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  1. ShoonyaSifar

    Ajinkya Rahane county Perfomance thread

    Brilliant start by Rahane. Surprised why more of our Test players are not on the County circuit his season. Pujara and Ishant have not gone back. Youngsters Shaw, Mayank, Pant all would have benefitted immensely. In my view, County would have been a better option than India A games.
  2. We have known for long tail in this team against decent bowling sides / on non patta wickets starts from number 4. Nothing typifies better than Dhoni being called a high impact player, Shankar as a 3D cricketer and DK being called a very good keeper (perhaps for the first time in last 15 years. Add to it Jadeja, mostLy a dud on flat ODI wickets, being seen as a utility cricketer. This is a team of top 3 and BuKulCha + maybe Shami, if he is in rhythm. Put any other 5 players randomly and overall performances will not be any different from what this bunch will end up with.
  3. ShoonyaSifar

    9 Reasons why India won’t go far this world cup

    Coach and captain say a 38 yr old Dhoni will have a huge role to play. Going by what a much younger Dhoni did in away WCs in 2007 and 2015, can't see how this team will go beyond Semis, that too if we are lucky. That middle order is a complete joke.
  4. ShoonyaSifar

    Excited for my first World Cup, says Yuzvendra Chahal

    Totally expect the brain dead team management and selectors on tour to prefer playing Jadeja ahead of Chahal from the start. If they can call Shankar a 3D player, Jadeja must be a 10D player for them.
  5. “I did well in T20s when I batted at 3” Checked the scores - 27(18) and 43(28). He’s gloating over these performances? I hope he’s set higher standards for himself
  6. That was because their captains then had the vision and foresight to give them plenty of opportunities to succeed and be ready for the big tournament. Imagine if they were asked to play 5-6 matches before the WC in an alien role, Dhoni as a specialist batsman and Kohli to prove his credentials as an all rounder, and then judged on that performance.
  7. Shastri - started out as a 18 yr old, promoted by then captain Gavaskar Kohli - Again started out as a 18 year old Dhoni - Played his first WC 25 months after his ODI debut How I wish all these jokers like Kohli and Dhoni, who now justify 'experience' over youth, had similar leaders reposing faith only in experienced players. None of them would be where they are today if that had happened. These idiots are hell bent on taking the team backwards, all because they want to keep Dhoni's position protected.
  8. Our keeper has a strike rate of 74 in last 12 months!! Even in 90s a number 6/7 batsman would not have survived with these strike rates but here we have a number of our ex-legends rooting for Dhoni because he hits a few sixes in IPL. He is the only keeper not have scored a ODI 100 in last 2 years, he shares that honour with Sarfaraz the great.
  9. ShoonyaSifar

    What happened to Shreyas Iyer?

    Was unfairly dropped to accommodate players with lesser ability than him
  10. ShoonyaSifar

    2 (8) in a final

    Precursor to what we will regularly see in the WC now that there will be no Unadkats, Dhawal Kulkarnis to face.
  11. No disrepct to Ishant but wHile we are at it, why not put Mohit Sharma in the reckoning as well. Did very well in 2015 WC and has the WC experience, something Ishant doesn't have
  12. ShoonyaSifar

    Rohit ... Absolute chicken

    Nice filters. I am sure in your book, Manjrekar, Robin Singh and Yashpal Sharma are better batsmen in World Cups (as per this new "filter" than Kohli. Totally with you on that
  13. ShoonyaSifar

    Golden opportunity for Rishabh Pant

    One good knock? Dude, Pant has won DC 4 out of the 10 chases almost on his own - 49(21), 53*(38 ), 46(31), 78*(36). Add his 78*(27) and that makes it 5 match winning knocks in 15 games. Also, behind Andre Russel, he's the 2nd batsmen who bats outside top 3 to have scored 400+ runs. How many 21 yr olds have done that in IPL?
  14. ShoonyaSifar

    Delhi daredevils team owner appreciation thread

    Credit to Parth Jindal. The guy is a genius, supports Indian sports though franchises in football (Bengaluru FC), pro wrestling (Bengaluru Yodhas) and pro kabaddi (Haryana Steelers), each one of them a champion team. He also supports Boxers in a big way. DC's success should not be a surprise. He backed a young team with a young captain, got big names as mentors and has shown the way. Best part about DC's success has been that they have not lost their way despite losing their main weapon Rabada.
  15. ShoonyaSifar

    Rohit ... Absolute chicken

    World Cup - 330 runs@47, 1 100 and 2 50s in 8 innings Asia Cup - 747 runs@47, 1 100 and 5 50s in 21 innings ICC CT - 481 runs@53, 1 100 and 4 50s in 10 innings ICC T20 - 673 runs@40, SR of 140, 8 50s in 28 innings What exactly is wrong with these numbers? He does go missing in finals, like everyone else. OP, what is with such abuses?

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