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  1. LordPrabhzy

    Is Dhoni done?

    if that happens me 5Rs ka prashad bhole naath ko chadaunga
  2. LordPrabhzy

    Whats your solution to improve our ODI team???

    We need to follow the process.... Process of kicking Dhoni and Raina and all his CSK buddies out forever
  3. When was the last time Kohli scored a ton in an ODI? as soon as he leaves India his conversion rate drops drastically
  4. There were a few veli janta indian fans about who wanted his autograph.... and also some groups were hanging around the hotel just to get a look at them. i mean comon!
  5. I saw Dhoni today in Leeds, he stood right next to me when i was about to cross the road.... he for sure doesnt dress his age as a 40 year old. I didnt even turn around to ask him for a selfie or autograph. @velu
  6. LordPrabhzy

    Lords ODI should be investigated

    CSK-RCB-MI lobby plus Bunty Sajdeh influence... what do you expect. Nepotsism/ favouritism under Kohli has made this team rotten to the core who play for financial/marketing reasons rather than the pride to represent their country. We have a bench full of youngsters who are capable of handling LOI matches but instead we are stuck with Dhoni, Raina, Parthiv, DK and Rohit. We havent been ridiculed and embarrassed like we were today since 2011 when under ( you guessed it) Dhoni, we were pathetic.
  7. This has got to be the worst ODI game i have seen ever-- and we are masters of chasing. Dhoni and Raina GTFO!!
  8. it felt forced.. and he was hugging her as if she was a behenji
  9. There are ways to mitigate that
  10. I think if indian public actually use products based on cricketers telling them to then it doesnt bode well for indian intelligence. Kohli doing ad for Uber is not going to affect me if i ever use Uber in India... if i need to use Uber i will whether or not any cricketer advertises for it.
  11. or cup his balls
  12. btw why is Kohli's voice dubbed in indian ads? his voice not bold enough?
  13. Sony 6 are biggest chewts... like they arent even showing replay of how Dhawan got out.. straight to ads.. kya bakwaas hai ya?
  14. brainless bowling so far
  15. LordPrabhzy

    Weather in England

    Its an anomaly this year, for the last 3/4 weeks it has been REALLY hot with hardly an rain! Its not like usual summers where June/ July has rain half the time. Where i am, I have not seen rainfall in the last 2/3 weeks.. which is a record.
  16. I knew this was going to happen after the SA tour Bumrah had... they realised they could get more formats out of him so they squeezed out of him as much as possible.. not even had the foresight to reduce his IPL matches to keep him fresh for the England tour. and why oh why did he play against Ireland?? even Vinay Koomar would have been sufficient for that line up. So much for BCCIs 'plan' to watch people's workloads. Kiss my hairy butt MSK Prasad
  17. This is when you have passengers and oldies like Rohit, Dhoni and Rains in modern T20 team ( theyve been in the Indian team since bloody 2005!!) We have young guns like Shaw, Pant and Samson who have grown up on T20 but we chose to persit with retirement home types
  18. Can someone remind Dhoni we arent chasing so no need to take it till last over to hit some sixes??
  19. Can we please drop Fatty Rohit now
  20. LordPrabhzy

    Would Bhajji have slapped 2018 Sreesanth

    Can be bring him back as our pinch hiting tail ender-- he's buffed up sp much like Hayden and Watson, he could biff those balls at the end of our innings... even if he balls 75mph at age of 35 atleast he'll stare and scare the batsman into submission.

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