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  1. Jason Mohammed to lead Windies on Pakistan tour

    Maybe you guys might may smile gleefuly when something goes wrong in our country.... but to me I actually want to see normal cricket return to pakistan like things used to be decades ago.. and Pakistan becoming a better overall team ( not the joke it currently is).
  2. Jason Mohammed to lead Windies on Pakistan tour

    Good to see the average pakistani admitting that the security situation in their country will never return to normal to allow regular cricket tours... Shabaash
  3. one word... phateechar @kira
  4. West Indies in Australia [ 1979-80 ]

    Im so gutted I will never see an epic test team from WI ever again who's quicks genuinely destroy opposition. I do wish i was born in the 70s so I could have witnessed fast bowling at its best. Shame on you WICB
  5. how short are these flipping boundaries.... just for the benefit of Fakar's hacks..
  6. WI vs Pak 1st T20

    This is bascially practice matches for Pakistan against an unbelievibly shite WI B team who dont have enough international exposure to play T20is.. but please padosis dont chest thump if you secure a whitewash.. its basically book cricket but in reverse.
  7. If this the Aus team thats going to most probably be there during India's tour down under then Fk me we actually have a good chance to win the series if we pick the right combination of fast bowlers.
  8. Jason Mohammed to lead Windies on Pakistan tour

    ghazwa e jason
  9. Jason Mohammed to lead Windies on Pakistan tour

    How can it be an upset when its basically a WI C team and Pakistan are full strength....
  10. Mohammed Shazad (AFG)- Is he a flower in the middle of a desert?

    We need him at Kings XI. We need a Paul Valthaty reboot part 2
  11. Pakistan Super League - Season 3

    Yes this is the quality of Hasan Ali..... overated lol
  12. Oops ... Bancroft did a pakistan

    Oh Kira if Im ever having a bad day i just read your posts yaar.
  13. Smith, Warner could face life ban from CA

    Chucking is different as its a bowlers personal descretion how he bowls ( arm angles and blah blah) so yes ban for that is appropriate. But once you get into realms of cheating/ball tampering which involves the management PLUS trying to cover things up is as bad as match fixing in my opinion
  14. Smith, Warner could face life ban from CA

    I dont think it is. If an Indian captain was ever involved in systematic ball tampering with management then I would impose a lifetime ban as well as criminal charges. Cricket is a gentleman's game and we have to make sure the sport is clean of ANY cheating. If this means setting a precedent then so be it.
  15. when did you see his chaddis my dear fellow?
  16. ICC : Smith banned for 1 match, Bancroft safe

    http://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/22908218/steven-smith-david-warner-face-life-ban-ca WOW imagine if both of them face life bans by CA.... TBF aussies like these deserve it. Reap what you sow Smithy. #NoMoreComparisonsToBradmanThanks
  17. Poor BCCi trying to ignite the MI and CSK rivalry with the jersey colour scheme
  18. ICC : Smith banned for 1 match, Bancroft safe

    now imagine if Bancroft makes a match winning ton... now that would be a real cookie
  19. India vs England T20( Women's)

    Indian Women just got lucky that they maanaged to get to the WC finals... when you are getting thrashed at home.. theres no hope left. Its mainly been our women bowlers who are utter tripe sometimes.
  20. BD vs Ind last over from Bangladeshs POV !!!

  21. why does our national anthem recording sound like from the 50's?? Cant we get a modern singer with better acoustics?

    who cares..? its just a sticker on the bat.. not like MRF actually make the bats.
  23. 1st T20 : SA v IND | Wanderers, Jo'berg 6:30 PM IST

    Did SA seriously expect to beat India without ABD, De Kock and Faf?
  24. 1st T20 : SA v IND | Wanderers, Jo'berg 6:30 PM IST

    our mid-lower power hitters are a complete joke!. This should have been 230 atleast from the start we had.

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