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  1. Bumrah is a T20 bowler. Rohit is a hack We have many aggressive youngsters waiting but their debuts are being blocked by these dumbheads
  2. Hope this is the last time we see Yuvraj, Rohit, Dhoni, Ashwin, Bumrah in 50 over cricket
  3. If dhoni wins us the game ...

    He wont
  4. Techinically we could be the new chokers since 2013 1- Lost 2014 T20 finals 2. Lost 2015 WC SF 3. Probably losing today's final too We cant really point fingers at South Africa
  5. i Know but when it comes to the crunch games like these, that defines your greatness. Do you think if WI went to the 75,79 finals undefeated and got trounced, would they be a great team? If Australia got to 99,03,07 finals and got beaten would they be known as a top ODI side? You can get lucky and make the finals, but if you dont bring your game on the day then there is no point.
  6. BC, gaya match. Kohli should be stripped of his LOI captaincy after this debacle
  7. we are missing a genuine left arm quick.. all we have are medium pacers as our 'attack'
  8. Saurav must be going back in time to 2003, dada itna excited mat hao
  9. nepotism.... when there is Chahal, Kuldeep, Axar; why stick with this liability in LOIs, he's ok for tests so let him be there
  10. Bumrah is ****, Ashwin is ****, Pandya is ****... chale hain final jeeetne
  11. I hope they use Bhumrah only in T20s now.... why do BCCI want to make T20 players into ODI ones, jab BC Umesh and Shami hain bench par but unko khilana nahi hai.

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