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  1. I am supporting toygers. Its fun giving them hope of a multination tournament title and then send them packing in the final.
  2. Good thay Rayudu got out. Now I want Rahul to score an unbeaten 100 so that he gets a preference over Biryani in the final
  3. But biryani will be retained even if he gets quickfire 80 balls 50
  4. I want Biryani to get out for single digit
  5. Just goes on to show how weak pur bowling is without Bumrah
  6. We should file an RTI. Its beyond logic how trundlers like Kaul and Thakur are getting selected every now and then.
  7. Biryani must be crapping in his pants as RR is in excess of 5 already
  8. Right.. Actually their batters are too preoccupied batting full quota of 50 overs. Talent wise they are definitely 2nd best
  9. It will be good for us if they post 250+. Our middle order will be tested. Actually I wamt them to score in excess of 270
  10. Kaul, chahar and Thakur need to be kicked out ASAP. Khaleel seems to be a good find.

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