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  1. ShoonyaSifar

    So they all got away scot-free

    Remember 2007? That was a first round exit. Not one player lost his spot for the next tour CoA have now made these jokers even more powerful on selection matters. They have become totally independent and can do as they please. Imagine these bunch of clowns running the show on their own!
  2. If the jokers decide to play most of the WC squad, maybe the national side can play the A team in a practice match in WI. Will be fun.
  3. ShoonyaSifar

    India tour of West Indies: Squad to be picked on July 19

    Not picking at least 7-8 younger guys will be an opportunity missed. Rest Kohli, Dhawan, Pandya, Shami and Bumrah. Drop Dhoni, Kedar, DK, Shankar and Bhuvi LOIs- Mayank, Gill, Iyer, Pant, Gopal, Saini, Avesh/Khaleel must play every match with Rana for T20s Tests - Mayank, Gill, Vihari, Pant. Saini, Kuldeep (as main spinner) must play every match
  4. Emotional drama to get his parents into this debate. Did Dhoni himself consider what parents of Dada, Dravid, Sehwag, VVS, Kumble would have thought when he decided he had to drop them?
  5. ShoonyaSifar

    Dhoni plans to retire only after T20 World Cup !!!

    Kedar and Rahul were playing their first WC. Was Dhoni targetted for his dismal show of 0, 20 and 0 in his first WC in 2007 or were Sachin, Ganguly, Dravid, Sehwag, Bhajji targeted or the disaster?
  6. ShoonyaSifar

    Dhoni plans to retire only after T20 World Cup !!!

    Dhoni as a keeper-batsman in T20 WCs has never hit a 50 despite playing in each and every T20WC that has ever been played! Not to forget the dismal record after the inaugural T20 WC. Laughable to sight his IPL record, with all that he has done zilch in int'l T20s.
  7. Will he go if not picked as the LOI captain?
  8. ShoonyaSifar

    Ashwin's County Perfomance Thread

    Frankly after how he ditched the team on all the last away tour cycle turning up unfit and being injured on all the tours, Ashwin should no longer be our first choice spinner in Tests, irrespective of how he performs in county cricket. Kuldeep had a 5-er in his last Test (in Aus) and deserves to play ahead of him with Jadeja as our lead spinner at home and in spin friendly away conditions.
  9. ShoonyaSifar

    2020 T20 trophy Australia

    From the WC team - No Dhawan, Shankar, Kedar, Bhuvi, Shami or Jadeja. No Axar either. Dhoni forced into retirement. Batsmen - Rohit(c), Rahul, Kohli, Pant (wk), Gill, Nitish Rana, DK (deserves a T20 WC based on his T20 finishing batting) All rounders - H Pandya and Shreyas Gopal Spinners - Kuldeep, Chahal Pacers - Bumrah, Saini, Avesh, Khaleel Despite being the best 15, this team still does not have the feel of a champion side unless Rohit gets them to play differently from the boring unattractive cricket squads under Dhoni and Kohli played. Can't see the team going beyond Semis irrespective of whom we pick. Which is why will be better to pick Pant and Gill and get them ready for the 2023 WC.
  10. Looks to be a perfect excuse to justify him not retiring despite being totally over the hill. Why does he think he is needed for the transition? He himself ensured Ganguly, Dravid, VVS, Sehwag were all dropped from ODIs without the need for 'transition'. When he retired from Tests midway on a tour to Australia, where was this thinking of 'helping the transition'. I hope the selectors have the guts and drop him from the LOIs if he does not announce his retirement before the tam is picked on 19th July.
  11. At what stage will our TM say enough for Bhuvneshwar Kumar in LOIs? Startling stat was he did not pick a single wicket with the new ball in the entire WC, not one. On that stat alone he should be fired from the team but then Kohli, like his favorite captain Dhoni, prefers 'control' in ODIs.
  12. ShoonyaSifar

    India should have better prepared their No.4- Yuvraj singh

    Between the two WCs, the guy who batted most number of times at 4/5, chickened out at the most critical moment and came in at 7. No expert seems to be pointing this out
  13. ShoonyaSifar

    Why didn’t Tendulkar retire after WC2011?

    He continued to play Tests for around 15 months after scoring his 100th 100. He wanted to ensure his Test runs record was beyond anyone’s reach plus the target of 15000 test runs, something Gavaskar had spoken about in late 90s (sounded impossible at that time) and kept reminding Sachin of it.
  14. ShoonyaSifar

    Shreyas Iyer's whining continues.

    Should have been the number 4 we should have groomed. But guess Kohli likes only meek guys whom he can control. Iyer has a persona of his own and does not look like a fall in line types. Plus a potential threat to captaincy, so what did the TM do? 2 failures and out , despite two impressive 50s vs SL
  15. ShoonyaSifar

    What next for Vijay Shankar?

    On the basis of what? His bowling is not even good enough for ODIs, forget Tests. Will need a stellar FC season to press for a Test place.

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