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  1. the helmets and pads have coloured cloths on them rather than pink pads.... they could have made a bit of effort on the jerseys
  2. A large number of players have been utter liabilities for their franchises whether it be for age/form or sheer crappiness. IMO 1. Yuvraj- His time is up 2. Gambhir 3. Gayle 4. Maxwell 5. Vinay Kumar 6. Axar Patel 7. Mohit Sharma 8. D'Arcy Short
  3. Indians have the worst imagination and creative flare when it comes to picking name for franchises... just look at ISL; Atletico de Kolkata... wanted to copy Atletico Madrid but arent even good enough to be cleaners of the the club. Even in the IPL they want to have the Royalty theme.. Super Kings, Kings XI, Royals, Royal Challengers.. abe BC kya originality tel lene gayi thi us din
  4. Kochi Tuskers Kerala has to be the most idiotic name ever... considering im half mallu
  5. Goes to show how brainless IPL team management are... who in the right mind would retain Axar and Mohit after this year's debacle. Same with Maxwell... he can do well in BBL as pitches are flat decks with bounce... he cant play on Indian pitches and thats been exposed since his India leg of IPL 2014
  6. LordPrabhzy

    Match 56 : CSK vs KXIP

    Whole team needs to be disbanded apart from KL, Tye and Mujeeb.
  7. LordPrabhzy

    Most Worthless Player of IPL 2018

    80% of the whole Kings XI team. Can we add that as an option to the poll please
  8. LordPrabhzy

    Match 56 : CSK vs KXIP

    Is Dhoni intentionally trying to lose for his CSK Bro Ashwin... that way Punjab go above RCB and MI and saves them the embarrasment
  9. LordPrabhzy

    Match 56 : CSK vs KXIP

    they need to get Arab sheiks who have millions to spend... look what happened to Man City.. **** club and as soon as they get arab money they are 2 times premier league winners since them. Kick Wadia and Zinta out... enough of bollywood putting its slimy tentacles in sport. Not needed.
  10. LordPrabhzy

    Match 56 : CSK vs KXIP

    can teams shake hands and forfeit... no point playing anymore now
  11. LordPrabhzy

    Match 56 : CSK vs KXIP

    Stranger things have happened before... who knows CSK might have a collapse... but im not betting for it as it is highly unlikely...
  12. LordPrabhzy

    Match 56 : CSK vs KXIP

    thats it goodnight. switching off the tv now. Looks like all out under 100 coming up again
  13. LordPrabhzy

    Match 56 : CSK vs KXIP

    As Sehwag said Gayle will only win them 1-2 matches.... and thats exactly whats happened
  14. LordPrabhzy

    Match 56 : CSK vs KXIP

    Useless gayle... maybe he has a flight to catch.
  16. I want to go to a IPL game at delhi once... great food great music.. shame about the team though
  17. panauti gujji spoiling the PP for delhi
  18. this Abhishek Sharma is Yuvraj's second coming
  19. what a **** umpire this is.... even i could tell this hit the pads way outside leg stump
  20. Only if DD smashes MI today and if KL/gayle go berserk against the chuskies

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