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  1. Is Rohit Sharma going the Yuvi or Robinho way?

    Always felt he didn't take bilateral as seriously as ICC tournaments
  2. Is Rohit Sharma going the Yuvi or Robinho way?

    Yes I just hope he didn't have d dreadful c.It seemed like he was getting his act together then came d nightmare.But he was magical when he turned up.His game was not refined but he was more exciting to watch than Kohli,Sachin or Dhoni(I know I will get a lot of slack) during 2005-2009.In 2007 t20wc he really looked unstoppable.
  3. Is Rohit Sharma going the Yuvi or Robinho way?

    I hope being gifted is not exactly on the basis of technique alone.We never saw Dada or Dravid or Dhoni at the age of 18 or 19.The guy was partying and skipping training.Once Dada said he would be first for a party and last for the practice. sometimes I used to wake him up for practice.Anways both Dada and dravid are better batsman(But in Odis I doubt because they never had d acceleration skill of yuvi).Acceleration is very vital in odi.Always felt he is very natural as an athlete. Won the national skating championship even before taking up a career in Cricket.But as u said he had technical loopholes.So definitely Dada and Dravid are better batsman (even in odi).But I feel if initial laid back attitude or cancer didn't affect him he would have had best stat after Kapil in Odis.And one more thing Aesthetically I find him more attractive than Dada,dravid and Dhoni(lol).Yes initially he struggles but on full flow he had d smoothest bat flow among Indian batsmen.
  4. Junaid Khan tampered the ball against England in CT

    Many would pounce on me but it doesn't look like ball tampering to me.
  5. India to host Sri Lanka later in 2017, may hamper SA tour

    Actually it's the best time to face.They have been on a slow decline since 2015.They are uncertain about the future of Steyn,abd etc.It's now or never for India.
  6. India to host Sri Lanka later in 2017, may hamper SA tour

    Bangladesh is more exciting than Srilank.At least their loudmouths and fake aggression make it exciting. Srilanka series is yawn.
  7. Is Rohit Sharma going the Yuvi or Robinho way?

    Nah.Yuvi was very fast between the wickets during his early days.He was very athletic in the field too before he became fat.The technique holes were in the test cricket.In Odis he should have scored more than Dada,Dhoni and Dravid.He was more gifted as an odi cricketer than them
  8. First of all excuse me for bringing in football here.I hope most sports enthusiasts know who Robinho was.Let's turn back to 1999 or 2000.I still remember it was the entry of 2 golden boys in 2 different sports.Santos who were non existent after Pele stunningly won the liga and Robinho the wonder boy led them to the title.Pele immediately said he is next me.He might surpass me.He was considered bigger than Messi or cr7.Now fast forward to 2017 he is considered a wasted talent.l though he did have moments of brilliance like copa 2007_LA liga 2005 etc but still a forgotten talent. Now coming to cricket,India who had so many ageing players were looking for a change.Dada was appointed d captain and he wanted to change d entire style and structure.India won the first under 19 world cup.A young kid(yuvi)from Punjab stole the limelight being the best player of the tournament. Sourav didn't wait long he was immediately drafted into ICC champions trophy and he stunned d invincible Aussies after knocking them out in his very first opportunity.Steve Waugh said "I didn't except an Indian kid to play this brand of cricket.It was our style".Now come to 2017 he has a big story but fact is he didn't improve his grit,temperament and defensive technique to make a test career makes him an underachiever though he had a remarkable odi career. Now they both are very similar to Rohit.Like them he started off with a bang in wt20 2007 on an absolute terrible pitch against South africa then it went on till 2008 cb series where only sachin had a better overall series.Critics were in awe of his natural talent and class then came the downhill.He kept failing.Dhoni finally gave him a chance as an opener in 2013 and he excelled in the role.Now he is a vital cog in the odi side but still he is yet to cement a spot in the test side.Also he has a great record but yet to dominate an ICC tournament.Now which way his career will turn out.The yuvi way or finally he would do justice to the gift he possess.
  9. The myths propagated by Sachin detractors

    Yes he is the greatest but might be ppl wouldn't dare to compare him with anyone else if he hadn't got the tennis elbow injury.He would have been unreachable now.Before that he really was a mix of Gavaskar and Richards(It's no exaggeration).The way he used to come down the track to hit warne all around the park. That fun was missing in his last phase.I really believe that at 18 he had better technique than any other Indian cricketer
  10. The myths propagated by Sachin detractors

    Meh.Would rather speak about yuvi or Rohit .I know they are inconsistent as hell.But much more beautiful and pleasing to watch than those machines :P
  11. The myths propagated by Sachin detractors

