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  1. What went wrong?

    Pehle ek jadeja ne desh ka naam kharab kiya, ab ye naya Jadeja bhi yahi kar raha hai
  2. why jadeja went back in his crease!

    i wasnt talking about all players... the common public. The condition of the Indian civic sense is there for all to see. I was attributing Jadeja's attitude to the general indian population one.
  3. why jadeja went back in his crease!

    Its not unique to Jadeja, its in the psyche of indians to look for their 'fayda' in everything. For monetary/any gain they will backstab their brother if need be. So I wasnt surprised after this incidence,
  4. Why do club footballers cry when the lose a cup final or championship, and even World Cup teams, their players are crying on the field after elimination in knockout rounds? Does it not bode well for them too? Why does this not happen in cricket. Even tho footballers are paid millions more than cricketers, they still have loyalty and emotions for the moment right after the match has ended. The problem is cricket has become a hype sport for Indians to feel good about something atleast and cricketers have become corporate athletes rather than national athletes.
  5. Worst team to win Champions Trophy

    makes you wonder, because you joined the forum to trash talk and put down India but in return you get 95% posters praising Pak team and congratulating them... the irony
  6. come back to me when we qualify for football World cup or start winning many golds in the olympics. K Thanks
  7. Atleast we dont break poor TVs. Most of us have accepted that Pakistan was the better team and they deserved to win. The thread is about the lack of emotion or sadness that they lost the final without putting up a fight and then joking and laughing instead of being tearful to show to the people that they actually care about the nation and not just the IPL contracts and sponsorships that come along as a Indian player.
  8. well say that to corporations and sponsors who do not want to invest in one of the most physically demanding team games after football, rather than a game where 11 fielders run after a ball but stand still most of the time. Indians are finding the loss really hard because we have nothing else in the sporting world to feel happy about.. Even if Germany or Brazil or England get knocked out in the WC no one cares because they have other things to focus on too. We are rubbish in olympics, we are rubbish in all other team sports, atrocious conditions for athletes.. why? because all the money is pumped into a game which has been fixed all due to the looniness of the indian public to treat simple cricket players like demi gods.
  9. I think I have found a team to support going forward

    Or the women that play cricket are generally not very hot or pretty. Just look at the subcontinent womens team, none will make your heads turn. I know their job is to play and not look pretty, but it makes me wonder that India does have many extremely hot and pretty women but none of them is a sportswoman? why?
  10. Idiot indian fans in Leicester blocking roads and interfering in Pakistani celebrations... seriously no need. Either celebrate together or go home, why cause ruckus in the streets. But yes Pak fans also need to calm the f down.. you have won one tournament.. koi ajooba taara nahi banaya.
  11. Should Jadeja have sacrificed his wicket for Pandya?

    this pillock's antics resulted in us exiting the Wt20 in 2009 in the super 8s stage.. and he's got a long rope for 8 years just on the basis of his fielding and ok bowling on indian rank turners... shabash BCCI
  12. Worst defeat ever

    Im disgusted... for Indian stars any game is just another match to them now, Yes they love representing the country but only because of the money and accolades it brings them. Not a shed of tear from anyone... mind boggling.
  13. CT 2013 was supposed to be the last edition

    cricket exists because India are good at it, BCCI didnt give T20 respect but once india won in 2007, they created IPL They didnt think CT was a proper tourny so they wanted it to be the last one, but after India won it in 2013, ICC wanted to scrap the test championship and bring CT back with India as defending champions. India hasnt won the T20 world cup since the first one and now the 2018 one is not even confirmed... why is that? Its a world cup in its own right.. why is the next one dependent on the success of the previous one... by that they mean India's success.
  14. Our WC streak against Pakistan has come to naught

    Even Undertaker's streak ended one day bhaiyon
  15. Sehwag has embarrased us with his jaahilpana

    He should stick to being the principle of his school.
  16. True, players cry when the lose the Champions League final... its a CLUB game... aur ye log hasi mazaak kar rahe hain. The problem is they know that Indians treat them as god, so if they win or lose their contracts and fat paychecks and sponsorships are safe.. who has time for tears. Only Pandya looked visibly shattered after he was out.
  17. Its like saying Sachin took us to the final in 2003 so lets bring him back
  18. i hope the 'Oh Ravi Jadeja' song is thrown in the bin. I am actually so disgusted with his performance and attitude and selfishness.
  19. there's one silver lining in all of this. Today no TV will be broken
  20. Jaddu must lose his central contract because of this
  21. I think i might become gay for Pandya if he wins for us
  22. I said that 2 pages ago... but people want to bury their heads in the sand and pretend these avg players are ATGs, without the potential cup wins

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