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  1. I wish he does this for the national team too. That way we can play both Shaw and Pant for LOI cricket But knowing Dhongi....
  2. LordPrabhzy

    Anyone attending Hyderabad test?

    This is why Test cricket has low attendances. When are millions of smart phone users, you would have thought that BCCI in conjunction with the stadium management can get mobile friendly tickets sent straight to your phone. In the UK If you buy tickets a year in advance they send you the tickets via first class post straight to your home address. Alternatively ( like in the UK) you can get an email confirmation to you which you can print out and take it to the ticket office in the stadium.. simples. Making you travel 20km to pick something up which can be emailed to you shows there are a few grey cells missing somewhere.
  3. Are they doing this on purpose? How can anyone be THIS bad after being exposed to the sport for 3/4 years? Unless they are flipping coins to randomly pick people of the streets who have never seen cricket pads in their life? http://www.espncricinfo.com/series/18957/report/1160960/china-vs-nepal-16th-match-icc-world-twenty20-asia-region-qualifier-b-2018-19
  4. Ye kya bachon ki team thi? Dera Ismail Khan?
  5. LordPrabhzy

    Did Najam Sethi's wife admit that CT 2017 final was fixed?

    Can ICC investigate this Begum Romana? She clearly knew what was going to happen.
  6. Japanese cars are very reliable... Rahane not so much.
  7. LordPrabhzy

    IPL destroys test cricket - Carl Hooper

    So how many series wins we have had in SENA test tours since 2011?
  8. I still dont see why betting is banned in India... this crime gives way to match fixing. Follow what the UK does esp; make it legal and watch companies being formed for betting purposes which are legal and regulated... people can then bet in a safe way ( online betting apps for the tech savy), all odds given are transparent. This means more tax revenue for the government. No brainer id say
  9. What do you think KL and Pandya do when they go on overseas tour?
  10. Obviously they want that.. when you get thrashed on overseas tour tab bedroom me jaake kuch to sukoon milna chaiye na. Samjha karo guys.
  11. Im pretty sure I can apply for temp chinese citizenship, and play better than their batsman. League 5 to ODI status in 2 years. All they need is me in the team. Watch this space.
  12. LordPrabhzy

    Your preferred ODI squad for WI series?

    Lets get back Kapil because he won the 1983 world cup for us. Lets get back Yuvraj because he hit 6 sixes. Lets get back Sachin as he has scored 15K ODI runs. There is something called moving on from the past and investing in the future. You may be results orientated which shows how fickle of a fan you are. If we will lose then so be it. atleast the young players i mentioned in my post wont get boo'ed in Lords for their pathetic batting.
  13. LordPrabhzy

    Your preferred ODI squad for WI series?

    Biriyani, Dhongi and Side chucker in our middle order= Rust. The rot set in many months ago when we decided to use our LOIs as a retirement home. Id rather have Gill, Shaw and Pant as our middle order.
  14. LordPrabhzy

    India should have batted again

    Typical indian mentaility of' mujhe to sirf batting karni hai' There is more to life than watching India bat... such as watching our spinners do well on spinning tracks and making touring teams look like a complete joke?
  15. LordPrabhzy

    Who overstayed their welcome more

    DHONGI ( and whenever i see him bat)
  16. LordPrabhzy

    Where in UK is this test being shown?

    Looks like Sky sports arent even covering the India tour of Australia this year?
  17. yes the money pumped into it has made the Indian team as retirement home. Talk about investing for the future... OAPs have their future secure.
  18. ANd we play Kaul and Chahar as our frontline seamers when Bhumrah isnt playing
  19. Well done to the young lad...but playing on dead wickets against a minnow bowling attack only gives people like Pujara false hope that they are fit for overseas test level. Shaw has to succeed in Australia for him to banish Dhawan forever.
  20. LordPrabhzy

    Thank you PCB! No more Bilaterals

    I think any sane person would be averse to be forced to pay millions of dollars in 'compensation' to a neighbouring country which would be used to fund terrorism against themselves in return.
  21. LordPrabhzy

    Dhoni's enviable record while chasing !!!

    I dont think it counts when the team is chasing a small total and there is not many runs for Dhongi Bhai to get even if he takes it to the last over.
  22. LordPrabhzy

    karun vihari sharma circus

    Finally the useless trio oldies Dhawan, Vijay and Rohit have been dropped from tests. I think id prefer Saha to be told to retire gracefully and Pant to cement his place. Also Shaw, Agarwal (Opening positions), Vihari, Nair, Gill ( Middle order) should be blooded once Pujara and Rahane are also dropped for ever.

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