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  1. I only used the standards by which Pant was being judged. If half chances were drops for Pant, so it should for Saha. But then the Kohli-Dhoni PR bandwagon suddenly turned pro-Saha (obviously to derail Pant’s LOI career and secure Thalia’s place in T20 WC) Keeping that aside, regularity with which Captain Doofus’ team kept dropping catches, there was no point in updating the thread any further.
  2. That joker Shashank Manohar and his lackey Manu Sawhney look to be in exceptional hurry. Want to ensure they are ahead of the game Srini is gradually getting into. Fun times. As much as I hate Srini, on this matter absolutely 9n his and BCCI’s side.
  3. One word - shameless after 3 ODI performances of 1/87, 2/60, 1/80, that’s 4/227 in 28 overs, avg of 55 and ER of 8+. Yet the guy has gall to say he can help the team win a WC or do the job fairly. Must have been told so by the captain-coach duo who love him.
  4. With so much clarity of thought, no wonder he’s turned around England’s LOI playing style and fortunes. Won an ICC Trophy, will most likely win the next one as well.
  5. Absolutely. Other than Rohit, 10 players should pick themselves going by how this TM was planning home season. Mayank, Pujara, Kohli, Rahane, Jadeja, Saha, Ashwin, Umesh, Shami and Bumrah These 10 should play both the tests and in that order.
  6. Boult, Southee, Wagner and CDG on a green pitch! NZ win the toss and insert us in Captain Doofus and Coach loudmouth must already be getting nightmares. The first choice keeper doesn’t inspire with the bat, they left out the main attacking spinner hoping the dust bowl hero comes to party, but he has struggled to take any top order wickets, the all rounder and no. 6 batsman at home may not even get a look in. Two guys whom these arrogant pricks threw out of home tests - Vihari and Pant - would suddenly be looking extra important to these jokers
  7. Shaw for his complete lack of fitness. While fitness alone should not be the be all and end all in cricket, Shah’s case isa fit one to send the right message. Lack of fitness could actually be limiting Shan’s performance. Better to correct it now, than later.
  8. Prithvi Shaw: 1st man to hit hundreds on Ranji, Duleep Trophy and Test debut
  9. If a young player after scoring tons of runs in FC cricket across all levels is being judged on an one-off practice match, then the youngster is better left alone and should be allowed continue to flourish in non-international matches. If he's good pick him and give him a run of 10 Tests, if the team cannot do that, least they an do is not to destroy him. Also, if Gill is indeed 'awesome' as motormouth Shastri says, then question should be asked to him is why was Rohit and not Gill asked to open during the home season.
  10. Which we will most likely not win in any case. ODI whitewash showed us the precursor (T20 whitewash by us does not matter much)
  11. Shaw's only problem right now is lack of fitness. Even earlier, he wasn't the fittest player on the field. If he manages that and gets the support of a coach and captain who do not go beyond supporting young players in media statements, he will have a great career ahead of him. The batting technique will evovle as he plays more and in different conditions.
  12. Especially in light of the 'fast bowling revolution' that this captain, chief coach and their side kick bowling coach seem to have brought to our cricket. Is the 'revolution' limited to top 3 pacers only? Do they have no faith in other young pacers in the country at all?
  13. What’s the point in flying him now? Will they pick him for the 2nd test without testing him in any competitive matches? I thought that was the norm for any injured players as captain doofus and coach loudmouth have been saying
  14. Again expectedly no wickets for Ashwin or Jadeja. Saha is also sitting out. Amazing how these world beaters at home suddenly go cold outside Asia almost every time. How soon before Captain Dufoos and his comrade Coach Loudmouth start regretting not having Kuldeep in the test squad.
  15. Saha not keeping in the only practice match before the 1st test. He hasn’t played a single competitive match since our last Test way back in November when he got injured. Is he fully fit?
  16. He has been an opener all his life. Scored 1000 runs in FC cricket in a month a few years back as an opener, scored tons of runs for India A everywhere as an opener. Has simply hit a rough patch. Will be a good test of his mental toughness playing Southee and Boult in swinging seaming conditions. I would back him to do well.
  17. Rushing him back to international cricket was always fraught with danger. Would have been better if he played Ranji Trophy , then for India A, eased into his bowling rhythm and then played in the Test series. Since his comeback, he's played 13 LOIs and taken just 9 wickets. Those are shocking numbers for the best pacer in the world. Needs to go back to his wicket taking form soon.
  18. Kohli's playing 11 will be - Vihari, Mayank, Pujara, Kohli, Rahane, Jadeja, Saha(wk), Ashwin, Umesh, Shami, Bumrah
  19. How exactly is Karnataka the 'best domestic team' in the circuit? They haven't been in Ranji finals for last 4 seasons now.
  20. Everything is wrong with it. Vihari is a middle order batsman and should remain so.
  21. Cricinfo now has an article on how Vihari could be an option for opening in the 1st test. Like a proper PR mafia on the payroll of the captain, His Master's Voice. Expecting rest of the mafia to soon start pushing this line.
  22. Saha, who else. He is the team's no. 1 keeper and should be playing both the tests in NZ. Team's captain and coach have publicly said Pant's keeping is not upto the mark. No way should they prefer someone who they believe isn't the best keeper in the squad.
  23. What a bloody loudmouth. If Gill is so good, why hasn’t he played for India in 12 months? For the upcoming test, most likely they will pick neither of them and go with Vihari to open with Mayank.
  24. What an amazing season for him. Someone in Mumbai cricket should advise him to hire a personal trainer who helps him shed 5-6 KGs in the next few months, get to a proper nutrition plan and get fitter.
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