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  1. LordPrabhzy

    Ambati Rayudu to retire from longer version of game

    Dhoni has been doing that for years
  2. Im sure BCCI has that much funds to send a couple of chefs along with the team to service the demands of these princesses. Dont blame the Aussies. When england/SA/Aus/NZ/WI come to India do we provide them with beef? do we provide them with Western food? They suck it up and eat Indian food most of the time. Why should Indians get special treatment?
  3. BC are you going to go on a tough tour as sportsmen to eat curries?? Kuch din daal or roti nahi khaoge to mar nahi jaoge. Apart from beef there are many dishes available.. western countries are hotbeds for vegans now. Players often complain about the blandness of food served in Australia. There are a few vegetarians in the team who really struggle at the grounds- Such Prima donnas.
  4. Because he is our premier batsman who needs to score freely till the worldcup, whereas the CSK middle order is there in retirement home quota which in best circumstances should nowhere near the time. The less they bat the better.
  5. Yes and thats why you broke down at Lords in 2011?
  6. Technically Dhongi, Biriyani, Phast and Talwar should nowhere be near the ODI team. Two wrongs dont make a right
  7. This self entitlement attitude among Indian cricketers is becoming nauseating now. 'I dont know why I wasnt picked'- abey BC the reason you werent picked is because you were; 1. Unfit and not deemed ready to play or 2. Out of form 3. Or you just plain ugly ( that was a joke btw) I mean this is a recent phenomena of cricketers complaining to the media over their non selection. You are just ATHLETES! No one owes you anything. You are here to just play. You get picked if you are good enough and you wont if you arent in form. Simple. I would dare to think if any cricketer 15-20 years ago would have dared to speak out against the selection committee TBF he's old enough or special enough to be not be picked as we have younger players like Shaw and Gill that deserve this place. However Chuski mafia has made sure that there is a retirement club in indian LOI teams for TTFs. God help this team at the WC
  8. its been 17 years almost since then and the guy has done GHANTA!
  9. LordPrabhzy

    PAK vs AUS t20 series Trophy- Trophy hai ya chai ka biscuit

    I wont be surprised if the players get this biscuit along with their drinks during the drinks break.
  10. Purely down to the fact that 1. they never managed to bag the star performers like Gayle and ABD etc when they were in their prime NOR they have current Indian stars like Kohli, 'Dhoni' and Rohit in their team 2. Due to point 1 they have never won an IPL trophy hence they dont have the brand value. Indian fanism is based on results and glory hunting. Thats why RCB, CSK and MI have the best brand value because they have powerful owners and player. Kings XI have Preity Zinta
  11. LordPrabhzy

    Thakur set to miss Test series in Australia

    NOW can we please have SIRAJ in the squad?
  12. I dont really want the thigh slapping moochad at KXIP to be honest. we already have Gayle, Rahul, Finch and Agarwal as openers. We needed some middle order batsmen as apart from Nair ( who also had an avg time last year) there is no one, hence the lower order gets exposed a lot. Thats why Rahul's performances went in vain.
  13. ha this series is used for Rohit and Kohli to pad up their centuries stats. No way they are resting. Rohit and Dhawan will be crap as usual on SENA tours so might as well use patta tracks at home against minnows to bolster the stats now.
  14. LordPrabhzy

    IND v WI | 1st ODI | Guwahati

    Send PANT in NOW
  15. LordPrabhzy

    IND v WI | 1st ODI | Guwahati

    'Virat and his magic wand'- im sure Anushka ji would agree
  16. LordPrabhzy

    IND v WI | 1st ODI | Guwahati

    is this net practice going on?
  17. LordPrabhzy

    Amritsar train accident

    The problem is there is a basic regards for rules by general population in India, couple that with; 1. Stupidly of organisers to hold this near a rail track ( which is not fenced out- i mean why would it, all the jhuggi population of india uses rail tracks for their morning tatti so why would they) WITHOUT a permit- see opening line. 2. The selfie craze of people who will do anything for a good picture. TBH i do not see any blame on the part of the Government or the Railways. It the fault of the organisers and the people attending themselves. I would be very angry if public money is used to 'compensate' the victims families purely due to their own foolishness.
  18. TBH the fact he considers himself a automatic choice as one of our pacers even before the team is announced? Also i dont think he has enough pace for him to be useful in Aus decks. Id rather have someone tall/bouncy ballers like Siraj, Khaleel Ahmed. Keep Bhuvi for Eng tours please.
  19. its BhuVaneshwar I mean how hard it is for Indians to spell Indian names?
  20. I wish he does this for the national team too. That way we can play both Shaw and Pant for LOI cricket But knowing Dhongi....
  21. LordPrabhzy

    Anyone attending Hyderabad test?

    This is why Test cricket has low attendances. When are millions of smart phone users, you would have thought that BCCI in conjunction with the stadium management can get mobile friendly tickets sent straight to your phone. In the UK If you buy tickets a year in advance they send you the tickets via first class post straight to your home address. Alternatively ( like in the UK) you can get an email confirmation to you which you can print out and take it to the ticket office in the stadium.. simples. Making you travel 20km to pick something up which can be emailed to you shows there are a few grey cells missing somewhere.
  22. Are they doing this on purpose? How can anyone be THIS bad after being exposed to the sport for 3/4 years? Unless they are flipping coins to randomly pick people of the streets who have never seen cricket pads in their life? http://www.espncricinfo.com/series/18957/report/1160960/china-vs-nepal-16th-match-icc-world-twenty20-asia-region-qualifier-b-2018-19

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