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  1. BETTING - RULES & GUIDELINES 1. All betting in ICF Rupees - which you have received after conversion of runs. Runs cannot be used for betting. Combination of Rupees and Runs is not allowed for betting. 2. Betting odds will be taken from Betfair or Bet365. 3. Mention the stake amount in Rupees clearly and for what bet in one reply. Multiple replies will be rejected. For official bets, the Bank will deduct the stake amount or add the payout amount from/to a member's account respectively. 4. Multiple stakes in a single betting thread is not allowed. Only one amount/stake will be accepted. 5. Bet amount can be edited until thread gets locked. For live bets, the member who opened the thread should quote all the bets placed and mention that bets are closed. 6. Bet threads are locked one hour before the match starts. Bets will not be accepted after thread is closed. Make sure you note when the betting thread gets closed. Active betting threads have a star in their title to distinguish them from bets which are settled and/or over. 7. Any member can open their own betting thread (pre-determined or live) to accept bet from other members. In this case all money transactions are to be done between the participating members. 8. Members are expected to honour transactions in a timely manner. If someone doesn't pay up or disappears, then the bank should be notified in the betting forum. In such cases, the bank may take care of the pending transaction and the offending member will be banned from further betting. 9. If a match is abandoned due to outside interference then bets will be void unless a result is declared based on the official competition rules. 10. Betting fraud/corruption by a member in any form will not be tolerated and will have dire consequences including suspension of betting privileges and/or ban. Good Luck and play wisely BETTING RESOURCES 1. Bet Calculator 2. Fraction / Decimal Conversion

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