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  1. ShoonyaSifar

    Countdown to ICF turning on Rishabh Pant

    He is 21 years old FFS, is 4-5 months into his international career. He's succeeded with THAT technique at FC level (50+ average), in IPL (600+ runs in a season) and for India A (won a Test and Tri series final in A series). Has earned his spot on merit and not due to some connections. Hit a 30 ball 50 last T20 match in a tough chase. Initially his keeping was a problem, he hit a 100 and 2 50s in Tests, that talk died down. Again no issues with his keeping today, so his on side 'hoicks' are a problem! Let him play more, learn and evolve his game. Kind of over reaction to this T20 loss especially about all the young players has been astounding. I fear for Shaw and Vihari now. Same fate awaits them if they fail on this tour.
  2. What hurts more? A 4 run loss in a T20 or a 4 run loss in a home test match :P
  3. ShoonyaSifar

    We need Aaron and Bumrah together in all formats

    In a post match analysis for Cricbuzz, Zaheer Khan and Ajay Jadeja had an interesting take on Khaleel. Jadeja prompted Zak to reveal what had Khaleel asked him when they met the other day. Initially Zaheer said it was the general stuff but Jadeja asked him to reveal the exact details and Zak shared they talked about consistency of wrist position, head position, delivery stride, use of the non-bowling arm, something they had spoken to when Khaleel was with Zak at DD. Zaheer seemed very reluctant to make this public. Not sure if the bowling coach does not want youngsters to approach seniors/mentors. Had happened earlier with another of our bowling coaches, perhaps Eric Simmons and Ishant.
  4. ShoonyaSifar

    Krunal will be useless outside the subcontinent

    Based on one match? It's not that he is playing T20s for India purely on IPL performance. He performed for India A before being given an opportunity for the national side.
  5. ShoonyaSifar

    We need Aaron and Bumrah together in all formats

    Let Aaron play this FC season. Needs to play 8-9 matches and pick 35-40 wickets at least which he has never done in a season. He's bowled on some bowler friendly yracks but has since his countuy stint this year, has shown skills which he was not conssitent with earlier - moving the ball into right hander from good length, consistently hitting the length and pace and not drifting onto the pads often. And please let him stay away from T20s for now. Good for him to have missed IPL this season and instead spend time in county cricket.
  6. Just realised that we went into this T20 straight without any practice games. Team reached Aus on 16th Oct, had 4 days of acclimatisation and no practice matches. How silly can tour scheduling be? In England at least we had the 2 T20s vs Ireland to settle down and 10 days of acclimatisation (including time in Ireland). Not blaming it for today's loss but when will the BCCI and this team management realise that we need some practice matches and at least 8-10 days before an away series to settle down into a rhythm?
  7. In T20s, we have won almost everytime we have chased in last 2-3 years!
  8. 3 batsmen in top 4 going at run a ball in a run chase of 10+ RPO. Left too much to do for the lower middle order, 65 in 30 balls, 60 in 24 balls. That we reached so close was a great effort
  9. Maybe, playing a match winning knock in a tough situation like he did in his debut match?
  10. Sure. Shall we focus on 'overseas mistakes' in T20s in Australia for now. And no 2016 cannot be called as 'years' ago
  11. LOL who won the T20 series in Aus last time? Maybe, check the records for once :P
  12. Are you confusing formats? In T20s, we have won almost everything overseas in last 2-3 years!
  13. Reall? There was a clamour for his inclusion and he's playing his 4th T20 today! He bowled very well in the 3 T20s he played earlier and scored a match winning 21* in a tense chase. Thats a good enough start for a newbie.
  14. Absolutely pathetic fielding. Does this happen more under Kohli's captaincy? Not sure but a general observation
  15. Which team plays 5 specialist bowlers in T20s?

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