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  1. Pappu never fails to amuse https://m.timesofindia.com/india/congress-to-crowd-fund-its-new-party-headquarter/articleshow/65053170.cms?utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=TOI&utm_content=om-bm


    Chewtiapanti ki bhi had hoti hai.. When did talking to a Muslim become stigma? What is more disgusting is Muslims themselves promoting this shyt. Victim card khelna koi inse seekhe.
  3. Though the news is sad, it might turn out to be blessing in disguise for the Indian team if Pant nails his spot

    No Confidence motion against goverment on friday 20th July

    What is the point behind no confidence motion when GE are to be held next year? This is waste of time and money. Each minute of running parliament costs 2-3 Lacs INR and these scoundrels are wasting time instituting no confidence motion whereas we could have meaningful discussions and important bills passed especially when they know nos. are not in their favour.

    Speculation about Dhoni 's retirement

    Dhoni should make comeback for tests and quit ODIs and T20s. His last 2 ODI innings proves that he chose the wrong format to retire

    Is Mamta Banerjee's West Bengal becoming a mini Pakistan?

    Hopefully Supreme Court will take note of this
  7. Imagine the plight of Dhoni haters
  8. Lol.. This is sarcasm. Dont get carried away
  9. BKL playing Abdul Rashid as if he is Warne reborn
  10. Dolt management ruined Varun Aron's career too.. Any other team and he would have been their strike bowler
  11. Bc Croatia 42 lacs ki population lekar football WC final khel kar aagaya aur hum 130 crore population lekar England ko whitewash nahi kar paa rahe hai. There is something definitely wrong with BCCI

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