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  1. LordPrabhzy

    Top Gun Maverick 2020 Trailer

    Mate, it's my dads fav film and one of mine too. It's a classic. Deffo worth a watch.
  2. where have you been since the last 5/6 years... first Dhoni and now Kohli. The culture of indian cricket has become of brand management than talent so expect the next captain to follow in the same footsteps. Yes Dhoni delivered a WC after 30 years but he also has sown the seeds of an unprofessional and selfish culture in Indian cricket.
  3. LordPrabhzy

    Top Gun Maverick 2020 Trailer

    So after 30+ years, Maverick is back! Have really high hopes for this sequel!
  4. Id rather fast till death in prison than distribute Qurans... where are RSS, VHP and Bajrang Dal organising mass rallies in India in support of this girl. One Quran gets burnt and the whole muslim world goes mental. Hindus are the biggest enemies of each other. The judge himself is most probs a Hindu.
  5. LordPrabhzy

    Moeen and Adil avoid haram

    Oh it slipped my mind that there has been a long standing tradition to spray minced beef at sporting event celebrations...
  6. its more the fact they are whiny and arrogant when it comes to ' spirit of the game' They can dish out all the sledging and abuse but cant take it back. Hard to support a team like this.. no wonder most British Indians still support India.
  7. LordPrabhzy

    This match has brought cricket back to life in England

    Give it another month till the premier league starts- everything will be forgotten.
  8. LordPrabhzy

    Moeen and Adil avoid haram

    2011 when India won the WC... during the presentation ceremony, im sure someone opened a champagne bottle to spray when the cup was handed to Dhoni and im also sure Zaheer Khan and Munaf Patel ( both Muslim) were present during this act and did not leave their team mates by running off because a bit of champagne was in the air. Now according to you if they are any less of a Muslim then maybe they dont need your validation. Maybe for them the thrill of their country winning the WC is above and beyond their religion. Same cant be said for Rashid or Moeen ( who dont sing the english national anthem and arent involved in the english cricket culture). This is just OTT cringe.
  9. LordPrabhzy

    Moeen and Adil avoid haram

    should have laid out a couple of shisha pipes for them instead...
  10. LordPrabhzy

    F | NZ vs Eng | London | July 14 @ 5.30 AM EST

    Guptill is emotional... our captaan sahab was giggling when they lost the CT final and probs also the semi final this WC . Shows how much cricket means to Kiwis even if the sport is not that popular in the country.
  11. LordPrabhzy

    F | NZ vs Eng | London | July 14 @ 5.30 AM EST

    An Irish captain A kiwi born allrounder who top scored West Indian pacer who bowled the super over. This is the England team ladies and gentlemen. Stealing players from other countries.
  12. LordPrabhzy

    F | NZ vs Eng | London | July 14 @ 5.30 AM EST

    That overthrow gaffe might cost NZ the WC.... ICC
  13. LordPrabhzy

    F | NZ vs Eng | London | July 14 @ 5.30 AM EST

    OMFG !!! What a match! SUPER OVER
  14. LordPrabhzy

    Chandrayaan2 launch -15th July

    No coverage of this Moon mission by any Western Media outlet... such bias against India is nauseating.

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