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  1. I managed to get tickets to the Pak game but my parents have told me in no terms i am going to the match. They dont want to take the risk.
  2. premature ejaculation
  3. Kya kar raha hai Malinga BC, he's slower than Vinay Kumar nowadays
  4. Punjab would have been more entertaining in the playoffs
  5. Lol Hardik has shaved his beard off! He looks like a rikshawala again
  6. What a sorry end for SRH
  7. If that happens Mohali stadium might need to be expanded..... to accomodate all the extra tharkis who come to see Sunny instead of the team
  8. ye kya BC test match chal raha hai? Ek din chuthi ka milta hai.. pehle Punjab ka chewtiyapan aur ab yai match
  9. If delhi thump RCB could they overtake Kings xi into 5th??