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  1. Or more about people coming to their senses and backing a sensible and controlled immigration policy in the UK. Concerned about immigration in UK = automatic Nazi and facist. This is the state of the PC left wing here now.
  2. Change of plans people! Labour has been virtually annihilated according to exit polls. Worst return of seats since 1935. Happy days
  3. https://indianexpress.com/article/india/india-news-india/aamir-khan-joins-intolerance-debate-kiran-asked-if-we-should-move-out-of-india-rng-awards/ #throwback to dari hui muslim janta.
  4. I don’t think this guy wants to eclipse Nusrat sahib. The fact is in an era of Bollywood remake domination there are still a small population of singers which follow the traditional classical music route and adapt their singing to this. Ironically bozos like Neha Kakkar and Mika Singh are the ones raking in the money and fame because chewtiya janta want to listen to them ruin old songs rather then listen to powerful original singers.
  5. If Labour comes into power I am seriously thinking of migrating to US or Canada ( I mean that place is not much better, going to the dogs under the Liberals but still more tolerable than UK)
  6. https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/17-year-old-gang-raped-burned-alive-in-tripura/articleshow/72421108.cms Another one! Yeh BC ho kya raha is desh ko.
  7. As expected. Watched it live. AJ was defensive for the whole fight but apart from a couple of rounds where Ruiz got good jabs in, AJ did enough to win by decision.
  8. Are you suggesting that a modern fully functional democracy like India will conduct a state sponsored holocaust of 6 million muslims..? I mean I would expect something from Pakistan and Bangladesh.. i do recall the hindu/sikh population of these countries drastically reducing since partition due to killings and discrimination. I Dont recall the muslim population of India reducing after partition but dont let facts get in the way of your arguements. The reasons the percentage of illiteracy is increasing in the muslim community is because elements of this society are focusing more on anti india and extremist religious activities rather than focusing on eduction and careers. Its not the fault of Hindus. Theres a much bigger population of illiterate and proverty stricken hindus than muslims in the country so dont play the religion card. Also I thought dating was not permissible in Islam? Why do they want to date Hindu kaffir girls? They dont want to date you so you pretend to be hindus to trap these girls. I dont recall a hindutva Jihad carried out by hindu youths pretending to be muslim to entrap muslim girls? To conclude yes my country is no where near perfect, but we certainly dont need a character certificate from a Pakistani for sure.
  9. Indians like many Islamic countries citizens need a firm civil hand ( dictatorship) to keep people in line. Our genes and inherent nature is that we are as lawless and animal like with no civic sense, no aversion to corruption and violence against women. This is not a common trait among people in the west hence they have more freedom and liberal values ( pre islamisation of western nations) but we on the other hand dont so we need to see punishments like in Saudi Arabia to keep people in check. As much as I am against Congress and Indira Gandhi, the Emergency period and the crackdown, actually resulted in people ( including my grandmother) to live life with ease and with no corruption after a long time. It pains me to say this but indians generally need to be kept in check by danda otherwise we will turn into a lawless society.
  10. Good News to start the morning... i think the ' visit to the crime scene' was planned. After the national outrage and the possibility of this dragging on in the courts and the victim never getting justice., best to shoot them dead. As good as capital punishment. To all the libtards who are harping on about the 'due course of law' and 'human rights' this is not a simple sexual molestation case where the woman could be making things up.. in this scenario a woman is gangraped and BURNT to death. The accused were caught. Now if they are shot dead, the less number of parasites like this in this world the better.
  11. Don’t count your chickens till they hatch.
  12. They can get free taxi rides from Indian drivers. I mean with the amount of times they need to go eat nalli nihari while on tour this is a considerable saving.
  13. I just want Pakistan to retain test status just to provide us comedy moments like these
  14. Pandya has a small penis complex for sure.. why do you think he tries extra hard to be promiscuous and pretend he’s black...
  15. Root double century.. that was a long time coming. But this is going to be a draw. Both teams were not trying to go for the win.
  16. See this is what happens when TM and Kohli dont want to give younsters chances... #TheFirstDamaadji
  17. Empty stadium on a Sunday evening... shows much much respect Aussie public about Pak cricket team. Any bets on if the next test tour will involve 1 test match only? Maybe in a university ground
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