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  1. LordPrabhzy

    Resurgence of MSD?

    oh for god sake
  2. LordPrabhzy

    KL + Hardik Support Thread

    Its getting a bit ridiculous now. All that was needed was a hefty fine and a ban on new endorsements for a year, but suspending them and a possible legal action by this cow Edulji... what the actual eff? Stop this drama now and get this over with. Let them get in the mode for the WC rather then this nautanki going on which is hellbent on destroying their careers!
  3. LordPrabhzy

    Indian Football News

    ISL has done jack **** to the quality of Indian football. Win against Thailand was fluke
  4. LordPrabhzy

    Get Dhonified !!!

    I think Pant should block Dhoni's number from his phone and any invitations for any 'batting' tips. I dont know what Dhoni is doing these days- its not batting for sure.
  5. I saw that film- I was happy that girls also have started to open up about their lifestyle and it was well received. BUT can you tell me any instance in the film where they discussed their lifestyle openly with their parents? Where did they talk about ONS or how many guys they have screwed with their parents or the fact the the reason one of the girls separated from her husband because she was masturbating? ( That only happened at the end when everything came out). What I am trying to say that the situations do not correlate- one is a FILM where the actors are told to talk about a situation according to the script given to them by a director. The other is a real life scenario! The point is there is a line even in that film which shows that living any kind of lifestyle is acceptable as long as you do in privately and not involve the parents ( we are still indian after all)
  6. LordPrabhzy

    KL + Hardik Support Thread

    I just hope they havent set the trend for the next gen of young Indian cricketers of wanting girls and glamour.
  7. When did i say I dont care that these celebrities cheated on their wives- but this action is not dependent on celebrity status. Common people also do it! What Pandya did was to brag about his behaviour on national TV in a bad way which only happened due to his success with Team India and he represents BCCI ( who want to protect their image) You may not care about his behaviour and attitude but there are lakhs of people in this country that do because he represents their country on AND off the field. No one is telling him to stop what he is doing just not to dry his dirty kache in public. I dont have any other way to argue with you anymore so goodbye!
  8. Right- You're only saying that because no sportswoman will ever come out and say this in public. Our country is a confused one. they want to be modern and open but only in a guy's case. But when its a girl then all hell will break loose. If we were an open society with liberal sexual views for both genders then I wouldnt have given two shits about this interview. The double standards and hypocrisy are nauseating now. Did they openly come on a chat show and with chest thumping state that they cheated on their wives and were proud if it or did they say that their parents were proud of them cheating on their wives? These were incidents that were exposed by others and the media. If you cant make a distinction between the two then I cant help you.
  9. You still have not answered my first question in the post?
  10. LordPrabhzy

    Agarwal and Vijay Shankar set to replace Rahul and Pandya

    Can you tell me then which other young non trundling pacer is in contention for our ODI team? They dont want to play Mavi/Nagarkoti etc who have genuine pace.
  11. LordPrabhzy

    Agarwal and Vijay Shankar set to replace Rahul and Pandya

    Now that KL has effed his career up, if this is our world cup team then we are deffo winning it; Shaw ( had enough of Dhawan) Rohit Kohli Gill Jhadav Pant Jadeja Kuldeep Bhuvi Bhumrah Khaleel
  12. LordPrabhzy

    Congrats MSD for scoring 10000 ODI runs for India

    it already spread to Hard-ick
  13. LordPrabhzy

    Get Dhonified !!!

  14. would you have the same view if Smriti Mandhana said the same stuff on a TV show about her sexual promiscuity for example? I will repeat for the nth time- No one has an issue over consensual sexual promiscuity done by either sex- but to brag about it just so to supposedly elevate your image in social media and being crass by involving ones parents. Womanising by indian cricketers have been happening for a very long time- but these kind of things were kept private. Everyone knows it but doesnt want it plastered all over the front page by the player himself just to make himself look good. Bottom line is- Hardik and KL are the only two young cricketers who have that much social media presence and brand contracts compared to other youngsters. They have simply been distracted by the glamorous life and focusing on social media rather than improving themselves as cricketers cos lets face it, neither player has done anything worthy to pinpoint to say yes they won a match/series for us with their consistent performances. KL's career is almost finished. Hardik could have stepped up and cemented his place in our test team as the allrounder but he chose to go after girls instead. Karma is a bitch as they say.
  15. LordPrabhzy

    KL + Hardik Support Thread

    Thats what I said previously.... banning them from playing is over the top.

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