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  1. is it bad im getting aroused by Rohit's batting
  2. Desis in the subcontinent ; India and Bangladesh (to some extent pakistan) have people who are progressing to the mainstream, its the Paks and Bangladeshis in the UK who are backward and still live in the 50s. You wont find this ad on the bangla channels here for sure.
  3. okay answer this chewt, the very previous frame, the pakistani map showed Pakistan occupied kashmir as integral part of Pakistan. Hypocritical isnt it
  4. the british media is very anti india generally, esp BBC. so they wouldnt need a padosi to pull this stunt off imo
  5. SKY showing India without Kashmir wtf!
  6. VK comes up with genius captanism when least expected
  7. Jadhav brought on... SL all over again. Our bowlers are ineffective on Englanf flat pitches where is no swing or spin
  8. Pandya is a better batsman than a bowler
  9. Atherton and Nass still moaning about the 'used' pitch ffs
  10. Credit due to Pakistan team. Brilliant performance today. Hope its a India Pak final and its a exciting and close game. Cricket needs it and us fans need it too
  11. did u not read what i said, i wasnt talking about his technique or his shots. Just his mindset and attitude.. thik se to padh lo yaar
  12. Pak to win in 40 overs.

    give it 5 overs they will be 2 down
  13. I didnt mean his fav shots, i meant his attitude.. blindly slogging most balls
  14. mate once i went through 6 pints of beer during a match. Safe to say i was shouting lots
  15. have u seen the queues for beer and the toilet in eng stadiums lol. people are still coming bck from the break
  16. no indian bowler in top 5 wicket takers in tournament so far
  17. why does everyone in Pakistan want to bowl left arm pace lol. Since Nehra and Zaheer we have not had a decent left arm pacer
  18. Pakistan Vs Sri Lanka Champions Trophy: Match 12 June 12

    all indian fans I know are trying to sell the Eng-Pak game tickets now. this is what happens when you buy tickets in haste
  19. Pakistan Vs Sri Lanka Champions Trophy: Match 12 June 12

    Padosi forum must be going ballistic now LOL
  20. Pakistan Vs Sri Lanka Champions Trophy: Match 12 June 12

    Malinga will announce retirement at end if this tourny

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