    The disappointing thing today is players fail to rise to the occasion you cant have an off day in finals. our recent record has been very patchy. even in the 2013 final, it was a last ditch partnership between kohli and jadeja that saved the day. This is not good enough for world class players .kohli and co have to improve their track record. I am also not happy with the weak response of 3-6 after the fall of early wickets. Rahul , pandey and nair r the ones who need to bring more firepower to the 3-6 positions. That means ability to score hundreds as well. It has been a bit top heavy with the decline of yuvraj and dhoni. mandeep and unmukt r currently struggling..but can still pick up in the coming season. also i would like one more player like sarfaraz khan who thinks he is better than anyone else.but he may not be ready for the near future. Rahul has try to take a force multiplier role for the time being. he is not fully reliable as yet.but his progress in the next season will be crucial. The other guys will take their time and may not be ready for 2019. The pace bowling still needs much more hostility.Or there will be some days where stronger bowling sides will outclass us. or get collared by taleted batsmen from other sides. SL has some impressive young batting talent. that has been a perennial failing. I still consider australia to be the bigger threat long term. I am interested in avesh khan. more gifted and highly intelligent fast bowlers are still a requirement.

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