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  1. After Dharamshala now Dehradun stadium

    What is this stupid obsession with naming everything with a Gandhi name. The sooner this family disappear the better!
  2. Does pandya wake up everyday thinking ' aaj kaunsa hairstyle chalega'
  3. Dhoni + Jhadav out Pandey + KL in
  4. Dhoni and his BC lunges.... bahar feko is buddhe ko yaar
  5. Now to get squad players in the XI

    And as history shows, a captain so phattu as Virat, do you think he will actually want to rest himself? Think before you type mate.
  6. Now to get squad players in the XI

    Hmm.. thats a good team... without the captain
  7. these are phattu wins against minnows. They can thump their chest all they want after pointless wins against the likes of WI, SL and Bang. I will only rate India as a ATG team once they atleast win a series in Aus and SA plus start winning again in England. Till then they are at best an average side only good in subcontinent conditions. PS- Ive seen some BC stupid posters commenting how Bumrah needs to be in the Test team. For the love of God, no wonder we kill our best pacemen with the work load. He is a LOI specialist so lets keep him that way and not induct him in the test team. We have specialist Test bowlers; Umesh and Shami with Bhuvi for swinging conditions. Seriously some posters need to get their grey cells tested
  8. Its all media sound bites at the moment. The time he submits the team line up for the first ODI with all the guys we have been saying should be playing, i wont believe him till then.
  9. England vs West Indies, Day Night Test, Edgbaston

    Seriously... WI and SL need to be stripped of their Test status along with Bangladesh. Such a pathetic team with no quality batsman or threatening bowler.
  10. Jadeja should not be Ranked No.1 All-Rounder

    'Jadeja should not be Ranked No 1 Allrounder'... Bangladesh shouldnt be allowed to play test cricket! We cant have everything in life. Tough luck
  11. Rest Umesh- bring in Ishant ( As much as i dislike the guy, he needs match practice before SA where we need 3 genuine quicks to make use of fast pitches- Not Bhuvi as he has had match practice in the WI ODIs and not Ishant and he wont be more useful then Ishant in South Africa) Two changes will be Kuldeep for Jadeja and Ishant for Umesh
  12. India's international cricket schedule till March 2019

    Why are they playing these meaningless Bilateral ODIs... they could be going to SA 2/3 weeks before the first Test and play some warm up games.. F'ing idiots
  13. Another knight riders team with similar logo?

    when the colour green was invented, it wasnt associated with Pakistan straightaway. Bangladesh, Ireland, South Africa, Australia ( home kit) all play in some sort of green. And this is the IPL, where did what jersey a country wears come into it. Same with pink... are you homophobic? Middlesex wear pink/black combo as their T20 jersey... they arent considered too gay are they? Indians have got to let go of petty stereotypes and try to be different rather than bunching every team in the same plate to make them look and sound the same.
  14. Another knight riders team with similar logo?

    Cricket in general has no originality. Almost all teams in IPL want to have some sort of kings or royalty in the name FFS. There's so many jersey colours available to chose to make them diifferent to the next team but nothing doing ( eg Pink, Green etc)
  15. India to host Sri Lanka later in 2017, may hamper SA tour

    dont hold your breath for it.
  16. India to host Sri Lanka later in 2017, may hamper SA tour

    Ideally they should be sending the top players to SA to get acclimatized... but BCCI and Kohli are so fattus, they rather go unprepared and fatigued after a pointless test series with SL than give chance to India A players to test their bench strength. BCCI doesnt want to lose points in the test rankings.. shows they have no faith the quality of the reserve players.
  17. Should Test Cricket be Split Into Two Groups?

    So what is your solution? Even with the revenue generated from playing top test nations, likes of Bang, SL and WI have detoriated in test quality over the last 5 years. Tbh if they stop playing test cricket, the only negative outcome of that would be the reduction of freebie series for the likes of Ind and Aus to improve their team/player rankings and averages. Other than that these three countries are doing virtually nothing for test cricket.
  18. India's international cricket schedule till March 2019

    no need... they can rest for a month before the hectic IPL... they have the tough England series after that. They can sacrifice some TV revenue for a good shot of winning in England after the pathetic batterings we've had in 2011 and 2015 by going in fresher.
  19. 1st Test-SL v IND | 26-Jul-2017 10 PM IST | Galle

    This win is nothing to be proud of. This team lost to Zim in the One days and nearly lost against them in the test. I didbt even follow 90% of the match. The return tour of SL is piss poor! Id rather have a full away SA series. Only when this team starts winning test series in Aus, SA and Eng ill take Kohli as a serious test captaaan.
  20. Why? Isnt that unfair on an opener who has almost hit a double century. Rahul needs to prove his match fitness purely because he breaks down so easily and is always injured. Not as Bad with Vijay as he is less prone. I think Dhawan and Vijay (when fit) and then if one of them fails draft in Rahul. And when we are really desperate use Mukund ( even though im flabbergasted that there is no better opener in the Indian domestic circuit apart from him)
  21. 1st Test-SL v IND | 26-Jul-2017 10 PM IST | Galle

    I dont know why KL would be an automatic pick when he's fit... the fella has been injured more than fit, and he needs to have match practice before he can just be drafted into the test opening slot. With that logic id stick to Dhawan and Vijay ( as he is less prone to injuries than Rahul) and have KL and Mukund ( ) as reserve openers.
  22. 1st Test-SL v IND | 26-Jul-2017 10 PM IST | Galle

    LOL this is a run fest.. i predict another 600 score coming up
  23. Officially leaving Cricinfo after using it for best part of more than a decade.. what a rubbish update. is there a neutral alternative or Cricbuzz is the only one?
  24. Congrats Indian Women's cricket team - Well Done

    Imagine they win the world cup on Sunday... is this a trigger for the popularity of the womens game in india like the mens after the 1983 win pushed cricket to the top sport in the country.. i bloody hope they do win on Sunday! Im in London but cant make the game
  25. Epic!!!!

    Jo Bole So Nihal! Satsriakal! Harmanpreetji tussi cha gaye! I take back my words I said after the Aus loss that India would be thrashed and wont make it to the semis... and now they are in the final! Im hoping Lords is packed on Sunday with some indian fans to show support to our girls who deserve the same fanaticism from fans like the mens team does.

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