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  1. wtachetna

    Ramnath Kovind : 14th President of India

    I'm very fond of Baba Ram Dev. He is a Yog master who have cured millions of people from diseases like cancer, diabetes and arthritis through meditation and exercise. He is one of the true patriots I have ever known. What if he turns out to be the president of India. The country needs a person who does not live for the money.
  2. wtachetna

    What song are you currently listening to ?

    I am listening to "Breaking the Habit" by Linkin Park. It is my favorite song. Whenever I need motivation I plug in this song to my ears.
  3. Not very helpful but still a great effort! You should have used some animation for explaining the spin direction. That arrow was fine but still, more expectations are build from a video tutorial for sports like cricket.
  4. Gun laws of America seems pathetic, you get guns even when you are not mentally fit to have gun in the first place.
  5. If there is anybody in the Indian Cricket Team who I love watching play the game is Virat Kohli. He is one of the most talented batsman on this planet. There are other players too who are great. But Virat is phenomenal. Latest Sport News
  6. wtachetna

    which sports is best in the world ?

    Other than cricket, my favorite is Table tennis. I think it is my favorite because I used to play this sports game a lot when I was a kid. I used to be a topper. In tournament I held the first place, beating 10 people who were really good in the game.
  7. wtachetna

    Cashless / Digital Transaction

    I'm suffering a lot ever since the demonetization took place in India. All my expenditure got effected. I abstain from going to market because there is only 50% chance that I would come with the things I wanted as only few people are accepting digital transaction.
  8. wtachetna

    which sports is best in the world ?

    I want to know your preference. Let's say it is poll for you all. Which sports is best in the world. My vote: Cricket
  9. wtachetna

    Cashless / Digital Transaction

    The thing we can do is leave India. This is one most corrupted country I have ever known. But as we cannot leave our family we ought not to leave India and fight like a warrior. These two options we have, whichever we choose, we should stop complaining about the problems afterwards.
  10. wtachetna

    Cashless / Digital Transaction

    This decision is wrong. Digital transaction is very difficult in a country like India. The process should have been slow, not like this when all of a sudden PM proclaimed in the evening that from next day onwards people cannot use their paper money. This decision is very childish decision taken by PM. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Latest Sport News
  11. wtachetna

    Cashless / Digital Transaction

    I agree with the above post. Digital transaction is only running in some major parts of the country. But most of the cities and villages people are dying because they cannot get their hard earned money. Neither they have ATMs nor do they have any digital mode of money transaction. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Latest Sport News
  12. wtachetna

    500 & 1000 rs notes stopped from tonight

    With the decision of demonetization, lots of politicians have become restless. They are angry on PM's decisions. I am sure that black-money, terrorism and other corruption will be cleaned. But lots of people are also suffering who has got nothing to do with black-money and terrorism. They have died in standing in queues for hours for the money. Latest Sport News
  13. wtachetna

    What are you eating now?

    I'm having one boiled egg with green chili sauce. Later I will have one bucket of popcorn. It is super cool snake one can enjoy while watching cricket matches.
  14. Great bowling compilation. I have watched many other videos like this one. It gives a nostalgic feeling when we watch such videos because such good moments are captured and shown to us then we obviously get nostalgia. Latest Sport News
  15. wtachetna

    Kohli's views as captain of India

    You are right, but we do lots of cursing to players who are playing at the cricket field. We don't consider how much pressure the captain must be going through at that critical moment. His one decision may change the outcome of the game. I respect Virat and almost every other player with their game plan.

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