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  1. LordPrabhzy

    Butler, you are a STAR!

    If mediocrity is a criteria then even Tony Bhai is worth a few crores
  2. LordPrabhzy

    Best city to live in UK?

    and you didnt get my sarcasm
  3. LordPrabhzy

    Best city to live in UK?

    Mate he asked about cities in the UK, not Pakistani ones
  4. typical Mumbaikar milestone chaser mentality. Why are they tiring Shami out when he is bowling with the new bowl?
  5. thank god rahane is out! Lets hope Pandya goes beserk now.
  6. He's always at the bar with Cheerleader Comrade
  7. 2011 Trent bridge memories coming up... I was in the ground on Day 3 or 4 and English batsmen were plundering runs all day.
  8. Why are indian bowlers bowling short and wide?? Why not fuller bowls??
  9. what is Manju on about. WTF purple balls? mate ill punch you in your balls then they will become purple
  10. our tailenders dont know which way to hold a bat...
  11. Dhoni will watch from the non striker's end in his wheelchair when Pant finishes. That sounds so dodgy
  12. and Murali has been playing test cricket for nearly 10 years now....
  13. Has Pant scored more runs than Murali this series already?
  14. Pant's first test runs--- starts with a SIX
  15. yet he pretends they are as thick as Russel's or Gayle's
  16. "it get difficult when ball spin that much on day 1" Bhajji
  17. chalo procession has started
  18. now pujara will choke the run rate
  19. I think they need to continue what they are doing.. just settle in and put away the bad balls. Will build pressure on the bowlers who will start offering freebies. No need to chase wide ones guys.
  20. chalo atleast none of our openers has a duck this innings..
  21. LordPrabhzy

    Paltan official trailer

    Why are the chinese speaking in Hindi?? This is wear filmakers cannot make good Indian war films... har jaga emotional over the top acting and un realistic sequences ghusa dete hain.
  22. not for an indian pretending to be black

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