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  1. Maxwell taking his rubbishness to Delhi
  2. Mumbai Indians Fan Club - 2018

    These tweets are killing me
  3. i think BCCI wanted EVERY game to be a nail bitter. What is happening.
  4. if sunrisers win from here... Lets send a year's supply of Burnol to Dhoni's house
  5. Whats the doubt. Its the Delhi ego in him ' mere se better kaise ho sakta hai koi, abhi dikhata hoon' type. If we have an inform Kohli and KL Rahul in our LOI setup, we can dominate any bowling attack like the days of Sachin, Ganguly and Sehwag. But Bunty will not allow another superstar to come up till he is representing one already.
  6. someone give this geezer some burnol... i forgot i had the right to express my opinion on a public forum.
  7. If the DJ tells you to jump in front of a car would you?
  8. Watching Indian fans screaming accronyms pointlessly is so nauseating.. ' aar cee bee aar cee bee'. WTF can you not be robots and be original for a change..
  9. Ishant Sharma county performance thread

    The quality of County bowling must be really tripe if Sir Ishant scores 66. But this will do his confidence a world of good! Keep it up Ishant!
  10. I hope they dont switch coverage to RCB DD. I want to see KKR get floored
  11. unfortunately i cant read Tamil so youve got to translate lol
  12. Kings are lethal lol. First we injure Dhawan and now Russel
  13. maybe its the half mallu in me
  14. why is Raina running around like a headless chicken?
  15. absolute filth by Mohit.... where have we heard that before
  16. why is the dumb dj playing music?? A player is injured ffs
  17. They are going to Indore... much smaller ground LOL

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