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  1. mate what do you think I was doing when i saw Dhoni in Leeds walking in front of me dressed like a 15 year old. I gave him the finger too for good measure... shame he didnt see it
  2. Today is going to be a wash out. Rain predicted from 11.00am onwards till about 4PM. Good day for India.
  3. Its because food and alcohol are sold at extortionate prices... which still doesnt deter people from drinking pints all day. Maybe india is missing a trick
  4. RUBBISH NO PRESSURE Bowling ffs
  5. First ball on the pads leg side volley.... nice one lambu
  6. If KKD scores a 50 in 2nd innings ( there are more chances of my balls becoming prime minister than that) then Pant will be kept waiting.
  7. LordPrabhzy

    Lords Test - Day 3 predictions...

    I didnt know a team could bat three innings in a test match
  8. LordPrabhzy

    Techniques Of Current Indian Batsmen.

    and their bday cake on face smearing skills
  9. Ashwin already top scorer
  10. Ashwin playing better and has more runs than our top 3.....
  11. hahahah thank god my dad cancelled our sky sports package... why waste money to watch these losers collapse as normal. Meanwhile the 2nd coming of Kapil Dev cant bat to save his life
  12. They are shopping in London thats why... bhad me gayi practice. Practice kare padosi... irony is that they did just that
  13. LordPrabhzy

    Rahane will win us a test this series.

    He wont.. you heard it for the millionth time here
  14. yeah no **** sherlock... talk about stating the obvious
  15. maybe in LOI in tests?- remember Vinay Koomar in Aus? Remember Jaidev Unadfast in SA Bringing himself on to bowl in 2011 Lords match. Shaking hands with opposition captain in WI instead of going for it when we needed like 20/30 runs to win?
  16. LordPrabhzy

    Just get a specialist batsman for next test

    Are hamara coach to cheerleader hai... to kya hua paaji spectator ho gai ' When the challenge gets big, Kohli gets bigger'
  17. He's a liabilty in overseas conditions... and hes in his 30s, i mean comon how long is our top 3 going to be oldies... Vijay, Dhawan and Pujara. Half this team has no clue how to bat in SENA conditions. I mean 187 is a chaseable target in 2 DAYS!! still they eff it up!
  18. LordPrabhzy

    Time to blood in Prithvi Shaw

    till he's 28 yeah?
  19. Lol India making Curran seem like the 2nd coming of Wasim Akram... wtf
  20. This is what happens when you dont play proper 2/3 practice games of 4 days before the test series start and rely on pyjama cricket to get acclimatised... Our openers have been rubbish outside Asia for so long. We need some serious retrospection about our attitudes to Test cricket
  21. Yes Chepu- your preparation is a testament to the unbelievable amount of non existent runs you scored against second grade county trundlers. Anderson/Broad/Woakes are no match for your batting powress!
  22. LordPrabhzy

    Team management reduces 4 day practice game to 3 day

    Lol im surprised you actually wanted Shardul's pic, he's a nobody (for now). I didnt even stop to take Dhoni's autograph
  23. LordPrabhzy

    Team management reduces 4 day practice game to 3 day

    Arey yaar samjha karo. Saturday is prime time for Central London shopping trips and selfie opportunities. Who wants to waste their time in shitty Essex when you can do shopping on Oxford Circus?
  24. LordPrabhzy

    Tendulkar just stops short of criticizing PUJARA

    Dhawan Out- Shaw IN Pujara Out- Gill IN Saha Out- Pant IN Three oldies kicked out- 3 Young guns who have temperament to play in tests and all have acceleration capability to wear down opposition bowlers. Shame our Captaan sahab is a fatuuu and wont try youngsters by taking a risk.

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