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  1. Officially leaving Cricinfo after using it for best part of more than a decade.. what a rubbish update. is there a neutral alternative or Cricbuzz is the only one?
  2. Imagine they win the world cup on Sunday... is this a trigger for the popularity of the womens game in india like the mens after the 1983 win pushed cricket to the top sport in the country.. i bloody hope they do win on Sunday! Im in London but cant make the game
  3. Jo Bole So Nihal! Satsriakal! Harmanpreetji tussi cha gaye! I take back my words I said after the Aus loss that India would be thrashed and wont make it to the semis... and now they are in the final! Im hoping Lords is packed on Sunday with some indian fans to show support to our girls who deserve the same fanaticism from fans like the mens team does.
  4. forget the helicopter shot... he'll have to pull out a Airbus 380 shot at this rate
  5. Sarah Taylor is Bae!!
  6. I was there in trent bridge on the Bell fiasco day... never been more depressed after a day of cricket... we were royally spanked that Test match by Bresnan and Broad batting... shameful.
  7. Does anyone know what percentage of Anderson's wickets have come in the SC? The English think he's an ATG... but even i know a big percentage of his wickets have come in England alone.
  8. India going at less than 3 RR Another failure for Mandhana
  9. Chahal in place of Ashwin and maybe Krunal Pandya has a spinning allrounder in place of Jadeja Dhoni, Yuvraj, Rahane, Karthik need to be removed from the LOI teams too. We need young guns like Pant, Iyer, Rana, Tripathi, Samson who go ballistic from ball 1 in T20s. When you dont play players who are in the T20 mindset you'll never win T20 World Cups let alone a single T20I match.
  10. They are only useful in home tests ( at a stretch home ODIs). Both of them are useless in overseas non SC conditions no matter what format. Ashwin isnt attacking, his fielding is bad, his batting is crap for LOIs. Jadeja similarly just looks to contain, he cant make runs anymore, he used to be our lower order power hitter and he hits a six once every 4/5 games. The problem with India is that they play the wrong players for wrong formats. Ash and Jadeja need to GO from the LOI teams NOW!
  11. but he will be the easy target to drop.. even if he is struggling its the lower middle orders job aka Dhoni, Jhadav to produce big hits to ease the pressure on the scoring rate. When you have players like Dhoni, Jadeja and Ashwin you can never hope to add an extra 20/30 quick runs to bolster the total.
  12. it was his first match in the whole tour! Jheez. What did Dhoni, Jhadav and Jadeja do? Pant needs games to get used to this and he wil come good like Dhoni did. He made 17 in his first 4 innings and went on to be Indias greatest captain..
  13. BCodon MCodon, this is what happens when you fill your T20 teams with oldies like Dhoni, Karthik and ODI players like Ashwin, Dhawan and jadeja instead of T20 specialist power hitters which every OTHER team does like WI or Aus or Eng. This is what the result of IPL is... Well played Lewis.. amazing knock to show India their aukat in T20
  14. Australia lost today... India will NOT make it to semi finals.
  15. What i meant was that this change was done in 2014 despite of the backlash, and 3 years later they have still stuck to it meaning people are getting used to it and are still attending matches. The problem with English cricket is that very few people actually living in metropolitan cities like Birmingham or Manchester follow cricket so the main support for county teams came from other areas in the county ( rural and small towns). Therefore the city based T20 (although a better option in theory) will be a complete failure because fans from rural county dont associate themselves with a big city. A person from York would support Yorkshire Vikings not Leeds Whatever. Compared that to IPL or Big Bash, the city based teams are in cities that have big populations who's main sport is cricket so they will support their local city and come to support it. They either have to keep the new 2020 T20 (City) or the Natwest T20 ( county). they cant have them both running at the same time, it will end up killing them both.