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  1. How to coach a #1 team

    It infuriates me that these arseholes decided to take a 'rest day' after the first test (instead of practicing) which ended in 4 days anyway.. BC MC what rest do they need? Even after this test 2/3 players were seen shopping with their wives... BC hame chewtiya samjha hai kya. Shashtri needs to be booted out ASAP.. #GETKUMBLEBACK
  2. Kohli only second Indian batsmen to 900 ranking points

    So we get thrashed overseas if we stick to one team and also if we change it... That means fundamentaly India is tatti in the concept of overseas test tours and the players dont give it enough importance. Kohlis rating is purely down to his home test record.. im eagerly awaiting the coming tours to show him his true place
  3. Team for 3rd test

    HEY! i played for chandini chowk under 11s team.. im sure i can handle it
  4. how can this Bose DK ask commitment from the team when under his leadership 1. Chose to arrive in SA late because of his suhag raat.. and in the process forcing his yaars who needed practice to stay back just to stay in his good books. 2. Not scheduling enough practice matches 3. Dropping Rahul and Rahane when they were up for it.. Rahul lost his confidence and if Rahane is brought back in, he will implode too. 4. Busy shopping, sightseeing, selfies, advertisements Aur commitment chaiye bhai?
  5. He is just average right now because of the home test results... he will become the worst after a 0-12 scoreline happens after our overseas tours. And i thought Dhoni was bad... bloody hell there is no hope for getting a half decent captain at this rate.
  6. Team for 3rd test

    On behalf of ICF i put myself forward to play at Number 6... i mean i cant be worse than Rohit can I?
  7. how is it racist when I am talking about my own people. Yaar tune apne personality ko dekhe hi apna username chuna hoga.
  8. My fam is from Delhi... everyone knows the mentality of Delhi boys, no point dancing around it.
  9. What a typical Delhi brat! Promptly removed his pic as my dp. Kohli can sod off now. Im done with Indian cricket tbh. Might go see the Headingley ODI just for a day of cricket and beer rather than hoping India win.
  10. How long virat's captaincy will last ?

    The way its going India will get whitewashed in eng and Aus so the score line will read 0-12. I think after that if he hasnt been stripped of the captaincy then God help us. But who do we have under the wing to lead us instead of Kohli? Vijay?- he'd timid and getting past it Rahul?- He's not even assured of his place Pujara?- I dont think he realises what the true length of the pitch is thats why he gets run out a lot Rahane?- Vice captain himself cant play spin.. in INDIA Rohit?- ok enough said.. Pandya?- Too inexperienced So in a nutshell we are stuck with yaarana captaan for the next 4/5 years atleast
  11. will kohli lose all test outside asia as captain?

    Im sorry which current england phaast bowler bowls 150kmph? They are all trundlers LOL, the last time you had a fearsome pace attack was Flintoff, Jones, Hoggard and Harmison.
  12. Chalo they still 2 sessions left in the day... more time for shopping
  13. Things that SL series screwed up

    Mate.. all these guys had to attend Virat's reception so instead of flying out to SA after the test series ended, they shamelessly stayed on and partied like there is no tomorrow. Mark my words India cricket will go the way of England football team. The country has given up on them to even make it past the group stage in the World cup. The brits are happy with the Premier League and indian janta is happy with IPL. Rest who cares.
  14. This is India's best chance to win a series overseas.

    ha ha ha....
  15. He's nowhere even near Dravid's pubic hair. Overrated
  16. we will not make even a 100.... chalo lets all go drink our sorrows
  17. Now Rahul has only himself to blame if his test career finishes..
  18. The funny thing is by the time young kids who bowl with raw pace are inducted through to the indian team they are in their late 20s and lost pace by then. BCCi just doesnt trust youngsters to deliver on a higher level.
  19. this is what we needed to do in the first test...see off the pacers till Maharaj comes on.
  20. they need to have these hot tubs at the wankhede stadium..
  21. imagine if Ngidi gets Kohli has his first wicket...

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