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  1. Not sure how he gets to keep his place in the team.. bowling mediocre.. batting is worse.
  2. I am surprised that they may offer Ashwin to lead. He does not have the experience. I thought Finch or UV with their captain experience were better off to lead.
  3. KKR Playing 11

    I hope Mavi, Nagarkoti learn as much from the Starc/MJ in the team.. This would be great for future of Indian bowling. Don't care much about IPL and its money :-) I heard Kumble saying Unakadt learnt a lot from Akram when they both were at KKR.
  4. RCB Playing 11

    Can RCB get a replacement for NCN.. Does it have to be fast bowler replacement only?
  5. CSK has got the best pace battery !!!

    The issue is that only 4 Intl play in any game.. MSD and Flem are know to stick to the same 11 almost through out the season. Let's see whether they come with a different mind set this season.
  6. IPL Auction Live thread

    Wish CSK had used RTM on Tye and not Faf.. At the end of the day they had 6 C's remaining.. At least they could have taken PZ for a ride with bidding for Tye (just the way she did for Unakat) to 8.5 or 9C and then dropped out.
  7. IPL Auction Live thread

    Bhatia .. unsold
  8. IPL Auction Live thread

    PZ has a thing for Aussies... Surprised that she did not got for S.Marsh
  9. IPL Auction Live thread

    dwarshuis --- Another BBL star
  10. IPL Auction Live thread

    its funny that Bhajji and Rayudu get back together again at CSK.. Hope MSD does not have to baby sit them :-)
  11. IPL Auction Live thread

    you missed Rayudu there..
  12. IPL Auction Live thread

    why is Mahela in MI bench
  13. IPL Auction Live thread

    where was Neharaji yesterday
  14. IPL Auction Live thread

    if unsold player is brought back, does every team get a chance to bid? say if CSK ask for Gayle, does other team also bid for him
  15. IPL Auction Live thread

    QDK 2.8 vs Saha 5cr.. RCB got a steal

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