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  1. Chale the doodh peene.... kudh hi mooth pe liye
  2. LordPrabhzy

    Another Mig 21 crashes near Bikaner

    https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/mig-21-fighter-jet-crashes-near-rajasthans-nal/articleshow/68318605.cms I think pilots might be so fed up of these old vintage jets that they might as well be crashing them on purpose to speed up the process of getting new fighter jets. If a fighter jet can malfunction because of a bird then it should not be part of active fleets of an Air force.
  3. LordPrabhzy

    How to Deal a party which use anything to gain vote ?

    so i guess he also planned and burnt down the train at Godra which was full of hindu pilgrims? Why does everyone focus on the retaliation riots by hindus but the flame that lit it?
  4. LordPrabhzy

    Pak F-16 shot down

    Jo 2nd Gen fighter se 4th gen fighter ki g**nd maarke Pakistan me chai piye vo Abhinandan
  5. LordPrabhzy

    "We continue to control the escalation ladder"

    Just do a damn Naval blockade of karachi! Teach these feckers a lesson. Do NOT ease pressure of the pedal. Drive home the advantage. Our boys have been waiting for action for the last 20 years! As Gaurav Arya said- The only way to get peace is through war!
  6. LordPrabhzy

    Indian Air Force lay exposed

    Congress made sure that they weaken our capabilities by not buying one single plane. Jab ghoos khani hai aur janta ka paisa lootna hai to kyun defence pe spend karen
  7. where do you get all these news sources?
  8. What mind boggles me is that WHY would you send a Mig 21.. i repeat a MIG 21?? against a F16 even though its prone to engine failure as its a 30/40 YEAR old plane?? Why the hell arent we using our Mig 29s and Sukhoi30s which are more reliable?? Even in Kargil IAF lost a couple of planes.. at this rate IAF will be a laughing stock unless we rapidly induct Rafales and Tejas as soon as possible.
  9. LordPrabhzy

    news - skirmishes between India & Pak ...

    Stop it! Fake news peddler gang
  10. LordPrabhzy

    Pakistani Terror Conundrum. What is answer

    The effing piss drinker Morarji Desai compromised all the RAW network in Pakistan. To carry put proxy and covert operations like ISI does; 1. You need assets which have been in the country for years. Desai's action set us back many years in regards to external espionage. 2. Local support. Pak minorities wont really help out Raw agents as if caught they will be killed and tortured mercilessly. ISI can execute attacks in India as they have traitors in the local population who will help them.
  11. LordPrabhzy

    Pakistani Terror Conundrum. What is answer

    I dont understand why doesnt India have those drones US and UK use to take out targets from so high up. No need to send any boys or planes in. And Pakistan cant even prove it was India that did it because then they would admit to harbouring terror camps.
  12. LordPrabhzy

    Tactics, strategies and ideas on repealing article 370

    Im half mallu- and I can vouch that the state is going the same way as W Bengal. Communism and Islam is bleeding the state dry.
  13. Bro, the only way to do it the chinese way is to have international clout and leverage ( plus a seat at the UNSC). China does this by economically creating allies for them by building ports, roads, economic corridors in other countries... plus economically they are dominating the world with their brands. Us on the other hand in the last 70 years or so have not managed to ( forget a functioning fighter jet) even create an electronic brand or a car brand worthwhile to market and export to the world. We are infighting with caste, reservation, religion, regionism as the main issue. Unless we have a dictatorship to put our janta in line then we will always be a laughing stock of the world that cant even respond to its soldiers being killed
  14. LordPrabhzy

    Pakistani Terror Conundrum. What is answer

    the problem is our 'political leaders' of present , past and future were and are more interested in caste/religion based politics. For international policy and negotiation impact you need an educated political class and a leader who has the guts to. The ones who are educated fall under the pseudo liberal group and the ones who are not are more bothered about making money and vote banks. Almost all politicians of western democracies are educated... India must be the only democratic nation who's political class is majority uneducated. Can you imagine Rajnath singh being on the same table as Trump, Putin, Israel and China? All he will do is kadi ninda

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