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    Gautam Gambhir officially joins BJP

    We need more persons like Gambhir in BJP. Good move.

    PM Narendra Modi - Official Trailer- Vivek Oberoi

    bachpan se hootiya tha ya koi course kiya hai?
  3. Ishant over Umesh anyday if we are talking about 4th pacer. Dude has helped us win CT in England. So I will definitely take him as 4th pacer
  4. Show this to libtards and pseudo sickular hootiyas who still think ppl across the border are our brothers.
  5. Bad news for biriyani lovers

    PM Narendra Modi - Official Trailer- Vivek Oberoi

    Trailer looks decent. Dont know why Pappu chamchas are upset?
  7. There is no better option than Modiji right now. If khangress comes to power they will loot and plunder recklessly to compensate for the time period they were not in power. Nation will surely go to dogs. Likes of pappu, Vadra, Kamalnath, Gehlot, Momatha etc will dictate the terms. Islamisation will gain momentum. Rohingya refugees will be given free pass, Pakistan will encroach our territory further by occupying Kashmir and we might lose Arunachal to China. Khangress coming back to power is scary. We will have to stop it at any cost
  8. Bumrah is a definite captaincy material. Many on ICF may not realise this but Bumrah has some charisma about him.
  9. He is just a Bambi cheerleader

    Manohar Parrikar Succumbs to cancer.

    RIP :( It seems Khangressi vultures were eagerly waiting for his sad demise. Didn't spare a minute for staking claim over govt. formation in Goa. Shameless rascals

    3 killed and 9 injured in Dutch Tram shooting.

    Europe committed a big blunder by providing safe haven to jihadi refugees. Now they will have to pay for it.

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