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  1. Why does beating Bangladesh feel so good ?

    Wo Bangloldeshi hai
  2. Bangladeshi cricketers are full of frustration and inferiority complex. No wonder they resort to such deplorable acts both on and off the field.
  3. Why does beating Bangladesh feel so good ?

    So you expect India to remain silent when they call India all sort of names.
  4. Why does beating Bangladesh feel so good ?

    Beggardesh is still a much softer word compared to the words they use for India.
  5. B*Desh Fan lost his mind

    Dsports does broadcast in BD. There are reports that not only tvs, railway tracks and some other public properties have been damaged too
  6. Bangladesh winning moments and celebrations !!!

    They are creating Bangladesh brand of cricket
  7. Innings of the decade.. Hats off Sir Karthik
  8. Lol.. Show ur nagin dance fkn beggars
  9. Best match of the centrury
  10. * you mf bastards.. Go to home son of pigs. We won.. Wow.. Wohoo
  11. Mc BC Shankar and Pandey lost us this easy match.. Go to hell fkn cunts

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