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  1. Yes they did that in UAE and now they are doing that at home too
  2. LordPrabhzy

    All I want tomorrow is

    Id rather they draw this match than go for the win- being 1-0 at MCG will be a psychological blow to the Aussies. Vihari and Pant should just shut shop and block everything. Pant has to curb is natural instincts tomorrow.
  3. the problem is Subcontinent players dont get the Aussie/English way of an insulting banter ( Im surprised Vijay understood what 'bloke' meant') Our sledging revolves around screaming and MC BC type stuff because thats all our players know. White players imply the same insult in a subtle way but whereas Asian players end up resorting to crude language most of the time. Hence why Kohli gets targeted a lot. This applies to com box to, the english and aussie commentators will have their contextualised banter of their culture whereas our commies like Harshan Manju and Gavaskar will shamelessly laugh and pretend to join in when they no clue whats being talked about. ( Manju- "oh thats big, a big West Indian one")
  4. I need whatever this dude is on
  5. India will lose tomorrow by 135 runs
  6. are you high- he is a technically a better batsman than Pandu and his blowing is on the same level. Im sick of the test team having wannabe prima donna players like KL and pandya who dont belong there. Give me Vihari anyday who is a better batsman than our openers atleast and that is ironic
  7. LordPrabhzy

    KL Rahul cant bat saala !!!

    Send back all three openers. Open with Shaw, fly in Gill and Mayank. Fed up of these FTB hacks getting selected on important overseas tests. in case of Rahul, he is s NTB (no track bully).
  8. Apart from the three mentioned above why not Mavi or Nagarkoti?? We need young pace bowlers who will not lose pace over the course of the spell.
  9. Right.... so this is where his energy is going. Makes sense.
  10. Aus might actually win this. THEN india will be the biggest chokers in world cricket
  11. Pant was trying to stop it rather than trying to catch it
  12. yes Ishant.. sun li meri
  13. yes Ishant sun li meri
  14. toothless bowling by the worlds 'best bowling line up' Ashwin cant get any turn. Ishant not creating any pressure or hurrying the batsmen to play rash shots..
  15. LordPrabhzy

    Maha Yajna to pray for Rohit’s 100 in the 2nd innings

    He made 2 runs more than expected.... what a knock
  16. Rohit gone... get this effer off the team
  17. Also- its a sunday why is the stadium half empty??
  18. Rahane has to play the vice captain's innings now... Rohit needs to keep cool and play his shots when he needs to not when her wants to.
  19. time to log off and sleep- a big chance i will wake up to Aus ending the day batting themselves.
  20. Spends more time posing for Instagram... no wonder he cant bat for **** now
  21. chalo procession starts.. time to drop Rahul for good

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