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  1. ShoonyaSifar

    Pak Major's tweet for Khawaja

    Bunch of jokers still burning since our team supported Army by wearing army caps. Read somewhere they want to wear Pakistani army fatigues during PSL final. Copycats just can't think originally except when it comes to harboring terrorists.
  2. No surprises, Dada preferred Dinesh Mongia over Anil Kumble during 2003 WC
  3. ShoonyaSifar

    Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2019

    Mayank sending a timely reminder. He brought a refreshing approach to our Test opening. Has been quite successful in List A cricket and was scoring 100s for fun for the A side last year. Averages 49 with a 100+ SR in List A matches. Could he be given an opportunity in LOIs as a surprise package for the WC?
  4. ShoonyaSifar

    I am confident of playing the World Cup: Ajinkya Rahane

    Anyone taking bets on Rahane being there in the WC squad. Could be that "all but one unsettled position" Kohli spoke about yesterday. Mumbai lobby is already working over time
  5. ShoonyaSifar

    3 for 48 and 46 of 54

    He's been excellent since the Aus ODIs. 10 ODIs, 19 wickets@22. Has been our best bowler during this period and the best ever he's bowled. He's fit again and bowling at a decent pace not the high 120s-low 130s. I am now hoping we get some bowling friendly pitches in WC where we will be favorites against any team.
  6. ShoonyaSifar

    3 for 48 and 46 of 54

    Bhuvi's pace is up again and that shows up in his bowling. He's picking wickets regularly now and getting good movement. With the bat, he is reliable and when we lose early wickets, may not be a bad idea to promote him and hold Pandya back during the WC.
  7. ShoonyaSifar

    What is the plan of TM with respect to SHankar?

    Playing 5 specialist bowlers and not bowling him (and Jadhav) yesterday was a terrible idea. Kohli just can't seem to get his pitch reading right. Also if you want to use both as an additional bowling option in the WC, why wouldn't you bowl them regularly.
  8. ShoonyaSifar

    Positives of the series loss

    The most astonishing thing has been how slowly this team management has destroyed Chahal and to an extent Kuldeep. After playing every match for 18 months, in last two months, suddenly in the name of experimentation both have been dropped far too often. Kuldeep has coped well but Chahal suddenly looks ordinary. Can understand fast bowlers needing rest, but spinners? All because they suddenly realised an urge to include Jadeja in the WC squad. Some way to destroy your two biggest weapons.
  9. ShoonyaSifar

    Positives of the series loss

    Going by Kohli ‘we have to decide on only one spot’, Rayudu looks to be a certainty
  10. The TM definitely deserves blame for that. Could have easily rested one of Rohit/Dhawan (something Shastri had even spoken about after NZ series) to see how Rahul/Pant go as ODI opener. But guess they had decided Rohit/Dhawan have to be there in all the matches. They have tried all their experiments only in the middle order to further unsettle it.
  11. ShoonyaSifar

    Caution Advisory:We lost with a full strength team

    Yet to score all season. The great Yuvi is done and dusted. Be ready to see Rahane in the WC squad.
  12. ShoonyaSifar

    Caution Advisory:We lost with a full strength team

    Our top 3, Bumrah and KulCha have been phenomenal for the last 18-20 months. They were bound to have a series or two where they go off track. Unfortunately it happened to five of them bar Kohli in the same. We failed to take wickets with new ball, spinners could not choke opposition during middle orders and Aussies were far better tactically outplaying us thoroughly. We are still reaching the semis of the WC and from there on, it is about two good days. Onto the IPL now
  13. All said and done, Pant has to take a lot of blame himself. He had a great opportunity today but bottled it. Has done so in multiple T20s as well. The Aus Test series showed us he was maturing as a Test batsmen, that evidence is missing in LOIs. Not sure if this is due to the Dhoni factor or a general temperament problem he needs to work on. In a sense, these failures are good as he will most certainly not get picked for the WC now (unless he repeats his IPL 2018 heroics). Not being in the WC squad is better for his long term career.
  14. So why give him a chance in the 2nd last match before WC? If he is not good enough, he should not be picked.
  15. It is highly unfair to treat players like this. Gets a chance, does not meet expectations and gets dropped. Either do not pick him or if you are picking give a fair run.

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