    See Dravid From 2000-2007 had been a better test player.I agree to that.But let's not forget test match is won by bowlers.Let's list out the famous wins overseas. 1.Win in headingly in 2002:It was a complete team performance from Sanjay bangar to Ganguly every one batted well. Adelaide:2003.Yes truly Dravid's best as a test player.Contributed in both the innings and finished d match too.Herculean effort.But I would say India drew the series because Dada gave the momentum in the very first test by not succumbing. Wi series 2006:That was a big win.WI in their home was still better than what they are now.Credits to Dravid.It was one of his finest performances. Johannesburg 2007: The man whose career was on stake(Dada) fought it out with the best spell by an Indian(Sreesanth) in my recent memory. 2007 series win in England.From Dinesh Karthik to Dhoni everyone did well in that series.The most memorable series overseas imo. 2007 Perth win:The robbery of Sydney hurt us and we showed lot of character and Sehwag's revival started here. 2009 win in nz:A great team effort 2010 drawn series in SA:Sachin just showed why he was the most complete batsman by winning the contest easily against Steyn. So basically Dravid won 2 matches on his own.I respect him.Ppl respect him for his grit,determination and dedication but it doesn't mean his admirers should despise the little master by making some generic claims.
  12. First let me say u.I am not his fan.I like Dada and Yuvi more.Also I feel Kohli might overtake him in Lois by the time he finishes his career.But I have no doubts that little master was the Greatest batsman.Some of the myths propagated by his detractors. He was not a match winner-The most ridiculous claim against him.He has more than double the number of man of the matches than the acclaimed match winners like Sehwag,yuvi and Dhoni.Mostly the award is given to the match winning knocks.Yes he played more matches but didn't play double the amount of matches than those guys. He is selfish: Another bizzare claim by his detractors.The only century I remember which ended in defeat because of his slow innings was the knock against bangla.How can a batsman with a strike of 85 can be called selfish when all other batsmen in his era like Ganguly,azhar,Dravid and jadega had strike rate of 70. Kambli was more talented:This is the most stupid.I have seen Kambli play.He was nowhere near Sachin as a stroke maker.He just had some fluid looking shots.He was terrible against short balls.May be to an extent I might agree Lara was more of a raw talent than him but not Kamblis and Pontings. He fails in big matches:I still remember the weakest squad ever in 1996.He was literally the best player till semi. Even in semis he was on fire and Jayasuriya happened.I still feel he should have won the best player award.If not for him we wouldn't have reached the semis.In 1999 he was decent but definitely Dada and Dravid had better overall tournament. In 2003 every one's eye was on sehwag after the nz tour and he was the big thing then but in the tournament he completely outplayed others.He was best player by a mile.Yes he failed in finals.In 2007 he flopped(His first real failure in world cup).In 2011 he was India's best batsman again though he lost his natural flair.So a player who was the reason for the WC record against Pakistan.3times the best batsman for the team and 2 times the best player 's big match ability being questioned is laughable. Now comes the biggest myth of all:Rahul Dravid is a better player overseas.Except for England,Pls check the record of both in Aus,Nz,Sa .Sachin is way ahead. Now he is not flawed.He failed in 2 WC finals,was average in 4th innings of tests,Failed to finish matches like 99 chennai test and 2009 vs Australia inspite of scoring more than half of the runs.But He is the greatest. Now on a personal note which part of his career impressed me the most.It was an IPL tournament .2010.It was not the right age for sachin to prove his Arsenal.Dada and Dravid were struggling to cope with the pace of it.But he became the best batsman overshadowing young guns like Raina and Rohit.
  13. Why Has Dhoni Lost His ODI Mojo?: Aakash Chopra

    Frankly If yuvi didn't have cancer he would have come close to Sachin in terms of Motm,series and overtaken Dada in terms of Runs.There was a thread in ICF right after d WC in those days.Will he overtake Sachin and becomes the best odi player after Kapil.What a fall from d grace.In those days I genuinely believed he was more talented than Kohli and Dhoni.
  14. Why Has Dhoni Lost His ODI Mojo?: Aakash Chopra

    He will be a bigger flop at 4 .He will play old fashioned cricket thinking scoring at 4 or 5 RPO is good and while chasing he will increase the required rate.
  15. Why Has Dhoni Lost His ODI Mojo?: Aakash Chopra

    Those who think he will reinvent like sachin did in the later stages are criminally underrating Sachin's balance and technique.That guy had the improvisation to get orange cap in ipl at the age of 37.He was straight driving siddle in that MCC vs row match.Dhoni is not like that.All his batting is on physicality and presence of mind.Uses power to clear the boundaries or runs fast to score singles.Everything Dhoni did was more of a science than pure art.

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